What accessories for a lawn mower is necessary to have?

What accessories for a lawn mower is necessary to have?

Lawn mowers have a large number of possible compatible add-ons. Which ones will make the biggest difference in both the garden and the rest of the property?

Versatile features.

Garden tractors are an extremely functional solution for those looking for efficient and practical devices for mowing large areas of land. They are especially recommended for working on lawns larger than 1,000 m2. The comfort of the operator, who controls all systems from a comfortable seat, is also an invaluable advantage. However, the biggest advantage of this type of machines is their extraordinary functionality, which is not limited to the range. A large number of accessories to choose from allows you to change the purpose of the device in such a way that the number of options for its use increases significantly.

Winter tractor?

Under the wide range of accessories with a variety of uses, it is of course worth mentioning accessories for winter work. A snow breaker dowel or a rotary snow blower will allow you to come out a winner out of every snow town. The latter device is especially functional because it picks up snow from a width of 90 cm with an extremely durable auger. The operator can set the angle and throw distance of the snow – even 12 m maximum!

The chimney is equipped with an electric drive, so that the current settings can be changed at any time. The snow blower is like a plow in front of the machine. In difficult conditions, you can put chains on the wheels, similar to those used in the mountains in winter. This increases the maneuverability and pulling power of the mower and positively affects work safety.

Simple tools?

An interesting solution is to mount simple garden tools, such as a rake or hoe, on the tractor. Rakes are available in several widths and work just as well as their classic counterparts. However, they work many times faster than with manual operation. On the other hand, shredding is very effective in removing weeds that are cut off at the root. The processing depth can be set manually.

Importantly, the two tools can easily be combined on the tractor and can do double work in one pass, saving you even more time. Also of note is the grass catcher box on the rear of the machine. The working width is 107 cm. The basket is based on a very sturdy frame, with a total capacity of up to 450 liters.

Stiga mowers: Whatever you choose, you can simplify your work with the right accessories

Lawn care is more than mowing

Lawn tractors are mainly designed for mowing, but the attachments also allow you to do many other jobs that you need to properly care for your home’s green spaces.

A fertilizer or water-filled plastic walkway, mounted as a trailer in the back of the car, is an essential addition in every really big garden. The former has a 30-liter container and the ability to spread fertilizer up to 3 meters. In contrast, the roller has a width of 79 cm and is a great tool for leveling the floor. Parking fixtures also have an interesting application. Its task is to create small vertical depressions in the ground, due to the fact that there is more oxygen and water in it.

The Kamaz 53504. Features of the model, parameters and characteristics.

Doing this job on your own would be quite difficult, and using this very practical and useful accessory for your garden tractor completely solves the problem.

Your choice, color

The abundance of devices that can complement the work of your homemade lawnmower is huge. It is worth noting that in addition to the above, you can also install others, including support, brush and sweepers. As the old Polish saying goes, “There is no headache in the abbot’s hut.” It’s good if something is available and the vast majority of garden work can be done with some sort of appliance. This saves not only time, but also money.

How to take care of a lawnmower and trimmer, so that they serve longer

The modern owner of a suburban plot is most often the owner of a decent fleet of power tillers: trimmer, lawn mower, chainsaw, hoe, cultivator, snowblower, finally. Therefore, part-time gardener should also be a mechanic, serves all this household.

Modern gardening equipment requires sufficient technical training from its owner

Modern garden equipment requires a sufficient technical training of its owner

As is known, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. However, this medical truth is most often reminded of the doctor, to whom we come to visit with this or that pain on the occasion of occurrence and progression. Even when using gardening equipment, it very often happens that it does not turn on at the right time, malfunctions or its service life is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Lack of regular maintenance and use of poor-quality consumables are the cause of breakdowns

The reason for breakdowns in most cases is the lack of regular maintenance and the use of poor quality consumables. Comprehensive care and competent use is the key to a long service life. We will talk about how to properly operate the garden equipment, which was designed to fight the lawn.

What is written in the manual?

According to studies by psychologists, half of us do not read any instructions, even if we meet an unfamiliar appliance or unfamiliar task. And half of those who do study reference documentation before starting any business look at it superficially. And only 25% look closely at the administrative user manual before taking action.

Only one-quarter of all users read the manual before operating a machine

Only a quarter of users look closely at the manual before proceeding to action

Of course, every device manufacturer bundles their devices with detailed user manuals (don’t be lazy and take the time to read them). So we will only mention the main points.

For each according to their needs

Correct operation starts with making the right choice. Evaluate your needs and choose a device according to them.

Select the right machine for your needs

Choose the right appliance for your needs

Do not buy a powerful machine if, for example, you only need to mow low grass on the lawn: its purchase will cost more, and subsequently the fuel consumption will be higher – and there will be more noise. In addition, try to “cut” tall weeds with a low-powered trimmer, and the overgrown burdocks will stay in their place and deplete the equipment.

