ZUBR lawn mower: test of gasoline and electric models, owner reviews

Lawn mower brand “Zubr”: Overview of the model range. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

The Russian brand “Zubr” (the full name of the company “Zubr Ovk”) has long and firmly established itself in the market of tools, devices for construction, repair and gardening, as well as spare parts for the manufactured devices. The company develops and manufactures hand tools, as well as mechanized devices, which facilitate the work of farmers and are used in construction and repair work.

Zuber equipment is well recognized in Russia and CIS countries, it is reliable, ergonomic, has a warranty, and all spare parts for this equipment are always available from the manufacturer, it is not difficult to get them in case of devices manufactured abroad. The main direction of development of the company and the “ZUBR” brand is to work in the domestic market and enter the foreign market.

All “ZUBR” products are sold at an optimal price, and the company’s structure is constantly being improved so that the consumer can buy goods of the highest quality.

All products that come out of work are inspected and tested by engineers in a special testing laboratory. The company has a number of developments that are patented and owned by the manufacturer, which means that they are unique.

Another advantage of ZUBR devices is a 5-year warranty on all gasoline and electric tools and a large number of service centers throughout Russia and the GUS countries.

Model range of the manufacturer

The model range of Zubr devices is very extensive. The company manufactures and produces the following product categories:

  • Gasoline tools (including self-propelled and conventional gasoline lawnmower, gasoline trimmer, gasoline saws);
  • Electric tools (electric rotary lawnmower, trimmer, electric mower, scarifier, grinders, blower);
  • Metal tools and carpentry tools;
  • Tools for motor vehicles;
  • Connecting elements;
  • Painting tools;
  • Installation;
  • Household items;
  • Flashlights and tag pouches;
  • Laser Equipment;
  • Recreational, picnic items;
  • Bags, boxes, knives;
  • Accessories for occupational health and safety (masks, shields, visors, respiratory protection, protective suits, earplugs, various types of gloves);
  • Consumable materials for these categories of goods.

Lawn Mower “Zubr

Zubr lawn mowers represent a separate category of devices, which are quite numerous in the number of trade units. These devices are divided into gasoline and electric. For all gasoline and electric devices, the manufacturer gives a warranty of 5 years.

Gasoline mower.

This category includes the following lawn mower models:

  • ZGKB-460ST (3.3 kW / 4.2 hp);
  • ZGKB-510 (3.3 kW / 4.2 hp);;
  • ZGKB-510ST (4.3 kW / 5.4 hp);
  • GKB-400 (2.9 kW / 4 hp);
  • GKB-400P (1.3 kW / 1.8 hp);
  • GKB-460ST (2.6 kW / 3.54 hp);
  • GKB-510 (2.6 kW / 3.54 hp);
  • GKB-510ST (2.6 kW / 3.54 hp).

Electric lawnmower

The range of rotary electric lawnmowers includes the following products:

  • ZGKE-32-1000 (1000 WATT);
  • ZGKE-33-1000 (1000 WATT);
  • ZGKE-34-1100 (1100 WATT);
  • ZGKE-38-1400 (1400 WATT);
  • ZGKE-38-1600 (1600 W);
  • ZGKE-42-1800 (1800 W);
  • ZGKE-43-1600 (1600 W).
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The best models of gasoline and electric lawn mowers brand “Zubr

Taking into account the reviews of owners, as well as the technical parameters of mowers, we can give an example of several top models. These are gasoline mowers Ga mushroo m-ZGKB 510 and ZGKB 510st, and rotary electric mowers ZGKE 38 1600 and ZGKE 33.1000. The technical parameters of the ZGKB 510 are impressive. This model is the second most powerful among petrol units. The engine power is 3300 watts, which corresponds to the power of 4.2 hp.

The unit mows the grass with the help of a knife, the grass comes out through the side.

The ZGKB 510 ST is the most powerful machine in the line of petrol mowers. The engine power is 5,4 hp. This model is appreciated for the maximum technical characteristics, for example, the collection of the cut grass is made in a bag or with throwing to the side. There is also a mulching function.

