What are the best seeds to sow in January?

What seedlings to plant in January – 16 plants that can be sown now.

The beginning of the gardening season is not in the spring, when you need to dig over and fertilize the beds, but in the winter. At this time it is recommended to grow plants with a long growing season on a windowsill or in a heated greenhouse at home. What kind of seedlings to plant in January? Anything that does not have time to get bored in a short summer. These can be flowers, vegetables and even berries.

Of course, you can buy ready-made seedlings at the market. But homemade has several significant advantages.

The first of them is related to costs: seeds and soil with seedling containers are cheaper than grown seedlings. However, it has to be illuminated, and this is associated with additional energy costs.

The second is the ability to produce seedlings of exactly the variety that is needed. In addition, it is difficult to guess the variety by the appearance of purchased seedlings.

Thirdly, there is an opportunity to harden seedlings grown in home conditions. Such plants are more hardy and less susceptible to disease.

What to use for sprouts in January

What kind of seedlings to sow in January? Floral!

They are sown so early to accelerate flowering. And this possibility is not only for annual crops, but also for perennials.

Many flowers are suitable for planting in January. Experienced gardeners recommend stopping at 4-6 varieties. This is enough for a beautiful flowerbed and will not take up much space on windowsills.

  1. Petunia. Petunia seeds are best planted in separate containers, for example, in peat tablets.
  2. Lobelia.
  3. Begonia. Prefer a mixture of leaf soil with sand and peat. In this case, the latter should be taken in equal quantities, and the first – twice as much. During the germination of seeds, it is recommended to cover the containers with glass or film.
  4. Nelke Chabot.
  5. Heliotrope. It is recommended to place the seeds in moist soil of sand and peat. Like the begonia, it should be covered until the germs appear.
  6. Eustra.
  7. Turkish carnation. This is also among the plants on the list to be planted for seedlings in January.
  8. Primed vegetable garden.
  9. Bulb crops to bush by March 8. Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and crocuses can make charming spring bouquets. And later they can be transplanted into the flower bed for maturing onions.
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What to plant in January? Vegetables!

Bell peppers. More precisely, its medium and late varieties. They should be planted first and then sprouted or at least soaked. General containers for seedlings should not be higher than 5 cm, and after the appearance of two true leaves, dive into deeper pots.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes are heat-loving plants and have a long growing season. To get an early harvest, they can be planted in January. When they are then transplanted to the summerhouse, the sturdy seedlings already have buds and flowers.

Eggplant. This useful and tasty vegetable should be added to the list of sprouts to be planted in January. After all, eggplant seedlings, like peppers and tomatoes, should develop well by May. Read about the timing of growing eggplant in 2017 here.

What to sow for sprouts in January

Celery. The vegetation period reaches 160 days. It is impossible to grow in our climate without sprouts. Planting: Sow in January. For this culture, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of universal soil and sand, and take it in equal quantities.

When to plant celery

Onions – striped and Chernushka. When growing this crop, it is necessary to remember whether there is a desire to get a hand harvest in a year.

White cabbage. Of course, we are talking about late cabbage. Early can be sown a little later.

What to sow in January? Strawberries!

In January, it is especially worth sowing remontant boxes. They grow beautifully at home from seed. And also your relative: remontant strawberries. If you sow in January, you can expect to be able to harvest the first crop as early as July or August.

In order to grow strawberries at home, the seeds must be soaked and then slightly dried. On the prepared floor, which consists of a mixture of universal soil with sand in a ratio of 1 to 1, sprinkle the seeds evenly.

Here, a container for strawberries is also realized. It should not be deep – the maximum height of the walls is 3 cm. In the first week of seedling development, it should be covered with glass or film.

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Place the container with seedlings as close to the heating radiator as possible. Because a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius is necessary for successful germination. Most of the seeds should germinate after five days. The first true leaves appear after 14 days. This time does not require additional lighting. It is enough to put the seedlings on the window sill. The glass can be removed during the day, and put it back on at night.

If marsh, the strawberries should immerse, that is, the plants in separate containers, the volume of which is no more than 5 cm. At this time, the plants need good lighting. After all, seedlings form the apical system and leaves.

At the end of April, the culture can be transplanted back into deeper cups. This is especially necessary in a situation where cool weather is expected in May. And transplanting will be carried out in June.

When May is warm, the planting of seedlings in the garden is in the middle or end of the month. To maintain a comfortable temperature, it is recommended to cover the film overnight.

Growing strawberries at home

What kind of seedlings are planted in January, February? What difficulties await?

