Why choose an electric lawn mower?

How to choose an electric lawn mower for dacha

Agree, no one takes a garden tool for the sake of aesthetic pleasure. Every unit must work. And to overpay for unnecessary functions, oh how it is not desirable. Before you choose an electric lawn mower, we recommend that you get to know the units better by asking the right questions:

Once you understand everything, you can familiarize yourself with itAdditional features That make gardening devices easier to use or simply improve the life of the owner.

About the cutting system.

  • Rotary models mow with a steel blade that rotates on a vertical shaft and removes the grass in a chopping motion.
  • Drum mowers have a more complex design than their rotating counterparts. They are equipped with several blades and raise the grass to the right level before cutting.

Important. Unlike drum models, rotary models are easier to tolerate uneven ground and put up with the presence of small stones, branches and other small foreign objects in the grass.

Where are drum mowers used? A great example is a golf course and other sports fields where the lawn remains an essential attribute.

Not only do these electric mowers give the lawn a first-class appearance, but they also cause less damage to the plants. This keeps the lawn healthy and looking good and promotes grass growth. For modern models, interchangeable nozzles are available to help you take better care of your garden plot.

About power

We work with different tools and are used to the fact that power determines the possibilities. With an electric lawnmower, it remains in the foreground, but it is not the main characteristic. Why not? We have already looked at the types of cutting systems and know that they are the first boundaries of use.

Why think about power? You will find units ranging from 300 to 3000 watts. The higher the characteristic, the higher the performance and power consumption. To choose the right model, just determine the approximate size of the well-groomed lawn:

  • up to 400 sq. m – 0,9 kW
  • Up to approx. 1200 sq. m – 1.8 watt

Tip. The higher the capacity, the more the device is heated. Be sure to check the continuous operation time specified in the technical specifications of the device. It is recommended not to exceed this value and use garden tools before this value.

About the cutting height and working width

If a large amount of work is taken, it depends on the width of the chamber. As a rule, lawnmowers have a width of up to 53 cm, but this applies to all models. Smaller parameters are characteristic of electric models.

Gardena PowerMax 36e lawn mower. Technical specifications and operating rules.

Among the solutions from Fubag, there are only two variants of the electric tower – these areFubag Fel 38m иFubagfel 33 – 38 cm or 33 cm. The width is enough to take care of a small or medium-sized lawn.

The number should also be chosen as needed. How much do you want to shorten the grass? Look at this answer. Note that the minimum value is 2 mm. And each unit has its own maximum.

  • Changing the deck axle
  • With a lever or button
  • Center position

The first method requires you to manually set the desired height by moving the axle. The second method is to use levers to adjust the position of each wheel individually.

The last method is the most convenient, but significantly affects the cost. If you need a cheap electric lawn mower, you can save money here.

About mulch and other methods of disposal

  1. There are three main indicators: in the grass box, on the side, and mulch
  2. The grass catcher, which moves into the grass catcher box, eliminates excess dirt during mowing
  3. Side discharge is used when working with large blades of grass
  4. Thanks to the mulching function, all grass is shredded during mowing and remains on the lawn. It becomes a quality fertilizer that, unlike large chunks, quickly decomposes.

Unlike the first two methods, mulching is more often used as an optional extra. It follows that it is not something extremely necessary. In addition, you can save money.

Tip. Most of the optional features can be identified by the model name. In the model range Fubag electric lawnmower with mulching is denoted by the letter “M”. For example, Fubag 38m.

About the grass catcher box

The lawn is mowed, but what next? If mowing the lawn is not possible, only the grass garbage can remains. Attention! Grass baskets come in soft (with a fabric base) and in a hard case.

Solid types win in everything – both in use and in care. They are easy to clean and wash when grooming or preparing for long-term storage. This is not the case with fabric-bottomed options, where even the fan core is completely loosened by grass.

Don’t forget the volume. For infrequent use, you can choose a small volume – up to 30 liters. For cottages and country houses, it is better to consider the volume of the grass catcher from 30 to 75 liters.

