Woodchopper – which one to choose?

Top 5 woodcutters.

*Assessment of the best ones according to the editorial board of Expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a recommendation to buy. Before you buy, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

In many remote regions of Russia there is still no communal gas, so homeowners continue to make firewood for the winter. With the help of wooden slots, you can increase productivity with minimal physical effort. Thanks to a clever design, the tree trunk is divided into 2 or 4 parts when the mechanism moves. Today there are several effective models on the market with different designs. Our experts will help you choose the best model for home use.

How to choose a reliable woodchopper

  1. If you need firewood for the bath or barbecue, a small amount can be chopped with a manual woodchopper. Unlike a chopper (axe), this device requires less physical effort, one or two hammer blows are enough by default to quarter a large tree trunk. A hand-held wood chipper also helps when away from the power grid.
  2. When it comes to making firewood for the winter for a private home or workshop, electric models are better. They are driven by an electric motor, the operator only needs to correctly place the trunk (place) and press the “Start” button. Even a small motor (1.5 kW) without much effort separates the ajar trunks. The approximate force per wedge is about 4 tons. For large tree trunks, it is better to choose a model with a more powerful electric motor (2.2-3.0 kW) and force (5-7 tons).
  3. An important option for long-term work is the ability to adjust the height of the frame. This allows you to choose the most comfortable position when working. Although some users like to make firewood while sitting on a chair.
  4. When choosing a woodchopper, you should consider the size of the piece of wood that the device should split. Most often, a length of up to 50 cm is enough, but meter-long firewood can easily fit into some stoves or boilers. Things are a little easier with the thickness, even if the maximum diameter of the wedge is exceeded, you can divide the wedge into several parts and rotate it step by step.
  5. Electric woodcutters usually use wheels to move. Combined with a practical handle, moving the device weighing 40-50 kg is not a problem. If the device has a fixed location, the weight is not decisive.
  6. When working, you should not forget about safety. Manufacturers equip their products with a two-handed switch to prevent your hands from getting into the working area. Special metal sieves reduce the risk of injury to the worker by bouncing off the wood shavings.
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Our test presents the 5 best woodchippers. In compiling the rating, we took into account the opinion of experts and feedback from domestic consumers.

Evaluation of the best firewood cutters

category place Product name Price
Best handheld woodcutters 1 Kolundrow “X4” X4-5 6 550 ₽
The best electric woodcutters 1 Al-Ko LSV 7 36 690 ₽
2 Master LSh5001 17 400 ₽
3 Al-Ko KHS 5204 18 490 ₽
4 Redverg RD-LS 25-37E 15 190 ₽

Best handheld woodcutters

The easiest, most reliable and inexpensive log splitting equipment is a manual log splitter. To work with it, you also need to take a sledgehammer to hit the log. A domestic manufacturer has come up with a successful design.

Kolundrov “X4” X4-5

A simple, but very effective device for making firewood is the Kolundrov “X4” manual log splitter. This model allows you to quickly cut firewood for a barbecue or a Russian bath without much physical effort. The wood splitter has an original design based on a stable base. The lower part, made in the form of a large washer with holes, is connected to the upper ring with two steel rods. It becomes a kind of divider for the log. The two sharp blades are perpendicular to each other, allowing the wedge to split into 4 parts at once.

Users are pleased with the original design of the log splitter, its efficiency and simplicity. The disadvantages include the need to swing a sledgehammer, as well as the limitation in log diameter (180 mm).

  • Stability;
  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • well-thought-out design;
  • low weight (6.5 kg).
  • limitation in thickness.

The best electric woodcutters

Electric log splitters provide maximum convenience when making firewood for the winter. The operator’s task is to stack logs and pull the trigger. Experts selected several efficient and reliable models.


An electric log splitter AL-KO LSV 7 belongs to professional tools. The vertical model splits logs up to 1.03 m long. The table is height-adjustable (3 positions) so that the operator can work comfortably depending on the wedge length (0.56 m, 81 m and 1.03 m). The 3 kW electric motor generates an enormous pressure (7 tons), so even trunks with branches will not resist the log splitter. The device is driven and controlled by two hands, which ensures maximum operational safety. Experts praised the performance and safety of the log splitter, which took first place in the rating.

The model received many flattering words from users for its ease of use and efficiency. The only obvious disadvantage is the high price.

  • splits large logs;
  • high energy;
  • table height adjustment;
  • safety at work.
  • high price.


