What do you need to pay attention to when buying a universal machine?

How to choose a garden machine?

A group of devices that will help you at this time are garden machines. They don’t have the same conditions for tidying up the house. They are equipped with sturdy mixed brushes that easily remove dust, dirt, dust, leaves and small branches. They are durable, easy to handle and maneuver. In addition, sweepers are not individual seasonal machines. Although they are most useful in the fall, they are devices designed for the garden all year round – they will even remove fresh snow in the winter! What parameters should you pay attention to when preparing to buy?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a complete machine?

If you are faced with choosing the perfect unit, be sure to analyze these variables:

  • drive
  • brush
  • arm design
  • ergonomics
  • performance
  • The surface you will use it on
  • Tank content
  • Memorization method

The best dice washing machines – hand sweepers

Stiga Stiga manual sweepers such as the SRP 355, SRP 475 Oira SRP 577 are available to you.

The manual sweepers are equipped with a brainless drive. They don’t make any noise or smoke, require virtually no maintenance, and are simple and non-irritating to use.

The disc brushes with which Stiga’s triggered machines are very durable and can be installed. In three (SWP 355) or eight positions (SWP 475 and SWP 577). They are designed for dual dirt collection: coarse dirt is collected by brushes which rotate in opposite directions, and fine dirt is collected by a roller. This allows you to clean surfaces in hard-to-reach places within reach, for example.

Handle design

The design of the handles on stiga washing machines makes them very easy to use. For the SWP 355 and SWP 577 models, you can also fit a handlebar.

Design also plays a big part in ergonomics. The stiga has big rubber wheels with a special profile, so you can steer well over uneven ground.

The needs of your garden

Do you have a narrow path? The working widths of the manual sweepers are between 55 and 77 cm. Choose the perfect device for you! Sweepers are suitable for cleaning small areas such as patios or yards, and larger areas such as storage rooms or concrete surfaces.

Tank contents.

You don’t have to worry about emptying the bin frequently – the garbage can has a capacity of 20 to 50 liters.

Memorization method

And when you’ve finished working? Simply move the unit to the garage or to the scale. You can also hang the curved machine on a hanger and keep it upright.

The best gasoline-powered machines

You will also find gasoline-powered recording machines in our offerings, viz: SVS 600 G, SVS 800 g i SWS 800 GE substantial and experienced groups. The devices are adapted to the needs of beginners and more advanced gardeners.

The sweepers are reliable machines that are equipped with modern 4.4 kW four-stroke internal combustion engines. In addition, thanks to the electric start function, you can easily start the engine regardless of the outside temperature, which is extremely practical, especially in winter.

Christmas garden decoration

The internal combustion engine models have been equipped with 34.5 cm wide brushes which are ideal for removing dirt such as sand, leaves and grass from all hard surfaces. The sweeping angle can be set in either direction up to 15°. Interestingly, the brushes work just as well on thin snow, and when white fluff appears, you can use the accessories to turn your sweeper into a snow blower!

Handle design

On gasoline-powered machines with a return mechanism, you’ll find a super-comfortable handle with a soft grip for easy use and starting.

All controls are positioned to provide maximum comfort for the user. The sweeper has 6 forward and 2 reverse gears – you can switch them with a practical lever. The device itself is also intuitive. The wheels also make a big difference. Stiga return machines are equipped with rugged 14-inch SNOW-HOG tires that provide maximum traction, even in cold weather.

The needs of your garden

Narrow path or large area? Gasoline aerators prove their worth in any situation. The working width of the devices of these groups ranges from 60 to 80 cm.

Tank contents.

Factory-made gasoline return machines are not equipped with waste containers. However, for the SVS 600 g you can buy 60 or 80 cm tanks.

Memorization method

It is best to store the sweeper in a dry, cool place, covered with a lid. If it is not used for an extended period of time, make sure there is no fuel in the tank.

Storage – Comparison

Handheld sweepers have sweeping capacities ranging from 1 m²/h to 600 m²/h. Like gasoline-powered machines, these models offer a capacity of 3-000 M7000/h. Despite these differences, both devices are ideal for cleaning up homesteads, and the choice depends on preference and needs.

