When is it worth replacing a snow blower with a garden tractor?

Characteristics and subtleties of choosing mini-tractors for snow removal

City dwellers often buy the necessary tools for quick repairs, as well as various types of tools and simple equipment for the country house. However, many can boast of much more serious equipment. In everyday life, compact snow shoveling trains are often used, which are equipped with a powerful engine and a bucket with a mechanism for throwing snow away.


The main winter problem is impassable snow drifts. Plot owners purchase a mini-driver to remove snow drifts near the suburban area. This device has small parameters, it is easy to manage, it easily and fairly quickly copes with the task of cleaning snowdrifts. The main advantage of the mini-drive is its versatility. You can buy a large range of uses or narrowly focused models (as described) at any time. This type of garden equipment will have many double – compared to a regular tractor – solutions in design.

Most mini tractors from Snowpipe can be classified as a versatile type of device. They are used in many industries: industry and construction, agriculture and urban agriculture.

The positives of choosing a small snow blower:

  • quickly removes snow;
  • high efficiency;
  • minimum labor costs;
  • increased safety measures;
  • Versatility.


Instead of waving a shovel all winter again and removing snow from your house, it is better to buy a quality small snow removal minitractor at once. All models of such tractors are classified according to the manufacturer and configuration. On the special market you will find models of mini-tractors from different manufacturers. The most popular are Russian, Chinese and Japanese models. They differ in their properties and cost. The most famous manufacturers can be called several brands.

Master House.

Offers a technique with all the cyclists and is quite convenient, though a small cab. Four-stroke engines guarantee high performance. The Masterhouse brand is known as an honest partner and manufacturer. The main advantages of the company are excellent assembly and increased resistance to corrosion, which is extremely important for the unit in certain conditions. The most popular model is the Masteryard MX8522L.


Inexpensive solution, which is usually used by supply companies, for example, as a convenient special equipment for cleaning snow-covered roads. Due to the fact that most of the mini-loaders “caliber” in different countries around the world have been in use for a long time, consumers have no complaints about the quality of this equipment. Caliber 1700″ is in demand with the electric compact unit.


High quality processing of each model. The devices have an excellent performance of a four-stroke diesel engine. Specialists call the tractor body one of the most developed among all models of additional equipment. Tractors Shibaura 1200S and 1500S are expensive, but highly maneuverable.

Woodchopper - which one to choose?


Another manufacturer is represented in the category of all-wheel drive diesel tractors. The tractors have a high ground clearance, which guarantees them excellent cross-country ability – and this is very important in the home terrain. The Prorab machine is known to many as one of the most reliable and affordable solutions. Prorab GST75 EL will attract your attention with its performance.


Produces excellent miniature tractors for snow fighting. It can work with attachments and is equipped with a four-stroke engine. You can even attach a homemade snow thrower to this machine. The brand itself is very popular, as the distinctive features of this brand are a flexible price and excellent service. The Xingtai XT 244 tractor is versatile and reliable.

Mithrax .

It produces mini-tractors with gasoline engines. The undoubted advantage of the brand can be considered an affordable price for domestic buyers. The Mitrax equipment maintenance does not become a significant expense for its owner. An excellent option for personal use. “Mitrax T10” will please you with its oversized appearance and ability to quickly clear the yard of snow.

Explore the website .

The four-stroke diesel engine allows you to quickly clear snowdrifts in a small area. The design of the product provides for the use of overhangs. Due to the low cost of Scout mini-tractors, they are considered one of the most popular special equipment on the market.


If you need a four-wheel drive mini-tractor with a snowplow, then you should pay attention to this manufacturer. On such a tractor you can install any attachments for fast cleaning. Reliable equipment and affordable price – excellent performance of all models. This Belarusian brand is one of those that have survived many crises, but came out of them, significantly improving the quality of their versatile equipment. The mini tractor “Belarus 132H” will be able to perform the same functions as an ordinary tractor. With such a device, you can qualitatively cultivate areas of more than 4 hectares, it can be used without problems when clearing roads of snow and debris.

dong feng

The clear market leader in terms of sales in China. All-wheel drive vehicle with a four-stroke diesel engine. The device is unpretentious to loads and is notable for high reliability. Excellent functionality and reliable design of the product. The company is considered one of the most interesting and promising companies, presenting their products on our market. The MTD Smart RC 125 model is also considered very popular – a self-propelled mini-tractor with a snowplow attachment, the price of which is one of the most attractive.

