Yum z-6 tractor – description and properties

Yumz tractor 6 technical descriptions

Yumz 6 is a Soviet bike tractor that is not only very popular in her homeland, but also in Scandinavia. This machine was perfectly adapted to heavy climatic conditions, and thanks to this it was very much in demand in the northern regions of Russia. In addition, the Swedish tractor Volvo BM-700 was developed on the basis of this model. In this example, you can ensure the high endurance of Yumz 6 under conditions with extremely low temperatures. But of course this model was the most common in the USSR and then in the Pos t-Sov region. The tractor was produced in Dnepropetrovsk, but the car itself was designed by engineers from the Minsk tractor work. The equipment has established itself in community and agriculture as well as in road and industrial work. In this article we consider the main advantages and opportunities as well as the characteristics of this tractor.

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Description and purpose

Yumz-6 is a general universal machine that is designed for transactions in agriculture: It is hilling, shaking, cultivating, plowing, loosening, mowing as well as cereals and vegetable plants. The tractor is effectively filled out with the transport and towing of strong designs and supporters with the transport and installation and transport tasks. In addition, this tractor can work with wide tools with wide blocks and sustainable and swiveled devices. If necessary, the Yumz-6 tractor can be converted into an excavator, a loader, a bulldozer or an grounding machine. You can convert the tractor not only in the factory, but also in special workshops with the availability of the necessary components.

Technical features of Yumz-6

  • Developer – Minsk tractor system
  • Motor type diesel, D-65; D-242-71
  • Transport speed – 24 km/h
  • Rotary radius – 500 mm
  • D-65 engine parameter:
  • Engine power – 45 kW
  • Motor revolutions – 1750 rpm
  • Twist – 270 n/m
  • Fuel consumption – 245 g/kW per hour
  • Motor labor volume – 4.9 liters
  • Motor parameter D-242-71:
  • Power – 46 kW
  • Revolutions – 1800 rpm
  • Torque – 240 N/M
  • Fuel consumption – 226 g/kW per hour
  • Work volume of the engine – 4.7 liters
  • Common parameters:
  • The number of cylinders – 4
  • Fuel tank capacity – 90 liters
  • Front wheels ruts-1360-1860 mm
  • Root breaks – 1400 – 1800 mm
  • Bike basic volume – 2450 mm
  • Release – 650 mm (under the rear bridge)
  • Tractor mass together with work equipment – 3350 kg
  • Permissible mass trailer – 6,000 kg
  • The dimensions of the tractor, mm: width – 1884, height – 2660, length – 4140 (with a hinge system)