Lawn Mower 510

A distinctive feature – in case of loss of control, both the engine and the blade stop working.

Electric mower ZGKE 38 1600 is a complete set of technical characteristics, which are included in the device and are more affordable than their foreign analogues. The device is also equipped with a safety system, which disables the engine and blades if the mower loses control.

Electric mower ZGKE 38 1600

You can read the instruction manual here.

A soft weed collector of 35 liters and a fairly moderate weight (13 kg) makes this model a top pick for the buyer. The Zgke 33.1000 mower is definitely not a less powerful counterpart due to its compactness and combination of price and functionality.


Instruction manual, garden mower maintenance

Basic rules of operation and maintenance of Zubr mowers:

  • When buying and assembling, after performing the first start-up, turn on the mower and let the unit run for 2 minutes without heavy load, and then idle for 10 minutes;
  • Full engine power is reached after 8-10 refuelings.
  • After 5 hours of operation, check the tightness of the screw connections.
  • When servicing, disconnect the high-voltage wire from the spark plug.
  • It is not recommended to grind a blunt blade; such a blade must be replaced for optimum performance of the lawnmower.
  • Do not smoke near working equipment.
  • Wear protective clothing and face shield when mowing grass;
  • Use ear protectors to minimize noise.

oil and fuel

Only gasoline lawn mowers with four-stroke engines require fuel. This means that engine oil and fuel are not mixed and are filled in different containers. The most desirable type of fuel is gasoline AI95 or AI92.

As for oil, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. For operation at sub-zero temperatures, use high-quality oil for four-stroke engines.

Manufacturer’s recommended oil: Zubr ZMD-4T or Zubr ZMD-4-M (can be replaced by SAE 10W-30 type oil).

Winter pruning of fruit trees


Change the oil within the first 5 hours (if the mower is new and used for the first time after purchase). Check the condition of the oil as well as its level with the dipstick provided. Thereafter, change the oil every 6 months or 50 operating hours.

Check the oil before each use; if it has turned white, this is a sign of water. Such oil must be changed to prevent damage to the engine during operation.

Possible malfunctions

malfunction because troubleshooting
1. Engine does not start. There is no fuel or fuel is not supplied to the cylinder.

Do not squeeze the brake lever.

No air is flowing into the combustion chamber.

Clean air filter.

Spark is not blowing.

The carburetor is not adjusted (or is not correctly set).

Fill with fresh gasoline.

Check spark plug condition if necessary.

Contact a service technician; such work should be performed by a master technician to avoid opening.

Damage to the blade or contact of the blade with a sharp object.

Defective blade mechanism.

Check the fuel level.

Check blade for damage, replace.

Contact customer service.

Guide housing cannot be removed.

Remove guide housing.

Video review of the Zubr zgke 42 1800 lawnmower

Reviews of owners of garden equipment Zubr

Alexander, 32, Nizhny Novgorod:

“On a plot of 6 acres I use a lawn mower Zubr, model ZGKE-43-1600. Before buying this equipment, I have repeatedly seen the logo “Bison” on all kinds of tools, read before buying. I got acquainted with the assortment. I chose this particular model, because it fit my budget perfectly. On other manufacturers’ mowers, such features will cost more. I recommend it to everyone.

Advantages: Can mow grass 50-60 cm high. Passability is excellent, this mower mows all the grass on the plot, and not just grass, small clumps of earth break up. The cutting quality is good, the cutting speed is optimal, it is not too heavy and not too noisy.

Disadvantages: For small plots is not autonomous. “

Paul, 56 years old, Volgograd;

“I use a perforator of this company, very satisfied. There is nothing to mow yet, as I do not have a plot, but heard a lot of good reviews about “Kuba” from acquaintances.”

Ben. Line, properties

The Russian brand “Zubr” confidently took a worthy niche in the huge mass of popular brands of garden equipment. Consumers are known to trimmers and gasoline mowers “Zubr” – productive, reliable, meeting quality standards.