How to store vegetables in the winter?

About bikes

When we talk about how tochoose an electric lawnmower , we can not ignore even such a detail as bicycles. They seem to have an impact. Wide wheels are useful for working on uneven surfaces. You, but with a special grooved surface, protect the lawn from the traces of the device during work.

About the deck or protection.

Aluminum, steel or plastic? We said in advance that plastic wins, and you have already noticed this hook. You’re certainly right – plastic is not the best solution. These units are cheaper, but they can’t call a reliable deck.

Aluminum, of course, wins out. It makes the equipment much cheaper, but at the same time makes it rust resistant, reduces wear and tear and protects it from damage. It’s a good kit for everyone. Although no one has ever cancelled the stainless steel option.

About moving the mower

As for moving the mower, it should be remembered that not all models require the operator’s effort. Professional models have the ability to move on their own thanks to a powerful motor. Everything that needs to be installed, you need to set, and the electric lawnmower moves independently in the right direction.

  • Easier work on uneven terrain
  • Reduces the load on the operator when carrying out large volume orders

The only disadvantage is the price. Many will seem superfluous. But there are more interesting instances. They not only move, but also have several speed options. What do you think? A really interesting solution.

In the Fubag line of homemade mower with switching speeds is presented in a single instance – Fubag FPL 53 SMV. We will only mention it, but we will not consider it in detail, because it is a gasoline model.

Batteries and mains performance

Obviously, everyone will have a different opinion in terms of power source. Running from the mains is more reliable, but causes some inconvenience when handling large areas and says more precisely – there must always be a power source nearby.

Battery power is something you already have everything with you. However, batteries also require charging, which means a forced break is unavoidable. Also, bad battery-powered devices are more susceptible to relationships.

It is impossible to say unequivocally what is better and which electric lawn is up to you to decide.

Why use wireless devices?

Of course, the price is a kind of indicator. It can only increase due to additional features. After reading this article, you know what to save on. Use this information and doubt the unreasonable markup.

We do not recommend choosing equipment from unknown companies with questionable call. By following the savings, you are sure to miss something. Most often these are problems with resources, reproduction and warranty.

The best way to protect yourself is to clarify warranty terms, test the availability of components and determine whether the nearest service centers are able to make repairs. The manufacturer of high-quality devices most often guarantees the consumer.

Additional features

  • Direct knife drive – the most simple implementation, reduces the cost of equipment, but also makes the design reliable due to the lack of belt transmission.
  • Gearbox – allows you to maintain the mowing speed when you change the speed of the lawnmower. Usually, self-recording models with speed change capability use a different principle, in which the mowing speed drops along with the speed.
  • Peer handles are a nice bonus that don’t have a significant impact on cost. With this option, storing and transporting the mower is much easier.
  • Easy start (primer) – the primer system is used in various Fubag devices. You can quickly start the machine and get to work.
  • Simplified flushing system – servicing and maintenance of the lawnmower is much easier. Thanks to it, the hose is directly connected to the loop body and water is supplied through it. With this solution, you can quickly clean the system after mowing.
  • The grass catcher box accumulation indicator allows you to work without the distraction of checking the device. It does not affect the costs. However, for convenience, it is better to choose models with an indicator.
  • 3 in 1 – this option allows you to use all three functions of the lawnmower – collection in the grass catcher box, side release and mulching.

Or maybe a gasoline lawnmower?

Keep in mind that the type of power used is not the only thing that differentiates between electric and gasoline lawn mowers. For those who doubt – the main advantages of a gasoline lawn mower:

  • Lightweight design
  • Quick and easy to start
  • Low noise level
  • No noxious emissions
  • High efficiency and power
  • Freedom of movement

At the same time, the gasoline version is much louder than the electric model. In mighty, self-propelled models, they are a must. A lot of fuel is required for a lot of work.

Lawn mower elitech K 5000V. Basic equipment, technical properties, purpose of the device

An electric lawnmower is also not ideal. Maximum output is lower than that of fuel-powered equipment. The mowing area is limited by the length of the cable if it is not a cordless mower. If the model is battery operated, another limitation is imposed – in terms of use.

