Why choose cordless gardening equipment?

Tilting the battery: 10 tips for use you didn’t know about

Very few people stick around at the end of the season to tidy up their fall garden properly and remove fallen leaves from the lawn, blow pine needles off their favorite mulberry trees or clean the rainwater runoff. However, the market for garden equipment is full of bargain offers on special devices, and installations have been significantly updated with decent battery-powered bugs. Why do experts still recommend spending money on a blower and what else can it be useful, besides the obvious cleaning of leaves? Here are 10 great tips on how to use a blower!

ventilation holes

Blowers, or garden vacuums, advanced gardeners have long since replaced rakes and brooms. By blowing air, you will easily clean the area of leaves, grass and small branches. Modern models are also equipped with a suction function, can collect and grind garbage in a special bag. Sometimes these models are called garden vacuum cleaners. The cutting knife shreds the incoming trash, saves space in the trash collector and deftly manages with small branches and even cones (such omnivorousness is characteristic of the mighty models).

Why you need a blower in the garden: 10 tips and tricks

Catalogs of all well-known manufacturers of garden tools are replete with air windows, another temptation. In general, you will not notice a very significant difference, and all models differ only in guaranteed quality and convenience, which only serious manufacturers offer. Therefore, for the initial choice, it is better to proceed from what you may need a blower at all in the household. Then understand from the description of the models, what is suitable for what, and choose the most convenient and technically optimal for your conditions.

What can you use a blower for besides its direct purpose?

Sharing our readers’ tips: Top 10 garden blower applications

1. blowing – perfectly the crowns of coniferous plants (thuja, juniper, cypress) from dry branches and old needles.

2. When emptying the leaf, use a garden vacuum cleaner with a shredding function to collect the humus from the leaves. This makes an excellent drying material for mulching and covering plants and an invaluable component for garden soil.

3. not a general housecleaning job. As it turns out, the blower is an indispensable thing at all. It does a great job of blowing dust off batteries;

4. Just about every repair and handiwork with an abundance of fine dust and sawdust can be blown out clothing, furniture and surfaces.

5. With simple models with low output, coals in the brazier are blown out.

6. An indispensable thing for areas with sandy soil in places where sand constantly accumulates, it can be blown out at a time or two, which is much more convenient in the garden than the usual vacuum cleaner.

7. Machine cleaning: not just of leaves, but also of light fluffy snow;

8. M remove dense, wet leaves in gutters;

9. O dry the damp basement;

10. Clean garden paths of floor coverings and weed residue for weeds.

Write in the comments how to use a blower! The authors of the most original idea will receive a book with recipes for meat dishes from Gastronome Publishers as a gift from the editors of A-Magazine.

Olga Voronova makes humus from leaves

Before buying, many people wonder: will the plane collect pine needles?

Will the collected helicopter cope with falling nuts, cones and acorns, small branches? Read the instructions carefully – each manufacturer additionally indicates the maximum amount of debris that can pass through the helicopter unhindered.

What is a blower?

Choppers are available in three versions: battery, electric and gasoline.

Based on the configuration and design, the blower is classified into manual, arbitrary and cyclic (but this fully applies to moszelenhoz). For work at the cottage or country house, manual models are optimal. They are lightweight, easy to use, budgetary in price. Rich – more powerful, much heavier. The engine in such models is placed in the backpack, so you need to carry it with you. If you professionally clean someone’s garden plot, these models are ideal for cleaning park areas or gardens with lots of trees and shrubs.

Growing grapes in northern regions.

All models work on air clouds, which allows you to collect leaves in piles. In economical mode of operation, they require minimal maintenance. If the task is to collect plant debris, then choose models with the appropriate function. But remember that this time they will be a little heavier and look more squeamish in the capabilities of the engine. That’s two. No need to change the tubes for different jobs: just switch modes and turn the vacuum cleaner into a blower and vice versa.