In the middle of winter, the daylight hours are short, it is cold outside. There are temperature fluctuations indoors. This contributes to a high activity of fungi.

Such a situation determines the rule: There should be so many seedlings that they fit compactly on the windowsill. It is also necessary to control the heat regime and organize the backlighting of seedlings in January.

To increase the likelihood of successful seedling development, it is necessary to treat seeds with growth stimulants.

What to sow in January and 5 more topical questions about plants

The January holidays flashed by in an easy, loud succession. Dachnikov unpacked the Christmas trees, brought their grandchildren to town and … got bored! Nature is asleep. With the Dacha covered in snow, it’s very nice, peaceful and serene. In the middle of winter, the longing of a real gardener reaches planting and weighing only a critical level! Enough, sadness, you can sow in January!

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In January, many plants can be sown in seedlings

Many plants can be seeded in January

Today we’ll talk only about seedlings for the outdoors. If you grab the topic of vegetable gardens on the windowsill and heated greenhouses, there is no end to the original points.

1. What plants are sown for seedlings in January?

  1. First of all, plants that are not characterized by rapid development are sown under the winter: 130-180 days pass from sowing to the first flower.
  2. Second, to get perennials blooming in the year of sowing.
  3. Third, just to save time. In the hot season of sowing major garden fruits, you can’t always find an hour or two for flowers, and sometimes you forget about them at all!
    ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; Autumn; ; ; hybrid;
    Carpathian; ; ; ; ; ; Sheldon; a variety; and others.

2. What happens if you sow petunia on January 15, but without backlighting?

Opinions of gardeners and experts on this question differ.

The first argue that in a bright window (without additional backlighting), the first generation of petunias does not successfully reproduce.

The latter recommend either backlighting or later sowing (late January – early February). Well, if you still sow and not extra light in mid-January, it is recommended to pinch the elongated (and with the lack of light will certainly elongate!) to stimulate growth of the side shoots.

If petunias don't get enough light, they sprout

If the petunia does not get enough light, it will stretch out.

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Can I sow my pepper in December or January?

It is allowed. But it is necessary to light them 12-14 hours a day. According to dacha owners, so early it is recommended to sow only ripening “thought-out” varieties, or if you want to get your harvest as early as possible.

  • Seedlings will stretch out;
  • Peppers in the first 1-1.5 months and therefore do not develop very quickly, but they will not be in the dark.
  • Choose early maturing varieties or hybrids;
  • Grow without picking (then freeze peppers for 10-14 days);
  • Replant seedlings several times into larger containers so that by the time they are planted, the root system is as strong and sturdy as possible.
How to treat fungi on grapes

4. Is it true that strawberry seeds need to be planted before January 10?

No, it is not true. Our experts agree in their recommendations: strawberries are best sown in late February or March. So don’t worry, you still have time to choose varieties, buy seeds and sow in time!

Gardenia Gardena from seed

Garden berries from seeds

5. How much earlier can you start growing seedlings if you arrange for extra lighting?

Lighting is not the only condition necessary for proper seedling growth. If all other prerequisites for the culture are observed (soil composition, temperature and humidity, nutrition), the seedlings can be pulled in any season. In principle. Why rush is another question.

  • Do not rush with the sowing;
  • Choose early-ripening varieties;
  • Send the seedlings to the greenhouse as early as possible.

Plants need enough light for normal growth and development

You need enough light for the plants to grow and develop normally.

What happens as a result: while spoiled indoor sprouts are struggling to adapt to life in the sun, blooming leaves and dropping buds, stubborn greenhouse babies have long since caught up and surpassed, safely blooming and laying fruit. Needless to mention that the yield of early-ripening and later seedlings will differ significantly and clearly not in favor of the first.

6. Is it possible to sow expired seeds?

The choice is always yours, but I wouldn’t take any chances. Especially when it comes to the most important vegetable plants. However, you can always do a germination test! According to the results, everything will be clear. In all other cases, it’s easier to buy fresh. The old saying goes, “From a bad seed do not expect a good tribe,” and expired seeds are not cognac, over time you will only get worse.

It is worth sowing expired seeds - just to solve them

It’s worth sowing expired seeds – just to solve them

It is worth sowing expired seeds - just to solve them

It’s worth sowing expired seeds – just to solve them

Hopefully now it will be easier for you to determine the best time to sow a particular crop. If you express your opinion or experience January I’m Married – Wonderful. If you disagree, we’ll write too – let’s search for the truth together.

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