Why is grapes fall

Veratz of ovaries of grapes – causes and measures for contraception

Often gardeners who choose to stay with grape plantings in their garden are with a problem like the failure from the corner of this fruit culture. This phenomenon is quite dangerous to ignore, since it often shows processes that have a negative impact on the formation of the harvest and even lead to their death before the berries occur. In this article, we will take into account the main reasons for the fall of the event location and the necessary measures for the conclusion of the flowering phase.

Why does an ovary collapse on grapes

Earfocks from grapes

In fact, browning the ovary is not a rare phenomenon that is completely normal in certain stages of grap development. As a rule, grapes show annually in moments such as:

-Completion of the flowering phase of the wine vine (acceptance lasts 2-3 days); -by the diameter of the berries of the 3-4 mm brand; -The natural removal of laminated buds that have not formed Vinogers.

Therefore, the very normal vital activity of grapes from time to time includes crumbling its ovaries. This phenomenon is connected to the natural need of the plant to remove excess load: the crowning glory of the ovaries helps to regulate the number of fruits, which prevents the overload of the bush.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are other factors that affect the ovaries. These include:

– Characteristic features of certain varieties of grapes in which regular body has fallen; – weakening the immunity of the plant due to damage to the disease or pest attacks; – Anomalies of the structure of the flower if the insufficient development of the stamens and the poor quality of pollen does not allow berries; – Violation of the balance between the growth rates of sprouts and the formation of fruits, since accelerated and violent cultivation processes do not make it possible to form Billing wine mountains to form berries; – Inadequate pollination of female flowers leads to a paragraph of hoods.

The ovary in grapes crumbles

Sometimes ovaries crumble for flowering grapes, which indicates the plant to certain negative influencing factors. This can be the result of the effects of bad weather or the lack of proper supply of young plants and a violation of agricultural techniques in relation to their cultivation. The ovaries can collapse during the drought or in lengthy rainfall if the air temperature is reduced. The cause of this phenomenon can also be a surplus of fertilizer nitrogen in the soil and a lack of useful minerals. The degree of moisture of the soil also plays an important role, since insufficient water supply countries may not be fully formed, which leads to its crowning glory.

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How to prevent the ovary of the grapes

In order to prevent the outbreaks of the ovaries at the end of the grape blossom phase, it is necessary to take prevention measures in the opening phase of the buds. You will find a list of these events below.

The introduction of fertilizers. The introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers will help strengthen the immunity of the plant and significantly reduce the risk of bunching of grapes. Fertilizing the soil is best in the spring before the flowering phase. Top dressing is introduced from the leaf path. It is recommended to give preference to mixtures containing zinc and vitamins of group B.

Air circulation Good breathability of grape thickets is very important for the proper development of inflorescences and the formation of healthy ovaries. To ensure a constant flow of fresh air, it is necessary to carry out regular pruning of the vines to remove too voluminous green mass and shorten the overgrown shoots, which thicken the bushes and create a favorable atmosphere for the development of fungal diseases. In addition, persistent bushes receive sunlight in a larger volume, which is also important for the ripening of the crop.

The watering mode of timely soil moisture plays an important role in the formation of ovaries, since the lack of moisture adversely affects the ability of female flowers.

Earfock of the grapes

Methods of artificial pollination, artificial pollination helps to accelerate the process of formation of the ovary and protect it from falling. Throral behavior of this procedure is shown: – immediately after the opening of the buds; – in the middle of the flowering phase; – After the flowering is over. The optimal time for artificial pollination is until sunrise in the early morning. A warm cloudy day is also suitable. The procedure is carried out using special brushes.

Pruning of weak brushes is never done during the flowering of grapes, since the successful formation of ovaries requires a large amount of pollen. But after the first small clusters are formed, you should examine the cluster brushes and remove the weakest and lightest copies.

Proceeding when, according to forecasts, cold and raw summer is expected, grapes should be treated in advance with a solution that will help prolong the flowering period.

The following ingredients are required to prepare it: – 10 liters of water; – 2 tablespoons of urea; – 2 teaspoons of copper sulfate; – 1.5 tablespoons of boric acid; – 2 teaspoons of citric acid.

First of all, it should be dissolved in water-citric acid, and then add other components. Previously, you need to dilute the boric acid with warm water, and only then pour it into the common mixture.

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Pinched and deciding to grow on your site, the gardener needs to pay attention to such an important procedure as the top of fruit shoots to such an important procedure. This will redistribute food in favor of the hands, not into a leafy mass. In the future, the ovary will stop falling, the fruits will grow larger.