Device and operation

  1. The Yumz-6 tractor in the basic configuration was equipped with a diesel engine D-65 with a weight of 525 kg. The engine turned out to be compact and not too heavy, which made it possible to reduce the total mass of the tractor. The engine is in front of the cabin and is attached to the frame with rubber penny supports. The engine is covered with a hood on the top. Removable steel plates are from both sides. The D-65 engine in nominal mode develops 62 hp, and in operating mode the return is 60 forces. And the engine consumes an average of 183 g/l. With. an hour. Exercise and operational experience showed that the operating time of the engine with a fully seasoned tank is about 10 hours and the specific oil consumption is 1.2%, 6% of which are loaded. The maximum performance is achieved for revolutions of 1750 rpm. The traction characteristics of the engine are sufficient to move safely on the street. For the uninterrupted start of the engine, a gasoline 7-kilowatt enemy is provided at a speed of 3,500 rpm. The engine has a simple layout and, unlike modern machines, is not equipped with turbobadia. The power plant is produced with standard atmospheric technology. The proven type of engine (atmospheric) made it possible to significantly reduce the ownership costs and reduce the costs for components. Despite the collapse and the relatively large fuel consumption, the car was cheap in maintenance. After most reviews, the average resource of the power plant with increased load is 10,000 hours. After the first major overhaul, however, this number is significantly reduced.
  2. The Yumz-6 tractor is equipped with a mechanical gear with optimized gear rates. The gear rates are configured so that the clarity of switching ensures and thereby completely shows the potential of the engine. The checkpoint has only five mechanical gears with manual lever control. The design of the checkpoint also contains a gear that can be used to double the number of speed modes. This ensures smooth switching and also contributes to the best dynamic and acceleration features. In addition, the transmission is supplemented by a power selection shaft with an operating mode of up to 1000 rpm. The primary wave installed on the roller warehouse works. The checkpoint has special protection thanks to which the engine does not start if the gear lever is not converted into a neutral position. The combined lubricating system helps to avoid the effect of dry friction of the details and to prevent oil hunger that spray the oil on all components of the gear.
  3. The tractor has a classic rear wheel drive design that is characteristic of models of this year of publication. Controlled bikes are installed in front of the tractor, for which a standard steering mechanism is used with a rather primitive layout. The drive wheels are installed in the rear and reinforced with the help of half waves. This is the simplest and most reliable design that is recognized all over the world. In addition, the machine is equipped with pneumatic tires. The tires have a low pressure and a wide profile, so that there are no problems on the street. In addition, with the help of minimal body overhangs, a large road release, high entry and exit angles as well as strong protection of the lower and motor compartment, outside the street. Thanks to this, the machine moves confidently through deep and shaped obstacles, including soil, pits, ruts and even 30 percent in the rain.
  4. The Yumz-6 received a primitive cabin, the main advantage of which is the roof and the glazing dye are the main elements that protect the operator from Flying Dirt, Stones, Rain, Thunderstorm, Snow and other natural phenomena. The cabin is carried out simple and unpretentiously, but at the same time differs in strength and astonishing ergonomics. All devices are where they should be and they don’t have to reach for them. We notice a simple driver’s seat that can be set in height. Another important safety element is a hard tube frame that protects the cabin and the operator when tipping over. The rear mirrors and wipers have an electrical drive. Like a driver’s seat, the steering column can be configured based on the physique, the growth and weight of the body’s body. As practice shows, the cabin is quite loud and uncomfortable, annoying vibrations. And yet the tractor is well suited thanks to the salon heating to work in the winter season so that you can set the optimal temperature in a 30-degree frost. The wide surface of the glazing not only promotes protection against dirt and sand, but also good, almost circular visibility.
  5. The Yumz-6 tractor can be equipped with weakened, semi-renowned or subsequent options that differ from the type of purpose. For example, it can be weapons for agricultural land – a Harrow, a cultivator, a sämasiat, a plow, etc. In addition, this tractor can use a general purpose – for example a welding machine or compressor. You can also install a trailer or a semi trailer.
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Modifications of the Yumz-6 tractor

We emphasize the following modifications of the Yumz-6 tractor:

  • Yumz-6L-A updated machine, which, in contrast to the basic version, is only published by a rounded radiator grille
  • Yumz-6al-A advanced tractor with an updated radiator grille and a group of devices as well as improved brakes
  • Yumz-6k-an industrial modification for working with agricultural bars as well as a bulldozer knife and excavator equipment
  • Yumz-6ac is the latest version of the Yumz 6 tractor. It has a more modern salon and a wide glazing area.

Photo yumz-6

Yumz tractor 6 technical descriptions Yumz tractor 6 technical descriptions

Video of the Yumz-6 tractor

The average costs of the Yumz 6 tractor on the Russian market are 150,000 rubles. The price is given for a copy from 1980.

Tractor Yumz-6

Blue tractor yumz-6

The Universal Wheel Tractor Yumz-6, whose serial production with minor modernization from 1966 to 2001 was continued in the South Mash plant in the Ukrainian Dnepropetrovsk. Thanks to a successful concept and high quality, the tractor for the workers of the village, the builders and the community worker has become indispensable. The machine was produced in several versions that differed significantly from each other and expanded the balls of their company.