Description of the brand

Quite a young brand Bison has been on the market since 2005. Competing with the venerable concerns and honored brands of the Russian company, it was difficult to win the trust of consumers. Therefore, the bet was made on the equipment necessary in everyday life: drills, cordless screwdrivers, puzzles, lamps, tiles and other tools.

Thanks to the active introduction of innovative developments, modern technologies, TM “Bison” quickly established itself in the domestic market. Strict quality control, development of new solutions, laboratory research, consumer feedback – that’s the basis on which the company is built.

Today the range of “Bison” equipment is extremely diverse: power and gas equipment, painting and plastering tools, fasteners and ladders, plumbing and measuring tools, thermal and laser devices, storage systems and household accessories.

Garden and garden tools, except lawnmowers and trimmers, are represented by hand and mechanical tools: hoses, shovels, cultivators, multifunctional garden tools, hoes, hoes, etc.

The model line of lawnmowers “Bison

A large family of lawn mowers is represented by electric and gasoline models.

Electric lawnmower

Electric models are not inferior in technical parameters and functionality to the best examples of imported devices. The units have power of 1.0-1.8 kW, are an excellent alternative to gasoline units in terms of maintenance, ease of operation and repair, environmental friendliness and less noise.

  • Thanks to the rational simplified design, change of electric shoes, possibility to work on surfaces with uneven relief and slopes.
  • Large grass catcher box with fill indicator allows you to work efficiently for long periods of time without stopping to clean.
  • The control system with a minimum of adjustments is ergonomic, with larger wheels and a comfortable handle.
  • The optimal cutting width of 32 to 42 cm gives the Rasis a long working life.
  • The step-by-step adjustment of the cutting height extends the functional abilities of the electric lawnmower Zubr.
  • The special shape of the blade creates an airflow that can lift even light grass.
  • In autumn, the lawnmower can be used to collect fallen leaves.

A comparative analysis of the technical characteristics of lawn mowers with an electric rotary grass collector is presented in the form of a table.

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model Engine power, kW Working width, cm Cutting height, mm Grass box, l Weight (kg
ZGKE-38-1600 “Master” 1,6 38 25-75 35 10
ZGKE-42-1800 “Master” 1,8 42 25-75 35 11
ZGKE-33-1000 “Master” 1,0 33 25-65 30 9
ZGKE-32-1000 1,0 32 20-60 25 10
ZGKE-34-1100 1,1 34 20-70 25 11
ZGKE-38-1400 1,4 38 20-70 35 14.5
ZGKE-43-1600 1,6 43 20-70 45 16.3

As you can see from the labeling of electric lawn mowers, the line is represented by models with different functions. The most popular are the baddies from the ZGKE-38-1400 and ZGKE-34-1100 models.

The more powerful machines are designed to handle areas of 6-10 acres and have 5-6 steps to adjust the amount of mowed grass. Versions with a power of 1 kW can easily cope with plots of 3-4 hectares. Masters units are characterized by improved characteristics and high ergonomics. The ZGKE-43-1600 version has been discontinued.

Gasoline mower.

Aggregates with internal combustion engine are represented by self-described and non-self-described models with power from 1.8 to 3.5 hp.

Gasoline lawnmowers BERRY compared to electric mowers made of steel, which are more productive, not only the function of mowing, but also the ejection of the mowed mass to the side, mulching can mow wet grass. Multilevel mowing height is centrally adjustable.

Technical characteristics of the machines are given in the table.

model Power of engine l, s Working width, cm Cutting height, mm Grass box, l Weight (kg
GKB-400 “Master” 3,0 40 25-75 50 22
GKB-400P “Master” 1,8 40 25-65 40 22
GKB-510 “Master” 3,5 51 25-75 50 22.2
GKB-460ST “Master” 3,5 46 25-75 50 32
GKB-510ST “Master” 3,5 51 25-75 50 33
GKB-510 5.85 51 25-75 65 37
GKB-460ST 4,5 46 25-75 60 33

The labeling of lawnmowers is quite obvious: “SP” means self-digging machines, “master” – improved features and ergonomics. The best models are GKB-510 Master and GKB-460ST master with grass mulching function. Models GKB-510ST and GKB-460ST have been discontinued.

