Why choose a petrol snowman?

Not all snow cuts are equally useful! How do I choose a car removal car?

While you spend the last sunny days on the beach, thoughtful people have already started to cook sledges for winter. For example, Cavin Blake from Canada collected a snowman with his own hands on a homemade steel frame from parts of old bicycles. I went to the store to buy a car because I had so much snow with a shovel last year that I came to helly dreams all summer. If you also choose a snow motolopath, then go with me, I’ll tell you how you have made a choice.

Here they stand, goo d-looking people, stand in front of them. Already ready to rush into the battle to fight the snow. Blue, yellow, red, orange. How do you differ? If you do not respond to details and imagine an ordinary meat mill and then understand the principle of his work, you can assume that you have found out how the snowmaker works:

The pen turns a spiral screw that grinds everything that penetrates the entrance and presses the output. Only instead of the handle we have a powerful petrol engine, and he does not cut the snowman, and the car removal car itself goes to the snow. All machines presented on the market function. The times of the destruction of snow with a laser or the movement of nano robots through the army have not yet come. However, the choice is only complicated. But we can handle it. Let’s start with manufacturers.

Manufacturer of snow reduction devices

I could not find any companies that specialize exclusively in the production of machines for cleaning the snow. All brands presented in our market are wel l-known manufacturers of garden gas technology. In fact, after success on the market of techniques for the garden, you can assess the quality of the snow cleaning machines you produce.

The Patriot Garden brand performed in the United States in 2000. The company positions its equipment as cheap and does not hide the fact that all products are manufactured in China. However, this is the factory production, one of the best companies that also have the production of many European brands. Which ones are not given. It is not surprising that the line of snow removal devices begins with cars of 25,000 rubles in 2011. And the most expensive snowman with wheels is cheaper than everyone “not -” “” analogue.

The history of the MTD brand began in 1932. At that time, three Germans arrived in the United States. Since then, the company has grown and now has many companies in the USA, Canada and Europe. MTD Snowmings that I did came to us from Hungary. The price begins with 35,000 rubles.

A company with a fun turtle on a logo is snapper. The company has been dealing with the production of lawnmowers for more than 50 years. Snapper Snowmers are delivered from the United States. They are somewhat more expensive than Americans MTD, a minimum price is 45,000 rubles.

Sweden Husqvarna I think they are familiar to many. The company has such a rich story and such a large product range, from garden equipment via building equipment, about what to write about it: only to take your time for free. Husqvarna Snowpock machines can be bought for 50,000 rubles and higher. The factories are located worldwide. These cars I saw were produced in the USA.

Cub Cadet is MTD brand. Americans too. They have the widest and most interesting snowmobiles. At the same time, the most expensive of those presented. The price of the cheapest model of the Cub Cadet Snow boiler is 53,000 rubles.

Of course there are many more manufacturers. There are Honda, purebred Japanese, but the offer of these cars to Russia in 2011 is in a big question. There are partners, Factory China, which is part of the Husqvarna problem, but this year the prices for them came very close to the analogues of the Khuskvarna themselves. And there is also an incredible amount of Chinese technology under different names, different colors, but surprisingly similar to each other.

When deciding on a snowmobile car, it is important not only to consider the country of assembly and the brand name. Particular attention should be paid to the engine. Let’s see what engines are at the heart of modern snowmobiles.

Motokos Echo GT-22 Ges. Review, characteristics of the evaluations of the owners
  1. Bind even in severe frosts.
  2. Enough to spend the screws to grind snow and ice.

Obviously both tasks are required. Even if you just can’t start the most powerful engine, then an ordinary snow-covered shovel, a crowbar and an hour of hard work are waiting for you. But I think you can not be afraid that you will freeze. If the force is enough to blow off the falling snowflakes, just don’t let the snow fall.