History of creation

Even during the Great Patriotic War in Dnepropetrovsk, the construction of a large automotive work was introduced. The company’s specialization was later changed and switched to the production of products of the military-industrial complex. The Southern Machine structure has become one of the leading companies in the Soviet military complex. Here the production of rocket equipment, spacecraft, motors and military products “Yuzhmash” also produced civilian equipment – equipment and tractors.

The model of the Yumz-6 tractor is based on the concept of the MTZ-5-Belarus machine produced by the MINSK tractor system. The modernized and modified design was very successful and asked. There is enough note that a 100,000 two years after the start of series production. Tractor from the Uzhmash promoter.

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The lateral part of the Yumz-6

The factor of the factory, which is part of the militar y-industrial complex, played a no n-burdened role in the success of the mode l-a strict military acceptance, which was played here, thanks to the quality of the products was of the greatest importance.


The tractor is built according to the classic “tractor” concept. The basis of the design is hal f-ram, cooked from a channels and a cross beam. In a sem i-rama, a gearbox block is attached to a bolt connection. The current unit, the gearbox and the bridge are collected in a single knot that is installed by screws that are installed on a hal f-raram.

The maximum permissible mass of the Yumz 6 tractor with assembly devices is 3.9 tons without hanging equipment of 3.3 tons. The tractor can be operated with a trailer that does not weigh more than 6 tons.


The tractor received a completely comfortable and ergonomic cabin with noise insulation for its time. Thanks to the circular glazing from the workplace of the tractor driver, an excellent review is planned. A sufficient tightness of the spacious cabin prevents entry into the dust salon if you work on construction sites. The natural ventilation is carried out by the hatch on the roof and the rear window.

Salon of the Cockpit Yumz-6

The steering column of the tractor is adjustable in height and inclination. The steering wheel is equipped with hydraulic packaging. Lighting plans, heating and electrical fans are installed in the cabin. The salon is equipped with a firs t-aid kit, a bag with a set of tools and a thermoskast area.

The cabin is attached to the chassis by rubber shock absorbers, which reduces the vibration and stiffness of the suspension.

Yumz-6 engine

Tractors were made in configuration with two types of diesel power plants D65 and D-241-71. In the early versions of the tractor, diesel D-241-71 with a capacity of 45.6 hp with a work volume of 4.75 liters was installed. The basis for the tractor was a 5-liter D-65 engine with a capacity of 60 horses. This 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine with a direct fuel injection system had an inline vertical place of the cylinder. The engine is started by a starting device or an electric starter.

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The electricity unit was equipped with air cooling, lubricating and fuel supply systems.

The engine of the Yumz-6 tractor

The tractor motor is aggregated with a power selection shaft that is required to use various attachments. The Yumz-6 engines, which were equipped with a tractor, were famous for their reliability, durability and high repairs.

The machine was equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 90 liters. The operating speed of the tractor is 11 km/h, the maximum speed in transport mode is 25 km/h. In reverse mode, the tractor develops a speed of 5.7 km/h.


The tractor was equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission with which a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour was developed. The design of the checkpoint, which is equipped with a lowering gear, offers the option of operating the engine in a static position and connecting a clutch.

The front of the Yumz-6

The transmission is composed in a single block of the block with the mechanism of the rear axle, which caused problems during the repair, especially without elevators.

Councilor, steering and braking system

The chassis of the Yumz-6 tractor is the design of the rear axle, the clutch, the gear and the hard suspension of the front bridge. The front axle of the tractor is simple and reliable. It is attached to the crossbeam with a mounting point.

The design includes the mechanism for managing gang spaces and a power coupling.

The steering mechanism with a hydraulic mission is powered by a hydraulic unit without automatic control system. In modified versions of the tractor, a steering column was installed in the height and inclination of the inclination angle.

