What to pay attention to when buying black shrubbery?

How to choose a brush cutter for: choose a device with the right parameters

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Despite the fact that all types of this tool work on the same principle, different parameters affect the effectiveness of the device in different situations.

In order to choose the right sleeve, it is necessary to understand how and what parameters affect it.

It is also necessary to consider what is most important in certain conditions, and what can be sacrificed.

The main parameters of the brush cutter

Here are the main parameters of these devices, which affect the choice of a potential buyer:

  • type of motor;
  • engine power;
  • type of cutting tool;
  • type of front and rear handles;
  • Weight;
  • price.

motor type

There are three types of engines installed on pruners:

  • gasoline;
  • Electric (220 V);
  • battery.

Gasoline engines are as autonomous as possible, because they require only fuel (four-stroke) or a mixture of fuel and oil (two-stroke) to work, which makes them well suited for work where it is impossible to stick to the outlet.

In addition, such power units are noticeably superior in power, since this parameter is limited only by their weight, while the electrical equipment is limited by the length and cross-section of the cable and batteries of the power supply.

Such power units have no disadvantages that limit their use.

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Here are these disadvantages:

  1. They are very noisy during operation, so using a gasoline-powered powerpack near the windows of an apartment building or office may displease their occupants.
  2. The power source for gasoline engines is flammable, which has a strong odor and leaves liquids on your clothes. Therefore, these units should be fueled with caution in appropriate clothing.
  3. The air filter and spark plugs of this equipment should be changed regularly.
  4. Due to the peculiarities of design, the weight of the gasoline unit is noticeably greater than that of the electric or battery-powered counterpart.

You can read more about the pros and cons of gasoline engines here (gasoline mower).


Electric motors do not require the burning of dangerous and foul-smelling fluids to operate.

In addition, the maximum cable length is not 100 m, even for relatively low devices. Operation.

The advantages of such a power device are:

  • Small size – during operation, the cutting mechanism makes noise, if not stronger than the engine, then comparable to it;
  • Minimum weight, so the weight of low-power devices is often 2.5-2.8 kg;
  • Minimum cost, the cheapest models can be bought for 2-4 thousand rubles.

If you are interested in more information about devices with an electric motor for 220 V, click on the link (Elektromateian) and you will be redirected to the page with the appropriate article.


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Battery-powered current collectors combine the advantages described above of both motors, viz:

  • Make no noise during operation;
  • Don’t need gasoline;
  • Maintain independent operation.
Electric lawnmower "Stervinov" 340 speed: description, properties and rules of use

Another significant advantage of reputable brand devices is the compatibility of the free torch with the corresponding elinia battery equipment, so that one power source can be used with several devices.

There are also disadvantages:

  • The cutter’s operating time depends on the power and voltage of the power supply. The higher these two parameters, the longer the device runs until the battery (battery) is fully charged.
  • The cost of the power source is often comparable to the price of the free hedge trimmer itself, especially when it comes to the battery of higher capacity;
  • Cordless hedge trimmers are less suited to cutting the thickest branches than others, as this work quickly depletes the power source.

More information on the structure of the cordless hedge trimmer, its advantages and disadvantages can be found here (cordless hedge trimmer).

Motor power

This parameter is important if you want to use a free trimmer not only for cutting green hedges, but also for trimming garden bushes or trees. After all, the thickness of the branches of these plants is noticeably greater than that of a hedge, which forces the motor to experience a greater load.

The higher the motor power, the higher the frequency of the blade movement, and this parameter determines how accurately the tool will cut leaves and thin branches.

If you plan to cut only ornamental plants, the power of the motor does not matter, the device will still do the job.

Type of cutting tool

The freelancer’s cutting tool can be divided into three parameters:

  • Type;
  • The number of movable knives;
  • The presence and type of comb.

There are 2 types of cutting tools on this gardening device:

  • Freezer (longitudinal knife);
  • Scissors (cross blades).

The longitudinal ones are suitable for working with all models of motosensors and are 2 long, one-way knives with waves. The longer they are, the wider the cut area becomes, so they are good for creating smooth surfaces.

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Cross blades are suitable for the care of uneven surfaces, but because of the design features are installed only in cordless models with the smallest capacity, which are characterized by the minimum weight (on average 1 kg).

The number of movable knives is no less important, as devices with one movable knife is much cheaper, but the quality of mowing analogues with two movable knives.

This is due to the fact that the speed of movement of the teeth in the shearing instrument with one movable knife is twice less than the movement of both knives. After all, the higher the speed of movement, the less the cutting tool moves during the passage of the teeth, i.e., the cut, over the cutting surface.

