Wireless devices – useful in every garden

8 devices for your smart yard

If it seems like an annoying chore to keep an eye on your garden, there are many ways to go about your smart garden.

Just like networked technology in your home, outdoor automation adds an invaluable level of comfort to your life.

Security, another centerpiece of smart technology, is also available in the form of motion-controlled outdoor lighting.

Since you are likely to spend a lot of time outdoors and having fun, you can also install some gadgets to spice up your game.

Since every garden is different, we won’t make general recommendations today. Instead, we’re doubling down on eight areas where you can use smart technology.

Eight ways to create a smart yard

  1. A robotic lawnmower
  2. A networked plant tracker
  3. Smart sprinkler control
  4. WiFi weather station
  5. Smart smoker
  6. Smart street lighting
  7. All weather smart TV
  8. Smart indoor garden

1) Robotic lawnmowers

Robotic lawnmowers are still not used enough to bring the price down, so you have to dig a little deeper.

It’s also advisable to spend a little more on robotic vacuums. Buying a cheap robot might make you regret it.

Husqvarna makes a wide range of robotic lawnmowers, which have been selling well in Europe since the 1990s. If you don’t have the money for the 435x AWD climber, there are many other powerful, high-performance models in the lawnmower lineup.

The 430xh certainly isn’t cheap, but you won’t have to dig as deep as with the four-wheel-drive model. But is it good for your smart garden?

In a word, yes. Controls through the app are effortless, and you can automate your mowing to suit your needs. With the app, you’ll always know where your robot is, even if you’re not home. Anti-theft GPS tracking is also available.

If you like the idea of controlling your lawnmower with voice commands, it’s very easy. All you need is an echo or Google home device.


Before you can get started, you need to do a little setup. You need to enter a boundary cable so that the lawnmower only works within those boundaries.

If you can count on a solid price, you need to make sure that your garden does not exceed a maximum coverage area of 0.8 hectares. Husqvarna can handle slopes up to 24 degrees. If your plot is steeper, you’ll need to buy a 4WD model for climbing hills.

They don’t interfere with your neighbors when running on battery power, and they’re relaxed when working with their feet up.

The blades are designed to mow continuously even when it rains and can cut grass up to 3½ inches high.

While this robotic lawnmower is certainly considered a luxury item for some, it is essential if you have difficulty getting around and need help.

2) Connected Plant Tracker

If you love gardening but have black fingers, smart technology can be very helpful.

With this Connected Plant Tracker, you can search the app for a system you are not tending.

Once the app finds the system, you can control it remotely. All important humidity, light, temperature and fertilizer readings will be sent to you. Apply this and you’ll have blooming plants, even if you’re new to the garden.

Real-time updates in the app show you how your system is growing. You can also get daily, weekly and monthly statistics on what’s happening in your smart farm. Long-term tracking is also possible.

There is a limitation here – the sensor can only be used on the farm. While it’s not a solution for the whole garden, it has some potential if you want to easily grow a complex plant.

Huter BS-52 gasoline saw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and start-up

You can also automate the spraying system, which is more beneficial for the whole garden.

3) Smart Sprayer Controller.

This crazy controller plugs neatly into your existing controller and replaces it so you can automate water directly in the app. It is compatible with master valves, pointer valves and pump relays.

Once you get started, it takes about 30 minutes – take remote control with a simple app. You can monitor upcoming schedules, activate sprinklers, and monitor estimated water use in your smart farm.

The Rachio controller works perfectly with Alexa and Google Assistant. It also supports Homekit. The possibilities of interaction with other smart devices are very wide.

The smart controller can create a smart schedule, taking into account the specific needs of your crops.

Weather Intelligence Plus technology ensures no extra watering when it’s raining outside. This technology has been introduced in a modified third iteration, and that’s the main reason to consider this particular model rather than the cheaper, outgoing second-generation one.

A true smart home must also be energy efficient. By using less water, the Rachio controller qualifies as certified. That means you may qualify for a rebate, so do your research.

4) WiFi weather station.

Many weather stations are bulky, so we chose the Netatmo weather station, at least in part because of its compact form factor. But what else can it do?

