What to look out for when buying a wood helicopter?

How to choose a wooden garden chopper?

When purchasing a timber helicopter, you must first consider a number of factors to decide what brand, type, power and price you are willing to pay. This complete guide to buying a wood helicopter will help you understand all the pros, cons and other factors to look out for before making your purchase.

Working in the courtyard and garden can be slow, tiring and, frankly, sometimes there is no effort. Every year you have lots of leaves, empty branches and a terrible task to clean your garden.

What to do with the leaves What to do with branches burn them? Take to a landfill? I have a simple solution for you: invest in Vestok mill!

The wood chipper takes care of your leaves, branches and hedges and also provides you with an invaluable resource in the form of wood chips and shredded leaves that are ideal for fertilizer and compost, ideal for fertilizer and compost use.

What is wood chipper?

The main function of the wood chipper or garden mill is to reduce the amount of garden waste. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a garden enthusiast. A grinder is an indispensable machine and an invaluable tool for reducing garden waste and creating valuable garden resources.

Take down a tidy yard or yard that looks good in a very short amount of time with minimal effort.

Types of wood grinders

There are different types of grinds available for home and commercial use.

If you need a home machine that is an excellent all-round tool for any type of foliage/wood, you most likely want to look at the grinder.

Electric wood chipper

An electric grinder is usually light and relatively small. With a compact frame, you can store and maneuver with ease.

With an electric grinder, all you have to do is connect the car with the outlet, and everything is ready. You don’t have to worry about gasoline or oil. With no oil, it also means you can use the grinder in your garage if you want without worrying about exhaust fumes.

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However, you have to worry about where you want to use your car. If you want to use it in the garden, you must remember that you may need an extension cord. The longer the extension cord, the more energy the branch of branches loses.

An electric grinder usually means less service, but also less energy. Of course, electric grinders also have the advantage that they produce no harmful emissions and work quietly.

Wooden petrol chipper

If you have a serious amount of both hard and soft wood, a Gasoline Gasoline is probably your best bet.

Gasoline engines are usually simply able to produce more power than an electric motor, meaning they are better suited to more rigid branches. The faster the drum spins, the smaller chips you produce.

If you have several hectares of land, it is probably best if you can straighten the chopper directly on fallen branches and leaves. In the electrical model, they are limited by the size of the extension cable and we recommend not to extend it more than 10 m, otherwise the file destroyer simply wastes too much energy.

Simply said; If you have to do heavy wood chips, choose a petrol wood chipper. If you want to use the wood chopper once or twice a year for easier use, choose an electric wood chopper.

What should you pay attention to?

Feed capacity

The catchment performance is one of the most important parameters that you should pay attention to when ordering a wood chopper. The task capacity is the wooden border on which the chopper can effectively work.

You have to take a close look at the size of the diameter of the branches compared to the asthäcksler you want to buy.

For example, if you have branches with a diameter of 7.5 centimeters, you should look for a chopper with a capacity of up to 80 mm.

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If you buy a wooden hacker for home use, you usually do not need a wooden chopper with a capacity of more than 100 mm. This is because all branches that are larger than this size can normally be used to burn wooden sections without having to shred them in a bath house or oven.

If you opt for a wooden hacking output, pay attention to the power (PS) that the wood chopper can produce.

It is difficult to say how much performance you need, but it depends on the type of wood you want to hack and the type of drum that the chopper uses.

If you cut long aged wood, you will probably need a stronger hacker.

How much storage space does a wooden hacker need?

Where do you want to keep the mill? Häcksler vary in size, from compact wood chopper, which are smaller than an average wheelbarrow, to chopper in commercial size, which are often the size of large trailers.

You have to think about how you store your file shelf and how much space you actually have in your garage or scales.


The guarantee is a fairly important element when buying a file destroyer. You want to be sure that you can repair it without additional costs if something goes wrong with your machine.

However, you should also look at the services provided beyond the guarantee.

Spare parts for wooden chopper

In addition to the guarantee you receive with the product, you must also pay attention to the availability of spare parts. Wood chopper lasts long and are not cheap devices, you should be sure that you can find spare parts for the machine once you need them. This also includes changing knives and straps.


This is due to the construction of the wooden chopper. If the file destroyer is intended for easy household use, then you probably only want a small machine that easily fits into a garage or a dandruff.

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If you strive for commercial machines, you should probably look at chopper who are equipped with a drawbar and the like. For better maneuverability.

