Xingtai 220 Minitractor – Description and Properties

The XINGTAI-220 mini tractor is a popular model of a well-known brand

Increasing sales quantities convincingly testify to the growing trust in Chinese tractor equipment. A significant part of this offer are compact and economical combination in operation with a small displacement with services of 12 to 25 hp.

The skills of such machines are expanded by the broad functionality and compatibility with cultivation and attachment devices for agricultural and municipal purposes.

The advantages of Chinese mini tractor products compared to machines produced in Europe in an affordable price range, economical operation, high maintenance-friendliness, standardization of consumables and repair materials.

Xingtai-220 mini-tractor

Photo: Small tractor XINGTAI-220

Miniuniversals of the XINGTAI use functions

In the market for mini tractors with low capacity, a stable demand for machines from the Xingtai brand with an output of 15 hp or more has formed. This category includes the XINGTAI-220 mini tractor, which is in demand in private and small companies.

  • This model successfully combines the compactness of small cube tractor devices with the work skills of mini-diversity with an increased power range.
  • When creating the project, the valuable experiences of recent years were used with min i-tractors, the own developments of the designers and user ratings. The tractor is certified according to the requirements of the current technology and environmental standards.

The Xingtai-220 can be used equally well in the local and construction sector and used as a tractor to pull light saddle tractors on field streets and all-purpose streets. The traction and clutch parameters of this model are sufficient to complete agricultural work on an area of ​​up to 5 hectares completely and in good time.

Technical characteristics

  • The total dimensions of the min i-tractor within 2.53 / 1.2 and 1.75 meters are ideal for a machine with a wheelbase of 1.44 m.
  • In most cases, the dry weight of the machine of 960 kg allows the waiver of attaching ballast weights.
  • With a Wenderadius of less than 4 meters, the agile machine is also suitable for small areas. For work inside greenhouses and animal enclosures.
  • The accessibility of the machine is increased by the high ground clearance of 300 mm, the manual blocking of the planet dial and the wide profile tires of the drive wheels with a chevron toller pattern.

Power Point

The regular engine of the Xingtai XT-220 mini universal is a two-cylinder, powerful enough, reliable in the company and maintenance-friendly, water-cooled diesel engine of the TY295 brand with an output of 22 hp. Fuel consumption – up to 250 g / kW / h, the capacity of the fuel system tank was increased to 17 liters.

The construction features include compact dimensions, excellent traction properties, economical fuel consumption and a long overhaul. Starting by means of an electrical starter is duplicated by a lever inertia system.


The torque of the flywheel of the engine is transferred from the permanently closed type to the mult i-stage gear via a clutch mechanism. Six forward gears enable the choice between work and transport mode in the speed range from 2 to 29.5 km/h.

In order to move the device at a speed of 2.6 to 9.5 km/ h, two programs are involved. Work nodes of attachments with mechanical drives are activated by an independent individual speed selection selection device with a slot shaft.

Cut or not cut? That is the question!

Video: tractor evaluation


The chassis is carried out in accordance with the 4×2 scheme with a classic drive of the drive wheels from the kinematics of the rear axle. It contains the final gears of the gear type, a differential locking device and the drum collar brakes with separate control.

The design of the chassis ensures the width of the front wheels and extends the skills of the tractor unit at work in rows.

Hydraulic system

Onboard hydraulics of a on e-sided action. The lack of some modes, especially when the soil procedure is being deepened, is partially compensated for by the simple design and increased reliability in the company.


22 strong mini universal syntai is characterized by:

  • Excellent traction parameters for your performance category;
  • moderate price range;
  • A large selection of consumables and spare parts;
  • Long – up to 2 years of guarantee service.

In the list of undeniable advantages- the economic consumption of diesel fuel, engine and gear oils, the possibility of independent maintenance and current repair, a high degree of unification of spare parts with branded machines from different versions.

The universality of the thre e-point hinge mechanism, which is compatible with the strikers, including motor block equipment from other tractor brands, is also highly valued.


According to many users, there is imperfect protection of electrical wiring.

In contrast to the same types of cars from other Chinese brands, the machine is not equipped with a plow or a hinge or a SoiloFreza, stored ballast loads and a safety sheet. In separate series, the assembly of the individual knots leaves much to be desired.