Bulb line, buds and flowers

Execution of new equipment

A garden vehicle with a combustion engine, like a new car, needs a run-in, so that the parts of the engine hit each other: the longevity of the device depends on it.

New gardening equipment requires a break-in period

A new garden tractor requires a running-in period

To run in a new engine, you need to start the unit and let it idle for a while. Then work in gentle conditions – at partial speed and without load, that is, not in thickets of weeds with a prepared trimmer, but to mow the lawn in front of the house.

This is not the first time and work out all the time resource, which the manufacturer hoped for. After 10-15 minutes of work, turn off the engine and let the device cool down.

Take breaks.

Correctly commissioning a new garden helper, it is still not necessary to enroll in Stakhanovites and make additional commitments. The internal combustion engines of common models of garden equipment, unlike cars, are equipped with an air cooling system.

It is less efficient than the water cooling system. After working continuously for some time (40-60 minutes), the engine needs to cool down. As a rule, manufacturers regulate the time of continuous operation by the volume of the tank: the fuel tank is just enough for the recommended time of operation at an average load.

Quiet and cool engine

Quiet and let the engine cool down

After finishing the cleaned fuel do not rush to fill a new tank – let the engine cool down about 10 minutes, or better every 20. Do not forget about your beloved – you will not be able to rest the next day after the shock work. And regular engine cooling protects them from premature wear under increased loads.

Don’t work in extreme heat

For the same reason – possible engine overheating – you should not work in the sun: in extreme heat the engine catches fire much faster than the fuel. It can cause damage to the engine’s piston unit. The midday heat is also not good for the operator – work in the morning or evening.

Overheating causes premature engine wear and tear.

Engine overheating leads to premature engine wear and breakdown

What to clean and what to replace?

The owner loves a brand-new trimmer or lawnmower and thoroughly wipes it down with a rag after work. But it is necessary to overcome the first joy of the acquisition, and here already the device, stained with oil, is pushed into a corner of the shed immediately after work.

Don't be lazy to clean the machine after work.

Don’t be lazy to clean your equipment after work

  • Clean the air filter regularly: We already talked about the importance of cooling the engine. It’s recommended to flush it every 25 hours, and after 100 hours it’s worth buying a new one.
  • Make it a habit to mow dry grass. This has a positive effect on both the cleaning process and the condition of the cutting elements and housing.
  • The fuel filter also requires periodic cleaning or replacement, clogging which leads to periodic overloading of the engine, which can put the equipment out of service.
  • If necessary, check for fouling and check the spark plugs. This will ensure a steady and quick engine start.
The most popular spring blooming flowers

Select the speed

Don’t operate according to the principle “first throttle to failure, and then we’ll see”: choose the right mode of operation, optimally adjusting the fuel supply and accordingly the engine speed.

Choose the right engine speed.

Choose the optimal engine mode for mowing tall and coarse grass with your trimmer (if your machine is capable of it at all), for the lawn you need medium speed – low. For the eradication of young brushwood with power tillers, full performance is required. That said, don’t forget point 3: the higher the load, the more frequent and longer work is required.

The right devices

Basically, this advice applies to trimmers, because there is no special selection of consumables for the lawn. However, for a power tiller you can find a wide variety of line and blade options on sale.

Choose the right consumables

We choose the right consumables according to the instructions (instructions, Carl!). The manufacturer specifies the preferred diameter of the cutting line. Therefore it is not necessary to deviate strongly from these recommendations and try to use the thickest line. As a rule, it tangles and even worse from the holes of the trimmer head. As well as variants with a variety of figures, serrated surface and other inventions.

If you plan to mow rough grass and not enough regular cord, it is more correct (and effective), not more powerful nylon fishing for sale, and install a knife. Knives come in different types, too, and are tailored to the task at hand. Do not forget when choosing a knife to consider better for the trimmer and take into account the power of the engine. And in general – the possibility of using a knife in the model of your trimmer: We consider the first point through the selection of tools in accordance with the tasks.

Choose the right cutting equipment

Choose the right cutting equipment

Don’t take an amateur trimmer!

Regarding the issue of spitting out spit, we remind you that attempts, inappropriate consumables (steel wire or ropes instead of fishing, homemade, damaged or other cutting tools or discs), lead not only to the breakdown of the brushcutter, but also to the risk of injury to both the worker and those around him. If you have to spit out rough grass and are concerned about rocks or metal objects that can damage the hard drive, you can buy in the thicket, a plastic knife – if possible, does not give metal, but they are not deformed if there are impacts on them.

Pond - how to prepare it for winter?

Outfit easily unsuitable for your trimmer

This outfit is easily unsuitable for trimmer work

A curved blade should not be used: Balancing – a deformed blade puts undue stress on the wave and, consequently, on the engine. In addition, it is simply dangerous. You should not try to fix the curvature of the knife yourself: it is impossible in domestic conditions.