Therefore, the company from the USA Briggs & Stratton, specializing in engines for more than 100 years, has released a special series of snow (Snow translated from English):

What is their function? At the top location of the valves (OHV). This also allows you to more effectively consolidate fuel, reduce noise and increase service life. In fact, I could not find any snow with an engine in which the valves are located differently. And the American manufacturer did not use additional know-how in the snow series. But we believe they are :)

Briggs & Stratton Snow Series American Engines feature all Snapper and Husqvarna snow offerings. MTD and Cub Cadet cars have engines, Mtd Thorx and Cub Cadet OHV. These engines are made in China. But the valves in both are also on top. The Patriot Garden Snowball motor, only OHV stickers, there are no ID markings. It is definitely Chinese and externally resembles Loncin engines. Maybe made in the same factory.

What can be said about power? The more powerful the car is better for you, and worse for snowdrifts on your site. Now you can find devices with a capacity of 3 to 15 hp. According to the rumors of a car of less than 5 hp. You cannot remove the snow with snow. And when essentially a self-weighted snowman handles cleaning snow. Power affects performance. This. The more powerful, the larger the area you can erase in an hour. This is expressed in the ability to capture a wider capture and in the speed of “chewing” snnee. We’ll compare speed qualities with the first snowball in the fall, and I’ll write more about capture width further.

power of 10 hp. And above can be attributed to the pro. They are suitable for cleaning parking lots and soccer fields. But the price for them starts from 65,000 rubles. With a capacity of 5 to 10 HP Good for home and cottage, you can remove a lot of snow, but not every day. Less than 5 hp. – They will help clear the paths, but they can’t make the snow and big snowdrifts. And they don’t usually have ride on wheels.

wheels or caterpillars?

Non-Self-Propelled Snowman moves a person’s efforts. They are usually small and low. Moreover, the price is about 25,000 rubles. Therefore, it makes sense to take them if you have nowhere to store a self-propelled monster.

Self-propelled vehicles are wheeled and tracked. Caterpillar machines are more powerful, but more expensive as a result. From the pluses: you can work on the slopes, not afraid of hard work, poles like tanks. The minus: dear. The Chinese Patriot Garden costs 53,000 rubles. American MTD with a Chinese engine is already 85,000 rubles. And more reliable models of caterpillar s-snowballers have prices from 100,000 rubles and above. And while there are many questions with their offer to Russia.

So if you doubt the need for a caterpillar snowman, you can take the wheel and order supplements to the wheels. Just pay attention to the governing bodies.

controllability. Mechanics or machine gun?

The average weight of the Snowpock car is around 70 kg. Such a machine in winter is not very convenient. It will come to the rescueHydraulic steering Differential unlock function. How it works? It’s time to turn or turn around, lock the right or left wheel, and the car itself actually turns in place. Incredibly comfortable. More expensive models have such a feature, for example, Cub Cadet 524swe, the price of which is already 53,000 rubles.

Also pay attention to how to control the speed of the snow removal machine. In all Husqvarna models, speed switches like volume on the radio. He dragged the pen to the right, the speed smoothly increases. He moved to the left – falls. Even links gave it back. In science, this mechanism is called a variator. The remaining cars have a speed switch that is similar to a mechanical gearbox in a car. From 4 to 6 gears forward and 1 or 2 forward. But if you’ve already started playing scenes from the last fast and playing your head, slow down. The programs can only be switched in a neutral position when the snowman is standing. And they need to be switched one by one.

What to do with fallen leaves in autumn?

Now take the roulette in our hands. Is it true the better the better?

width and height

It is important not the dimensions of the entire snowman, but the dimensions of the capture. The wider the coverage, the fewer circles you need a soccer field. The higher the capture, the higher the snowdrifts on your shoulder. However, the balance between acquisition dimensions and engine performance is also important. For cars with a detection of about 50 cm, you need a motor with a capacity of about 5 hp. However, a snowman longer than a meter requires a motor with a capacity of 15 horses, and its price is reasonable. The optimal width is 50-70 cm, the larger price is already much higher. However, if you plan to clean large areas daily, e.g. B. a car, then take a wide and powerful. The cost in a working week will justify itself.

The detection height of all cars is about the same. The Huskvarn models are closer to 60 cm, the rest are just over 50 cm. At higher snow changes, knives are attached to the intake. Not all cars have them. But do not be upset if you were not in the car that took the car and you have snow with a house. There are holes for all fits for their attachment, and the knife itself is an ordinary metal plate. For an inventive Russian soul, this is just an opportunity to show an ingenuity.