The functionality of miniature tractors depends on the additional tools used. It is not enough to move the snow layer, it may be a question of loading, it will be necessary to cast snow aside, clear the ground from the ice. This work can be done with a variety of attachments.

  • A blade attached to the front of the device. It is needed to collect snow.
  • A brush, which removes what is behind the blade. It’s attached to the back of the tractor.
  • Buckets – they easily replace the blade. In addition to cleaning, you can use it to load snow for later removal.
  • Snow thrower – picks up the snow and throws it in the right direction.
  • Knife.
Election Fall.

You can install several elements at once. The best option involves the simultaneous operation of the bucket, as well as the knife and brush.

How to choose?

A miniature machine requires a blade – a special device that helps move the mass of snow in the right direction, such as to the edge of the road. To work with such devices, you need to consider that such a device should fit completely inside the machine, be slightly wider and have the right weight ratio. You can also take a special brush for quality cleaning of stuck snow. With its help, you can easily clean the pavement or your location, when the snow cover is no more than 3-5 cm.

In winter, it is recommended to attach a snow blower to the machine. This device will help to remove compacted snow in any place. In this case, the height of the coverage cannot be more than the clearance and the parameters of the rotor of the used machine, most often this type of equipment copes with a layer of snow of 45-50 cm. A good acquisition can be a special spreader for sand or reagents. In a short time and with minimal effort you can sprinkle the area and the adjacent road, protecting it from ice.

When buying a miniature tractor, it is better to opt for a device with four-wheel drive, as this will allow you to overcome any high and difficult climbs in winter. All-wheel drive will also be useful in summer. In addition, when buying it is worth clarifying the presence of a lot of other interesting things – a heated cab, the availability of lighting devices to work in the dark.

If such a machine can be actively used in winter to clean up snowdrifts, it will be even more useful in summer. When planting, tending and harvesting, you will easily unlock the potential of this versatile helper, which can work with special attachments. When buying units for home use, you need to clearly understand for what purposes you will use them.

Motobloks Patriot Pobeda: video review of the device and attachments, reviews of owners

If you need to use it for clearing snow drifts, digging trenches or moving construction materials, then you need a machine with a power from 20 horsepower. Particular attention should be paid to the size of additional equipment. The mini-tractor should have no problems moving around the site, not hitting bushes and trees, and no problems to enter the garage. Also extremely important is such a technical characteristic, such as the radius of possible turn. Remember that you have to be as careful as possible when driving the tractor for the safety of other people, buildings, and existing crops.

The snow blower is usually not very large, so it can be used both in everyday life in the countryside and in the utilities sector to solve the problem of snow removal in the street. The diesel engine is easy to start even in extreme cold. The easy operation quickly teaches you how to maneuver the new tractor.

Operating Tips

Every mini-tractor model comes with documents describing the peculiarities of operation and proper maintenance of the device. Here are general rules to help you operate your tractor properly and run it for a long time without problems.

  • You must use good fuel. It should be allowed to stand for about two days and absolutely cleaned before pouring it into the tank.
  • You need to clean the fuel filter all the time.
  • If the mini-tractor cooling system is liquid, you need to fill the radiator with clean fluid all the time.
  • The first start of the devices before work is an extremely important moment. Beforehand, check for oil where it should be. Don’t forget to measure the pressure in the wheels and set it to the necessary pressure each time.
  • After starting, listen to the engine. If there are no extraneous noises, you can safely continue operating the equipment.
  • Stand the unit for about 5 minutes without using the pivoting devices.
  • Perform timely maintenance and then you can avoid serious damage and increase the service life of the device.

Multifunctional mini-tractor bails out in the most unpredictable situations and allows you to quickly carry out all the necessary work on the land or garden plot.

In the following video we will consider a mini-tractor for snow plastering.

Is it worth buying a snow plastering tractor?