Control your weather station from your iOS or Android device from a distance and get readings like:

  • atmospheric pressure
  • humidity
  • CO2 values in the room
  • sound

This is a universal unit, and you can connect multiple stations to your phone or, conversely, use one ward on multiple phones.

When you buy it, you get a free kit for life.


The app offers you the opportunity to make the most of your environment in both your smart home and your smart yard.

Receive alerts on your cell phone so you can take quick action when the weather seems to be bad. If you don’t have a watering controller, you can use climate data with success. You can reduce watering when it’s raining. You’ll also know when it gets hot and dry enough and your lawn needs extra moisture.

You can also use Alexa if you have a smart speaker or an Echo display.

This weather station is one of the best ways to add comfort to your garden. And when it comes to indoor air quality, the built-in benefits will be a welcome bonus.

5) Smart smokers.

Now your lawn will be neatly mowed without lifting a finger, and watering is automated. You’ll even get help with more complex plants that you might want to try.

This leaves more time for what the yard was designed to do: relax and have fun.

Convinced of the benefits of smokehouses? They’re great for entertaining because you can leave cooking in the background, but how do you make your life even easier?

This rugged model is equipped with Bluetooth, so you can freely control the temperature and cooking time from your phone. Spend more time with guests and less time with food.

The side-loading wood chip system is ideal, because you don’t have to constantly open the smokehouse.

There are three grills for cooking and another one you can hang the masterpiece on. It’s sold separately.

Decorate your floor with this neatly connected smokehouse, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in this smart yard gadget sooner.

Catmann XD 300 4x4WD Minitor - description and properties

6) Smart Street Lighting.

Ring offers a great selection of smart street lighting, allowing you to take care of all aspects of landscape and security lighting within one ecosystem.

Pathlight is good for lighting long walkways or exterior stairs.

As with all lights in this line, you’ll need a ring bridge for smart control, but the gates are very affordable.

With plant cameras and search cameras, you can build a legendary security ring around your connected home. You can add motion sensors to expand this area even further.

As you’d expect from Ring, you want great compatibility with other smart home devices.

Customize exterior lighting to your liking and beautify your garden.

7) All-weather smart TV.

This second-generation Sunbritet TV is designed specifically for the outdoors, so you can liven up a barbecue or invite a few friends over to watch a match.

The Ultra 4K HDR screen features direct LED backlighting. This allows a 50% increase in brightness level to handle outdoor viewing.

All components are fully weatherproof, which adds a bit to the cost.

You also get built-in speakers and plenty of slots for multimedia devices.

If you want picture quality that meets your expectations, the Sunbritetv will not disappoint. While it’s not exactly cheap, it’s much cheaper than you might imagine for a device like this.

Note. This TV is designed for use in completely dark environments. If you need a TV for watching TV in the sun, the Pro series is exactly what you need, offering all the features.

8) Intelligent Indoor Garden.

The bottom line is we have something for those who live in apartments who might need some greenery but don’t have room outdoors.

Why not bring fresh herbs and vegetables into the house?

With this pod system, you can pop in a few pods without the core – get some basil – fill the tank, and then hook up this self-irrigation system.

Choose from more than 50 plants, from coriander and lavender to strawberries and chilies. Don’t let the lack of a garden stop you from growing organic produce at home.

Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, limited outdoor space and a preference for fresh herbs, you can try this smart indoor garden on the go. With everything done for you, all you have to do is wait for the harvest.

The last word.

Well, we hope you’re inspired and want to work with technology in the garden. Whether you want to simplify entertaining, increase safety or do away with manual labor, there are solutions for everything.

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Modern gadgets to help the gardener

Smart phones and other “smart” devices have already become an integral part of our lives. For many, gardening can remain the only oasis of rest not only from the hustle and bustle of modern life, but also from the abundance of technical devices. It’s a little ironic that modern technology can become an aid to enjoy being more at one with nature and relaxing. Some gadgets reduce the effort and cost, others save time, others do everything possible or suggest how to properly organize the care of the garden. And of course, gadgets also make boring gardening chores a lot more interesting!

How to care for trees and shrubs after leaf fall?

