Wheels and floor surfaces for MTZ walking tractor. Review, characteristics

Wheels for the MTZ-09 power tiller

Wheels on the MTZ-09 power tiller

In it, the drive wheel is made as one unit with the secondary shaft of the gearbox and a bicycle wheel attached to the housing of the differential. On the remote bicycle projectors can not work fully, at the site it just slides on the surface. It consists of a parallel primary, middle and secondary lag shafts. Video inspection of the assembly of the log bed for the MTZ Motoblock on wheels If there is no desire to carry out this work, you can get by with a simple and effective solution to make a simplified version of the lot. After such work, the wheels do not let slip on the floor, more traction with the road and, accordingly, a better result. The engine should not start or run abnormally. If necessary, the floor works with an increased load, and your rubber can not be finished. Alexei Gorsky has already checked this. Please write to Ramin Kehremanli. The reverse lever is located to the left of the steering wheel and has two positions: along the front block front – four forward gears and rear – two reverse gears.

The walking fear is adjusted by the wheel setting. This pattern makes it possible to make work on almost any area safe. It is only possible to overcome loose soil due to sufficient road descent and large wheels with an enlarged profile, which provide a reliable connection with the surface. Maximum speed of Belarus-09n MTZ + 16 wheels)

MTZ 9H power tiller design

Design features guarantee: long service life thanks to components designed for long-term use of rigid crankcase, forged steel crankshaft and cast cylinder liner. In order not to go wrong with the choice of rubber, it is necessary to observe 3 important components of properties: size, width and weight. Even old bald tires can be used in this case.

Do not expect much reliability from this design, as the chains can eventually break. The latest technological advances in the development of multi-purpose motors are involved in the production. There are fans that are directly on the power unit, but most still use a clutch. However, do not take old car tires in which the profile has already been completely removed.

You can try to take the universal bikes from the machine, which are often found on hand. The effectiveness of the attachment directly depends on the quality of the attachment, which plays a big role in the connection of single-axle tractors and attachments, as well as appropriate bicycles, distinguished by pneumatics and eyelets. These units are unpretentious in operation and do not require serious maintenance. They are characterized by high controllability and performance, excellent friendliness and low fuel consumption. With them, a single-axle tractor with a cutting unit or two ploughs can be easily set up, moved or rolled from place to place. However, they can only be used for attachments. Attachments must be installed when working with various attachments, especially when working with plowing and plowing, plowing and cultivating particularly heavy soils, they are indispensable. Review of homemade bikes for the mini-tractor

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Download – installation of 16 bikes on the MTZ Belarus power tiller

Don’t feel bad, but as always you can be savvy and use the author’s universal bicycle weights. The use of bicycle weights for a hand tractor allows to increase weight of a hand tractor, to increase stability and passability of the unit, to provide the best traction of a single-axis tractor. Since the development of MTZ began in Soviet times, even standard gears from “Moskvich” or “Zhiguli” can be used for this purpose. With remote bicycle projectors, the hand-operated tractor can not work completely, it just slides on the surface on the construction site. The torque transfer takes place through the axlewheel gears. Using a third wheel Installing a third wheel as an attachment serves to give the hand-held tractor better balance and increased maneuverability. Attachments In order to properly attach an attachment to a single-axle mtz tractor and still achieve some efficiency when using it, it is necessary to use an attachment. Compared to pneumatic wheels, the price of tunnels is about the same. The work is not much more, but the effect will be better from the device. The coupling part of the wave unfolds to its original position. This is the shaft that transmits engine torque from the engine through the transmission input shaft via a wedge connection to the working equipment. If the nose is set backward, it is 2 gears backward, 2 gears forward. The clutch is controlled mechanically by the control lever. Therefore it is possible to construct even a three-wheeled mini-tractor.

Seryoga, will the hard drive go on UAZ? Forwards and backwards on the steering plate. There are two reasons: price and low reliability. These can be: pneumatics, lugs and wheels on a single-axle tractor MTZ Clutch is responsible for connecting a single-axle tractor and various attachments. A drive drum is mounted on the end of the engine crankshaft.