Video: 220. At work

The price for new and used mini applications of the syntai model 220

The costs of a new car vary at the level of 4200-4500 CU This amount includes the execution of customs documentation and overhead costs for transport and storage.

The price range of the backing devices in good condition and with a rather large gap of the overhaul resource is in the range of 2000 to 3000 CU.

Where could I buy

company location Price phone
Minitarian Kyiv region, city. Glevakha, st. District, 55e 94 680 Uah. 096-322-67-77


Identical in the costs and working properties of the model of the popular Chinese brands Dongfeng-224 and Bulat-264. In general, universal common production machines of India and China Machindra MfS-240 are presented, but these 24 strong mini applications have not yet been delivered to the domestic stream market.

Reviews of the owners

In 2017, the beginning of my independence was from the expensive rent of the neighboring tractors. For the processing of the garden and a one and a half hectare country, I bought a brand new synta with a capacity of 22 horses. Carried out the quality of the assembly and the preparation before the sale, quick start, the comfortable position of the steering column, all levers and switches. The budget value prescribes its conditions, but for mult i-fashio n-hydraulics with the function of plowing the plow can be paid. In this regard, Sintai needs a significant refinement. Valery

The quality of the Chinese Mini applications, especially famous brands, has improved significantly in recent years. On the other hand, the acquisition of budget machines has negative aspects. One example is the recently acquired small Sintai-21 on a small scale. The manufacturer saved a bonus configuration of the machine with plow or floor, there is no safety sheet, clinging to attach the tent. A clear nonsense is a combination of a universal mechanism of a thre e-point hinge with primitive hydraulics. Sasha

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Sintai-220 mini-arlector: Reviews of the owners

Xingtai-220 Minitraktor: Owner reviews

The family of the Chinese mini applications “Sintai” comprises seven wel l-known, proven, which are produced for several decades models with a capacity of 16 to 30 hp. One of the most common, optimal price and technical features was the syntai-200 model (Xingtai-CT220). It is known in Russia and other republics from the former Union. On the basis of Sintai-200, a number of similar Chinese and pseudo-component mini applications are manufactured. The generalization of information about this tractor, which was collected in accordance with the reviews of dealers with agricultural devices and direct owners, is offered in this publication.

The Xingtai-CT220 diesel mini drive is an extremely universal and multi-purpose technology. It can be useful in private farms as well as in small farms and in small agricultural companies. This is the possibility of aggregating the widest spectrum of follo w-up and connected devices. This enables you to successfully solve most agricultural and municipal problems and save time and labor costs considerably.

About the manufacturer “Sintaev”

The Sintai-220 produces the very first manufacturer of tractors in the Chinese People’s Republic, which is also expressed on behalf of the company: “Xingtai first tractor manuapacturn co”. The company’s main company is located in the city of Sintai (Hiebi province) and has been working since the second half of the 1960s. The Syntai min i-shipping units are certified by the National Center for Monitoring and Quality of VR China, and the quality management system in the company’s factories is certified in accordance with the international standards of ISO 9001: 2008. The motto of the Xingtai First Tractor Manoufactoring Company simply sounds: “An honest tractor for little money!”, Translated from Chinese.

In the fields of the People’s Republic of Sintai, the most common brand of Min i-Actractors. They appeared in Russia and the CIS of the Xingtai-CT220 Mini-Tartic in the mid-1990s. Currently you will be under your own name “Sintai-220” and among other names, including “Swatt”, “Urelet”, “Kobpysh”, “Prosrab”, “Chuvashpiller”, “Kaliber”, “Sintai-220” and presented among other names, including “Swatt”, “Urelet”, “Kobpysh”, “Prosrab”, “Chuvashpiller”, “Kaliber”, “Cattman”. The fact is that many companies buy tractor complexes from the Sintai wholesale, run them themselves and release them under their own labels.

The scope of the use and additional equipment of the syntai-220 mini applications

The Xingtai CT220 mini actuator can become the main and only mechanized working tool in personal charts and small fields. Provided that the appropriate additional equipment is involved, “Sintai-220” can perform not only the forecasting of soil processing, but also: plant, weed, cumber and trench potatoes, other grown crops, mowing and removing hay for livestock. Clear the area from the snow; Carry out the transport of goods with a trailer.