The last, but no less important feature is the method of starting the engine.

startup type. Of screws!

All models have a manual kickstarter. We pull once, twice on the handle, and the car starts. Incidentally, a good way to stretch and warm up before work. More expensive models are equipped with an electric starter. There are two options here. First start with the battery. The second on a 220 V socket.

If you think you need a starter, don’t believe in the charm of a battery starter. They are very moody, especially in winter. For example, they can be unloaded while waiting for a snowfall. All of Europe takes cars with a starter from a socket. I put it in the garage in the socket, started it, took off and made me grinding snow drifts. And what if it stops away from the socket, do you ask? A hot engine is easy to start with a kick starter.

All chain vehicles come with electrostarters, but the price is obliged. In the Patriot Garden, only the peak class wheel model has an electric starter from the socket. Your prices are 32 thousand rubles. If you want something European or American, take a closer look at MTD, a model with starter costs 45,000 rubles. The rest of the models that are more expensive than 50,000 rubles will also start from the socket regardless of the manufacturer.

In order to stand out from the market and somehow justify the price, the manufacturers add various additional features to the models. Should you consider?

Other properties

Play to the fullest. Do you want full control over your snow removal? Get a snow blower from Husqvarna. All models are equipped with full control over the direction and removal of the snow throw directly from the panel. I think if you put the tank in part of the courtyard, you can easily throw the whole snow off the farm there. In the case of cheaper models of competitors, the angle of the ejection shaft is generally determined, and the ejection itself is turned by a snail gear. Turn the handle clockwise: the slide turns to the right, clockwise: to the left. Decide for yourself whether you need precision and simplicity. The task usually amounts to “throwing the snow aside”.

Are you planning to clear snow in the cemetery at night? Take a snow blower with halogen headlights. All manufacturers have medium and expensive headlight models. If you want a cheaper model, buy a good flashlight for the price difference.

Devices, repair and maintenance of mole engine breeders

Steering wheel heating – and that works. Swedish snow plows are famous for this. The owners of the others have to wear warm gloves.

Plastic or metal plates and gutter? Plastic plastic dispute. One will crack in the cold, the other will serve no less than a counterpart made of metal. The plastic gutter is made of MTD models. But in the entire history of your sales, I only know a call to the service to exchange the gutter. That’s right, metal garage doors fell onto this gutter.

Have you already changed your opinion on the purchase of a snow blower and think about what you can replace it? And there is something to show.


You can use the hand-led NEVA tractor with a rotating snow blower. In addition, you may already have a han d-led tractor. And even if not, it can not only be useful in winter. And for winter you can still take a shovel and brush with you.

There are also models of rotating snow blades for some models of garden tractors and riders.

Do you need more advanced snow clearing devices? We can also help you with this:

Petrol or electrical. Which snow blower is better to give away and at home?

“Winter is close”, as the characters of the popular series said about dragons and her mother. And where is winter, there is snow. Perhaps for someone who can wave a shovel in a frosty winter morning novel. However, this requires time and effort. Therefore, it is better to get ready with snow, ice crust and snow drifts. The eldorologist found out how to select a snowball player and what a gasoline is better than an electrical one.


Why do you need a snowman?
Why is a petrol snowman better than electrical and for what purposes?
Snowman Huter SGC 4000b
Snowman petrol hut sgc 8100 5
Snowman Huter SGC 2000 (70/7/6) 5
Snowman Huter SGC 4100 (70/7/1) 6
Snowman Huter SGC 8000 7

Why do you need a snowman?

The snowman is only similar to a lawnmower for winter. It can easily be finished with snow drifts, ice crust and frostem Nastom. This means that everything that transforms our wel l-kept territory into a polar wasteland in winter.

Snowmen are different types and different purposes.

We said beforehand:

How to choose a snowman


Pay attention to the “heart” of the mechanism – to his engine. It can be electrical or petrol. In the first case, we need an charged battery or an electrical output. The petrol engine uses the familiar car principle of a car known to us.

