What to look for when buying a hedge trimmer?

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When it comes to increasing productivity in the garden, we’re always looking for equipment that can make the job easier. Bussols are just one of those reliable machines. For this reason, it’s important to do your research and choose an office built for long-term profit and exceptional productivity. KP has done it for you to bring you the best 2022 reels for your home and garden.

Top 10 rankings from KP

1. the Einhell GSC 3.6 left-handed.

Einhell GSC 3.6 Li

Before us is a multifunctional model shears + batteries Einhell GSC 3.6 Li. The tool is used for garden maintenance, mowing lawns and shrubs. The shears are compact in size and lightweight – only 0.59 kg. If you need the perfect helper for general garden maintenance, you’ve got a great deal.


Bosch AHS 55-20 Li

In front of you, a fast and handy cutting tool with high precision. Even the fast Bosch technology with optimised cutting movement is able to cope with twigs after the first cut. And the large tooth spacing of 20 mm ensures that even old branches and twigs are cut effectively. In general, if you are not afraid of the price, the device will be your reliable helper for many years. The plastic hand protection makes your work safe and also gives you optimal control over the hedge trimming. And the low weight reduces strain on your hands and back.


Ryobi Rht4550

Ryobi has a cutting thickness of up to a respectable 20 mm. The length of the cutting blade is 500mm with double-sided power. This length contributes to a good level of productivity. The two compact, ergonomically shaped handles are suitable for physically fit users. It’s nice that the “Trimmer” comes with an owner’s manual and a tire cover. The model weight is 2.4 kg.


 Gardena Powercut Li-40/60 (9860-20) 60 cm

With the Gardena Powercut Li-40/60 Bush, you can quickly shape a hedge. The large 600 mm long cutting head allows high cutting speeds. The highlight of the model is that it does not require a mains connection. The Coustorer gets its products from a lithium-ion battery, which has no storage effect. A small (3.5 kg) weight of the tool will also please. The noise level during operation does not exceed 90 dB.


 Greenworks G24HT57

Custores has an extended blade of 570 millimeters, which makes it easy to handle and trim bushes and trees of different sizes and volumes. The safe and lightweight lithium-ion battery is capable of delivering 24 volts, and a full charge is enough for a full hour of cutting and trimming shrubs and other greenery. At the same time, you can easily cut branches up to 18 millimeters in diameter with this shrub shear. The weight of this shrub shear is 3.12 kg. The ergonomic handles are ergonomically designed to allow you to work in the most comfortable position.

Dde Lawn Mower. Review, instructions, owner reviews

Makita EH5000W 50 cm

The Makita EH5000W office machine, based on a gasoline engine, has 680 watts of power and is an effective tool for working in the garden. When working, the model includes a double-sided knife, which reaches a length of 500 mm. The thickness of the knife corresponds to 35 mm. For the protection of the owner, a special shield is provided in the construction of the device. The tool supports blade acceleration at 4390 rpm for high efficiency.


Patriot SN 252 52 cm

Lightweight cordless hedge (shrub) trimmer for any garden or vegetable garden. Note that the unit comes without battery and charger. The model is used with the BL202 battery and the GL202 battery charger. If you’re ready for the extra expense, hedge trimming and shrub trimming is the perfect use for VAT.



The Builder WG210E 60 cm electric hedge trimmer is designed to cut hedges. The device runs on a 22 0V mains supply and has a power of 600 watts. That’s enough to meet your needs for trimming branches and bushes. Yes, the price could be a little lower, but it is certainly not a reason not to buy a reliable device.



The Husqvarna 122HD60 Kustorez is a garden tool from one of the world’s recognized leaders. The shears get the power they need to work from a gasoline engine. This means that you, not “tied” to a power source, can work on the site of any area. The engine volume for idling and reaching 7,800 rpm is 21.7 cubic meters. The shears are equipped with a double-sided blade. The length of the cutting blade is 600 mm. The cutting thickness of the tool reaches 20 mm.


Karcher HGE 18-45 Combat Kit 45 cm

The very low weight of the 18-45 combat set and the ergonomic handle allows comfortable and safe operation without putting undue strain on the user’s hands and shoulders. Diamond-blade cutter guarantees good pruning of branches. The safe two-hand control system eliminates the risk of the branch cutter turning on unintentionally. The unit comes with a battery and charger.

A review of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw. Technical specifications. Features of use and safety precautions.

