What to do with green tomatoes

Green tomato dishes

Recipes for green tomatoes with photos should help everyone who loves and respects this vegetable. Not everyone knows what you can make with green tomatoes, because they are much less popular than their red relatives. Less popular, but no less delicious. Learn how to make delicious green tomato dishes with the following recipes, and you’ll appreciate this tomato variety even more.

Pickled Green Tomatoes 4.2 5

For some people green tomatoes are disgusting, and for some people they are a real delicacy. I belong to the second category – since childhood I adore them, especially in pickled form. Read how to pickle green tomatoes! Added by: Kurzyupa 09/01/2014

Canned green tomatoes 3.8 3

Every year I make a lot of preserves of green tomatoes, making stews and salads with them. Today I suggest making canned green tomatoes for winter. Added by: Valentina60 09/21/2021

Green tomato jam 3.4

I want to show you how to cook jam from green tomatoes is delicious and unusual, reminiscent of the taste of kiwi. In terms of costs it is minimal, it is prepared quickly and easily. Be sure to try it! Added:

Sliced green tomatoes for winter 4.8 3

With green tomatoes in season, here’s a recipe for a great winter snack. Moderately spicy and delicious. Goes well with meat, fish, poultry, boiled potatoes. Added:

Green tomato lecho 5.0 2

Green tomatoes can be not only pickled or sourced, they can be used to make incredibly tasty lecho. If you love vegetable snacks, be sure to check out this simple recipe. Added:

Canning green tomatoes for the winter 3.4 2

One way to can green tomatoes is by canning or starter. I roll the tomatoes sterile, they stand well in a cool place and turn out very tasty. Added:

Armenian Green Tomatoes 5.0 1.

Armenian green tomatoes are a delicious appetizer that is sure to please all spice lovers. Armenians can be made with ripe tomatoes, but they will still taste better with green …. Next

Cold marinating green tomatoes 3.8 1

This canning is a must-have in any pantry. Green tomatoes are a great appetizer for a main course. I recommend it! Added:

Seamless Green Tomatoes 3.3 1

An incompletely ripe crop not only can, but should be used! Here’s a great way to make seamless green tomatoes, a juicy, tangy and very tasty appetizer. . Next

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Green tomato salad for winter 4.0 1

This salad is very popular in my family. It reminds me of fall: warm, colorful and delicious! . Next

Green Tomato Relish 3.7

Green tomato relish is a great vegetable dressing for winter. It can be served with a variety of dishes, usually sweet and sour, or on its own as a light snack with bread or crackers. Added:

Green tomato salad 3.8

My family loves this salad, every year I close it from the last green tomatoes that don’t have time to ripen because of the cold weather. It stores perfectly without sterilization, very juicy and tasty. Next

Fried Green Tomatoes in Batter 3.9

Recipe for making green tomato slices in a batter made of wheat flour, cornmeal, milk and eggs fried in bacon fat. The bacon fat gives this appetizer a smoky flavor. Added:

Pickled Green Tomatoes 3.9

Pickled green tomatoes have a sour taste and go well with meat dishes and salads. Preparing the marinade is very easy. Green tomatoes stay firm and look great! Added by: Valentina60 09/01/2014

Snack with green tomatoes 3.9

A great option for a picnic is a green tomato appetizer. I learned how to make it while visiting a friend in Georgia. There this simple vegetable appetizer can often be found at festivals. . Next

Pickled Green Tomatoes 3.5

Hard green tomatoes are ideal for pickling. Most importantly, choose any shape – no cracks or damage. The recipe for these pickled tomatoes is very simple, so let’s cook! Added by: Valentina60 09/01/2014

Stuffed green tomatoes for winter 3.9

I really advise you to cook green stuffed tomatoes for the winter. This stuffing will appeal to fans of spicy and spicy. Added:

Green tomato jam 2.8

Everyone has a positive attitude toward dishes made from pickled tomatoes. But what about sweet tomatoes? And in the form of jam? Offer your friends an unexpected dessert – green tomato jam! Next

Green Tomato Pickles Recipe 4.7

Once you’ve made these delicious pickled green tomatoes with mustard and cilantro, you’ll love them as a snack and will make them for your family every time … Next

