Zoomlion ZD320-3 bulldozer – description and properties

Zoomlion ZD320-3 bulldozer

The production of Chinese company Zoomlion combines modern technology and rich experience. The tracked excavators of the group, founded in 1992, are considered one of the most successful and qualitative developments. In the machines Zoomlion uses the development of the Japanese brand Komatsu.

Zoomlion ZD320-3, the most powerful product of the group, has gained recognition throughout the world. The bulldozer has a bright design, and the simple operation and uncomplicated construction make it the best option for any consumer. At the heart of the machine is a reliable cummins unit that meets international emissions standards. The zoomlion ZD320-3 series combine can be equipped with a variety of rippers and knives, expanding the model’s functionality.

The improved design and powerful engine enables the bulldozer to work on rocky and mountainous surfaces as well as on level ground. The width of the machine is ideal for use in all conditions.

The main focus of the family Zumlion ZD320-3 is the development and movement of large amounts of soil over a distance of up to 350 m.

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Modifications and functions

Zoomlion ZD320-3 is similar to the Komatsu D155A model, but has a cheaper price. Like other products of the brand, the family is available in several modifications, in addition to the classical version, which differ depending on the application:

  1. Zoomlion ZD320-3 F – modification for work in mountain or forest areas. It features additional protection of the cabin and fuselage and a reinforced design to minimize damage from falling trees or rocks.
  2. The ZOOMLION ZD320-3 H is a modification for work on the range. It has hydromechanical transmission, rigid suspension, wide tracks and a bulk blade;
  3. Zoomlion ZD320-3 S is a modification to work on swampy terrain. The model is completed with wide tracks, which do not float on wet or sandy surface.

Zumlion ZD320-3 is adapted for use in Russia. The company’s service operators are busy setting up the machines. The bulldozer has everything necessary to work in difficult conditions:

  • reinforced construction, supplemented by elements of alloy steel;
  • reliable engine;
  • Cabin with climate control and good visibility;
  • Proven chassis.
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The manufacturer is confident in his device and gives a guarantee of 12 months or 2000 hours.

Technical Specifications


  • Length – 6256 mm;
  • Width – 3416 mm;
  • Height – 310 mm;
  • Floor clearance – 400 mm;
  • Width of space – 2140 mm;
  • Track base – 3150 mm;
  • Width of space – 560 mm;
  • Height of struts – 80 mm.

The operating weight of the bulldozer is 16740-18905 kg (depending on the modification). Pressure on the surface does not exceed 106 kPa.

Features of the working equipment (basic configuration):

1. straight blade:

  • Width – 4130 mm;
  • Height – 1574 mm;
  • Capacity – 10.4 cubic meters;
  • Maximum lifting height – 1560 mm;
  • The maximum depth is 1000 mm.

2. three-walled blade:

  • Weight – 3591 kg;
  • Maximum lift height is 890 mm;
  • Max. lowering – 835 mm.

Design and operating functions

Zoomlion ZD320-3 has a sturdy frame-based structure with additional reinforcement. The bulldozer mass system is built according to the standard scheme with a semi-conductor suspension supplemented with a balance beam.

Chassis characteristics:

  • Number of track rollers – 7;
  • Number of track rollers – 2;
  • Number of guide rails – 1;
  • Number of shoes – 41.

Only high strength is used in the production of tracks and rollers, which positively affects the service life of the chassis. Caterpillars have a set structure with one tooth and are easy to maintain. Components and parts from different manufacturers can be used in the body, which will facilitate the repair process.

Zumlion ZD320-3 has a rather large size and weight, while the bulldozer is easy to control. This is due to the use of modern gearbox with a planetary reduction gear. The technique can move in a range of 6 speeds:

  • 1-3 front speed from 0 to 11.5 km/h;
  • 1-3 reverse speeds from 0 to 13.5 km/h.

The transmission contains the following main units:

  • 3-piece torque converter with 1 phase, 1 stage and water cooling;
  • Planetary sump with gearbox (hydraulic control, multi-disc clutch);
  • Hypoid gearwheel with splash lubrication (gearbox center shaft);
  • Blade-type wet brake;
  • wet clutch with pressure spring and manual control (on-board – friction).