Advantages and disadvantages of different blower models

They have a small power, unlike gasoline blowers, so they are applicable for small private areas around the house. The disadvantage of such a blower is the need for a power source. This narrows the working area and prohibits working in wet conditions. In general, many people are just desperately pissed off with wires under their feet.

But in space, of course, it is impossible to work with gasoline-powered devices, and the technique, working from the network, does not emit harmful substances when burning fuel.

The noise level during operation is minimal, the weight is about 3 kg. The device can be operated with one hand.

Models with a gasoline engine are characterized by high productivity, high power and maneuverability. Despite the high cost and the cost of lubricants, they are in high demand for cleaning large areas. However, it should be taken into account that they are characterized by a high level and vibration.

Modern models have the ability to adjust the speed of the air flow, to increase or decrease the throttle.

Powerful gasoline blower can be manual, but casual versions are more convenient. Having something like this behind you, you can work longer without fatigue, for example, during professional cleaning of stadiums, squares and streets in utility companies.

Powered by next-generation lithium-ion batteries, these mobile and practical devices are ideal for silent cleaning, including around hospitals, schools, daycare centers, and indoors. The big advantage of a cordless blower is that it is not tied to a power source. You can work anywhere with these devices. The work cycle on the battery lasts on average 10-20 minutes (this is quite enough for cleaning a small area). The range of applications is significantly expanded if the models are equipped with a mulching function, but this option reduces the time of work on a single battery charge.

Most cordless electric blowers are hand-held. They are extremely handy due to their light weight and handy strap. Check out the weight of the product (less than 4 pounds is considered light). The air speed reaches 210 km/h, which is already enough to remove wet grass and leaves. Consider the description of the battery – it is desirable that it does not lose charge in standby mode.

There are also more powerful cordless blowers on the market. Their high performance is guaranteed by the brushless electric motor, which is practically not subject to mechanical wear and has an impressive efficiency. With the help of such equipment, you can clean up even neglected areas.

When choosing, pay attention to how many minutes the tool can work on a single charge and how quickly the battery is fully charged. If you decide to buy a quality cordless blower, choose products from well-known brands.

In general, it’s worth noting that a cordless tool is a whole ecosystem. Buying one unit (in our case a blower), it is more profitable to take the other garden tools of the same brand: a garden saw, trimmer, brush cutter, pole saw, lawn mower and even a snow blower.

Do you trust cordless garden tools?

Today, many garden tool brands are adding cordless models to their range. Not only will you find a shrub shear, grass shear or chainsaw on offer, but even a battery-powered cultivator. At the sight of new products, many ask a quite logical question: is it worth trusting such equipment, especially if it is not a low-powered hand-held device, but a more serious, like a lawnmower? Let’s discuss this question.

Ryobi RLM13E33S lawnmowers. Basic devices, technical properties, engine parameters and purpose of the device

Vents on the battery - it's convenient. But how practical is it?

A cordless hedge trimmer is practical. But how practical?

But maybe we are not afraid of anything? In fact, nowadays no one will be surprised with a cordless screwdriver – it is an incredibly handy tool, especially if you have a second charged battery in stock, which is urgently needed during intensive repair work. What if all the household tools will soon get rechargeable batteries and displace simple garden tools? It sounds very fantastic, but, after all, there are already battery-powered wheelbarrows, sprayers and even mini-washers on the market.

Obvious pros and cons

  • No “memory effect” (a weakness of nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hybrid batteries). You can safely charge a battery that is not fully discharged without fear that it will lose its unused capacity.
  • Fast charging is especially convenient when the battery is not fully discharged.
  • Compact size and light weight. This is very important for the tools you hold in your hands while working.
  • High number of charge/discharge cycles, which means a longer service life than its predecessors.

Freedom from wires and exhaust fumes

Freedom from cables and exhausts

Batteries are sold separately from the tool and cost a lot. Manufacturers have come up with a very interesting and clever solution – as a rule, a replacement battery is suitable for different types of tools. It seems to be very practical. You choose a battery of the right capacity (there are usually several variants to choose from) and you move it around as needed. But there is an obvious nuance here. For example, if you bought a chainsaw of some brand, you are somehow tied to it. Are you ready for it? After all, if you like, for example, a trimmer of another brand, you will have to spend money on a new battery that only fits it.