Conducting a systematic inspection by inspecting grape landings, you can detect signs of improper development of the plant, damage from diseases or pests, weakening of immunity. As a result, it is possible to prevent the development of abnormalities or pathogenic processes at an early stage, which does not require radicals. It is important to pay attention to alarming symptoms and take timely measures to treat plants, fight pests or correct the process of development.

Why grapes crumble

Grapes are shown

Thanks to the constant work of the breeders, the grapes were possible to grow under various agroclimatic conditions, although until recently a culture was considered exclusively south. Today it is increasingly cultivated in the middle lane. Regardless of the zone, there are difficulties to get the harvest – but the ovary is difficult.

The reasons for stopping the ovary of the grapes and solving the problem

If you determine in good time and correctly why the ovary is crumbling on grapes, it is possible to take appropriate measures. When clarifying the reasons, it is worth considering the time in which the process takes place. Plants drop the future harvest at different times:

  • During the flowering period, buds appear with no n-shaped fruits;
  • after the end of the flower of the vine (the first 2-3 days);
  • Berries reach 3-4 mm sizes.

Reject more naturally

If the ovary showering from the vine, the condition of the plant should be rated, calculate how many likely plants were on the ground. Only then do you have to decide what to do because the discharge can be natural. If grapes showered in a small amount after flowering, nothing has to be done: the culture regulates the load of the harvest. The plant expects how many berries can grow up for him without prejudices. This amount remains on the vine. The rest of the ovary or even the flowers drops the grapes.

Violations in the structure of flowers

Biological disorders provoke virus diseases. Infection, get into the plant, harms the vascular system. With intensive development and distribution, it blocks the channels through which nutrients enter different organs of the plant, including the kidneys. Due to the problems with the submission of macro and trace elements, moisture, you cannot normally form.

There are many virus diseases:

  • Shortcut;
  • Yellow mosaic;
  • The virus of the wooden grooves;
  • Re d-Lead virus;
  • Virus twist leaves.
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Yellow mosaic on grapes

The first manifestations of yellow mosaics

The flowering flowers are deformed, they have the wrong shape. Your organs intend to carry out a generative function, incompetent or poorly susceptible to pollen. In the first case, the berries are not bound at all, buds or flowers fall. If partial pollination has occurred, the system will still drop the ovary because it cannot deliver good nutrition due to the damage to the vascular system.

Virus diseases are treated weakly. If the plant’s vascular system has a violation, it inevitably dies because all organs can no longer fully participate in photosynthesis. The specimens concerned are better to be uprooted. They have to be burned to destroy the source of infection.

Nutrient surplus

In contrast to folk reights, overcrowded plants are bad fruits. Excessive nutrition leads to the active growth of the green mass and to build roots. As a result, culture blooms late and the harvest, which has no time to mature, crumbles in a green state. It will be possible for the next year to achieve a good harvest from ove r-fed grapes. The main thing is not to feed it in autumn and in the future spring, otherwise the situation will remain the same.

Problems with pollination

This is found in the gardener’s procedure in the flowering phase. Some make a mistake when removing excess brushes to reduce the load of the harvest. As a result, the culture is not enough pollen for successful pollination.

The system itself controls the problem of adaptation. If the gardener fears that the young plant may not withstand the weight of the harvest, such a procedure can be carried out, but the ovaries only began to form after the end of the flowering final. Then it is possible to choose good clusters and cut weak, unproductive.

Insufficient irrigation

Lack of moisture in the soil, especially during the flowering period, which forms ovary and its development, is another negative factor that leads to unloading green berries. At the same time, the outbreak of the corner is inevitable when the roots of a small amount of liquid are preserved. Sometimes the percentage of fallen fruits reaches 80% of the total ovary.

Only the timely irrigation helps to avoid harvest loss. The required soil moisture under grape plants in different development phases:

  • to bloom up to 50-60%;
  • During the flowering period and then the ovary forms and develops with 65-70%.

Grape irrigation

Drip irrigation of grapes for a better fruit festival

If you support such indicators, you can achieve a minimum waste of ovary. In addition, it is impossible to move the culture in the flowering phase with spreading. This irrigation method will damage pollination. But if the flowers have not yet formed or faded, you can pour the plants both under the root and under the screens.

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Note: Excess moisture is just as dangerous for grapes as its deficiency. The stagnation of liquids in the roots should not be permitted in order not to provoke the development of gray columns and the death of grapes.