Snapper Elt18538 Garden Tractor

The Russian climate – an eternal occasion for jokes, surprise and even complete misunderstanding of what is happening. This is the summer heat, which causes fires and even crops, and the winter cold with heavy snowfalls, through which sometimes it is not easy, the most powerful machine, especially if we are talking about the suburbs. In winter, the fight against snow sometimes takes on a special, important importance, because without it it is impossible to go out of the house until the spring, not to mention the inability to do the work. And only really powerful and productive machinery for snow removal can save the situation and return life to normal. But what equipment does it make sense to buy for such a purpose, and in what situation is it advisable to buy a snow removal tractor?

Furniture for any garden

If we are talking about a small area, a spot in front of the house or garage – of course, it makes no sense to invest in the purchase of such devices, it is enough and simple electric snow scooters. Prices for Schneepock tractors are high enough, and the potential, power and skills of such devices also inspire professionals, so it is not necessary to involve them to do the minimum work. But in general, it is worth first to understand what a snowplow tractor is and how it differs from such devices as an ordinary garden tractor – this gives answers to many of the questions that moved.

Many farms have tractors – they are used in their professional activities by procurers, farmers and many other people. And snow plows can be called those that are equipped with a full set of attachments to do the job fully and by default. As a rule, such equipment is equipped with a rotary snow blower, which allows you to effectively and quickly remove snow in large areas.

The craftsman garden tractor

The rotary snow blower carries out the capture of snow and its ejection to the side. The main tool here is a toothed auger. This equipment opens up opportunities to control the direction of snow movement, range and height of cleaning. It is possible to buy a mini tractor with such an addition or attach a snow blower to this equipment and you can get a tractor-snow blower.

Such an approach will be appropriate and justified only if we are talking about a really large working area and intensive operation in winter, because a simple snow blower is a much more profitable solution. If the farm already has a tractor, it is quite possible to cover it with snow, too, after the purchase of appropriate attachments. It should be noted that the mighty tractor, designed for snow removal, can replace the efforts of dozens and allows with a minimum loss of time and money to improve the location, remove snow at any time by the efforts of only one person – the operator, who may be in the cab and do not have to make much effort to do the job. The mini-tractor saves really large areas when clearing snow. Stadiums, areas that have been entrusted to utilities, golf clubs, large areas of parking lots, warehouses and other facilities require this approach to snow removal. After all, it is impossible to eliminate the need for such work anyway, and all other options will be much more difficult and expensive. The increasing popularity of mini-tractors for snow removal is not accidental. It is an opportunity to quickly and without major economic losses to remove snow without the involvement of additional people and other complications. In addition, it is the freedom of purposeful cleaning companies and even the ability to offer similar services on their own.

Winter pruning of fruit trees

Snow removal tractors have the most versatility. And the reason for that is the abundance of attachments in their offerings. In the past one could only dream of this, but today all this has become a reality – these tractors work with power and Main in winter and help to solve a variety of tasks, especially those related to snow removal. In summer, these machines help to carry out agricultural work, and they can also take part in cleaning and other typical types of work. This machinery has hit all seasonal operations with its adaptability, and this makes it profitable and the moment of purchase very profitable and promising.

Thus, the problem of expediency of purchase of such devices is solved. To summarize, we can once again emphasize that it is very profitable and convenient to operate in large rooms, especially given the possibility of its use in the summer. However, it is worth considering another point, namely, the competent selection of these devices. Since tractors are not cheap, this point should be decent.

In general, the tractor Snowpock should be chosen according to the same attractions as the simple Mini – tractor. After all, from the main differences here – only the number of devices to work in the winter. Choosing power tractor and its dimensions, pay attention to the characteristics of the area on which it operates, and the tasks assigned to it with the annual calculation. It is necessary to assess how flat and spacious areas are, what type of snow is usually found here, what kind of work is performed with the third partial category of devices. If you take into account all these aspects, you can buy the best devices, with which you can perform all the necessary tasks, and eliminate the cost of completely unnecessary aspects and frankly unnecessary power. Thanks to the large selection of such equipment, you will be able to choose the solution that is right for your case.

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