But what is it really? Share your experiences

Attitudes toward battery technology are very contradictory – some praise loudly, others scold even louder. Whose side are you on? Would you trade your chainsaw for a cordless version or your electric lawnmower for its cordless counterpart? Or do you live with a cordless trimmer in peace, love and harmony?

I’d love to hear really real reviews from those who already use cordless gardening devices. What did you choose and why? Were there any disadvantages during use? What advantages can be outweighed? It’s important for us to know how long the load lasts, how often we have to recharge the battery or interrupt work because it suddenly runs out of power.

This year we bought a Russian-made electric meat grinder and were very satisfied. Light and handy tool works quietly. The only disadvantage – it does not need a very large thicket, but if you do not start the plot, it is not a minus. Gasoline, on the other hand, is not a consideration.

I recently removed an old battery from my laptop and found several 1865 cells, the same ones used in most cordless gardening devices. The difference can be both in number and capacity, as well as the characteristics of the case they were stuffed into. If necessary, it is quite realistic to swap out all the elements, or just the ones that went wrong. Such cells are also sold individually at a regular radio parts store. Therefore, when choosing a battery technology pay attention to the design of the battery pack. It is more practical to buy devices where the body of the battery pack is foldable and fixed with bolts or self-tapping screws. The battery died – I disassembled it, checked the elements, replaced the defects and showed the cowardice of all dodgers from the “brands” with their “very special” batteries for the price of a small car.

Cordless trimmer GreenWorks Gmax 40VGD40 BC – no defects happy, very happy, super happy. There is also a cordless trimmer of the same “line”, but this tool likes special features – green hedges, lush bushes. I really want to buy a garden saw (to remove trunks and branches). It’s in my dreams for when we live)))). Bosch cordless shears and from a Chinese manufacturer (but they are worse), use everything. There is a cordless sprayer “Cleverness” for 8 liters. Already using it this season, bought in late fall. Great!

Review of power tillers and trimmers from the brand Makita. Features, reviews

Here’s what’s interesting – among those who are shaken by the price, there are many fans of satellite TV. They drive through the villages, and at every dealership a “dish” is painted. The price doesn’t hurt. The brain is clean and fresh, put in whatever you want!

I didn’t hesitate, because I knew you beforehand, I was sure. But it’s not a question of battery technology, but for. “At all times there are plenty of enemies, but nature works: it gives birth to fools on purpose to test people.”

I don’t know about battery technology yet, but I really want to, especially after reading the reviews of our seven-year-olds. I especially want batteries and then a trimmer, saw, saw and ). However, the desire does not yet merge with the possibilities.

Gregory, Shurik, also with two batteries, but I did not think about it. I haven’t even held it in my hands (only when wiping the case) – it’s my husband’s tool.

I’m very happy with the Stihl cordless shears, there’s also a Bosch cordless saw (no need to ask my husband for extra vacuuming. I also want to buy a sprayer “smart girl”.

Shortly after the story with Tamara last year, I wanted a saw. The reason is the same, but so far it is not an urgent need, as my husband carefully saws from the electrics, and I stand nearby and control the slope of the cut and place. But there are such plans. Battery. Bosch Bosch Bosch is better than scissors due to the longer blades, but unfortunately, we have not bought ours yet. So you have to look carefully at all brands and their “line” before you buy.

My comment was either edited or not printed. I’m talking about everything on your batteries, and the person has gasoline equipment at idle.

Good evening, we have a Bosch AHS 52 Li battery Bosch battery. Great machine.