The wheels consist of disks and tires 6L – in order not to make a mistake when choosing rubber, you need to pay attention to 3 important constituent properties: height, width and weight. Scheme of the homemade Truck The drawings are easy to read, but keep the proportions when changing dimensions.

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These units are unpretentious in operation and require little maintenance. They have high drivability and power, excellent maintenance and low fuel consumption. Transmission of the recreational tractor is a working mechanism that transmits torque to the wheels from the engine, including performance. MTZ Motobobs (herringbone) tires

Design characteristics.

However, it is necessary to use them only for their intended purpose.

In relation to the wheel axis, the center of gravity and the engine are shifted forward for this reason.

MTZ motowheels are the difference to improve the performance and maneuverability, they are equipped with a differential, which is designed for center locking of bicycles. They are attached to the tract of the running behavior with 4 screws, and there are no problems with installation or replacement. Below you will find drawings with estimated dimensions that can be modified if desired.

This is essentially the same news, only on behalf of normal citizens, not in the corrupt media. But there is a proven pattern, the larger and larger the wheel size, the more load it can handle. The cup tax lever – mounted on the left steering arm, disconnected from the clutch.

Any questions?

Steering linkage – with them, the controls are ergonomically located. Video bloggers are divided into many directions, which are radically different from each other. These are single-stage gearboxes with direct transmissions. You should not expect great reliability from such a design, as the chains can eventually break.

Description of the use of a power tiller allows you to greatly simplify the processing of the soil, reducing labor costs and time for this process at the same time, which increases the quality of the result. The power selection wave power scooter.

GX series – engines designed for general use, long developed for continuous operation in difficult conditions. Below are drawings with nominal dimensions, which can be changed if desired. With a differential, you can speed up one and slow down the other. When the folding equipment is closed, created carts or the front of the universal unit is dried in a series of trailer classes and connected the front of the SC with the engine block, test mounts. They are able to increase and reorganize heavy tillers or two plows without problems.

We are no exception and will be happy to offer you various video blogs on the site. SC universal hitch The SC universal hitch It’s already clear from the name that the advantage of this hitch is that it is compatible with a large number of attachments. It is attached to the outside of the wheels with special brackets, which provide an easy and secure attachment. At the same time, they are not designed for driving on dirt roads. Here it is better to use standard pneumatic tires. Large bikes for the MTZ motoblock

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Review of wheels, numbers, fired for MTZ – bypassers. Homemade designs. Video reviews

One of the most important components of “Belarus” are wheels and clutch device. The effectiveness of the attachment directly depends on the quality of the clutch, which plays the main task of connecting the tractor and the hook of the walker, as well as the corresponding bikes, which are distinguished by pneumatics and primers.

Dimensions and types of bikes

Bicycles can be bought in large quantities with rifling, cam and rubber. It takes four screws to attach them to Belarus. Anyone can do it, even someone who has never tried this kind of thing. In order not to go wrong with the choice of rubber, you need to observe 3 important constituent properties: size, width and weight.

Size 19×7-8.

This size is one of the most popular, as it is installed on heavy motor blocks like MTZ 09H and works with heavy mounting devices. With them, a tractor with a tailor drive or two plows can be easily widened, moved, or rolled from place to place.

Wheel width on the power tiller 19-7*8

Due to the relief and high tread on the rubber, the MTZ power tiller is stable, withstands considerable pressure of the mounting equipment and does not slip in loose and wet soil. Motobloks with this size is advisable to use in the processing of hard floors and virgin lands, as other rubber simply will not withstand the load.

The wheel size is 4×10.

The diameter of this type of rubber is slightly smaller, but due to the high tread that provides good traction on the floor surface, the wheel allows the tractor to walk steadily and effectively perform its tasks.

4x10 wheel

The agricultural market offers other bikes that can be installed on the MTZ 09H: 5×10, 5×12, 6×12 with similar properties. But there is a proven pattern, the larger and larger the wheel size, the greater the load it can withstand. And you need to install them based on the upcoming tasks.