To protect yourself and others, follow the rules for using the devices (they are also described in the manual) and take care of protective clothing and equipment.

Regular maintenance

Like any motorized tool, garden tools require regular maintenance from the owner. For example, ÖLER has installed four Stroge engines in some lawn mower models that are equipped with a separate oil tank.

The average length of time to replace an Öler kit for each garden engine is 50 to 60

The average “change to change” oil period for each garden engine is between 50 and 60 mt

The average “change to change” oil period for any garden motor is 50 to 60 mate. What does this mean in action? If you regularly mow the lawn in your small cottage and use a high flow oil, you probably won’t be able to run out that life expectancy for the entire season. In this case, it will only need to be replaced at the end of the season, when conserving for the winter. By the way, it is better to “winterize” the lawnmower with fresh oil, not with old oil.

It is necessary to understand that using cheap, low-quality oils halves the service life of motorcycles: they decompose faster, the load on the engine increases sharply, and the consumption increases. Therefore it is wrong to use such oil and change it only once a season. That’s how straightforward and quite short you can lay out the technology.

Low quality and not suitable for garden equipment, the equipment fails sooner

Low quality and unsuitable for garden equipment, will more quickly lead the equipment to failure

  • For the season
  • fuel and oil

Use high quality fuel and motor oil

Use high quality fuel and motor oil

Long-term storage (especially half-empty cans) causes the octane number of the gasoline to drop. Therefore, do not make long-term stocks and, in particular, use fuel left over from the previous season. Do not buy gasoline with a higher octane rating than the manufacturer recommends: it contains additives which are not necessary for two-stroke engines.

It is also necessary to be attentive to the mixture of gasoline and engine oil, since two-stroke engines most often do not have a separate tank for engine oil: the mixture of gasoline and oil is mixed in the user’s cylinder. Therefore, it is important to observe the proportions and use high-quality oil for two-stroke engines, so that a carpet does not form on the piston and cylinder walls, reducing performance and leading to premature failure.

In general, the subject of oil for garden equipment requires a separate conversation. For general information on why you need engine oil, see this article.

It pays to squeak twice: is it worth saving on oil?

Many owners of garden gasoline equipment believe that lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws and other equipment, firstly, not too complicated, secondly, not particularly demanding, and thirdly, refers to the “perishable products” – breaks down and requires replacement. Throughout the history of the internal combustion engine itself has changed significantly, and the number of special specific developments, innovations and innovations can not be described.

Bosch ARM 33 lawn mower. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

The engines of small garden equipment in general stand apart – they are different from automobile and even motorcycle engines. And even the engines of two devices designed, for example, for mowing the grass (lawnmower and trimmer), have differences. Initially, the same engines for different types and models of equipment seriously differ from each other.

To keep your gardening equipment from being tampered with, it needs to be used properly and regularly serviced by a qualified technician

For the garden equipment to live long and not require the intervention of professionals, it should be properly and regularly operated, so it will live long and not require the intervention of professionals. It should be properly and regularly cared for and not stingy with oil to pour it there, don’t you understand. Modern garden equipment requires special oils of high quality. That is what Liqui Moly, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of modern motor oils, produces.

  • provide easy engine starting,
  • reliably protect engine parts from wear and tear,
  • provide corrosion protection,
  • bright burning,
  • Do not allow the formation of deposits and soot on the parts.
  • Does not foam.
  • Environmentally safe (all products meet strict European environmental standards).

Changing the fuel in a trimmer with an undeveloped engine

Fuel tanks of two-liter engines (most often equipped with them), and for those who do it for the first time, it is important to understand the procedure. We have already talked about the importance of following the clear proportions specified in the instructions. Any deviation leads to a reduction in moto. If not enough oil is added, it leads to insufficient lubrication and rapid wear of parts. If you add more than is customary, it does not have time to burn and deposits form inside, which also negatively affects the performance of the engine.

  1. Have a measuring jug for gasoline and a large needleless syringe to measure the oil. You can use a special mixing canister – with separate containers for gasoline and oil with markings for precise dosing and a handy suction cup.
  2. If you have a regular measuring jug, pour in the amount of oil you need, add half of the gasoline, and mix well. Then pour in just the rest of the gasoline and mix again. The mixture is ready.
  3. Make sure there is no old fuel in the tank. Pour the fuel back in and close the cap.

For 2-stroke equipment, Liqui Moly has two oils – a semi-synthetic for 2-stroke engines (suitable for split and mixed lubrication systems) and a mineral for 2-stroke sagas (also universal, all-season).

Remember that you can not make a gas-oil mixture with a large edge: it loses its properties when stored for a long time. It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the container in which gasoline and oil are mixed.

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