Working with electric chainsaws and chain saws

Instructions for use, rules for chain saws and sabre saws

Unlike their gasoline counterparts, electric chainsaws have a number of advantages: they are environmentally friendly, do not depend on fuel, are less noisy and weigh less. With a universal electric chainsaw, you can make cuts in materials of different structures: wood, wood panels, bricks, laminate, slate, metal, ceramic tiles, drywall.

On the other hand, chainsaw skills can be limited by the availability of a power source, the length of the power cord, and limited output and power. In addition, electric chainsaws are among the potentially dangerous devices, before using an Electric Chain Saw, every owner should carefully study the manual and strictly follow the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations.

The cutting element in an Electric Chainsaw chain is a closed circuit that is mounted on a bar. Depending on the location, the saw can be made with a longitudinal or transverse arrangement of the electric motor. The cross-mounted design is the best: because there is no gearbox, there is no need for maintenance and repair and the saw itself is much simpler.

Assembly, saw control, getting started

Pipes arrive at the consumers in the assembled condition, it is necessary to set the saw headset and the chain tension. If the tension is correct, the gap between the rails and the chain is 3-4 mm. Over time, the chain can lengthen and the tension weakens, so the correct voltage is set with the adjusting screw.

Keep in mind that cold chain tension and hot chain tension are different, and a poorly tensioned chain is a serious source of danger. Once the saw has been run-in, you can begin full operation of the electric saw.

Before you start sawing, check the oil level of the specified brand, if necessary. The function of the lubrication system can be checked simply by turning the saw on and letting it run for a while with your hands raised over a piece of paper that has been spread out underneath. If you see oil spots on it, the lubrication system needs lubrication. Check and add the oil level constantly as you work.

Be sure to check the condition of the saw’s interlock.

Causes of an electric saw not seeing well or not seeing well under load are sawing unevenly on the side or trimming to the side. It could be a lubricated chain that is hitting the chain, lack of oil in the lubrication system. Improper operating practices.

How to use an electric chainsaw: tips and advice

  • Check the mains voltage and do not work at low voltage. This is fraught with the risk of overheating the engine and failure.
  • Do not use the chainsaw in too intensive a mode. If you need to do a large amount of work, it is advisable to choose an economical pace with interruptions.
  • If you are sawing large tree trunks or trees, you should be especially careful: the electric saw should be set at a minimum angle to the workpiece to avoid idiocy.
  • Special attention should be paid to the Lers Roll.
  • Before the beginning of spring, when the saw has been in a cold room, the tool should be kept in a heated room for at least one day. This removes condensation in the motor winding and avoids a short circuit when switching on.
  • Before using the chainsaw, the chain should be undermined; this will greatly extend the service life. At regular intervals, you should contact a professional service to sharpen the chain.
  • When operating a saw with an extension cord, the mains cable along the crossing and the safety guard should be properly selected. Install an accidental loss interlock from the outlet.
  • If the power saw is not to be used for an extended period of time, you must remove the saw-guide and chain and store them in a container of oil.
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How to properly saw with an electric saw, what safety requirements you can learn from video reviews. Experienced owners share rational techniques and skills that ensure the constant operation of the tool.

Video reviews

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Owners reviews


“You should never work with a new chain immediately after installing it. First you have to install it, turn it on idle for a few minutes to make it tighten up. Then turn it off and adjust, starting with sawing first. “


“I bought a stabilizer for electric saws, I work with no problems.”


“Some useful tips for beginners. The chainsaw chain is used unevenly, precisely because of the uneven wear of the teeth. You can’t look at a thick tree trunk on the midsaw – it will definitely jam the saw. You can only look from the end of the trunk. Don’t cut directly in front of you; it’s better to back up a little from the intended cut. If you’re cutting small shrubs and undergrowth, you have to be extremely careful; the chain sometimes snags thin branches and throws them off into the function. “

Electric Sable Saws

A thin saw is used as a cutting blade. By design and purpose, it is an electric hacksaw that makes the cut through the movement of the lifting piston. The speed of the saw can reach 3000-3500 movements/min, the length of the cutting blade is 100-350 mm.