Experts recognized the CHAMPION LSH5001 log splitter as an optimal combination of price and quality. This electric unit is slightly inferior to the leader in performance (pressing force 5 tons) and loses in the maximum length of logs (52 cm). But the Chinese device is lighter (45 kg) and more mobile. The whole construction looks reliable, and if necessary, it is possible to tighten the threaded joints. With the engine power of 2,2 kW the log splitter can handle wedges with a diameter of 40 cm. The hydraulic system is filled with oil, but the device itself will have to be assembled after unpacking.

Catmann T-18 Evo Mini - description and properties

Users could evaluate the pros and cons of the log splitter. It looks reliable and safe, the trigger lever is protected by a metal visor. The only thing it lacks are rubber handles for easy movement.

  • compact and lightweight
  • long mains cable;
  • sturdy frame;
  • interchangeable nozzles in the kit.
  • plastic wheels;
  • no soft handles.

AL-KO KHS 5204

Another model from the famous German company AL-KO was included in our rating. KHS 5204 log splitter works in the horizontal plane. It is based on a highly adjustable frame, which reduces the fatigue of the operator’s back. Logs are limited to 52 cm in diameter and 0.25 m in length. The 2.2 kW electric motor produces a maximum baling force of 5 tons. Construction strength as well as durability leaves no doubt in the eyes of the experts, but the stability of the unit leaves much to be desired. Hence only the third line in the rating.

The users found one more disadvantage, which reduces the performance. The model is not equipped with a nozzle for splitting a log into 4 parts.

  • high-quality assembly;
  • small weight (47 kg);
  • loft bed;
  • safety.
  • instability when working with large logs;
  • low performance.

RedVerg RD-LS 25-37E

The cheapest domestic device is a Chinese log splitter RedVerg RD-LS 25-37E. It is easy to use, has a small weight (40.5 kg) and compact size. Due to small splitting power (4 tons) and log size limitations, the model is not in the top three ratings. The maximum length of logs should not exceed 37 cm, and the diameter – 25 cm.Control of the device with two hands positively affects the safety of the operator, and thanks to the convenient handle and wheels the device quickly moves. The steel elements are reliably protected against corrosion by the paint coating.

Owners of the electric wood splitter can easily split logs in half. However, the device does not come with a special attachment for quartering.

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Think about cheap models for occasional home use and productive machines for logging large quantities of firewood.

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The best split logs with upright logs

These models don’t take up much space, which makes them convenient to place in tight quarters. However, they require strict adherence to safety rules and a level log cabin for reliable installation on the site.

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Nylginsky mechanical plant SDK-1

Nilginskiy Sawmill

The model is characterized by a large surface of the bed, which makes it possible to place large logs, poles and other materials. The operating mechanism is based on the rotation of the conical auger, driven by a belt drive. A car wheel can be mounted on the hub to create inertia and unload the engine.

The power of the log splitter is 5.2 kW, weight is 61 kg. The wide base is equipped with legs for stability on a level surface. The sturdy construction is coated with a special coat of paint, which guarantees protection from corrosion and a long service life.

  • High strength and overall durability;
  • high energy;
  • easy operation;
  • wide table.

The SDK-1 log splitter is suitable for splitting wedges into logs during intensive logging.

Master LSV6000

Master LSV6000

This machine has the ability to adjust the frame position depending on the size of the logs. This ensures high performance when logging and guarantees easy operation – as well as minimal operating tools.

The motor power is 2.7 kW, load duration is 40%. A wide base and a special stand make the log splitter stable on level ground. Non-slip handles and large-diameter wheels make it easy to transport and set up the equipment in the chosen location.

  • powerful engine;
  • Motion sharpness and surface stability;
  • Rugged construction with a long service life.

Champion LSV6000 are designed to separate protocols up to 107 centimeters long and are suitable for logging.

Greenween GW-DR1-T.

Greenween GW Dr1T

The model is made of steel and coated with protective paint to avoid corrosion and minor scratches. The device can be used in any environment. It has a small size (350 x 280 x 280 mm) and comes in a special tube for storage and transportation.

The maximum length is 450 mm. Fixing elements for securing the design for safer work. The limiting ring and movable cutting elements ensure precise splitting of firewood.

  • Compact and easy to transport;
  • safe use;
  • Reliable fixation on the surface;
  • Durability.
  • Unstable protocols.

The Greenween GW-DR1-T is suitable for handheld work somewhere in the cottage for quick firewood chopping.

Colundrum “style.”

The “stiletto” design ensures that the impact force is concentrated in one place. This reduces the load on the lower back and you can work for a long time without fatigue or injury.

Dimensions of the Glint are 116x36x9,5 cm with the weight of 13 kg. High quality steel is the material of manufacture. The socket with graphite guarantees easy movement of the striking part of the device, and a special seal reduces recoil.

