What do you have to look for when buying a scrudler?

What do you have to look for when buying a scrudler?

The master is a practical device that helps to maintain the lawn in good condition. Firstly, it effectively removes dry grass together with weeds and moss and covers the surface of the garden. In addition, it helps to protect the substrate from undesirable weather conditions and accelerate its regeneration. Check what you have to watch if you want to select a Scrus adapted to work in your garden!


This is a key parameter that depends on the selection of a certain type of skruder. Electric models SV 213 E and SV 415 E are mediu m-sized for the maintenance of lawns, ie with an area of ​​200 m² to 400 m². On the other hand, internal combustion machines – SC 42 B and SVP 40 B – do not have the same when working on extensive green rooms, the area of ​​which is 1000 m².

Drive unit

Electrical screenings operate up to 1,500 watts (model SV 415 E). These devices are characterized by calm work in harmony with the environment (do not send any harmful exhaust gases). In addition, they are inexpensively in operation.

Petrol screeners are equipped with effective engines thanks to which they work very efficiently despite intensive operation. The advantage of these machines is also unlimited mobility. Thanks to this, they are ideal for longer work in a very large garden and on green stocks, which, for example, require special care in parks.

Working width

This parameter is measured in centimeters and determines the width of the cut of the green strip with a skating in a pass. In electrical models it is 32 cm (SV 213 E) or 38 cm (SV 415 E). Flying devices work with a slightly larger width, i.e. H. 40 cm (SVP 40 B) and 42 cm (SK 42 B).

Stiga scarifics help to maintain the lawn all year round in perfect condition.

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Depth of work

It determines how deeply the blades of the scruster pierce the surface of the lawn.

Electric screenshots create flat cuts in the range fro m-6 mm to + 4 mm (SV 213 E) and E fro m-13 to + 4.5 mm (SV 415 E). The blades of stove machines are cut into the ground up to a depth of 20 mm. Such an intensive fear is recommended for badly damaged lawns with a clear layer – involved in the tubing made of dry yellow grass.

Materials used for the production of blades

The material from which the cutting leaves are made by the scruat has a major impact on the quality of the work. It is stainless steel that is due to the highest resistance to corrosion, harmful weather conditions and mechanical damage. Thanks to such durable knives, the skruder is suitable for working under all conditions, even in complex and uneven areas. In other words: when and where the lawn needs professional care.

Additional functions and accessories that increase the comfort of the use of the Skruder

Electric screenings are equipped with two interchangeable waves. The first with steel knives (16 in SV 213 E, 20 at SV 415 e) is designed so that it can cut the lawn. The second with steel springs (36 on the SV 213 E model, 44 on the SV 415 E model) serves for its puncture. Change work videos is very easy – this does not require the use of other tools or special skills.

All Stiga ventilation have a practical central adaptation function. Thanks to this, you can freely change the target processes of the machines and consequently carry out the speed of the intensity that damages the lawn: fine, medium or deep. Thus, the lawn quickly restores its flawless appearance after processing. The ant i-vibration system is responsible for the safe operation of these advanced machines. His task is to minimize the risk of transmission of vibrations, which are generated by the engine of a work fittings to the entire device, including the steering wheel. Thanks to this, he remains damped, even though he worked at high speed.

Stiga is supporting the next generation of gamers

The convenience of working with a skruder (regardless of its kind) is increased by a special basket in which the rhizomes of grass are compressed together with weeds and moss, which are torn from the surface of the lawn during the fear. This decision eliminates the need to manually stop the remaining waste in the garden after the end of the processing, which makes the work much easier.

With the scarifier you can easily clean the lawn and remove even a thick layer of felt, weeds and moss from its surface. This multifunctional device also significantly improves the water and air floor balance and ensures that good conditions for developing young herbal shoots. It requires healthy and beautiful by nature, it does not require intensive care, so they spend less time in the garden and more time for the peace.

Evaluation of the best ventilation and shy for the lawn

Our article will be useful for all owners of house and summer house huts that try to anchor the territory and monitor the healthy growth of plants. The ventilation strength will help to cut the grass regularly and maintain the location in the right form. Let us now understand which tool is preferable and what you should look for when choosing before buying. For reasons of assessment, we have made an assessment of the best ventilation scars for the lawn.

Recommendations for the selection of the ventilation panel and the scrapler

First of all, it is worth finding out what the difference between ventilation nuisance and the Skarf is. If the first device contributes to enriching the root system of plants on the lawn with air, the scaker can cut the roots for better grass growth and remove weeds.

The design of the ventilation is shown by a special device that is equipped with a springs of wire or needle teeth. With their help, the lawn, through the oxygen, enter the roots of plants.

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The slower has a slightly different design – the main wave is supplemented with sharp knives that cut the lawn into motion and cut the roots and rotated grass with weeds and moss. When choosing a tool, you must first rely on your purpose. Today, 2 in 1 scripter air ride are very much in demand.

  • Type of drive. Another important parameter is the type of drive. It can be electrical, battery or gasoline.
  • Volume of the grass box. It is worth relying on the lawn. Accordingly, the higher the indicator should be the greater the capacity of the garbage bag. 30-40 liters are sufficient for small areas.
  • Body material. Modern models mainly consist of 2 materials – plastic and metal. Plastic is preferable because it is more resistant to corrosive deposits and lighter.
  • Width and depth of processing. Another parameter is the width and depth of processing the area in one round. The width standard is 25-40 cm. The larger the parameter, the faster the work is completed. The depth should be 10 cm, otherwise minerals and moisture cannot fully reach the roots.
  • Main working mechanism. Steel knives have proven themselves better in the shop. They are reliable and easy to use.
  • There are also a number of additional parameters: number of processing modes, completeness of the spokes, weight, presence of protection etc. Everyone can choose the right version of the device if they set the location for individual requirements and personal wishes. The assessment below helps, which contain the best models of scarifier ventilation in 2022.

The list was compiled by real owners taking parameters such as technical specifications, price-performance ratio, brand call and ratings of different devices. The opinion of experts was no exception.

The best scarifiers

Model 2022 Grass catcher volume, L Power, w Processing width, cm Processing depth, mm
Al-Ko combination care 38 e comfort 55 1300 38 10
Zubrzse-32-1000 40 1000 32 9
Bosch AVR1100 50 1100 32
Makita UV3600 40 1800 36 10
Master ESC1532 35 1500 32
Husqvarna S138i 45 900 38 80
MTD Optima 38VO 50 3000 38 15
Stihl RL540 2200 38 25
Kaiman Cesar 70c Max 40 40 22
Al-Ko combination care 38 P comfort 55 1300 37
Val Gardena 03395 32
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The best electrical ventilator

This is a practical and economic garden unit, quiet in the company and light in weight. Modern manufacturers equip models with buil t-in protection against overvoltages and failures. This has a positive effect on the lifespan.

Experts recommend that this product group be careful with those who edit small areas near the house. This is due to the connection of devices to the power grid.

Al-Ko combination care 38 e comfort

Electrical air bunker Al-Ko Combi Care 38 E Comfort

The device is equipped with an electric motor, the power of which is 1.8 kW. This is completely sufficient to edit 36 ​​cm construction site width in one round. One of the essential advantages of the Al-Ko model is maneuverability and comfort. This was achieved by the installation of wheels with a larger diameter by the manufacturer.

The device itself is quite light and compact. There are 4 penetration levels and the depth of tillage is 1 cm. The large 55-liter grass catch basket attracts attention, but its installation is not very practical in practice.

In general, the model is recommended by experts for the purchase for laypersons and professionals of landscape maintenance on the construction site.

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