The engine power determines how much snow can remove our device. Usually such a force is not measured by hundreds of horsepower, but we don’t talk about sports cars. 5 HP is enough so that the snowman cleans the territory on a half past 500 square meters without any problems. m. Or a little more (up to 600 sq. M.). It can be a village dish or a summer house with an adjacent courtyard. If you have an area of ​​1,500 square meters. M. And more you need an engine with a capacity of 10 hp.

Snow attacks with a hybrid engine are equipped with a combustion engine of gasoline and with an electrical generator. The petrol engine turns the generator, and so the energy is generated to operate the entire device. Such a machine does not depend on the network.


There are no snowball players and sel f-proceeded models with themselves.

The former have a completely manual control, one person drives them in motion. Such a mechanism looks a bit ol d-fashionable, but is more compact and easier. It is easier to store and transport.

Sel f-proceeded snowball players are heavier, can weigh more than 70 kg, but work in large areas and be ready with a considerable amount of snow. These models can be equipped with wheels and caterpillars for the ability with a high intersection and to work on inclined surfaces.

An important feature for every snowman is the width of the bucket. It depends on her how long they interfere in the territory and get rid of snow drifts. Electric snowball players have a bucket width of 20 to 60 cm, a wider bucket catches too much snow and the mechanism will quickly “exhale”. The steeper petrol models are equipped with buckets with a width of 50 to 115 cm.

Check the diesel engine blocks NEVA MB-23: Modifications of SD23, SD27, SD27-RF. Reviews of the owners
Shnek and Pipe

And if you decide to really understand the topic, you need to know what a snail and a nozzle are. Everything is simple here: the rotation of the snail guides the snow into the nozzle and from there the snow flies away to a certain distance. The strongest mechanisms “shoot” snow at a distance of up to 15 meters. The snail can be made of rubber (for a gentle cleaning, in which there is a risk that the tiles are scratched) or made of metal, which is suitable for brutal cleaning of snow massives and ice cream. And the pipe can be light and made of plastic or maybe metal, such a pipe is not damaged by small pebbles that get into the mechanism together with snow.

Additional devices

Some models of snow blades have additional equipment for comfortable work: headlights, for example, because it gets dark early in winter or heated handles. It is possible to equip such a machine with an electrical starter for the setup from a socket. Some models are even equipped with a gearbox, so that we can manage snow drifts of different heights and different weights – it is easier to get out of the snow in the low gear.

We said beforehand:

How to choose a snowman

So orient yourself when choosing a snow blower on the target area. In order to clear the entrance to the hut and the snow in a small room, the strongest electric motor and a modest shovel size are not sufficient. Well, if you have to clear snow near a monumental warehouse and on several street entrances to this warehouse, choose a petrol engine, a solid bucket and heated handles that may not harm.

We said beforehand:

Heat battle. Heating or convector – what is better and more powerful?

Why is a gasoline snowy base better than an electrical snow blower and for what purposes?

In all (almost all) cases, a petrol snow reference is better than an electrical snow blower.

The good old gasoline makes you mobile. Nevertheless, a snow blower with cable and socket is suitable for cleaning near a small house, where there is not much adjacent area. If we have to move away from home, the question immediately arises. And it is the petrol snow reference that can boast of autonomy (as well as the battery snow blower).

In addition, petrol mechanisms for clearing snow are more reliable and durable. With such a snow blower, you not only clean a large area, but also faster than with an electric snow blower. If we switch to dry numbers, the performance of a petrol engine in a snow blower can be 15 hp – significantly more than the five horsepower of an electric motor.

It should also be borne in mind that the area to be cleaned does not always consist of a perfectly flat courtyard with decorative tiles. A petrol engine is much more suitable for a less “noble” site with hills and pits.

Hence in our selection – the top of the best petrol snow chips and an electrical one.

Snowman Huter SGC 4000b
Price: 51 200 rubles*

Engine power: 5.5 hp

Cleaning area: 500-600 sqm m m

Bucket width: 56 cm

All moving parts in the mechanism of this model are made of metal, which is a big plus for the longevity of the entire device. Depending on the conditions and preferences, the engine can be started either with a hand starter or with a battery.