With a third bicycle

Installing a third bike is done as an attachment to give the engine and increase maneuverability. This does not mean that on the basis of two wheels of the MTZ block the motorcycle is unstable, but its properties are increased with an attachment in the form of a third wheel.

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Some craftsmen who are trying to modernize their unit, install a third bicycle on it, to turn the walking tractor into a three-wheeled mini contract lawyer. The design is simple, but with the use of an adapter, it is very convenient to use and saves effort. However, experts recommend not taking three bikes from “Belarus”, and install two front wheels at once and make reins to facilitate climbing uphill or using heavy fasteners.

Homemade design

MTZ owners do not always have the financial means to buy a variety of attachments, not to mention the purchase of new tires to add versatility to the machine. There is no need to get frustrated, and you can as always be savvy and use universal car bikes.

It is important to know that the mounting elements of the tires for the recreational tractor and car are the same, so a similar diameter is taken. As an analogue, you can take bikes from “Lada”, “Cossack” or “Moskvich”, as they were produced almost simultaneously. The advantage of MT Z-Motoblocks is the ability to use almost any rubber. However, it should be remembered that it must work on wet ground, so that a heavily worn profile in the mud.

Solid spaces.

The use of spikes is appropriate where rubber cannot tolerate driving on wet ground, and even in these cases the load on a two-wheeled tractor is quite heavy. Spikes look like rims with herringbone-shaped crossbars welded around the perimeter. When driving, these plates cut into the ground, stick to it and prevent slippage. This feature provides good traction and a smooth ride on the construction site.

In order to experience the effectiveness of herringbone trees, it is necessary to mount them correctly. The herringbone should be pointing with its sharp ends forward to make it easier to penetrate the ground and secure it in place.

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If you pay attention to the price, pneumatic wheels and power tillers are in the same category. However, they can be used only for certain purposes. They are not suitable for driving on dirt roads. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase both options.

Homemade options.

Welding homemade tabs is not difficult, as they are very simple in design. Below are drawings with approximate dimensions that can be modified if necessary.

Tank mixtures for grape processing

The drawings are easy to read, but if you resize them, maintain the proportions.

Video overview demonstrating making eyelets from improvised materials

For those who do not want to waste time and money, there is a way out of the situation and an opportunity to easily and effectively improve traction on the walking tractor. Namely, make a simplified version of the spikes. To do this, use chains. Do not expect much reliability from this design, because after a while the chains may break. But for a short time you can use this option, especially when using wheels with worn rubber.

hitch equipment

In order to properly install an attachment on a two-wheeled MTZ tractor and still achieve a certain level of efficiency in use, a hitch is necessary. If you are not careful when attaching the hitch, you can not only break the cultivator, but even injure yourself.

There are couplers that connect directly to the machine’s PTO, but most still use a hitch.

Universal hitch STs-00010

There are different types of hitches:
  1. STs-00010 universal hitch. Thanks to its design features, with this coupling, you can connect a variety of walking tractors with a variety of attachments. The SC coupler is made at the Smorgon factory and is therefore particularly suitable for MTZ and 09H tractors. It can be used to connect:
    • ocupters;
    • potatoato ploughs/planters;
    • landfillers and snowplows;
    • cultivators, tillers, and harrows;
    • street sweeping brushes.

Before you buy equipment, research the clutch you have. If it does not exist, match it to the parameters of the available MTZ tractor.

  1. hitch for plow. Such device is used only for connection of ploughs. The ability to connect two plows at once increases the efficiency of work and significantly reduces the time of processing the plot.
  2. Homemade version. In order to get acquainted with the options for creating a coupling device in detail, it is advisable to refer to thematic forums, where specialists share their advice.

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Below is a sample drawing of the coupling device

Video review

In the video review provided by the owner of the tractor MTZ, shows the step-by-step production of the coupling

If you follow all the steps, the result should please you.

It is important to note that a high-quality assembly is required, because when connecting heavy equipment, the hitch must be able to withstand a lot of pressure.

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