Changing the position of the equipment takes place without sudden jerks and extremely clearly. Similar movement is provided by hydraulic system with 335,5 l/min. gear pump. The system pressure is 14 MPa. The control valve is of the slide valve type. Unlike other models, the Zoomlion ZD320-3 is used with a less wide range of devices.


The bulldozer has an interesting design, which, in addition to external beauty, is incredibly ergonomic. The hexagonal cab has an optimized shape for excellent visibility in all directions. It freely accommodates 1 person. Advanced materials with high noise and vibration insulation are used for the interior. This makes the operator feel very comfortable in the cabin. Extra comfort is provided by the cushioned seat with the ability to shift forward and back. Inside, there are several compartments for belongings. For use in Russian conditions, the cab has an air conditioning system and mechanisms to maintain a constant temperature (heating and air conditioning) in any conditions. Controls are conveniently located, allowing the operator to work in comfort.

Another feature of the Zumlion ZD320-3 model is intelligent systems, which are mechanisms for controlling the work of nodes of the machine and displaying all the information necessary for the operator.

The bulldozer is easy to operate and additionally adapted to Russian conditions. In terms of performance and reliability Zoomlion ZD320-3 is close to the Komatsu D155A, but much more affordable. In this case, most parts of the model are interchangeable with parts from Shantui and Komatsu bulldozers. Therefore, it is easy to find a replacement in case of failure.

Equipment maintenance is simplified by the rational location of service stations and the availability of advanced support from the supplier. There are several service stations on the territory of Russia that can service bulldozers in a specialized center or in the field.


The Zumlion ZD320-3 is equipped with a powerful Cummins NTA-855 C360 four-stroke vertical intercooled and supercharged diesel engine. Thanks to the extended service life and low emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere the unit meets European standards (Euro-2).

Characteristics of the engine Cummins NTA-855 C360:

  • displacement – 14 liters;
  • Rated power – 239 (323) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 2000 rpm;
  • Max torque – 1509 nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • bore – 139.7 mm;
  • Fuel consumption – 242 g/kWh.
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The unit is presented with a starter motor. For ease of maintenance, replacement of operating fluids and inspection of components greatly increased size of the engine compartment of the power plant.

Zoomlion ZD320-3 is the most expensive model in the brand’s lineup, but in comparison with other representatives of the segment, the cost of bulldozer is very democratic. It is possible to buy a new machine in the first configuration for 12,8-13,1 million rubles.

Bulldozer Zoomlion ZD320-3 specifications

Zoomlion ZD320-3 is the flagship of Chinese manufacturers. This bulldozer has a solid and at the same time simple design. The production of this series is implemented using technologies of Japanese company Komatsu (Zumlion ZD320 is positioned as a domestic analog of Komatsu D155A). The quality level of the model almost does not differ from its more famous “brother”, and the inexpensive price and excellent performance make it popular among consumers around the world. For new devices, the company offers a warranty of 2000 mater. or 1 year.

The upgraded design and high-powered Cummins engine allow the Zoomlion ZD320-3 to work equally effectively in basic operations and in mining operations. This bulldozer is versatile, but maximum performance is shown when moving significant volumes of soil of different categories over a distance of up to 350 meters. The machine is also used for surface clearing, reaching embankments and dams. The model is in demand among companies and consumers working in forestry, road construction, heavy industry and mining.

The family Zoomlion ZD320-3 includes several modifications with the same design features:

  • Zoomlion ZD320-3 Basic Version;
  • Zoomlion ZD320F-3 is a model for work in forest or mountainous terrain. In addition, compared to the original version, it has an improved design and protection of the cabin.
  • Zoomlion Zd320H-3 is a version for work with waste and garbage. It is equipped with a wide track and the blade of large size.
  • Zoomlion ZD320S-3 is a marsh version with wide tracks, which allows moving on sandy and wet soil.
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Specifications Zoomlion ZD320-3

Overall dimensions (basic version without locker):

  • Length – 6684 mm;
  • Width – 4130 mm;
  • height – 3725 mm;
  • Distance between the axles – 2140 mm;
  • Ground clearance – 500 mm.