Trammer Zubr

A great addition to lawnmowers in the design of lawns, lawns and parking areas are trimmers. Mowers of the brand Zubr are presented by electric and gasoline versions.

Thanks to a variety of model ranges, you can make a great choice for your site:

  • Power 0.82-2 hp, working width of the blade/fishing line 44 cm/25.5 cm in gasoline models.
  • Power 0.28-1.2 kW, mowing width up to 38 cm in electric models;
  • Various handle shapes;
  • suitable telescopic boom;
  • Due to the powerful cutting tools – thick 2 mm line, a special knife, it is possible to mow even hard grass, small bushes.

Top models include “Elechrokos” ZTE-3801200 ZTE-3801200, petrol trimmer Zubble KRB-43 “Master”.

Recommendations for use and care of lawn mowers

According to the calculations of the lawn mower manufacturer, with weekly intensive use of the machine during the summer season, the bison gasoline mower serves at least 5 years.

Safety of electric lawn mowers is ensured by the motor brake, which stops the rotation of the cutting tool instantly in case of power failure. In the case of an operator control, the engine and the blade stop.

Easy to operate 4-cycle internal combustion engine of the gasoline lawnmower eliminates the need to prepare fuel mixture. Recommended grade of gasoline – АI-92, engine oil 10W-30 ZMD-4T Zubr, ZMD-4TM.

Important! When starting the engine for the first time, pay attention to the amount of engine oil: if its amount is less than the “minimum”, do not refill the oil, but pour out these remnants and top up to the required volume.

Later, when the level is low, the oil will already be added. Since Zubr gas mowers do not protect the engine from a low oil level, you should check the oil level systematically.

Basic malfunctions

To exclude breakdowns and malfunctions of the lawn mower, to delay repairs and extend the life of the equipment, you must strictly follow the requirements of the factory instructions for the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

  • Do not use fuel that has been stored for more than a month or does not meet the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is fraught with the risk of engine injuries.
  • If the engine is running, do not make any adjustments to the mowing height.
  • If the engine fails to start, check the quantity and quality of gasoline, clean the air filter, and adjust the drive.
  • Unstable engine operation may be due to bad gasoline, clogged filter.
  • Abrupt stopping of the engine or blade is caused by the cutting tool hitting an obstacle, a breakage or a hollow drive belt.
  • Uneven blade wear causes the mower to vibrate during operation.
  • Mowing results are unsatisfactory – this can be when the mower moves too fast around the area, the grass catcher box is dirty, the blade shakes, and the stated mowing parameters do not match the actual condition of the grass.
Electronic options:

Video review

The Wicked Lawnmower Master

Gasoline mower Zubr GKB-400p

Gasoline mower ZUBR GKB-460st

Electric trimmer Zvezda Zcre-42-1500

We suggest you read the reviews of owners

Petrov a.k:

“Electric lawnmower Zubr ZGKE-42 Power 1800W. Our old lawn mower Bosch has served its life for almost 10 years and could not be repaired. I had my doubts about the Zubr technology. Now I see a decent unit, 15 acres for sure can dig, although it is designed for smaller areas. From the minuses – the small grass-collector is not enough. The grass is pulled out and at movement in the opposite direction. But for its price – a good unit. “


“Zubrov ZGKE-43-1600 electric lawnmower. It was an electric version, without gasoline, so as not to play with gasoline and oil. Satisfied with the acquisition. It is not worse than the advertised famous brands. The main thing for me was that the weeds were widespread. Gartensaw in operation is not ahti, only cuts decent grass in the lawn. At 1.6 kW of force, my bison drove through the garden a little, almost cut the grass up to the waist and even drove over bumps. The noise is not strong, there is an adjustment of the amount of grass, protection from switching on. I recommend it, you won’t regret it. “

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