Additional functions

The last thing you have to take into account are small additional advantages and functions that really describe the machine and make it unique and worth your money.

How many decibels does the wooden breaker have?

Although this may not be your first thought when buying a wood helicopter, you have to take your neighbors into account in the equation. If you choose a larger car, more noises will be generated.

The work of compact wooden grinders generates 90 dB. On average, the wooden hacker produces about 107 dB. For comparison, this is the same volume as loud orchestral music or a flight of a jet plane. It is important that you wear headphones to protect your own hearing, but you also have to take into account the surroundings in which you use the mill.

As soon as the DB level 90-100 reaches, there is a very high risk of long-term hearing damage.

Unique characteristics

For example, if the grinding of branches with a design that enables direct access to the machine’s drum. The folding bunker and the gutter offer quick and effective access to the drum. You only have to remove one or two screws to get access to cleaning locks (stickers of the branch) or carry out maintenance. This means that the downtime of your mill is practically not available.

What to look out for when buying a wood helicopter?

A branch of the branches is a device that makes cleaning and maintaining the house easier and accelerating before winter. With their help, you can get rid of slightly cut branches, perennials or fallen leaves of trees and they subject the bushes to mechanical processing. With the help of the Stiga Electric Mühle, in an environmentally friendly way, you will quickly get rid of the pollution that, of course, affect the beautiful appearance of your garden.

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Which parameters should be taken into account when buying a branch of branches?

Electricity and type of engine

These are one of the most important parameters whose values ​​should determine the choice of helicopter, taking into account the individual needs of the gardener. A strong engine guarantees faster and more effective grinding of thicker branches, etc.; A 220 0-W brush nourishes the Bi o-Master model, and a bi o-quiet is a bronnial model with a capacity of 2500 watts. You will ruthlessly deal with branches in your home garden and garden and ensure the full safety of the user. They also differ with little noise, so that they can safely participate in this work at any time of the day and … nights.

Grinder’s organic silence and organic master

Cutting system

The Bi o-Maste r-Schopper, equipped with hig h-quality double cutting knives, reversal and rotation, can immediately process and cut off and turn them into a small pulp. Equipped with the advanced security system, you can check this work, but above all safely carry out in a safe way. The cutting system, which is characteristic of the chopper organic, is a wave with 8 teeth with which you can work in two directions. It draws the material and enables it to stop the work with a reversal function and to resume at the selected moment, which prevents the device from clogging. If you work with the Stiga chopper, you just want to change the purchase decision.

The maximum diameter of the branches

The maximum diameter of the branches is a parameter, which allows you to adjust the processed material to the size and power of the device. Stig a-Bi o-Master and Bi o-Stille grind perfectly fresh and doomed branches up to 40 mm in diameter. They are ideal for cleaning and leaving in a home garden or garden where the diameter and number of branches are small.

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Adjustable working width

The function of adjusting the handle of the cutting chamber allows you to adjust the pressure of the cutting blade on the stubborn plate, thus determining the exact depth of the cut and the crushing force. Thanks to this, you can easily configure the parameters of the grinder, for example, to the thickness of the branches.

capacity of the basket

When choosing a chopper chopper, you should pay attention to whether it is equipped with a basket for a chip. This option clearly facilitates the work and eliminates the manual collection of collected debris and collects them in one place. It is also worth paying attention to the size of the basket – a large basket often avoids emptying, saving the gardener’s precious time and strength. The Stig a-Bi o-Maste r-Shredder is equipped with a textile basket – a flexible capacity of 50 liters and the Bi o-Still with a plastic basket is more rigid, 60 liters. Their purpose and functions are the same, and the choice of material from which they are made differs depending on the grinder model and user preferences.

Weight and possibility of transport

Electric grinders are relatively light devices, the weight of which does not exceed 30 kg. In the case of the Bi o-Maste r-Chopper, this is 10.4 kg, and in the case of the Bi o-Silent – 27.8 kg. In addition, they are equipped with wide and strong wheels, so they can be easily transported to the right place.

Buying a store from stores is an investment over the years, thanks to which you will quickly and without unnecessary effort restore your site. Stig a-Bi o-Master and Bi o-Silent grinders are devices with the same characteristics and purpose, slightly different in technical parameters. After you buy them, you will find that maintaining order in the garden is a pleasure, and cleaning in it is a pleasure.

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