Aggregation with the absolute majority of additional devices does not cause problems and takes at least the time. For example, SINTAI-220 is very often used with a pair with potato capital. The attachment in these cases is done in a few minutes by hinges. Almost any equipment for planting, harvesting or cultivating land, as well as different brands and manufacturers, is suitable for this mini department.

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For processing before suction, the tractor is combined with plow, soil and cultivator, burrows. Basically, pairs of units from this arsenal are enough to solve in the shortest possible time all spring and autumn problems in a large garden or a small field.

Area of ​​application and additional equipment of Xingtai-220 mini-tractors

The next most popular use with the Xingtai-CT220 is potato and ditch potatoes. With their help, you can plant and remove root crops with minimal labor costs. Domestic farmers and owners of personal plots also show quite successful use of sewing grains for planting seeds and seedlings of other (non-root) agricultural crops.

For many farmers, Xingtai-CT220 is well done with harvesting hay for several consecutive seasons. After the owners join the rotary or segmental mowing, they do the mowing, and the rakes and colopyers help to quickly dry and collect hay. In principle, there is an option to attach to Sintai-220 and a mini-collapse, which allows you to tie the hay compact compact hay. However, using it with such a trailer unit, of course, is exotic and it is difficult to find reliable reviews about such a mini-brat in Russia.

Features of the Syntai 220 device

The Xingtai CT220 mini actuator has very compact overall dimensions, so it can work even when using other agricultural machinery is not possible due to the small working area. Such compactness of the mini tractor undoubtedly has a positive effect on its maneuverability.

Features of the Xingtai-220 device

The rear bridge of this mini drive is not only a leading, but also equipped with a differential with a lock. This is used in case of wheel slippage, which improves the ability to cross bearing in cheese and viscous soil. Along with the rear attachment device, Sintai-220 is equipped with an independent power selection shaft. An important feature of this mini drive is the variable (sliding) front track, which is very convenient for inter-ruh processing.

Technical characteristics in figures

Information in numbers

  • Power – 22 hp, or 16.2 kilowatts.
  • The wheel formula is 4×2 with the leading rear bridge.
  • Overall dimensions – length 2.580 m; width – 1,200 m; Height – 1,330 m.
  • Wheel base – 1.465 m
  • The width of the front axle is between 980 and 1320 mm; The width of the rear axle is between 980 and 1200 mm.
  • Road clearance – 320 mm
  • The mass is 1040 kg.
  • Speed- from 2.8 to 31.5 km/h.
  • Tire size 4-14/7.5-20.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 17 liters.
  • Power selection wave – 540 revolutions per minute.
  • The traction on the hook is 4.0 kn.
  • The load capacity of the trailer coupling is 273 kilograms.
  • The minimum rotary radius is 3.9 m.
  • The rear goods are 60 kilograms.

Motor, gear, workplace of the Xingtai-CT220 tractor

The Sintai-220-mini applications are equipped with two-cylinder, quad stroke diesel engines of the TY-295 mark. This is a motor with a liquid cooling system, the start is carried out with an electric starter. The fuel shakes the piston pump and the oil is rotary. The work volume of the TY-295 engine is 1.49 liters.

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The nominal rotary frequency of the crankshaft is 2300 revolutions per minute. The diameter of the cylinder is 95 millimeters and the piston stroke is 100 millimeters. In one working lesson with an average operating mode, this engine consumes 189 grams of diesel fuel per kilowatt.

Motor, gear, workplace of the tractor Xingtai-хт220

The gear is mechanical, eigh t-speed (3+1) X2. Hard gear. The final transmissions have cylindrical gears, and the central transmission belongs to a hyp o-deserved guy. The coupling coupling is individual disc, dry type. Brakes – disc, column, dry type. An additional pneumatic brake is provided for the trailer in this model.

A number of electrical appliances on the panel consists of an indicator of oil and amperpaper pressure. There are also sufficiently powerful headlights and shooting indicators. The seat for the machine operator is subordinate and covered with leather movement. For obvious reasons, the cabin is not equipped with Sintai-220-mini-actractor: the class is not the same. In general, however, the manufacturer has such an option (a canopy or even a complete cabin).