The transmission of this snow blade model has four main courses and two backward passages. This allows you to change the engine power depending on the terrain and amount of snow. At high speed we will tear down small snow drifts and fight with serious snow masses at low speed.

The direction of the snow through the tube is easy to configure using a special lever. From bonuses – headlights. Therefore, it is convenient to clean snow even at 6 a.m.

Buyers note the reliability of the machine, easy to manage and take care of. It is started quickly in all weathers without pre-heating the engine. It has compact dimensions, it cannot be stored somewhere in the corner of economic expansion. It is also suitable for wet snow.

STERWINS BS500E lawn mower: description, specifications and rules of use
Snowman petrol Huter SGC 8100
Price: 94,700 p.*

Motor power: 11 hp

Cleaning area: 1 sq. km. and more

Bucket width: 54 cm

The screw in this model of high-quality metal – no rust is terrible for it. Electric starter is responsible for the immediate start. The air cooling takes the engine from overheating. Wide wheels are suitable for snow and ice on the road. Equipped with a headlight and heated grips.

Buyers love this model for good crossability even in the north, quick launch of the engine and convenient configuration of the direction of snow throwing. The maximum discharge range is 15 meters. The screw crunches even large pieces of ice. If you’re looking for a snowman with decent fuel economy, this is it.

Snowman Huter SGC 2000 (70/7/6)
Price: 16,300 p.*

Motor power: 2.5 hp

Cleaning area: about 500 square meters. m

Bucket width: 40 cm

If you need the best electric snowman for all the money in the world then buy this one. It is suitable for small areas – parking or entering the house. Its plus, in addition to the price, is noiselessness. Therefore, you don’t run the risk of carrying the whole village early in the morning.

The direction of snow emission is regulated by comfortable rods so as not to bend again and the wide wheels are responsible for stability.

Buyers love this snowman for its compact sizes and maneuverability. He starts quickly and removes both fresh snow and that was cream. It will easily grind and throw small branches and pieces of ice. This model is among the most convenient in the ranking of electric snowman for the elderly. And the problem of the length of the cord easily solves the extension cord.

We said beforehand:

Reserve power supply unit: how to choose a generator for a summer cottage, house and building construction

Snowman Huter SGC 4100 (70/7/1)
Price: 46,600 p.*

Engine power: 5.5 hp

Cleaning area: 500 square meters. m

Bucket width: 56 cm

Its advantage is the self-made chassis. The snowman moves by your side without any effort or physical preparation. The motor power is sufficient for every ice crust. Dispatch of snow by 15 meters. With five front and two rear gears, depending on the relief and height of the snowdrifts, you can precisely configure the speed of the snowman.

Buyers love this snowman for a reliable design – even pebbles and small stones are not afraid of him. He will also deal with snowdrifts of gauges, but in two approaches. It works even in frost – 30 degrees. Wheels with a wide profile drive on any surface and clean from snow to the ground.

Snowman Huter SGC 8000
Price: 86 900 p.*

Motor power: 11 hp

Cleaning area: 1 or 1.5 square meters. km

Bucket width: 70 cm

Snowman with a self-propelled movement principle. The reception gutter has restrictive shoes. The distance between the surface of the earth and the bucket is thus created. Therefore, the protection of the protection against damage is increased – pebbles and other dangerous garbage will not get into the mechanism. As in previous models, there are heated grips and a bright headlight.

Customers love this snow blower because of their simple handling and stability in extreme environments such as icy conditions. The secret lies in hig h-quality, “dental” rubber wheels and perfect grip. The snow blower also starts with strong frost and the performance is enough to fight with ice pieces. This model is suitable for dry and sticky snow.

*Information about products published on Eldoblog is not a public offer. The price price is given as a reference. The current prices for goods in the corresponding region can be found on the Eldorado.ru website

We hope that our article helped you with the decision which snow blower you should choose for a suburb or a small house. Order and buy your favorite model at the best prices in Eldorado.

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