Georgian-style green tomatoes 3.5

No matter how good the summer is, all the tomatoes don’t have time to grow and ripen. That’s why they need to be saved, that is, canned. Georgian green tomatoes are a great recipe! Added:

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Green tomatoes in batter 4.2

Green tomatoes in batter – a dish for vegetable lovers! The recipe for green tomatoes in batter that I’m going to share with you is very simple, and the dish turns out very unusual and delicious. Try it! Next

Spicy Tomatoes for Winter 3.4

I always make a couple of jars of these spicy tomatoes for the winter, it is easy, and in winter it is so nice to open the seam and enjoy the excellent taste of favorite vegetables. Added:

Pickled Green Tomatoes 3.3.

The recipe for pickling green tomatoes comes from a Georgian cookbook. The tomatoes are cooked in their own juice, without the use of a separate brine. The result is an indescribably delicious appetizer! . Next

Green tomato adjika 3.9

There are many ways to make ajika. Not all of them, of course, are successful, but you should pay attention to the recipe with green tomatoes. “Green Ajika” is very tender and incredibly tasty. Added:

Green Tomato Ajika for Winter 2.9

Flipping through the pages of an old cookbook, I came across a curious recipe for cooking “green adjika” (or green tomato adjika). The appetizer turns out very spicy and spicy! Added:

Raw Green Tomato Ajika 2.6

I suggest you learn how to make green tomato adjika. This kind of appetizer can be made in summer and early fall, when you can get those tomatoes. But for eating, all year round! . Next

Green Tomato Hodgepodge 4.2.

Solyanka is a very popular first dish in many GUS countries. Under a large number of recipes should be highlighted hodgepodge of green tomatoes. It turns out it is guaranteed delicious, thick and rich! Added by: Josephine91 03/30/2016

Delicious Green Tomato Ajika 3.7

In this recipe you will learn how to make green tomato adjika. I often make this kind of adjika in the summer and fall. It turns out very tasty and immediately eaten in winter. Topical recipe with spicy! Added:

Green tomato caviar for winter 3.4

What could be more delicious than eating real, flavorful vegetables in the winter? This recipe just tells you how you can make it a reality. Just make green tomato caviar! Added:

Green tomato salad for winter 4.3

If you’ve never tried green tomato salad, you should definitely give it a try. Canning turns out to be not only very tasty, but also incredibly useful. The perfect snack for all occasions! Added:

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Tomato salad for winter 3.6

This most delicious and healthy salad for winter is made with green tomatoes, peppers, onions and carrots. The sweet marinade adds spice and the result is a versatile snack! Added:

Salad with pickled tomatoes 5.0

Salad with pickled tomatoes is very simple and delicious. It will serve as a great appetizer for strong drinks. This salad is especially relevant in the winter, when there are not so many fresh vegetables. Added:

Tomatoes with Green Dip 3.9

Georgian National Court. This is a great cold appetizer that combines a vegetable mixture with garlic flavor. Covered in a glass and stored in the cellar, it’s a great treat for winter. . Next

Pickled Green Tomatoes 4.0.

Skilled housewives have long since learned not only to make cucumbers from ripe red tomatoes, but also to use green ones. It turns out a very tasty dish. I will tell you how to make green tomatoes. Added:

Green breaded tomatoes 3.4.

An inexpensive, quite original and tasty appetizer that I want to offer you to try. I will tell you how to make green breaded tomatoes. Got carried away? Look, it’s very simple. Next up

Green Sotochka Tomatoes 4.8

It’s raining outside, it’s cold, the rest of the crop has been harvested, but it’s not all ripe yet. In the corner lie missing green tomatoes, small beets and carrots, and think what to do with it. I’d like to suggest a variation on a tasty snack from this seemingly unfortunate harvest. Come on in and let’s cook! . Next

Spicy Green Tomatoes with Peppers and Garlic 5.0

Have you ever harvested green tomatoes? Think it’s not delicious? Wrong!!! Green tomatoes with peppers and garlic are delicious and spicy! Fans of spicy will love it! Added by: Marina Sofianchuk on 09/06/2009

Green tomatoes with horseradish for winter 5.0

Many owners of their own vegetable garden know that in the fall on the beds there are a lot of green tomatoes, which no longer mature because of the difference in cold weather. So what to do with these tomatoes? Added by: Marina Sofyanchuk 09/19/1990

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Green tomatoes pickled for winter 3.5

The steeped green tomatoes have a special flavor. This starter is sure to come in handy in winter as an addition to meat, poultry and fish. They can also be used as an ingredient in salads. Next

Green tomatoes in their own juice 5.0

Today I want to share a great green tomato snack recipe! Now is the time when there are still quite a lot of them and they are probably not in a hurry, so you need to make something with them! Added by: Marina Sofianchuk on 10/11/2019

Green tomatoes: dishes and recipes

Pickled Green Tomatoes

Very tasty tomatoes are a great seasonal snack.