In the village is often prompted by the idea that it would be good to buy and use in certain places exactly battery-powered equipment. There are times when you have to mow a small enclosed patch of grass, and pull the wire through the plants, and even to another corner is very inconvenient and long. With the trimming of branches and in some other cases it is the same story. The main and very important purpose of such equipment is to help us save time and nerves in difficult situations, while it turns out to damage plants) or pour gasoline. So far I do not have such equipment, but those who use it, mostly satisfied. As for reliability and service life, you should not look for disadvantages, because any technique can break down, and the batteries are not eternal. Here much depends on the caring attitude of the owner, the creator, for direct/not direct purpose. But this applies to any other garden equipment. Undoubtedly, on any site there will be a worthy use, at least scissors, trimmer and AKK. At least now you can let the mower do the work.

Filling it up with petrol is no problem. A small Shtil or Huskvarn trimmer and for small grass in hard to reach places will last 10-15 years. I’ve had my Kosh since 2009. Only wore out the heads and the Trox attachment nut. But you have no idea how I persistently research them. I have two trimmers in my village with each other. The only thing is that for tall grass they are not suitable, unless the bedding or pro trimmer starts to weed here … (although he’s hurt he didn’t mow tall grass with a good trimmer)

It’s time to forget about products that work “forever,” like a ZIL refrigerator and hosiery from our Soviet times. We are anything but eternal.

Of cordless equipment, I only have three screwdrivers, but I really want a Stihl scissors… last year for my birthday I hinted to my sons that a new smartphone was more important to their father… different generation, different priorities….

Here we are, Alexander also points out. Sometimes we meet understanding, but more often we decide, because our diets and vegetables from the vegetable garden allow us to carve out something from 2 pensions. In general, the pension is even disgusting to talk about))). But at least it managed to get. I think that for many people the question was not to buy or not. Gentlemen!

8 benefits you'll love Stiga cordless tools for

Tatiana, well, my sons are normal guys, they basically understand that it is more for them. And about the pension in general a separate conversation, I myself am surprised, from the miracle, and even for the preferred conditions, and even a working veteran, who is watched … colleagues still working.

Well, the smartphone is the same battery technology. In general, Pochekali all with smartphones. But in fact the same social networks, only a little better camera and a little more memory, a year later

Gregory, well, to be honest, the previous one really did not exist for me, falls, sinks, broken display, the camera at all nothing…

I’ve been working with battery-powered tools for a very long time and am gradually acquiring something new. So far I have only one cordless garden unit, I am very happy with it. There’s also a cordless construction tool, a screwdriver, a screwdriver, and a Renovator (multi-tool). Of the appliances, we have a vacuum cleaner on battery power, there are only pluses! We are unlikely to buy a corded electric vacuum cleaner anymore. This year bought an electric scooter (with battery) – a beast of a machine! What I wrote above says that I trust battery powered tech. A friend has a cordless trimmer and is very happy with it. Here I am looking at it and looking at a trimmer as well. I’m also looking at a chainsaw and a . (a lot of things). In my opinion, the only disadvantage of cordless equipment is the high cost of batteries, which can be eliminated today. Chinese manufacturers do not doze off and produces affordable quality and price analogues. In addition, as Andrew wrote above, it is quite possible to repair the batteries themselves….

Tell me about Renovator, how often you use it and for what work. And also a cordless screwdriver, what are its advantages over a screwdriver?

Grigory, I do not often use a screwdriver. Usually for hard to reach places, such as sanding grooves in wood or sawing between the joints to replace a torn tile, sawing wood on the ledge or plastic, etc.). I use it not often, but with enviable frequency, more for sanding, now restoring the old sewing machine singer for the wife, all the work done almost exclusively for you.

Screwdriver is very practical for electrical work (duty peaks, installation of outlets and switches, lights, etc.). It is practical when repairing appliances, I recently broke my bread machine to change the drive belt, I just remembered… you can do it all with a screwdriver, but it’s bulky and complicated for small jobs.

I didn’t write about cordless construction tools, but the X-VE, Bosch and Stanley screwdrivers, Bosch-Beefter have that too. With the endless construction and repair work you’ve helped with in 8 years, especially since you’ve insulated the house and locker room, built a new winter house for guests, built scales, built boxes, built a feed fence and lots of other little things. You had a good return on your investment. But we had to buy a battery for the booklet, too much of a load. For us, electric bikes are the most valuable ground battery equipment. This is the case if you are jealous of yourself))) By the way, my battery did not run out over the winter.