Own weight of dozer without slack (straight blade/angle) is 37384/37991 kg.

Completion of the front working equipment is represented by several debris instances, the main actors of which are suppressive and angular packages with the following parameters:

  • Type – straight/angular;
  • Width – 4130/4030 mm;
  • Height – 1574/1705 mm;
  • Maximum height above ground – 1560/1670 mm;
  • Maximal depression – 560/552 mm;
  • Drawing prism volume – 10.4/11.7 cubic meters.

A multi-row parallelogram cultivator can be installed at the rear.

Equipment parameters:

  • Number of teeth – 3;
  • Maximum ripping depth – 835 mm;
  • Maximum lift height is 890 mm;
  • Weight – 3591 kg.


The Zoomlion ZD320-3 is equipped with a 4-stroke cummins NTA-855-C360 engine, which is unpretentious about fuel quality and has a long service life. In terms of emissions, the unit meets Euro-2 standard. The power unit is presented with a starting engine. The engine has a design with 6 cylinders arranged vertically. The unit also includes a water cooling system, turbocharger, direct fuel injection mechanism and additional cooler.

Technical features of the Cummin NTA-855-C360 engine:

  • displacement – 14 liters;
  • Unit capacity – 239 (323) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 2000 rpm;
  • Max torque – 1509 nm;
  • Specific fuel consumption – 242 g/kWh;
  • Cylinder diameter – 139.7mm.


The design of the Zoomlion ZD320-3 is adapted to work in difficult conditions and at maximum loads. The bulldozer frame has additional reinforcement to provide the necessary rigidity of the body.

The chassis is almost the same as other products of Chinese manufacturer. It is based on a semi-truck trailer with a balance beam.

Parameters of the chassis:

  • Number of support rollers (one side) – 7;
  • Number of supporting rollers (one side) – 2;
  • Number of driving rollers (one side) – 1.

The track belt consists of several elements made of high-strength statements. The tracks are made on the basis of prefabricated shoes with 1 floor bearing and have a simple design. Parts and assemblies from other manufacturers can be used as part of the chassis, which makes it easy to find elements for repair.

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Parameters of the chassis:

  • Number of tracks (one side) – 41;
  • Pitch length – 228.6 mm;
  • Width of the base track – 560 mm;
  • Ground height – 80 mm;
  • Track length – 3150 mm;
  • Specific pressure on the floor – 106.5 kpa.

Zoomlion ZD320-3 is equipped with a gearbox with a 6-speed planetary gear with a multi-disc clutch. Speed selection is done smoothly with a lever. The rotation is controlled by the rotation clutch and brake system. Thanks to the design features, you can practically turn the massive bulldozer on the spot.

Speed (forward/reverse):

  • 1 speed-0-3.6/0-4.4 km/h;
  • 2 speed-0-6.6/0-7.8 km/h;
  • 3 speed-0-11.5/0-13.5 km/h.

With the help of the bulldozer’s hydraulic system, you can control the equipment and various accessories smoothly, without sudden movements and idiocy. Such functionality is ensured by a powerful 335 l/min. gear pump and a coil valve. The minimum pressure in the system is 14 MPa. The distribution of the hydraulic system is 335 liters.

Zoomlion ZD320-3 differs from other dozers by its attractive design. The model is equipped with a large hexagonal cabin for one person. The cabin provides excellent visibility in all directions. The interior is made of environmentally friendly materials with high sound insulation. Other features of the cabin are:

  • additional insulation system, allowing to work comfortably even in severe frosts;
  • availability of many niches and compartments for storing things;
  • comfortable driver’s seat with adjustment forward-backward and up-down;
  • ergonomic location of sensors and controls.

On request, the model can be equipped with air conditioning. Zoomlion ZD320-3 is also equipped with intelligent control systems, which provide the operator with all the information about the basic parameters of the technique.

Zoomlion ZD320-3 PRICE

The prices of new models Zoomlion ZD320-3 range from 14.5 to 18.4 million rubles. Second-hand offers on the domestic market is relatively small. The cost of machines produced in 2010-2012 is 6.1-7.9 million rubles, and in 2015-2017 – 10.1-12.3 million rubles.

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