Winter soups with apples and green tomatoes

Pickled Green Tomatoes

Soaked tomatoes are an amazingly delicious snack. For the recipe, take green and brown tomatoes. Store them the same way as pickled barrel tomatoes – in the cold. Harvest is ready in 15 days. If suddenly.

Salad with tomatoes, melon and basil

No dressing is needed for this salad – the juicy tomatoes will do the trick. But you should eat it ideally right after making it – with a slice of fresh baguette.

Red bean salad with mixed tomatoes and onions

I have been making this salad for many years, and in that time it has not bored me, and on the holiday table it is popular with guests without exception. The recipe originally used vinegar.

Often many vegetable gardens do not ripen in the fall and leave green tomatoes in the beds. In our family, we never worried about that! We also had a quick bite of green tomatoes. Recently

Stuffed green tomatoes

For spicy lovers. Very tasty green tomatoes filled with garlic and hot peppers. Help yourself!

Salty Green Tomatoes

I really love pickled green tomatoes. I used to ask my mom to make them for me, but this year I decided to make them myself. How delicious they are. The salt is high in acid. Really, you have to.

Green spicy tomatoes

Sometimes it happens that tomatoes don’t have time to ripen and stay green. What to do?! I’ve made jam out of them and put them in different dishes. Today I want to share a recipe

Green tomatoes jam

Another non-trivial jam from Italy. From green tomatoes, also with onions, with garlic. The jam has a peculiar taste. I probably wouldn’t put garlic in it, although it has its own twist. and

Snack of green tomatoes

Today I want to offer you a very tasty appetizer with green tomatoes.

Fried green tomatoes with steamed turkey

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Green tomatoes in Korean

Spicy green tomatoes are delicious! They are good with boiled or roasted potatoes, good as an appetizer at a friendly party. This salad can be served as a side dish

Fried tomatoes

Uh-huh. I’ve already tortured them with frowny watermelons, now roasted tomatoes are next! The recipe doesn’t belong to me, I’ll disclose right away, I found it in a culinary place by accident. I was tempted by

Sauteed fermented tomatoes

This recipe calls for 500 grams per jar. The tomatoes are wicked. They can also be stored in the refrigerator after making the brine, just close with a capron lid. Also a tasty snack.

Battered mushrooms with green tomatoes

If you don’t have fresh red tomatoes, you can make doses in their own juice.

Spicy green stuffed tomatoes

Anyone who grows their own tomatoes knows that in early fall, when it’s already cold and not much sun, there are green tomatoes left over that aren’t eaten that way, but you can make a great snack out of them, and you can, and you can, and you can.

Green tomato salad

Unfortunately, the homemade cucumber and tomato season is over, but I didn’t rest this summer, I was actively engaged in household chores. And now I have something to share with others. This summer we had

Spicy green tomatoes

I made these tomatoes for the first time and my family loved them! I had brown and green tomatoes, the brown ones are of course softer than the green ones, but also very tasty and spicy!

Green tomatoes for winter

To know the taste of these green tomatoes, you have to cook them! Carrots, horseradish, garlic and peppers are given for a three-liter jar, and cucumbers are given for four three-liter jars. Crowd

Stuffed green tomatoes

Now let’s deal with green tomatoes. It turns out to be a very interesting snack. Spicy, sweet and sour. The “boys” with vodka really respect it. And how delicious with potatoes! If you haven’t already.

Green tomato salad

Here you’ll find lots of new cooking ideas, become the author of your own cookbook, meet like-minded people, and chat about everything in the world!

Here you’ll find lots of new cooking ideas, become the author of your own cookbook, meet like-minded people, and chat about everything in the world!

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