Workmaster Motoblocks. Review of lineup, properties

Workmaster Motoblocks. Checking the list, properties, attachments, instructions

Worker engine blocks are functional devices that can mechanize most agricultural work, namely:

  • ground grinding;
  • Plow;
  • planting and collecting potatoes;
  • weed cleaning;
  • transport of goods;
  • snow cleaning etc.

Let’s take a closer look at the model section of the Vorkmaster.

Worker MB-90

This is a petrol engine with a 1 cylinder four stroke WE6.5W engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp.

Motoblock workmaster MB-90

The gear has 4 steps two striker and rear. The workers’ MB-90 engine block is 98 kg. Frees are complete with the device and can be processed at a depth of 30 cm.

A current selection shaft is installed on this machine.

Worker MB-95A

This device is equipped with a WE6.5ov petrol engine of 7.5 hp.

The Arbeiter MB-95A Walk-Aaround Gearbox has 3 steps: 2 forward and one reverse.

Motoblock workmaster MB-95A

The mass of this machine is 92 kg.

The depth of cultivation with cutter is up to 30 cm.

The capacity selection shaft in the MB-95A engine notes of the workers MB-95A is not provided.

Worker MB-95B

This model has a WE8OHV petrol engine with a capacity of 8 hp.

Motoblock workmaster MB-95B

The mass of the device is 98 kg.

The maximum immersion depth of grinding is 35 cm.

The power select shaft on the MB-95V engine block of the work force is present.

Worker WMT 500

This is a representative of a light class of motoblocks. The WMT 500 petrol engine WMT 500 has an output of 6.5 hp. The engine is powered by a manual starter.

Labor champion WMT 500 MOTBLOCK

The weight of the worker’s WMT 500 walkover is only 65 kg. Because of this, the maximum immersion of the grinder in the ground decreased to 20 cm.

Worker MB 8G

This is a representative of professional motblocks, which has a gasoline engine with a capacity of 8 hp. The engine is powered by a manual starter.

Motoblock Workmeister MB 8G

Workers MB 8G weigh 110 kg.

The width of surface processing with grinders is 110 cm, and the depth of immersion can be adjusted up to 30 cm.

A current selection shaft is provided in the worker MB 8G Motornote.

Equipment not assembled

Motoblocks gained popularity in our country thanks to a large number of compatible attachments in our country. Let’s take a closer look at each type of hitch.


This is a standard attachment fitted to most manpower MOTOBLOCKS. The factory configuration provides for saber mills, the assembly process of which is clearly demonstrated in the operating instructions.


They are installed in place of standard pneumatic wheels. The dresses are attached to the shaft with screws.

There are active grinders, they are connected to the power supply.


Previously, plows were used instead of grinding. They are accustomed to this day along with the motoblocks of workers.

The plows are designed to mix the top layer of fertile soil. The most common options are various plows. Their plug has a special shape, thanks to which the earth rotates several times for the first time, and only then leans.


Workmaster Motoblock in summer in summer and in autumn in summer and autumn.

Greenworks lawn mower. Overview of Electric Poosils Greenvors, reviews, instructions

The manufacturer offers its customers rotation options. These mowers use rotating blades to cut weeds. This attachment is capable of handling both young grass and medium sized weeds.

Types of mowers for motor blocks

If it is necessary to mow in more neglected areas and in the case of bushes, it is better to use segment mowers. They cut the grass with two rows of triangular blades that move alternately towards each other.

Potato diggers and potato planters

The potato is the most common crop in our country, but planting, caring for and harvesting it requires a lot of effort. Workmaster walk behind tractors along with dedicated attachments can help with this.

The potato planter is designed for planting root crops in the ground. First, the potatoes are poured into the tank, and then they are sent into the ditch at regular intervals.

Potato planter potato harvester KV-3

After ripening, the Workmaster walk-behind tractor, together with a potato harvester, helps with the harvest. The simplest variant of this attachment is a conventional plow with welded-on steel rods approx. 15 cm long.