Are you from Russia? Not from the future? Not from Japan? Vax everything is environmentally friendly and runs on battery power. We’ve been here a couple of times (sarcasm).

For a long time I doubted, looked closely at cordless equipment – the price was embarrassing, and I was not sure that such devices have sufficient power and durability. Last year I made up my mind – I bought a cordless trimmer. About my first impressions of its use, I described in detail here: Mowing is easy! Cordless trimmer Greenworks Now we can talk about the “second impression”. I am very satisfied! Several tangible pluses One battery charge lasts for about half an hour (plus or minus 5-10 minutes – depending on the load). For me this is optimal time for continuous work – I have energy for something else after I put the trimmer aside.The battery charges for about the same amount of time – 30-40 minutes. If there is a desire, forces and time, it is possible to mow several times a day with breaks. Power enough to mow even quite high or hard grass (with experience you will understand how to do it) Even cuts plum shoots in the garden – and in fact I now have one of the lightest and uneconomical models! Personally, I have disappeared all doubts about the sufficient performance of battery technology. In addition, the battery is suitable for other devices of the same manufacturer (from the corresponding line). This means that you can buy the tool as a set – with the battery and charger – and save on buying the rest. I also bought a screwdriver – also an absolute delight: it fits my hand like a glove, it is very comfortable to work with. And many times more convenient than lugging around an extension cord to assemble or disassemble a structure somewhere on the site. The other day I added to my collection of cordless chainsaw the same manufacturer, there is a petrol saw, but only my son can cope with it – it is very capricious, I can not even start it, and my son does not come often, so I need equipment that I can make myself. The plans are a cordless brush cutter (climbing trees can get out of hand, and apple trees need care), a jigsaw… Well, and a high capacity battery… Yes, it’s not very cheap, but the convenience, in my opinion, outweighs it. I can no longer make do with gasoline tools, cords are not everywhere to reach and it is inconvenient, so cordless tools for me are a real salvation.

How to grow a lemon tree at home?

I’m not a fan of cordless technology, but I bought a cordless sander because I can take it with me when needed. For example, we sometimes have ancient reinforced concrete slabs or broken poles lying around (somewhere on the edge of the forest, obviously thrown away by someone), so I make sure to saw off all the rebar sticking out – first, it’s dangerous, you can trip over something good (I go there with the herd and everything), and second, I have a set of free hardware for concrete barn foundations, etc. As for the rest… I don’t know until the need arises. Although for some people a cordless hammer can be a very useful thing, I’m used to a corny, old-fashioned sledgehammer. On the other hand, when it comes to splitting a large boulder by drilling and hammering wedges, it will be difficult without a cordless impact drill. I don’t know, I haven’t tried it, maybe that kind of drilling will pull the battery or not, and you’ll need to haul the generator on a dolly. I have no experience in such things, somehow there was no need.

My dad loves electric screwdrivers and buys them endlessly, he probably has a dozen different ones. I do not use, somehow got used to screwdrivers, even the installation of iron on the roofs do a primitive end or the ill-fated wrench (not even a rattle), but the screwdriver with a nut head did not take, lazy to climb with it, although it was not a complete stochno.

And yet the battery technology I can not afford. Only Shurik. I was looking for a trimmer firm “Green” and wanted to buy my mother in the village. I called the manufacturer, 15 trimmer and 50 battery. Yeah, we don’t need that kind of hockey! “Or rather, we can’t afford it. I remembered “Yeralash” with batteries from suitcases. So it turns out that the future seems to be close, but for now – behind the financial barrier.

I have a cordless trimmer, a saw, and a screwdriver. They are all from Bosch. The Time saw has compatible batteries, which is very convenient. In terms of convenience, of course, they are weaker, but they are much easier to operate. In general, the screwdriver – an indispensable thing, with its help a lot of furniture was assembled.

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