Modern gadgets to help the gardener

Modern gadgets to help the gardener

Gadgetization – from home to garden

The trend towards more and more clever assistants from the technology category is not exempt from gardening. The unified systems of a smart home no longer look like a gimmick in the countryside, the tasks of efficient management and saving resources cover, comfort, entertainment, household needs and safety. Intelligent lighting that reacts to movement on the property, solar-powered lamps, lawn watering systems, and portable speakers and self-contained external batteries can no longer be called a gimmick.

Many people have long been using alternative energy sources for everyday needs – solar-powered generators. The range is not limited to the usual models and includes a smart solar-powered garden umbrella and portable stoves with a thermoelectric generator. Webcams are increasingly being installed on plots of land as well – not only for safety, but also to admire the garden whenever you want (you can even find special garden models from Brinno Gardenwatchcam on sale).

Gardeners are frequent adherents of well-tested methods, tools and means and often hesitate to incorporate gadgets into their arsenal. But novelties are slowly making their way from trade shows to private garden beds. Autonomous, portable devices and smart systems that make tilling and tending easier are increasingly gaining acceptance.

Smart gloves. © Gardena waterproof claw gloves. © Utenu “Live” hose. © ozon

Simple gadgets that make gardening easier

An ordinary hoe, garden shears, garden shears and even gloves can be “smart” too. Gadgets that only help the gardener can confidently include all independent, mobile and improved versions of favorite tools. Some of them, like kneepads for relieving joints or lawn airing canes, have become so well known that they are no longer considered a novelty. Other gardening aides are just getting a closer look:

  • Smart Gardena gloves also withstand heavy mechanical abuse and are ideal for working with berry bushes and thorns; It’s a practical, effective tool for gardeners that justifies its hefty price tag;
  • Garden Genius Gloves waterproof claw gloves allow you to tackle dirt, loosening and weeds quickly, without tools or effort;
  • Easy to store and transport, “live” hoses, canisters and reservoirs that increase in size as water flows in;
  • Smart Grubber “Tornado” Root Cutter loosens, removes weeds and improves soil almost effortlessly – all work revolves around the root cutter handle;
  • Grunfeld Grunfeld GVE400D, Gloria Garden Boy, CMI self-contained electric shredders help where larger appliances are not suitable, effortless, effortless, no problem with tillage, loosening and now;
  • Accucut standalone cordless shears and Felcotronic Felco 822+ electric garden shears, Makita, Verto make any pruning job a breeze;
  • Foresta battery-powered sprayers make pest and disease control easy on large fruit trees as well;
  • Vegibee robot sprayers – small acoustic gadgets that can be used to increase the yield of peppers, tomatoes, legumes and strawberries.

Gadgets as an alternative to chemical means of protection

Ultrasonic protection against mice and mosquitoes in the house no longer seems like a new and unusual gadget. However, the list of “automatic helpers” should also include devices that protect the garden not only from rodents, but also from moles, ants, bears, bears, pests and birds that penetrate the berry crop. And even from stray cats and dogs.

Scarecrows come in all sorts of forms, they run on battery, batteries or mains power, and some models run on solar modules. For repelling is usually used ultrasound, but there are also visual models, resembling an “owl”.

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The Rexant Solar Rodent and Solar Molechaser are simple, compact devices with a small platform on a leg that are usually attached to the floor. They generally work on pests and rodents in beds and protect plants from “small” and ground motions. But the powerful and spectacular Garden Protector, which looks like a large binoculars with motion sensors, and the flying garden gnome drone repeller are gadgets for dealing with larger enemies.

A simple mole and rodent repeller. © Picfair Motion Detector Repeller. © Oscar de Leon

Intelligent sensors for assessing soil conditions and conditions

Soil moisture indicators are indispensable helpers in indoor growing. But today, analog devices that help monitor plant care and assess soil conditions are widespread for both greenhouse and garden applications. And they are not limited to moisture!

Domestic and foreign, mechanical and electronic SAWs that assess the degree of soil moisture are now available in every budget. For example, Botanicals moisture sensors send messages to plants about the need for watering, and Plantlink sensors are fully customizable according to plant types. Parrot flower performance and Kubachi-fi-fi plants’ outdoor sensors monitor all plant growth conditions, from light to temperature to macro- and micronutrient saturation.