Huter BS-45 chainsaw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and running-in

And the shallower the depth with which the knives cut into the wood, the more accurately they cut the branch and cut through its fibers more thoroughly.

Knives with a movable knife are not equipped with a comb, because the stationary knife takes over its function. If both knives are movable, thick branches can be cut unchanged, but for thin branches, a comb is attached to the knife, which fixes the branches and presses them against the knives, thereby improving the quality of the cut.

Types of front and rear handles

The shape and design of both handles affect the usability of the brushcutter, especially when you have to cut not only vertical surfaces. The front handle is either rectangular (but with rounded corners) or rounded.

On the rectangular handle, the arm can only be positioned vertically or horizontally, which is not always practical, but with the rounded handle, the operator can place the brush to cut sloping surfaces at different angles.

The back handle is made rotary or not. The advantage of a rotary one is that it can be at an angle that gives maximum comfort to the operator, while a nonrotary one does not have that option.


This parameter is especially important in two cases, i.e., if:

  • A person with very poor physical fitness uses a hedge trimmer, which is difficult to manipulate with a heavy and long tool.
  • There is often a need for long-term use, such as decorative hedges in a huge area.

The weight of the device is always related to the type of engine and the length of the blade. Because of the design features, chain saws are increasingly stiffer than cordless and even electric ones.

Here’s the average weight of different types of black tailors:

  1. Small battery-powered ones (you can put cross blades on it) – 1 kg.
  2. Electric (mains) – 3 kg.
  3. Cordless – 3 kg (plus the weight of the power supply).
  4. Gasoline – 5,5 kg.

photo 5

Often it is this parameter that is decisive in choosing a particular model.

After all, despite all the differences, black tailors do the same job with about the same quality, so the difference between them is only in comfort and reliability.

However, these two parameters are subjective, because what is uncomfortable for some, is comfortable for others, and reliability depends more on the proper use and care of the device.

What cabinet to choose for dacha?

To choose the right brand and the right model of this device, adhere to the following order of action:

  • Determine the list of tasks for which you need this device.
  • Choose the type of motor that is most suitable for your conditions.
  • Determine the type and size of cutting tool that is also appropriate for your situation.
  • Determine the most comfortable hedge trimmer handle configuration;
  • Determine the maximum price you can pay for the office.
  • Visit the websites of the most popular online stores and use filters to select models that meet your requirements.
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Determining your task list

Although these devices all work on the same principle and perform the same action, different types are more suitable for certain tasks.

For example, small cordless for cutting large hedges are useless, but indispensable in the countryside as a tool for trimming curly surfaces or leaving decorative flowers.

A powerful chain saw with a blade length of 70 cm and a tine spacing of 30-40 mm is ideal for cutting fruit trees and shrubs, but the hedge should not be too high.

The smaller the distance between the teeth, the better the device cuts thin soft branches, and the larger these parameters, the larger branches can be cut without using a chainsaw.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare in advance a list of tasks for which you need a brush cutter, because without them you will not be able to determine either the optimal type of engine, or the most appropriate design of the cutting tool.

Choosing the type of motor

Choosing the most suitable type of power unit is not easy, because each of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

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Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate it from several points of view at once, for example:

  • Autonomy;
  • Noise;
  • the need to interact with flammable liquids;
  • availability of brand-name cordless tools in the home;
  • remoteness from the house;
  • The permissibility of discharge when cutting wood has an unpleasant odor and negatively affects the ecology of the exhaust.

For example, if the most important parameter is the maximum autonomy, that is, the ability to work for some time without being connected to the outlet, then gasoline and battery-powered engines are suitable.

The latter still depends on the power source, as the battery charge ends in 10-60 minutes, depending on its capacity. If you need autonomous work for a longer time, you will have to choose a gasoline hedge trimmer and a battery, but with an additional power source, which will significantly increase the cost of the device.

In the same way, evaluate all the parameters to determine what is most important, and what can be sacrificed. After all, there is no perfect motor that has only pluses and in all situations would not have minimal minuses.

Determining the type of cutting tool

Choosing the right cutting tool is just as important as choosing the motor, because a different blade configuration must be chosen for each plant.

What is good for trimming soft hedges is ineffective for trimming garden trees or shrubs and vice versa.

Knives with movable blades and a removable comb are the most versatile, as you can buy several combs with different spacing between teeth that effectively trim both forage hedges and fruit trees or garden shrubs.