Snow blower and blade shovel

In the winter season, heavy snowfalls are a big problem. And if you live in a rural area or in a country house, then cleaning is a big problem, since there is no hope for utilities and you have to do everything yourself.

Shovel Dump Snow Blower

Workmaster walk-behind tractors are used in conjunction with snow blowers to complete this work. Its active blade cuts the layer of snow and then directs it to the rotor with the help of a pulley. Then it just slides to the side. The more powerful the two-wheel tractor, the further the ejection.

A simpler snow removal device is a shovel blade. It is able to clear paths near houses, parking lots or country roads.

Wheels, cleats and rails

Standard pneumatic tires allow you to get the Workmaster walk behind tractor to the job site and perform work with attachments on a hard surface. If the soil is wet or viscous, it is recommended to install cleats.

It is a car window with metal plates attached along the rim, which penetrate the ground when moved and improve the adhesion of the device to the surface.

In winter, it is recommended to use caterpillars. Because for movement on ice, not only the grip but also the contact area with the surface must be increased.


If there is a need to increase the WorkMaster walking cultivator’s grip with the ground, but there is no desire to add cleats or tracks, then weighting devices can be used. Factory models are made in the form of pancakes and hung on the wheel axle.

Alternatively, you can use any heavy object that is handy.

adapters and trailers

The main problem with walk behind tractors is that you have to propel yourself with your feet behind them. Because of this, fatigue occurs quickly. Adapters can be used to make it easier for the operator to work with some attachments. They are a special attachment with a seat and footrest that allows the owner to have control while seated.

A garden without weeds

Motoblocks Workmaster can transport goods with trailers. The most common tipping options that facilitate unloading by simply lifting the trailer.


One of the main advantages of the hand-held workmaster tractors is that they have a universal coupling. This enables the use of attachments from other manufacturers.

Appendix device adjustable swivel coupling

operation and maintenance

Before you start assembling or working with the hand-made workmaster tractor, you should read the operating instructions. This enables you to understand the principle of han d-led tractor and its skills.

Run in

The right beginning of the application plays an important role in the life of the han d-led tractor.

The assembly must be carried out strictly according to the instruction manual.

When the car is assembled, fill in fuel and oil and continue driving. During this process, the engine parts are lubricated, grated together and fit safely into the corresponding grooves, since the factor y-sided assembly leads to minor errors.

The manufacturer recommends an inlet time of 8 hours. At this point it is necessary to give the engine a small load. It is ideal to drive with an empty trailer. If it is not available, milling with minimal immersion can be used in the ground.

This video view shows the assembly process and the first market launch of the hand-led Workmaster 95A tractor:

Be sure to change the engine oil at the end of the entrance time.


Like any technology, the hand-led workmaster tractor care needs. It manifests itself in the implementation of prevention work.

  • The engine oil should be changed every 25 hours. The operating instructions recommend the use of part-synthetic multi-range oils 10W-40 or 10W-30.
  • The transmission oil must be changed less frequently (every 100 operating hours of the hand-led workmaster tractor). In this case, ideal lubricant are Soviet oils TAP-15V or TAD-17i.
  • The control levers must be regularly lubricated with litol-24 or solidol.
  • The use of AI-92 or AI-95 is recommended for gasoline models. Do not use old or dirty fuel.
  • The condition of the fuel and air filters must be checked every 50 hours of operating hours of the hand-made workmaster tractor.

Main disorders

Sooner or later, every technology fails. It can be smaller or greater damage. If something serious fails, turn better to the service center. But the most important minor disorders and ways to remove them are listed below:

If the singl e-axle tractor does not start or turns unstable:

  • Check oil and gasoline level;
  • Check the condition of the fuel and air filters (it must not be worked with dirty filters);
  • Check the condition of the spark plugs (if carbon deposits have formed, the connection has come loose or the distance has changed, the spark does not reach the fuel mixture).
  • Check the voltage of the straps (sometimes the engine releases speed, but due to a loose belt you do not reach the tap wave).
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For strong vibrations:

  • In 90 % of cases, the cause lies in loose screw connections on the singl e-axle tractor, pull them out;
  • If this does not help, check whether the fastening is securely attached.