What should you look for when choosing a sweeper? Hopefully, you already know the answer to this question and know what the best cube and large sweepers will be. First and foremost, you need to look at sweeping performance, motor power and ergonomics. The device should meet your needs and provide a comfortable, stress-free experience. Have you made your choice? Check out stiga.pl!

Choosing a universal return machine: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Cleaning garbage in parks, near country houses, stores, stores, pavilions can take a lot of time if it is done manually. Modern devices are mobile, lightweight and maneuverable enough to clean dirt and snow from large and medium construction sites.

Designers have tested and developed handy sweepers with powerful motors, round brushes, which increase the productivity of cleaning by 5-6 times compared to the manual way.

Such machines are used not only for sweeping on homogeneous areas – asphalt or concrete, but also on ordinary soil. The right choice of equipment depends on several factors: the required productivity, the size of the area, the frequency of use.


Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

There are a total of three groups of sages:

  1. Manual – Uses the operator’s muscle power to operate. Often used for cleaning small areas.
  2. Battery-powered – Productive equipment with an electric motor that is powered by a built-in battery.
  3. Gasoline, diesel – the most powerful units with an internal combustion engine are suitable for the enemy of large areas. Are able to work for a long time.
Champion LM4622 lawn mower. Review, instructions, reviews

In addition, sweepers differ in the type of installed brushes. They can be on the side and rotate along a vertical axis. Garbage falls into the middle of the body and then falls into the tanks or pockets. After filling, the operator must destroy the container.

When “backward” mode is turned on, the brushes rotate in the opposite direction. This allows the snow to be removed, which tilts to the sides in the direction of the machine’s travel. Such machines are considered versatile, but more difficult to maintain mechanisms because of the device. In the model, the rotary brushes rotate along horizontal axes.

Selection criteria

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

The main criteria are taken into account:

  • Performance – for cleaning small areas do not require high performance and complex devices. It is enough to choose a small and lightweight machine.
  • Type of coating – if the surface is uneven, it is better to buy a pipe with a vertical arrangement of working waves. It is better to clean the surface from debris and snow, as well as from fallen leaves.
  • The duration of the usual process is to sweep with professional machines with a gasoline or diesel engine throughout the working day. You will easily finish with the amount of work, do not overheat, do not require charging the battery.

You should also pay attention to the hardness of the Bristürbrüsten bristles: Soft ones are designed for even floors. Outdoors, they wear out quickly and need to be replaced. Too hard can damage decorative horizontal surfaces (e.g. tiles), but when cleaning asphalt or unpaved paths, they are indispensable.

Choosing Tips

Before you buy, pay attention to the following details:

  • What buyers write about a particular model, for how long they have used it.
  • The weight and dimensions of the device.
  • The length of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Capacity of garbage bags or containers.
  • Speed of delivery – which spare parts come with the machine.
  • Availability of service where consumables and replacement parts can be purchased.

Some devices provide the position of the brushes. This is practical for various jobs, especially on uneven surfaces.

For example, professional mops can be equipped with additional attachment equipment with a hollow blade. Pay attention to such moments as the possibility of folding the elements of the machine for storage in small utility rooms, as well as the function of setting handles in height for the convenience of operators.

It is worth noting that the most popular are the sweepers produced by large manufacturers: Karcher, Nilfisk, Tielburger, Lavorpro. These companies have a wide range of devices, developed service in the regions, good customer support, and whistles are more reliable in operation.

Overview of popular models

A selection of the most frequently purchased models contains brief technical specifications, a description of design features and user ratings.

The mini version of a garden on the balcony

Lavorpro 651 m

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Description: Laage Pro BSW 651 M hand-held mechanical scrubber/dryer. The design is based on heavy-duty steel impact-resistant construction, adjustable handle, remote brush holder, release eyelet, and pressure regulator on the handle.

Machine properties:

  • Processing width – 700 mm.
  • Type of the engine – mechanical.
  • The volume of the dustbin – 40 liters.
  • Gross weight – 25 kg.
  • Diameter of brushes – 700 mm.
  • Productivity – 1500 m2/h.

Standard equipment: machine, two brushes: circular – 0,5 m, side – 0,3 m.


Lightweight and compact machine does a good job of cleaning in medium to large rooms, halls with hard and flat surfaces. Thanks to the simple device, garbage removal is not a problem.