Top 16 best hedge trimmers for 2022

The best boater


Pruning shrubs, tree branches, shaping crowns, and creating hedges are required if the garden is being tended and the area is running low. To perform such work, gardeners and landscapers use a special tool – a shrub trimmer. Large volumes of pruning require the use of high-quality and productive devices. Evaluation of the best shrub trimmers 2022 will help determine the choice of necessary garden equipment.

Shrub shears: What are they, what are they for?

Shrub shears are special shears that are designed to smooth out unwanted shoots on shrubs and trees, wild lines in the garden, artistic shrubs and green hedges. With a shrub trimmer, taking care of the garden plot becomes much more effective and easier.

Types of shrub shears and their properties

Kinds of black socks

According to the principle of operation, shrub shears are divided into different categories.

Mechanical – these are large garden shears, which work on the power of human hands. The applied force is increased due to the long handles.

  • low weight;
  • No noise during operation;
  • Do not need fuel, electricity;
  • reasonable price.
  • poor performance;
  • Dependent on the physical strength of the worker;
  • Requires regular use of air cutting agents.

Suitable for processing small garden diagrams with minimal green spaces.

Electric ones are the best option for garden plots of 2 to 6 acres. The power of electric shrub shears ranges from 500 to 700 watts. The units are capable of quickly and easily shaping branches up to 25 mm thick into the desired shape for green shrubs.

  • silent operation;
  • high productivity;
  • eco-friendliness.
  • The range of processed area depends on the length of the power cord;
  • Unable to work in rainy weather.
  • Need for periodic breaks to cool the motor.

With an extension cord, the compact unit can beautify spacious areas in a short amount of time.

Baking – This type of work from built-in batteries. One battery is enough for an hour of mowing, after which you need to recharge.

  • mobility, ability to work in remote areas;
  • good viability, branches up to 20 mm in diameter;
  • long work without recharging;
  • light weight, easy operation.

The features of the device are compact and silent. To work at height, a model with a telescopic pole is purchased.

Gasoline – the most powerful hedge trimmers with 750-1200 W gasoline-powered engines. The efficiency and high performance of petrol cutters is proven after clearing sections of walkways. The device cuts branches up to 40 mm thick, young shoots and shoots of bushes and trees.

  • high mobility;
  • long hours of continuous operation;
  • independent of weather conditions;
  • Efficient and accurate cutting of any complexity.
  • Low weight, exposure to vibration;
  • The need for regular sharpening of blades;
  • Slight noise, headphones are necessary for hearing protection.
  • Necessity to prepare oil-gasoline mixture in a certain ratio;
  • high price.
Wireless devices - useful in every garden

Basic units are capricious in operation, require skilled and accurate breeding. Benzocutters are excellent for cutting green plantings on the streets of populated areas, in city parks, regardless of the weather.

Popular manufacturers of shrub shears

Black Tyre Manufacturers

When choosing a shrub shear, it is recommended to pay attention to well-known brands that guarantee trouble-free operation of their products. The following companies, engaged in the production and sale of garden equipment, enjoy a good reputation among consumers.

patriot .

The homeland of the brand is the United States. The Patriot Garden brand appeared on the Russian market in 1999. The range of products includes a wide range of devices for landscaping – for professionals and amateur gardeners.


The history of the world-famous German company producing garden equipment and power tools began in the late 19th century. The company’s priorities are responsibility to customers, innovative technologies and products that improve quality of life.

Black & Decker

American manufacturer of products for home and car, garden equipment Black + Decker was involved in the creation of many inventions of power tools. The company’s specialists were the first to develop and produce tools for cordless gardening.


The Champion trademark was registered in Russia in 2005. The production of gardening and construction equipment is located in China. Electric and chain saws, which come to Russia, are adapted to its climate and operating conditions.


Japanese company Makita is a leading manufacturer in the world market of garden tools. The whole range is in product catalog. The domestic market is supplied with garden equipment mainly from China.


Globally recognized leader in garden tools and smart water systems. Millions of gardeners and landscapers use the brand’s reliable equipment. The brand’s innovative pruning shears and brushes are highly efficient.

Which Bushschneider is the best to choose: Criteria for evaluation and selection

What hedge trimmer is best to choose

The first important condition for choosing the right Bushschneider is an electric or gasoline engine. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. If the gardener has a small plot and no problems with power supply, he chooses an electric trimmer, which provides quiet and in nature.

Types of cereals and care for them

For access to remote corners of the garden, it is better to use the garden benzocows.

A cordless device extends the working area beyond the range of the network, but it is impossible to trim thick branches. Standalone electric device requires constant recharging.