The following video view shows the work of the hand-led workmaster tractor with a cutting unit on new territory:


In the forums, they say the following about the work of the hand-held workmaster tractors:


“To solve this problem, the light model has an additional weight of 40 kg in front. It seems to work at medium speeds, but the gearbox strikes. Weight over 100 kg does not transport and slip. If I were a designer, I would install a flywheel and reduce the speed in first gear.

Advantages: engine power of 8 hp

Disadvantages: weak gear and low weight “


“He is China and China in Africa. It is not only extremely light and slips on the first opportunity, it also breaks like a crystal glass. I almost completely went through it during the operating season. Either the carburetor is blocked, then the fuel system is clogged for some reason, then the cable is torn, then the strap … it is not adapted to the loads. And to cultivate the floor, you have to be at least one athlete.

Advantages: Costs (to which I fell in)

Disadvantages: generally not a good han d-held tractor. If you want to use it for a long time, choose another model.

Test report: Petrol-Grubber Workmaster WT-85-plows like Papa Carlo

Not all garden tools I had were to praise or blame those that I have. Whether you like it or not, I only tell you about the only goal that nobody steps on your own rake, but only on mine. The Grubber Workmaster WT-85 was bought to replace the hand-led Cascade tractor, which was incredibly difficult, bulky, but not bad. Over time, he became too much for her husband. You can’t turn the age back.


We exchanged the Cascade motor block “successfully” for a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner that did not work well, but it was an art-related exchange, which means that it was not offensive. Then it is time to choose what we still buy in return. They chose according to two criteria: not expensive, not cheap, somehow known company.


We chose this, in his youth he was of course prettier and cleaner.

Cultivator worker WT-85 petrol photo

Lately, choosing technology has been a large lottery.

I searched for reviews for MT-85 on Otzovik, they weren’t there. But on one of the sales pages there was a review of this cultivator. The comrade who bought it complained that the MT-85 from Workmaster fell apart in a week and that he (comrade) had to think of this device for a long time. Here is the lottery for you. Our workhorse has been providing loyal services since 2014 without a single failure (PAH-PAH-PAH). Bought by the owner. How well we were served in the Hozyayin trade house and how bad the gasoline was when it was poured into the cultivation for the first time – these are the topics separate reviews.

Review of cutters, cultivators and harrows for MTZ power tillers

Cultivator worker WT-85 petrol photo

We assembled the cultivation and looked at the instructions.


Although my husband has been familiar with various petrol vehicles for a long time.


Consider the parts of the MT-85 a little more detail. Let’s start with the fact that there are many warning signs on the body of the Grubber. I agree with the manufacturers that this is necessary. If you see them every time with your own eyes before you turn to MK, it will be reminded better than it was read in the instructions.






Motor 6.5 l. Type WPE 200 OHV, probably made in China, fou r-stroke. 196 Cu. cm, performance 4800 watts. The engine is started manually, ie you have to pull the starter handle. My husband gets it easy, it starts the first time.

This force is completely sufficient to plow our medium-sized arable and plant field. Besides, the earth is not sandy, not loamy, but unfortunately not a black earth.

We'll look again

Take a look before you start plowing, let us admire.

gas tank

This is a gas tank with a capacity of 3.6 liters. Recommended petrol brand AI-92. If you appreciate how long it lasts, I would describe the MT-85 as very economical because it is sufficient for the spring plowing of tomorrow, i.e. in ten, plus my husband’s passion to plow something in summer. This year I plowed up a place under the lawn. I will immediately say that the most malicious weed has raged there for many years. He packed the roots of the Clematis, but not all, thank God.