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Choosing a handle configuration

When choosing the most effective handle configuration, you have to choose between:

  • ease of operation;
  • reliability;
  • price.

Finally, a more comfortable unit is usually at least a little more expensive, so you can choose a less reliable unit but at the same price, or overpay for a more comfortable model of the same brand.

Determining the maximum price

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Consider both direct (citizen-related costs) and indirect (shipping costs, extra batteries, etc.) when determining your budget for purchasing a garden tool.

For example, the model you like is equipped with a comb, whose nozzle is suitable for only one task. Therefore, you will immediately have to spend money to buy an additional comb.

Buying a small battery, make sure that it comes with both types of cutting tools, otherwise you will have to buy the missing blade (if, of course, you need it) for a separate fee.

Choosing a model in a store

All popular stores have filters that filter out models that do not meet the customer’s needs. Use these filters to choose the models that best fit your needs. Keep in mind that it may be a device that does not meet your needs.

In that case, decide which requirements you can sacrifice, then search again and do it until you find the device that best suits your conditions.

If your search in one store is unsuccessful, visit another, then a third, and so on, until the right one is found.

Interesting video

Watch a short video about Buschschneider and how to choose:


Choosing the right hedge trimmer is a guarantee that the device will effectively cope with its tasks and that you will not have to overpay for the purchase.

If you choose a more expensive but inappropriate model on the website, you will not be able to use it effectively because it is designed for other tasks and working in other conditions.

How to choose a hedge trimmer

A shrubbery hedge trimmer helps keep your garden in exemplary condition. It can be used to quickly and accurately trim boughs, give shrubs a nice shape and trim hedges.

shrub shear

According to the type of design, shrub shears can be divided into two groups:

    Similar to trimmer or benzokosa – have a gasoline or electric engine, a boom, a working head; The cutting tool is usually a saw-tail.
  1. Bihore cutters – “Lawnmowers” – resemble a chainsaw and externally, but instead of a saw – a bar with a chain, cutters are equipped with two blades with double sharpening – you can make a cut both straight and vice versa.
Gasoline lawnmower, trimmer hutter. Huter lawn mower and power trimmer video evaluations, instructions, reviews

Before choosing a shrub shearer, it is necessary to decide how and for what it is used. For cutting a few bushes and thorough transformation of dense green rooms require completely different tools.

STIHL brush cutter

The main types are:

  • Mechanical shrub trimmers – the simplest tools for cutting plants, in shape resemble a secretary; Suitable for working only with low plantings with thin branches or stems, as the operator approaches to cut, you have to make an effort.
  • Gasoline-powered saws are the most powerful for professional garden maintenance. Usually used in park farms. Such tools are suitable for pruning overgrown shrubs with branches up to 4 cm thick amid harmful exhaust fumes.
  • Electric bureaus are easy to wait for and safe for the environment. As a rule, the cable length of an electric mower does not exceed 30 cm, so you need to buy an extension cord additionally to it. It has a good performance – it cuts branches up to 2 cm thick. Some models are equipped with a telescopic tripod for cutting tall hedges and other plantings.
  • Benzocosa – provides complete freedom of movement. It is convenient when away from the power source, but has a low output, so it cuts only thin branches. As a mains cutter, it can work with a telescopic rod.

BOSCH brush cutter

What you need to pay attention to when choosing a hedge trimmer:

  • Performance – the productivity of the tool depends on it; The performance of gasoline hedge trimmers can reach 1 kW, electric – 0,6 kW. The power of about 0.5 kW is considered optimal (sufficient for periodic work of average complexity).
  • Blade length – the longer the blade, the wider the cut; Optimal size – 40-50 cm; The extended blade is convenient for the care of wide hedges – working time is greatly reduced.
  • Frequency of the blade stroke – the quality of cut depends on it; High frequency efforts (3000-3400 rpm) usually provide a clean and neat cut.
  • Type of blade – double-sided or single-sided. A double-sided blade speeds up the work process and allows you to cut a variety of shapes. Single-sided knives are suitable for beginner gardeners – even geometric shapes are easier to cut with them.
  • According to the type of knife movement – reciprocal cutting (both knives are moving) or single stroke (one knife is static). The most convenient hedge trimmers of the first type – hedge trimmers with a fixed knife tend to vibrate a lot, which increases the fatigue of the operator.
  • The handle is an important detail for comfortable work. Heavy tools should have a holder for both hands. Rubber pads reduce slippage and improve control over the tool.

You can choose and buy a brush cutter now in the online store “220 Volt”. The consultants of our information center will help you choose related products.

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