Lack of food

If grapes do not fully receive the required macro and trace elements, the ovary reset or more completely reset. The latter occurs in a critical situation when the plants are in a stressful condition due to the lack of an entire group of elements.

In order to avoid negative consequences in the form of a harvest or absence, it is worth being planted regularly. With a large scale to reconcile nutrition, analyzes the soil analyzes and find out their composition. The procedure is repeated annually. If there are no laboratories nearby or only a few grapes, you can use complex fertilizers for a specific culture. The composition is most balanced in them.

Feeding with universal fertilizers is carried out several times a season:

  • Spring (end of April);
  • during flower;
  • Immediately after the end of the phase;
  • during the active growth of the ovary;
  • After harvest.

In spring, when the plant actively increases the green mass, it is advisable to produce nitrogen. It is in large quantities in organic fertilizers. A good result is demonstrated by rotted manure or compost. The selected agent is presented in accordance with the floor and polished soil. During the flowering period, the plant can be fertilized with nitroammophos, causing it to insert it into the shape dissolved in water (15 g per bucket of water – the norm per plant).

Top dressing grapes

Fertilizer use scheme for grapes

Immediately after flowering and during the active growth of the ovaries under grape bushes, potassium sulfate can be used by solving 10 g of fertilizers in 10 liters of water. The volume is enough for 1 bush. Superphosphate is more efficient to lie in granulate. Before that, you have to loosen the ground and spill well. The consumption rate is 12 g/plant.

When reset berries, the vineyard is sprayed with nutrient compounds, which leads to the leaf top dressing. The work fluid is made from 15 g nitroammofoski and 10 liters of water. First mix the mixture in water and then poured into a spray. Wet the entire abov e-ground mass. The compositions that contain boron and zinc are also useful.

Variety characteristics

There are varieties that are susceptible to coronation eggs on a genetic level. The maximum percentage is often specified in the properties of grapes. If the plant material is bought in a kindergarten, it is better to clarify this moment immediately. Otherwise, resetting the ovary can lead to unnecessary actions by the gardener, which can even harm culture.

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If it turns out that the case is only developing berries is a variety characteristics, you can fall back on List. They submit the tips of all fruit shots to him. Such a procedure stimulates the discharge of nutrients to the ovary, reduces its crumbling and improves the quality and quantity of the harvest.

unfavorable weather conditions

In cold and raw weather as well as if there is too hot and dry lack of pollen. In addition, the latter does not fall on the plu g-in pens, or the flower organs are immune to pollination. In this case, flowers usually show, although the ovary can fall (with bad susceptibility to generative organs).

In order to achieve successful pollination even under adverse weather conditions, they offer grape operations with good bubbles. In order to improve the air circulation, the vines are regularly diluted and cut excess branches and excessively active growing green mass and leaves that close the inflorescences. In order to increase the susceptibility of the flower organs to pollen the plant, it is worth spraying plants with a boric acid solution.

For the processing of grape bushes, the solution is manufactured in the following order:

  1. Take 1 tablespoon. l. Boric acid and dissolves in 200 ml of warm water.
  2. Stir in a bucket of water 1/3 tsp. Citric acid. Since it dissolves more slowly, they wait for the disappearance of crystals.
  3. Pour a solution of boric acid.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon. Iron sulfate and 1 tablespoon. l. Urea.

The sprayer is seasoned with the work fluid. They treat the flowers carefully so that everyone is moistened well with a solution.

Diseases and pests

Grapes are striking in various pathogenic organisms. Their intensive development can lead to discharging the ovary. A similar process is provoked by pests that feed on plant juice, leaves and drives. Frequent harmful organisms:

Diseases Harmful insects
mildew Tick
Oidium aphid
Refrigerators of the leaves Listen
powder Ivovy Tree
Gray rot Marble Khrushch

In order to prevent ovaries because it is damaged by the development of diseases or damage to the harvest, it is necessary to monitor the phytosiitic state of the vineyard. In spring, a preventive spray with permissible medicines will be carried out in spring.

Development of mildu on grapes

Development of mildu in grape plants

Insecticides are used by pests and fungicides are used by fungal diseases. In order to reduce the pesticide burden, it is advisable to spray with a tank mixture (fungicide + insecticide). Repeat the processing before flowering (in June) and autumn (after unloading the foliage and cleaning).

Note: During the maturation of the harvest, it is impossible to use pesticides because you make fruits unsuitable for consumption.

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