Real operating experience

According to the owners of the Sintai-220 Minister, this equipment in normal operation can cope with seasonal work in areas with an area of ​​up to five hectares. However, the indicator is not particularly impressive, but is very worthy for this segment of agricultural machines. The owners unanimously praise him for compact sizes, maneuverability and low costs – both the tractor itself and additional equipment for it.

Real operating experience

In addition to compactness and maneuverability under the advantages that the vast majority of the Sintai-220 tractors show as follows: The following:

  • Efficiency of the consumption of diesel fuel;
  • Extreme simplicity of design, maintenance and repair;
  • Reliability, uninterrupted work for 3-5 or more seasons;
  • University, fast and troubl e-free compatibility with any preservation;
  • The optimal indicator for the mass of the tractor, which offers it good stability and quercountry ability.

In addition to all the advantages of a mini drive, there is a small disadvantage, namely an electrician from the machine. When working in an improved mode, some devices and tractors sensors sometimes occur completely, but when it comes to the exchange of these devices, there should be no problems because the machine itself is quite simple.

Real operating experience

Interesting evidence is a farmer who purchased the Sintai 220 tractor before the 2012 season and uses it annually from this port. Its area is small and 50 acres. He is mainly occupied with potatoes. Along with the tractor, he acquired a plow, a mill, a multi-purpose cultivator, a potato storm. In general, the owner is satisfied with the tractor. For all past seasons there were no particular complaints. Sintai-220 is doing well with soil cultivation. However, at first it was difficult to work with the gearbox – the speed was switched with great difficulty. But over time, either the box has been developed, or “the hands are used to it”. “Now everything is in order. But theoretically and after the pass it’s 6 here with 3 lowered and 3 increased gears. In fact, there are five of them. ” Of the other shortcomings, some problems with a catch are noted. She’s just weak. Last year the owner installed adjusting the thrust from the T-25 tractor and is thinking about completely changing it. By the way, the hitch is designed for each attachment. But it seems only Chinese production. Since there is a review of the inconvenience of using the Polish production cultivator together with the Xingtai-CT220, it simply cannot be adjusted normally. It does not increase as needed.

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None of the owners of the Sintai-220 tractor does not receive any claims. Work economically, stressfully, stably and productively. Oil does not “eat”. The oil changes once a year. However, the main advantage is of course the fact that the flow rate of the tractor is very small. For example, the potato grower mentioned above, to plow the entire plot of 50 acres, only a quarter of the tank is enough.

One of the owners says that in the third season the first of the jets stopped working. But he replaced it himself without any particular problems and problems. He talks about the need to repair the steering column. At the same time, the steering tips came from the Uaz A.

Real operating experience-02

As a rule, the owners usually have no complaints about the chassis of the Sintai-220 minibrator. The passage of the existing wheel formula 4×2 reaches and even with an edge. However, one of the owners tells that his mini vector had problems on the rear bridge. It was necessary to change satellites and satellite axis. Replaced the pressed bearing (by Zhigulevsky). Hook has changed twice in five years.

Not everyone is satisfied with the quality of the color of the mini vector body. More often, the owners of Sintai-220 have complaints with the electrician who is equipped with this technique. E.g. “The wires on the starter, although they look thick, do have a 10 square crossing, and the rest is just insulation. The tension on them is strong and they get heated up decently. I immediately changed 25mm per square, now everything works as it should. And I advise all owners to do the same. “

The cost of the Xingtai CT220 mini vector

The new Sintai-220 mini-Atractor is available depending on the region of sale with agricultural vehicles from 242 to 286 thousand rubles. All Mini-Actionors complete in front of the outdoor area. Batteries are installed on them, they are seasoned with butter and antifreeze. The delivery kit includes zips and instructions in Russian. All additional suspended and trailed devices are purchased separately. The warranty for the tractor is usually provided for 12 months.

The cost of the XINGTAI-хт220

Ready to send and assemble tractor complexes “Sintai-220”.

Xingtai-220 is an inexpensive, compact, but at the same time very productive and productive tractor. It has good technical properties, large functionality and versatility and a very good price-performance ratio. We can recommend this model to those who have a small area (no more than 5 hectares) and a rather limited area of ​​application. In addition to soil processing, there is also the hayers, for example. With such volumes, “Xingtai-Text220” “will not overload” and be most effective.

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