Today you can even buy intelligent systems, such as the Edyn garden system, which tells you everything from light intensity to erosion factors and helps create really ideal growing conditions for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and salads.

Other smart devices will also help grow plants:

  • A nitrate tester or nitratometer;
  • PH meter or acid sensors;
  • 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 soil analyzers – acid, moisture, light, etc.

You can even install devices that measure precipitation in the garden if you want. Very convenient sights are simple rain gauges. The choice is sufficient among budget household models, and under the devices that are equipped with decorative hosts, and even sophisticated devices that weather conditions and garden microclimate in the complex e-autonomous digital weather stations from Oregon Scientific, TF A-season, TFA, -Galerie evaluate.

And while budget models help you quickly rate “on the spot,” many stand-alone sensors send data to various apps so you can monitor conditions in your smartphone, while providing a database of plants and their cultivation with tips and instructions.

Sensor to measure air humidity. © Autonomous digital weather station for food producers. © TFA Dostmann intelligent garden system. © Kinder Catt.

Garden format auto irrigation

Watering is considered the best attitude for plant care for a reason. And while watering systems are almost always arranged for lawns, they remain rare for beds and greenhouses.

Economical or expensive, simple or complex, drip and watering, with remote control and without auto irrigation system can be assembled by buying a ready-made set or separately: nozzles, tubes, hoses, plugs, timers or control systems. And in this matter, you can trust the experts who will offer a suitable solution for any site. You can find an option for every budget when using water from a storage tank (especially the Gardena choice) and when connecting to the water mains.

The simplest option, which can be connected to every hose. Such nozzles can be placed not only horizontally, but also vertically (for example, on the fence).

For those who want to get an exclusive “intelligent test”, developed the “most intelligent” device – self-adjusting drip nozzle. The device checks the network weather, adjusts the watering rates for this, finds and identifies plants at some distance and very accurately excites them without affecting the traces.

Caterpillar JCB 220 crawler excavator - description and characteristics

There are even autonomous systems that do not need electricity: the intelligent SOL-C12-Auto-Polio system runs on solar collectors.

Automatic irrigation system. © Bonusmart Smart Auto-Polya Solar panel system. Watering in a greenhouse © Mynewsdesk

Autonomous greenhouses, greenhouses and seedbeds

Cheap, but convenient mobile greenhouses and greenhouses made of film and agrofiber have become famous. And along with simple models of all sizes and shapes, you will find more complex options, equipped with auto irrigation systems or the whole complex for air conditioning, full-grown and autonomous complexes.

In addition to the frame or dome itself, comfortable sections or high beds for planting systems, you equip them with systems of remote control of climate, watering and feeding. Of course, the real “greenhouses of the future”, creating ideal conditions for your favorite vegetables – a pleasure not from the cheap. It is better to entrust their arrangement to experts.

Intelligent greenhouses based on Arduino Uno, the Horto Domi concept, or the use of assistants for Bitponics hydroculture systems allow many to dream of a vegetable garden without worries. And offer the ability to simply check out autonomous complexes with dozens of sensors and systems from a smartphone or tablet screen.

A “smart” car water pot. © Giga Mini-Teplitsa. © Aquaponic Kit for drip irrigation of potted plants. © ceagas

“Smart” container for plants.

Decorating the garden with summer or vegetable plants in individual tubs and pots is beautiful, but very problematic. Such plants depend on their owners for everything and require regular watering and feeding. With today’s range of products you can plant with little or no maintenance. You will find a variety of models on sale:

  • “Smart” pots with automatic watering (from standard system models to large liana containers to parrot pots and smart gardens, which are considered some of the most reliable options for good reason);
  • Automatic hydroponic plants;
  • Mini-vale;
  • Drip watering kits for potted plants;
  • Fairies and even nozzles suitable for drip irrigation for every plastic bottle.

Dear Readers! Many dacha owners still perceive the devices only as a means of assistance for the dacha season or a “toy”. However, it is worth at least once to use one of these “smart helpers” to appreciate the benefits of gardening when using it. Gardeners of the 21st century need modern devices whose functionality meets the owners’ needs and goals.

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