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Electrical lawnmower rating 2022

Are you not sure where you can buy the best electric lawn mower? We have put together an evaluation of electrical lawn mowers 2022, on the basis of which you can easily select the right model and are not disappointed when used.


Selection rules

What is attractive about an electric lawnmower and which model should you choose for a summer house, a large backyard area or an adjacent area to a representative office center? In 2022, users themselves attributed the advantages of electrical models to petrol and gas models (priorities are arranged in descending order):

  • low weight and simple handling through compactness;
  • cheaper costs (the price for electrical tower begins at 3.5 to 4 thousand rubles, while at least gasoline models 10 to 11 thousand rubles and gas models are 16 to 20 thousand rubles);
  • Less noise than alternative technology;
  • reduced maintenance costs (no need to store fuel, buy gasoline or gas);
  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Simple operating mode.

Characteristics to choose from

Electrical garden devices are usually selected to operate a small area. The reason and its main disadvantage is the presence of a wire on which the device is constantly connected. This problem is partially solved by autonomous batteries, but its presence increases the price of the model by at least 2-3 times.

Optimal conditions for buying an electric lawn mower:

  • a plot of up to 5-7 acres;
  • Laben terrain (you should take a trimmer with you to cut grass on the curb);
  • Availability of communication in the facility (electricity network);
  • Simple layout;
  • The lack of all types of stones, stumps and plants with a very thick trunk (in relation to the performance, electrical versions are far inferior to gasoline and gas versions).

How do you choose an electric lawnmower for a summer residence? Here you have to look at the design and the technical properties. The main points are the cutting width and the performance that should correspond to it. For an area of ​​up to 5 hectares, a cutting width of up to 30–40 cm is optimal. Should be sufficient for the specified width. The simplest models (mowing up to 35 cm) require 1-1.1 kW, devices with a large range at least 1.2-1.3 kW.

Evaluation of razz lawn mowers. Technical characteristics. Application and operating characteristics

Structural points:

  • The presence of a grass collector (it can be included in the basic, optionally added or completely missing, models without such an element are also used in summer houses, but commercial facilities whose landscape is a continuation of the fashion interior, electromakers with collector need);
  • Grass catcher (plastic, fabric, combination with a soft tank and a hard cover – the choice depends on the user’s preferences, the frequency of mowing and working conditions on the construction site);
  • The size of the grass tank (for small mower with a cutting width of 30–33 cm and an output of 1 kW is 30 liters, generally the same applies, the larger the capacity of the tank, the longer it does not have to be shaken);
  • Housing material (in view of the reduced vibrations of electrical body mowers, durable plastic can be used here even though stainless steel lasts longer);
  • Grip positions (cutting height, 3-5 positions to choose from are optimal);
  • The diameter of the wheels (the rear large wheels help the typewriter to easily overcome minor obstacles. It is more convenient to work with them on a heavily overgrown grass).

An important point: before buying any device, it is useful to independently draw up a list of requirements for it and allocate priorities between characteristics. You already have such a table in your hands and you can study the rating of the reliability of manufacturers.

Top 5 brands presented on the Russian market

More than 50 brands of electric lawn mowers are present on the Russian market, and at least 30 of them have received world recognition. There are domestic models that have shown themselves to be reliable durable unpretentious devices (we will analyze only the best options in this group below).

The top of electric lawns from year to year practically does not change – here there are established leaders, and they refer to them:

    – Another manufacturer from Japan. He was one of the first to offer a household garden tool with features comparable to professional tools. The distinctive features of its devices are ergonomic design, functionality and obedience, the highest power in the class, wear resistance of models.
  • German Bosch Electric lawn mowers are the best models of 2022 in various nominations. In Russia, they received a championship in a combination of reliability, price and functionality.
  • The Swedish brand Stiga is considered the most balanced person and quality in Europe. This is one of the most budget but technical solutions on the market.
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Rating electric lawn mowers in quality and reliability

When preparing a rating of electric lawns, it is important to first focus on their reliability – it is better to pay attention to the models of popular manufacturers. The device should be powerful enough to effectively deal with a large volume of lawn grass.

Makita ELM4620 Non-Self-Propell Lawnmower designed to process an area of ​​approximately 800m2. The tank for collecting grass is 60 liters, but it can be removed if necessary. In this case, the grass is released to the side or behind. The width of the mowing strip is 46 cm and the mowing height is adjustable from 2 to 7.5 mm. The disadvantages include low autonomy – the device works from the network, so its capabilities are limited.