Air filter

This is an air filter and my legs are constantly flashing in the frame. Why I need a filter that I will not explain that I understand so many, almost everyone has cars.

The housing of the exhaust pipe

This is the housing of the exhaust pipe (definitions not from the instructions, but from the experience of working with petrol units). The pipe itself is directed to the side and the housing protects a person from a random burn, the engine in the work heats up naturally.

Let's just call - pens

I would call that a pen. It is on the effect of MK. I want to repent. Since I am a woman, my definitions can be very far from dry technical properties.

Cultivator worker WT-85 petrol photo

This is a gas lever. Explain why it exists, just not to respect readers.

The movement of the movement forward

Front administration handle. I have to say that “Motik” only has two types of movements: forward and back. On the other hand, where should he go? On the side?

the back

Reverse control handle. With each of the handles, there are indicators in the form of arrows, so that an inexperienced user as a cultivator is again on the wrong lever before pressing faulty pressing.

Transpo boumes

There are transport bikes on the cultivator. And how to deliver a device with a weight of 55 kg to the place of plowing. We come to the field on the bikes, then the wheels rise, mills are installed for the cultivation and walking.


One of the important parts of MK is a couch. It looks like a powerful pen that crashes into the ground. Theoretically, it exists to adapt the depth of plowing. But only theoretically. According to experience, he actually has a balance for plowing (reading cultivating). The unit tends to explode into the soil with incompetent treatment. Therefore, I would like to say that this cultivator may be intended only for a male hand and strength. If this suddenly happens and the cultivating cultivator buried in the ground will turn on the back gear and return everything to his circles.

Motoblock Brait BR-80. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Cultivator worker WT-85 petrol photo

However, this is directly the detail of the cultivator that digs into the ground and plows it. The grinding cutter is made of high steel. There are six of them (milling), but two are enough for us.

Cultivator worker WT-85 petrol photo

We have such an earth in spring before plowing. There, in the depths, weed seeds, the roots of the mult i-year herbs, who are just waiting for the sun to be heated to crawl out. The plowing depth according to the instructions is 35 cm and width 85 cm.

No Comments

The earth after plowing becomes light, fluffy, ready for the beds. Of course there are constant cultivation and side effects. Somehow she became on the television screen for a long time when Octyabrina Ganichkina appeared, a wel l-known gardener thanks to the same television have weeds? “Dear Oktyabrina, she couldn’t answer this question, said something like that, that can’t be through the rank.

And the answer to this question is simple. With plowing, a profit root of a weeds of weeds is divided into dozens of scrap, each of which gives a new weed. Therefore, a large number of roots are wrapped on cutters, of which it is quite exhausting. But this cultivating person does not spoil. I almost forgot to say that my husband prompted that there was another positive side of the “Motik”. There is no word about them in the instructions, there is an inscription in the case. When the oil level falls, the cultivator spontaneously stops, ie the likelihood of a “strip” of the engine is zero.

Motoculture in the spring perspective

In spring, when she took these photos, she photographed the plowing process with the main character – husband, but the photo disappeared somewhere without trace, not even in the computer basket. To make a new one – there is nowhere to plow. So take a word plow like Papa Carlo. We will summarize the told WT-85 motorcycle cadulence via the worker WT-85, note the advantages and disadvantages. +++ qualit y-with its functions copes with 5+ legok in managemen t-khoroshy transported to the workplac e-is economically for fuel coloring and a light price (female look) -good price — husband said more, more bikes, as in Motoboblock, but I’ll say – no women’s matter

I do not regret the acquisition of a petrol engine office WT-85, and sympathize with the comrade, who was unlucky with a qualitative assembly of the manufacturer of this garden and the operation. I recommend this motor cultivator to anyone who has to choose cultivating in the future. They are still sold even though they cost a little more.

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