Nilfisk SM 800

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

A manual sweeper with a mechanical drive. Equipped with ergonomic rubberized handle. The construction consists of corrosion-resistant materials.


  • Container volume – 34 liters.
  • Dimensions – 1,3 x 0,84 x 1,03 m.
  • Diameter of side brush – 0,26 m.
  • Width of the record with several side brushes – 0,84 m.
  • Net weight – 16 kg.
  • The size of the main brush – 0.45 m.


Users believe that the noticeable system provides good cleaning results. And the capacious funnel can not be closed if you need to throw out large debris or load the contents of the urn. Excellent maneuverability is achieved thanks to large bikes that leave no traces. Built-in filtration system handles dust well – it’s a handy job for the operator. The rugged and fixed assembly allows for outdoor use of the whistle. Improved frame construction is corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free. And the mechanical gear drive is simple and reliable, no motor or battery. The operator can adjust the handle as he sees fit – 3 positions are available.

Karcher KM 70/20 CBASE

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Mechanical sweeper from a well-known washing equipment manufacturer.


  • Square capacity – 3680 m2/hour.
  • The full capacity of the hopper – 42 liters.
  • Working width – 0,48 m.
  • Width with 1/2 side brush – 0.7 m.
  • Width with two brushes – 0,96 m.
  • Dimensions – 1,3 x 0,96 x 1,05 m.
  • Weight – 26 kg.


A good model with a simple but well thought out device. Brushes quickly clean the floor surface from loose dirt. Working long enough – no need to run every 5 minutes and pour out the trash. The device is only suitable for rooms with a flat floor. Minus – the high price.

Comac CS 60 B II

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Professional equipment for indoor and outdoor cleaning with a battery drive.

Properties and equipment:

  • Dimensions – 1.28 x 0.75 x 1.28 m.
  • Main cylindrical brush – 0,6 m.
  • Side round brush – 0,4 m.
  • Battery – 24 V, capacity – 76 Ah.
  • Drive power – 0,93 kW.
  • Battery charger – 24 V, 10A.
  • Built-in dustbin – 65 liters.
  • Angle of inclination – up to 10%.
  • Speed of movement – up to 5 km/h.
  • Maximum noise level – 72 dB.
  • Weight – 160 kg.


Perfectly maneuverable machine for efficient cleaning of large areas in intensive mode for up to 8 hours a day. A chair is provided for the operator. Waste container can be easily removed, there are replaceable filters. Brushes are tool-free. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Disadvantages: high price, short warranty period – 12 months.

Lavor Pro SWL-R 850 et

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Cordless floor cleaner for industrial cleaning.

Soil in the garden - how to prepare it for winter?


  • Capacity – up to 4900 m²/hour.
  • Electric motor – 24 V, 1.670 kW.
  • Width of main brush – 0.65 m.
  • Width with side brush – 0.85 m.
  • Waste container volume – 55 liters.
  • Dimensions – 1,15 x 0,8 x 1,2 m.
  • Weight – 186 kg.


Good for cleaning up industrial dust, shavings, paper residue. Drive only through the rear wheels, so it can get stuck on a dirt road. Machine of industrial type, not designed for street cleaning. Disadvantages – high cost.

Comac CS100D.

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Machine with a diesel engine and hydraulic drive. Professional equipment for cleaning large areas: machine shops, warehouses, parking lots, parking lots.


  • Funnel capacity – 400 liters.
  • Number of rollers for waste discharge – 1 pc.
  • Filling width – 1,35 m.
  • Number of boards – 1 pc.
  • Movement speed – up to 8,5 km/h.
  • Angle of activation – up to 15%.
  • Noise level – up to 102 dB.
  • Performance – 11475 m2/h.
  • Width of main brush – 1 m.
  • Width with 1 side brush – 1.35 m.
  • Width with several side brushes – 1.7 m.
  • Type of power unit – 28 hp Perkins diesel engine.
  • Dimensions – 2.33 m x 1.38 m x 1.72 m.
  • Weight – 1070 kg.