Al-Ko 112858 Silver 40 E comfort. This model is comfortable for any operator, since the position of its handle can be easily regulated according to human growth. The perforated grass collector is designed from 43 liters, and wide wheels increase maneuverability and leave no mess. The special design of the deck allows you to mow grass, even near the curbs.

Gardena Powermax 1400/34 A wheelhouse with a motor of 1400 watts. It differs in a small weight (9.7 kg). Despite the fact that the body of the model is plastic, it will be quite durable and will last for many years. By the way, the model has a comfortable handle, which provides an easy use fee. It absorbs vibrations from the operation of the device, and a capacious grass collector affects the duration of continuous operation of the lawnmower.

Stiga Combi 48 E This option is ideal for working on a private section of a fairly large area. The mulching function is provided here, and the 60 liter grass tank saves cleaning time. By the way, it has a fill indicator that allows you to track the amount of grass.

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Roman is the best rating. The lawn mower came quickly. The gathering was not difficult. The good strong plastic, excellent potency. Cut the lawn a pleasure. Regulation of the height due to the rear axle.Svetlana I bought a mower in July, I didn’t like the first experience, I decided not to rush to conclusions and got it right. For the first time the grass was not a mile from 3 weeks and the rain with a hail just before. The grass dried up, but it was too watery, crumpled, the box was filled every 1.5 minutes. I didn’t even mow but chewed the grass. In addition, cut weeds much better than soft lawn grass! I was angry. Then the rains stopped pouring and began mowing the lawn once a week (the lawn grows for the first year, not very thick yet). With 3 mornings I steer in 2-2.5 hours. I’ve read that the lawn grows thicker – you don’t need to cut more than 1/3 of the height. And indeed it is! The lawn has even become thicker, the lawnmower is very pleased! But first I almost wrote a bad review! Everything needs a skill. Thank you for a good mower!Margarita Posterly mowed, adjusted to the average brand, but a very small grass collector in volume fills up quickly, you often have to distract the grass. Skidka7.commarina Выбирала долго. Поняла, что до 10тыс все рассчитаны года на два службы. Главное отличие в приводе (прямой или ременный) и в двигателе (асинхронный или с щетками) Косилка с прямым приводом при одинаковой мощности будет мощнее аналогичной с ременным – так как усилие сразу передается ножу. Но при наезде на непроходимое препятствие двигатель угробите сразу и навсегда. Косилка с ременным приводом просто “встанет”, в крайнем случае порвет ремень. НО даже Бош делает ПЛАСТИКОВЫЕ шестеренки, которые истераются за гарантийный срок (замена вместе с движком). Асинхронный двигатель в отличии от щеточного не изнашивается, так как нет непосредственного трения и все завязано на магнитных полях (понимание смутное, но асинхронный лучше). Выбрала данную косилку, так у нее асинхронный двигатель и прямой привод. С рассчетом на покос запущенного участка. Берет даже конский щавель. На фото травосборник снят, крышка подперта палочкой (летит, но не важно). Неделя – полет нормальный, косилка – зверь => Elena After mowing the territory, the impression is generally normal, but the grass collector is laughing. It fell apart after 3 Replenius broke the fastening latches. I had to glue, wrap it with island, i. H. To strengthen it. I hope he will hold out a little.Fedor In the spring he landed 50 sq. M. lawn on the sample. I have not used the lawn mower before. This first. A benzotrimer mowed ahead of her. I didn’t like that it needs the grass unevenly (the place is straight) and you have to remove the mower manually (grass can’t be left). Today I carved the lawn with a lawnmower. Didn’t impress. I had to mow at maximum height, even 4 cm with a blade touching the ground. Either the knife is stupid, but in many places the grass remained only crushed – it didn’t even work out lawn. The grass collector is small. 2 passes and needs cleaning. It is better to buy a more expensive mower. Especially when a large side wants to make the lawn perfect. I bought for 4719 rubles. The lowest price. But for this money you can buy a benzo trimmer)) a toy mower)). . light, a woman can transfer and mow. If it could be tested in the case I wouldn’t buy it. I would take something more expensive but stronger and more practical.Svetlana Ugly lawnmower. Fragile plastic (the wheel broke during the first use). Very light, the grass pushes past the container. After work, the lawn looks as if it has been chewed, not cut.Alexander The crap is complete, covered a month later

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