Electric saws “Sobol” are used for sawing various materials. It is especially convenient to work with the saber saw on hard and soft wood, aluminum, pipes, plastic, foam and gas blocks, all types of drywall. The main advantage of sabre saws is the high precision of the cut, an order of magnitude higher than that of an electric chainsaw.

EFCO chainsaw. Review, instructions, owner reviews

With a variety of attachments: files with different properties, sanding nozzles, metal brushes, the skills of working with a saber saw increases significantly. With the help of additional devices with a saber saw can polish, sand surfaces, remove rust.

How to work with a saber saw

Experience is accumulated quickly enough, especially if you have the skills to work with various electric saws. Thanks to the smooth start, the saw begins to work very gently and smoothly, only to direct it down and up with small oscillating movements. Return movements back and forth remove sawdust.

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The presence of vibrations is not the most pleasant feature of sabre saws, and even expensive models with an anti-vibration system do not provide high protection. Therefore, a reliable way to reduce harmful vibrations is to fix the workpiece as steadily as possible.

Sometimes the Sabre electric saw starts to work with an increased load. In such cases, no force should be applied to the tool, it worsens its performance to the point of outrunning. When buying a SaBre saw, you should give preference to models with adjustable sole height, they help extend the life of the tool.

Tips and tricks for working with a sabre saw

  • The support shoe should be positioned correctly before starting work. When sawing, the cutting blade should not protrude too much beyond the edges of the workpiece.
  • The shoe should rest very close to the workpiece. If you only move the blade when sawing, it must move.
  • It is imperative that you hold the power saw with both hands to bring the part to be sawed into proper condition.
  • Do not remove the blade until the motor has come to a complete stop.
  • Do not make blind cuts to avoid damaging the tool.
  • Blades must be chosen correctly, the length of the blade must be longer than the part to be cut.
  • With the saber electric saw, you can work only with sharp blades, otherwise you will not get a good enough cut.
  • It is necessary to avoid situations in which the blade could come into contact with the floor, table and foreign objects while sawing.
  • For some processes it makes sense to install a blade with teeth.
  • For high-capacity operations it is advisable to provide a pendulum stroke.
  • Older blades can saw handy plastic pipes.
DZ 171 bulldozer - description and properties

How to work with a saber contour with different materials and different techniques

Metal – Excessive overheating of the blade will contribute to oiling the workpiece and reducing the saw’s stroke. There are special knobs for lubricating the blade itself. Also, when sawing, you need to stick to the cutting line strictly and not change direction. Otherwise the blade will simply turn, which worsens the quality of the cut and increases the vibration.

In such cases, it is optimal that an electric jigsaw with a support shoe uses a new rigid short 10-12 cm ruler for part of the workpiece. The blade is positioned over the future site of the cut, but without contact. Turn on the saber poll and at medium speed start the work, gradually changing the angle of the saw. After a while you will feel the moment when the blade breaks out from behind, after which you can still see the intended lines.

Cutting – use bimetal flexible canvas. The power saw is set close to the wall so that the blade is behind the workpiece, the file is bent to the wall of the shoe. If you need to take the pipe away from the wall for a short distance, you can set the blade with the teeth.

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Video reviews

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Owners reviews


“For me, the sabre saw is the best tool as an electrician. Shaped cuts that are memorized appear. I use different attachments and finish finishing – cleaning, polishing, etc. “


“To file another tool, the rinse doesn’t work as high as a saber. Or, for example, in a hard-to-reach place. I use long canvases for this kind of work. Skill comes with time, and of course you won’t be working with a Saubre saw all the time. For other jobs, there’s your own equipment, but the functionality of the electric burnout is pretty broad when you discover it. “


“In order not to ruin the basic material, sometimes you have to protect it from the abrasion of the sole of the saubre sausage. In such cases, I use thermal insulation from pipes or a piece of unnecessary fabric, you can secure them with duct tape, and after work it can be removed. “