  • Practical and has no handles;
  • Low weight;
  • High strength and availability of protective coating.
  • The seal is quickly reduced.
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The Stihl colundrum uses a percussion-tension mechanism and is a versatile choice for a variety of wood species.

The best swarms with a horizontal protocol arrangement

These models ensure that the workpiece is placed in a special chute. They are considered safer and easier to use. They are recommended for regular use.

Belmash LSG-500 C115A.

Belmash LSG 500 S115A

Large bikes and special models can make transportation easier. The stake cycle takes only 1.5 seconds for high productivity. The wide table allows the placement of large diameter wood trunks.

The maximum capacity of the machine is 20 tons with a power of 4.8 kW. All the necessary elements for a quick start are included. Resistant housing is not afraid of mechanical damage. Rugged support beam eliminates the possibility of vibration during work under heavy load.

  • High performance;
  • powerful engine;
  • Richly equipped;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • Sturdy body.
  • Large dimensions.

Belmash LSH-500 C115A is designed for industrial use and protocols ribs up to 510 mm in length.

Champion LSH5001H.

Master LSH5001h

The body of the model is made of high-quality steel and protected by corrosion-resistant coating. Special bicycles are provided for fast and convenient movement of the design. A wide support guarantees stability when parking and while chopping firewood.

The maximum power of the machine is 5 tons, the allowable length of the protocol – 52 cm. The nozzle immediately divides the log into four parts. Powerful asynchronous motor determines the high productivity of the device.

  • Increased productivity and high power;
  • Rugged, protected housing;
  • Mobility.

Champion LSH5001H Plast has an increased working life, so it is suitable for working with sturdy wood.

RedVerg RD-LS 25-37E

Redverg RD LS 25 37E

The model is equipped with the ZHB control system in which the woodchopper is operated with both hands. Automatic shut-off when the lever or switch is released provides a high level of safety. A comfortable handle and large wheels make it easy to transport the machine. Allowable rod dimensions are 25×37 centimeters.

The position of the support element can be adjusted for greater comfort. Placement of the motor in the lower part of the design reduces the likelihood of mechanical damage and contamination. Power of the device is 1.5 kW.

  • Durable design;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • Comfortable control;
  • Safety of the operator.

RedverG is suitable for chopping firewood in small quantities – a suitable device for home use or small companies.

Al-Ko LSH 370/4

Alko LSH 3704

One of the features of the model was the presence of a protective cover. It eliminates the possibility of encountering chips with the operator and limits access to the working elements for greater safety. The optional tree support makes working with the woodchopper practical.

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The maximum length of the tree trunk is 37 cm, the small size makes it easy to install the device in the chosen location, and the wheels and special handles make it easy to transport. High construction and anti-corrosion coating ensure a long service life of the machine. The motor power is 1.5 kW.

  • Protective shroud;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Small size and easy transportation;
  • High level of protection;
  • Environmentally friendly park.

Al-Ko LSH 370/4 comes in handy when making firewood for the fireplace. Ideal for private use.

Patriot CE 5215

Patriot CE 5215

The hydraulic flap of the firewood cutter provides a pressure of up to 4 tons, which allows splitting solid firewood with a maximum trunk length of 52 centimeters. The construction is a frame made of connected metal pipes. For stability during operation, a support stand and transport bikes are provided.

Power of the device is 1.5 kW. A long cable with tight insulation allows you to connect the device to a remote socket and ensures high electrical safety. The small size and weight of the device itself makes it easy to store.

  • Compact size and low weight;
  • surface stability;;
  • low noise level;
  • long cable.
  • fast heating.

Patriot CE 5215 is suitable for occasional use in nature or in the country house.

What is the best wood splitter to buy

One of the main properties of the woodchopper is the splitting force:

  • A force in the range of 5 tons will be enough for domestic firewood;
  • About 7 tons are needed to ensure the operation of the boiler room;
  • In industry, you can use devices that develop an effort of up to 25 tons.

The most popular are devices that are powered by electricity through the power grid. They are easy to use and can work even in closed rooms. For difficult operating conditions, it is better to buy a gasoline or diesel model. Well, a manual woodchopper is suitable for raking small household works.

The material of the cutting element and its reliability is especially important when it comes to splitting hard wood. It is recommended to buy a model with hardened steel blades. All important structural elements of the device must be treated to resist corrosion.

Do not forget about the convenient transportation of the device. The best choice for regular use or work in conditions of constant movement will be a woodchopper, equipped with wheels and special handles. If these are not available, you will have to look for a design that is easier to carry yourself.

Some manufacturers equip their woodcutters with special covers, double lever locking system and other devices that increase labor safety.

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