We have listed only a few fundamental differences, but there are others. We will tell you about them in a specially prepared material.

Evaluation of electric lawn mowers by quality and reliability to provide 2022

Evaluation of the best models of electric lawn mowers consists of productive and budget devices for the care of the countryside. Before buying, it is worth studying popular units and the main nuances of the choice.

Types of electric lawn mowers

Under the assessment of the best and quality electric lawn mowers fall devices of different types. There are many classifications of units, but usually distinguish the following types:

  1. Self-gripping. Lawn mowers move independently, the operator only needs to set the desired direction. Aggregates have a large mass and high productivity.
  2. Non-motorized. Such models are equipped with wheels, the operator must press them in front of him. The devices have a small mass, but they are poorly suited for difficult areas with irregularities and cracks.
  3. Rotating. In these models, the knife is attached to a vertical rotating shaft, moves parallel to the floor and brings the grass.
  4. Drum mowers. Lawnmowers are equipped with several movable knives and one set. The blades are attached to a cylindrical drum. The device works on the principle of scissors and ensures the proper cutting of the lawn.

It is also customary to distinguish professional and household. The first ones are particularly reliable, but very expensive. The latter have a low price, but more often fail and cope poorly with thick and dense vegetation.

How to choose an electric lawnmower as a gift

When choosing an electric lawnmower, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical parameters. The most important for the device are several points.

Developed power

On the developed power depends on the speed of work and the suitability of the device for cutting tough and high vegetation. For small areas, it is recommended to choose models with a capacity of 800-1000 W. If it is planned to process a large room with the help of technology, it is better to give preference to the device for 1500-2000 watts.

KAMAZ-5410: the legendary truck model. Technical and operational features

Evaluating electric lawn mowers by quality and reliability for the countryside 2022

The weakest electric lawnmower with a capacity of up to 200 watts

Mowing height and width

A good electric lawn mower should mow grass at a height of 2.5 to 7.5 cm. The width of the blade is chosen according to the characteristics of the area. If you need to mow a flat lawn, you can buy a model of 40-50 cm. Difficult for processing, units with a width of 33-38 cm will be more suitable.

Number of bikes.

Most electric lawnmowers from the rating are equipped with four bicycles. Such units demonstrate good stability, but have low maneuverability. Models with three bicycles are easier to master. However, they need to be constantly corrected when handling slopes so that they do not deviate from the course.

Weel units with two knives are also on sale, but they are chosen only for mowing low grass. Such units are most often equipped with drum-type blades.

Modifications for processing and releasing grass

The best electric lawnmower should be equipped with a basket for collecting grass. It is desirable that the device supports several throwing options – backwards and sideways. Models with the mulching function are popular – they immediately shred the mowed vegetation, and therefore it can be used as a fertilizer.

Cost and brand

When studying the evaluation of an inexpensive and reliable electric lawn mower, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. The following brands are the most popular with buyers:

  • Patriot;
  • Green work;
  • Schnitzer;
  • Makita;
  • Champion;
  • Bosch;
  • Guardian;

Devices from the reviews of cheaper models usually have low power consumption and are suitable only for regular maintenance of the site. For mowing floor vegetation, it is better to buy devices from the middle and higher price range.

Top 10 best electric lawn mowers for dacha 2022

When buying an electric lawn mower, it is better to give preference to the most reliable and user-friendly devices. Some devices are particularly popular because of their technical characteristics.

Makita Elm4620

Inexpensive device on wheels with a motor power of 1800 watts, equipped with a blade 46 cm, reliable and durable, supports two options for throwing the grass and the collection of plants in the 60-liter tank. The top rated electric lawn mower with an asynchronous motor is ideal for use in well-maintained areas with flat terrain.

Evaluating electric lawn mowers by quality and reliability for the countryside 2022

You can buy the Makita Elm4620 from 29,000 rubles.

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