Photo by Yumz-6 tractor from the side

The car had a high focus, which is why the permissible angle of overcoming the inclination was only installed 10 degrees, but the machine significantly exceeds this indicator.

The Yumz-6 tractor is equipped with drum brakes that is autonomous for every wheel. Such a scheme simplifies control and enables maneuvering, braking through different bikes. The increased cros s-capacity of the machine is provided by the rear differential blocking system.

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The tractor has been produced for three decades, and over the years the Enterprise designers have regularly improved the machine and expanded their skills. Thanks to this, several modifications of the machine appeared:

  • Yumz-6l-the main difference to the basic model was the presence of a start motor to start the machine.
  • Yumz-6al modification with an updated brake system, a dashboard and a cooling grille;
  • Yumz-6K modification for construction and industrial companies. Units to attach agricultural adhesion devices were replaced by the fastening elements of a bulldozer dump and a bucket for an excavator. In addition, the tractor was equipped with a cabin of advanced dimensions;
  • Yumz-6ac is a machine with an adjustable steering column and a new cabin with an increased level of comfort.

Yumz-6 with a recording

Unmounted equipment

The tractor was originally designed as a universal machine that can work with supporters, agricultural and industrial assembly materials.

A hinge adapted to the tractor is divided into three categories:

  • Agricultural equipment – seats, plows, breeders, goods;
  • Cage equipment – compressors, welding systems, elevators, more;
  • Transport equipment – trailer, cart, tank.

The tractor connects a device via the following elements:

  • Power selection wave of the power supply;
  • Fixer;
  • Type-bound device approx. 1, equipped with a control unit installed in the cabin.

Photo by Yumz-6 tractor

The tractor is equipped with systems with which you can properly separate electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic devices. The ability to work with steered devices and transport devices expands the skills of the machine and the scope of use.

Housing Yumz-6

The undisputed advantages of the tractor were reliability, no n-pressiness and significant resources. Subject to the operating conditions and timely maintenance, the tractor could work continuously for many years without being necessary. The motorcycle tour before the overhaul was installed in 10,000 motorcycles. The resource of the machine installed by the manufacturer was 10 years, but today when the tractor has been hired for a long time, many machines that have repeatedly exceeded the established resource can be found in agricultural and industrial companies.

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The problem nodes include a clutch that often rejected due to the accelerated wear of frictional pillows that occur due to increased loads on the Yumz-6.

Two Yumz 6 tractors

Another frequent malfunction is the wear and the fire of the nozzles of the fuel system, which leads to fuel injections.

Reliability and strength steering are not distinguished. Problems occur here due to the collapse of the pump system and the destruction of the valve of the distribution of the hydraulic power.

In order to avoid the occurrence of serious breakthroughs that require expensive repairs, it is recommended to adjust the valves and the clutch in good time and efficiently as well as to replace incorrect and burned outputs of the fuel system.

The spare parts and repair kits of the tractor are presented in sufficient quantities on the market. The cost of spare parts is low, so that you can repair any complexity without any problems and considerable costs.

Photo by Yumz-6 tractor in the field

The price for tractors

For obvious reasons, new tractors of the model are not available on the market today. However, there are more than enough offers from technically gentle cars. Their costs depend on the year of production, the technical condition, configuration and the availability of attachments. The price range is sufficient in the range of 80 to 400,000 rubles. Machines that are outdated and in a technically impeccable state are sold for 500-600,000 rubles.

The Yumz-6 bike tractor lived a wonderful working life and became one of the symbols of his difficult era. Developed in the distant 1960s when the country mastered the virgin countries and built new cities, it became a model for reliability, improperness and high quality. Simplicity of the design, the versatility, the high operational parameters, a large motorcycl e-line tour and other characteristics ensured the popularity and demand for the lon g-lasting tractor. It is no coincidence that it continues to work in the fields and construction sites to this day, and its technical concept is placed in the design of new models, which are now manufactured by a number of domestic companies.


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