The machine is equipped with a comfortable seat for the operator and a clever control system reminiscent of a forklift layout. The presence of headlights, flashing beacon and reverse signal allows you to work outdoors. For automatic emptying of the garbage there is a hydraulic lifting platform by means of which the tank can be moved 1.4 meters above the ground. Cons: Designed for use only on dry surfaces: tile, concrete, asphalt. High noise level.

Tielburger TK 17 AD-380-040TS

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Powerful chain saw is a universal device for indoor and outdoor work. The steel body is coated in three layers with anticorrosive primers. The main parts are made of stainless steel. Control by means of two steps.

General features:

  • Engine is a B&S XTS Ready Start gasoline engine.
  • Power – 5,5 hp.
  • Working width – 0,70 m.
  • Productivity – 2100 m2/h.
  • Drive – on 2 wheels.
  • Number of gears – 1.
  • Speed – up to 3,2 km/h.
  • Weight – 65 kg.

Also designed for sweeper:

  • Blade blade.
  • Protection for car.
  • Universal brush.
  • Hard brush for snow.
  • Chains for wheels.


Compact and powerful sweeper handles dirt and debris well in yard areas with any surface, removes snow, water, leaves and grass well. The 1.5-liter tank allows for long-lasting cleaning without refueling. Equipped with a ready start system, which helps to start the engine in winter at any temperature. Disadvantages – rather heavy equipment for long-term use.

Kaiman Giro 800k.

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Gasoline mower with a powerful high-speed engine copes with the cleaning of medium to large areas of leaves, snow and large deposits.

Stihl electric saws: overview of the model range, brief description and characteristics

Key features:

  • Engine model – Kawasaki FJ180V.
  • Tank volume – 2 liters.
  • Cylinder capacity – 179 cc.
  • Working width – 0,8 m.
  • Speed on different gears is from 2,9 to 5 km/h.
  • Engine is gasoline 4-cycle.
  • Number of speeds – forward – 3, backward – 1.
  • Overall dimensions – 1,84 x 0,8 x 1,08 m.
  • Weight – 118 kg.


Despite the heavy weight, two comfortable handles with controls contribute to easy operation of the machine. Important advantages: the long warranty (3 +2 years) and the extensive network of service centers with the ability to purchase consumables and spare parts. Disadvantages: No starter to start the engine, high price.

Forza Um-800

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

The twin-scrub chain saw helps you clean up medium to large areas quickly. It is suitable for clearing snow, leaves, grass clippings and other debris in winter and summer. A powerful gasoline engine with spark ignition is installed. The brush can work in three positions. Large wheels with a roughened and wide profile provide optimum surface accountability.


  • Engine brand – Zongshen.
  • Power – 6,5 hp.
  • Air cooling.
  • Fuel tank capacity – 3,6 l.
  • Working width – 0,8 m.
  • Number of speeds – forward – 5, backward – 2.
  • Weight – 68 kg.


Practical brush with Neient angle and height setting, ergonomic control panel, quality assembly. Pros: price. Cons: difficult to clean for a long time.

Stiga SWS 800 G

Choosing a universal chart: varieties, selection criteria, review of popular models

Gasoline mower with two rooms with two tracks, development – Sweden. Easy to operate and maneuverable device for cleaning medium to large areas.


  • Engine – gasoline engine with 212 cc.
  • Fuel tank capacity – 3 liters.
  • Working width – 0,8 m.
  • Number of speeds – forward – 5, backward – 2.
  • The diameter of the brush – 0,345 m.
  • Noise level – 99dB.
  • The weight of 50 kg.


The power of the unit is enough for cleaning in the street: in front yards, parking lots, gas stations, areas near stores. The sweeper easily copes with leaves, snow, large debris. Good quality-price ratio of assembling. Cons: high noise level.

Maintenance Functions

Electric and manual charts do not require much maintenance. It is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations, keep the units clean, timely release the waste containers and charge the batteries.

Units with internal combustion engines are more complex and require special maintenance. It is important to timely preventive maintenance of the engine, monitor the oil level and refuel only with high-quality gasoline. Repair and maintenance of such machines require the intervention of craftsmen and is not carried out independently.

Conclusion .

The choice of power tiller depends on the type of coverage and area of the territory, the intensity of future operation and the need to clean the outside. Professional equipment costs more. Its purchase is not reasonable for small works. It is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the super, since the storage of large devices requires the allocation of a separate room.

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