The performance of the device cannot be called low. For processing large areas with a high density on green spaces, buy sturdy shrub shears, the reliability of which allows them to work for a long time without interruption. Compact electric shears are suitable for the regular supply of a small garden.

It is easier and faster to cut hair from bushes with tools with a double-edged blade. Working with them requires practical experience. Inexperienced garden designers do better with the development of devices with a single-sided blade.

An important consideration when buying a hedge trimmer is its weight. Before deciding to buy a tool, you need to soberly assess your physical capabilities.

Greenworks GHT5056 56 cm

Greenworks GHT5056 56cm

Greenworks GHT5056 56 cm

Electric garden shears for trimming picturesque green hedges and creating artistic shrub crown sculptures. The device is equipped with a reinforced blade guard. The rear handle swivels 180 degrees and allows you to work at different angles.

Greenworks G40HT (2200907) 60 CV without test

Greenworks G40HT (2200907)

Greenworks G40HT (2200907)

Designed for pruning trees and shrub crown formation.

Provides comfortable working conditions:

  • Low weight – 2.7 kg;
  • No noise or vibration;
  • Handle swivels 180 degrees.

Battery charge lasts for 80 minutes. The motor is protected from overloads and accidental startup.

Campion NTB360 55 cm

Campion NTB360 55 cm

Campion NTB360 55 cm

Battery powered bushwhacker. The load provides 80 minutes of continuous foliage. The branches are trimmed with 55 cm long double-sided blades. The maximum cutting thickness is 20 mm.

  • high productivity;
  • Handy back handle with a trigger.
  • Weight – 3.2 kg;
  • Number of blades – 2 pcs;
  • Operating time on a charged battery – 80 minutes;
  • Charging time – 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Ecological safety;
  • Acceptable weight.

Bosch AHS 55-20 Li 55 cm

Bosch AHS 55-20 Li 55 cm

Bosch AHS 55-20 Li 55 cm

The shearer is designed to cut shrubs and sanitary trees. The unique technology ensures that a decent cut is quickly achieved.

Powerful battery provides mobility and high performance of the tool. The device is equipped with a self-developed anti-blocking system and durable diamond-ground blades. The front handle allows multiple repositioning and provides any angle of shearing.

KAMAZ 5320 - description and properties

Makita Dum604z

Makita Dum604z

Makita Dum604z

Cordless mowers work in areas of the lawn that are inaccessible to conventional garden equipment. The tool helps cut grass near curbs, trees and with thin branches.

There is a button for this in case of an accidental start. The protective screen saves you from flying branches and grass. Comfortable rubberized handle helps to hold the tool. Changing blades is quick and easy. The device is equipped with charge and overload indicators. For powerful cutting, even through thick grass, it has three rows of blades and two of them are movable.

The weight of the Grass Shears is 1.8 kg. Height adjustment of the blades for an even cut.

  • Length of the blade is 20 mm;
  • Max. cutting thickness is 8 mm;
  • No battery and charger;
  • Type of the blade – double-sided;
  • Weight – 1.8 kg.
  • Original design of the supporting frame;
  • Comfortable handle;
  • Double-sided knife;
  • Decent shearing.

The support frame provides the desired cross-section of the grass and increases the strength of the tool.

Körbe for trimming shrubs and forming green hedges in private households. Quick and easy to start in smart start mode. Adjustable rear handle position makes your work easier.

  • Engine capacity 21.7 cc;
  • Power output – 600 watts;
  • Fuel consumption – 0,33 kg/h;
  • Double-sided blade length – 59 cm.

Features and functions:

  • The engine operates with low noise level;
  • Dampers are installed, removing the removed vibration.
  • Safety, protective shroud;
  • Efficient cutting with double blade;
  • Comfortable operation with rotating handle;
  • Quick start.

Excellent appraisal from machine owners.

Stiga SBC 646 D.

Stiga SBC 646 D.

Stiga SBC 646 D.

Petrol-powered brushcutter, equipped with a 2-stroke 44.8 cc engine. Mowing width – 45 cm. Electronic control makes the machine quick and easy to start and the fuel consumption is economical.

The unit includes a metal saw blade blade with 255 mm diameter cutting blades and a new generation trimmer head (cable).

The metal shaft helps withstand standard shock loads. The handle of the bicycle configuration allows you to change the angle of inclination.

  • Fad length – 4 m;
  • Faden diameter – 3 mm;
  • Weight – 8 kg;
  • Power – 1250 W.

The weight of the tool is evenly distributed on the operator’s body with the help of the handle and double strap.

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