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On our website you can also read descriptions and reviews of chainsaws (cordless and gasoline) of such brands: Bosch, Oleo Mack, Eurolux, Taiga, Interskol, Hitachi, Eco, Forester, Poulan, Daewoo, Hammer, Union, Union , Union , Union, union, trade union, trade union, hammer, storm, parma, Coste, Champion, Huter, Echo, Patriot, Ural, Karcher, Carver, Husqvarna, Makita, Friendship, Kruger, Kalibr, Stihl and Reviews give chainsaws these brands, If you have something to say about the quality of construction and the experience of operating certain models of these brands of chainsaws, write your assessment in the comments, it will be very useful for our readers.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sabre saw

sable saws

Many copies are broken about saber saws and their advantages (not a single saber has suffered). Some craftsmen praise this tool as indispensable in construction and dismantling. Others, having worked with a hacksaw, come to the conclusion that it can be successfully replaced by a more popular member of the saw family (circular, chainsaw or jigsaw). “Walk it off,” we thought, and went to figure it out.

Torture device

The principle of operation is simple and borrowed from the jigsaw. The canvas moves back and forth with a small amplitude (10-28 mm). The owner is usually identified without a key. Built in such a way that you don’t have to delve long into the instructions to get started – everything is clear and so intuitive. The body of the hacksaw is elongated, the handle is pistol type with a mains switch. Power comes from the mains and battery. You hold the “saber” with two hands, the simple model can be held with one hand. I will draw attention to the last circumstance – it allows you to work with a sabre saw in hard-to-reach places, cut holes for ventilation or sewer pipes, fit and trim boards at a stop.

Advantages of the sabre saw

  1. Ease of operation is a serious advantage of the tool. Thanks to the elongated body with a hacksaw you can get into a narrow place, where it is impossible to use a circular saw, miller or jigsaw.
  2. Low weight – in comparison with the same chainsaw, the electric mower is unequivocally light. Its average weight does not cross 2-3 kg. Cordless models are a little heavier, but they are especially convenient for filing branches in trees or working on the step.
  3. Versatility – With the right blade installed, the hacksaw is surprisingly omnivorous. Plywood, wood, and metal are just the flowers! And the “berries” include aerated concrete, nailed wood, ceramic, and glass.
  4. Safety – Because of its design, a saber saw is much safer than a sander and chainsaw. This is a plus, especially for novice users. There are virtually no sparks when cutting metal and no dross is formed.
  5. Clean work – Compared to a grinder, the tool emits an order of magnitude less dust. This is not only a matter of order in the workplace, but also of health, because even a respirator does not fully protect the lungs from microscopic dust particles.
Benzokosa Elitech T 52. Basic equipment, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

Disadvantages of electric

Let’s move on to the disadvantages of sabre saws. Immediately we find that most of the criticisms of them are fair. The main thing is to understand what kind of work the tool is best suited for.

  1. Low accuracy – this is noted by everyone who has worked with a saber saw. After all, the tool is originally designed for rough work and cutting thin parts, and it is likely to fail. When making firewood, dismantling structures and carpentry work, the precision of cutting is not so relevant.
  2. Low power – compared to a chainsaw, circular saw or grinder – yes, the saber saw is inferior to them in terms of speed. However, if you bought a “saber” to replace a hand hacksaw, the power and time savings are obvious. In addition, many models have a pendulum stroke-additional reaming of the blade up and down. In this mode, the sawing speed increases.
  3. Vibration is quite a significant disadvantage, defeated by the manufacturers. If you are going to work with a sabre saw for at least half an hour a day, make sure that the model you choose is equipped with an anti-vibration system. Strong vibrations quickly cause fatigue, and it is not too good for health.


Sable saw is a tool that is both versatile and highly specialized. On the one hand, you can work with a variety of materials with it. And also to perform a wide range of works: from preparing firewood and sawing grooves in logs to pruning branches.

On the other hand, for almost all works there is an alternative in the form of a more productive tool: a chainsaw, a jigsaw or a grinder. At the same time, the “sable” is left with some tasks: cutting pipes, strengthening, dismantling structures. Not without reason this hacksaw is called a tool for destruction. What are its advantages? It is maneuverable, safe and compact. It can replace a variety of tools. If there is a dacha, your own house, construction will be carried out independently, then you will definitely appreciate the patterns of saber-saws.

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