Weimera WM500 engine block. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Weimera WM500 engine block. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Weim VM 500 Walk injury engines are produced at Chinese factory Chongqing Weimaa Power Machine Co. GmbH. They are the golden mean in terms of price and performance.

Motoblock Weimar WM500

The cost of the walk-in tractor is reduced due to the fact that the engines are not purchased, but are made directly at the manufacturer.


The WM50 0-Weim walking injuries are not multifunctional. Weim VM 500 engine blocks are most often used as cultivators in areas up to 40 hectares.

Features of the Weimera WM500 Motoblock:
  • It has a petrol four-stroke engine with a capacity of 7 hp and air cooling.
  • In the standard configuration with the device, a set of 4 grinders with a detection width is 80 cm. This is a basic hitch that allows you to mix the top fertile layer of the earth and improve productivity.
  • The height of the steering wheel can be configured for the specific growth of the operator.
  • Protective wings are installed over the tires. This allows you to protect the owner from flying dirt and dust from the wheels.
  • The manufacturer offers two modifications of this device, differing in the type of handles: the standard model is equipped with regular handles in the shape of the letter “L”, and in the improved model a more comfortable steering wheel from the WM-900 model is installed.
  • This model has standard 4.0-8 size pneumatic wheels with a high profile, which allows the device to reliably grip any type of floor.
  • Weimera WM500 engine blocks have a high clearance so they can move on any surface.

If you plan to use the WEIMA WM500 exclusively as a motor cultivator, you can buy a device without pneumatic wheels.

The following adhesion equipment is suitable for motoblocks:
  • ploughs;
  • Pigtails;
  • mills;
  • Follower;
  • Adapter;
  • potato wedges and potatoes;
  • Helper.


meal petrol
perfomance 5.1kW
engine power 7.0 (p.)
Manufacturer Weimera
Type of motoblock
Maximum processing width 80.0 (cm)
The maximum processing depth 25.0 (cm)
number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
warranty period 12 months)
engine volume 210.0 (cubic meters)
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6 (l)
gear motoblock; mills; transport wheels 4.00-8; Manual
The number of mills 2
engine WM170F, 4 stroke
The number of knives in each grind 24
Country of Manufacture China
coupling Multi-Disc in oil bath
cooling Air
drive unit Belt
transmission gearbox
start engine Manual
PTO no
The weight 65.0 (kg)
Overview of the model range of engine blocks Mole. Features, reviews

User Guide

Before the owners of the Weim WM500 start, they should definitely familiarize themselves with the operating instructions before they start using the tract with the walk behavior.

Instructions that you can download by clicking on the link: Instruction of the Weim

This will help to use correctly and save the car from possible malfunctions that may occur due to improper handling of the device.


A distinctive feature of Weim engine blocks is the high quality of workmanship. To extend the life of the device, you need to know the rules for caring for it. The schedule of engineering work is indicated in the operating instructions.

Schematic of the Weima walk-behind tractor

The basic rules for maintaining the Weimaa Motoboblock:
  • The replacement of the engine oil in the WEIM A-WM 500 engine blocks should occur every 25 hours of operation. To do this, you need to immediately drain the development, and then fill in the new one. It is recommended to use 10W-40 semi-synthetic all-season oil.
  • It is also worth remembering about the gearbox. It is necessary to replace the oil every 100 mothers. It is recommended to use TAP-15V or TAD-17I.
  • Control levers also need to be lubricated regularly. For these purposes, Litol-24 or Solidol is best suited. They not only allow you to lubricate these details, but also protect them from moisture, since these lubricants are water-repellent.
  • After you are finished with the Weim 500 engine note, you should clean it from dirt and dust so that the details do not contain corrosion.
  • If you put a walk to storage for storage in winter, you need to drain oil and gasoline from it. For a long time they absorb water from the air and become indistinguishable.

Video review

Check the factory configuration of the Weim VM500 Motor Block
Review of the Weimer by Weimer WM500

Reviews of the owners

Here’s what owners of the Weim’s WM500 engine blocks are saying on the forums.

Overview of the Partner 350 chain saw. Features of maintenance and operation


“I have only positive emotions from using this tractor by Walk. The performance corresponds to the declared, the speed of driving with a trailer is about 10 km/h. Pulls stable and without problems. Small wheels are still a problem, regularly slipping. I solved this problem by installing floor surfaces. “


“For a long time I chose a walk tractor, because I needed an inexpensive assistant for every day. My property is under the slope. In the middle price category I was looked at Weim VM500. The price is low, the features are excellent. But the Chinese assembly makes you think. I decided to take a chance and wasn’t disappointed. It doesn’t consume much gasoline relatively, a tank of 3.6 liters of gasoline allows you to water once and without problems to grind my entire site of 20 acres. Pros: great functionality, stable engine speed, smooth movement (in a neighbor, Belarus howls throughout the village). Disadvantages: small wheels, heavy weight. “

Weimera WM-500 walk behind tractor. Description of the model, features of application and video reviews

Weim’s WM-500 engine blocks are assembled in China from its own in-house production components. Therefore, for devices of fairly high quality, the price is quite budgetary.

Motoblock Weimar WM-500

The machine is equipped with the Loncin WM168FB engine with a capacity of 7 hp, which handles medium land charts up to 40 acres.

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer Weimera
Country of Manufacture China
Type of motoblock
engine type petrol
The brand of the engine 170 fp
Minimum processing width 50.0 (cm)
Maximum processing width 83.0 (cm)
The maximum processing depth 30.0 (cm)
number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
launch system Mechanical starter
transmission chain transmission
coupling Belt
In the equipment set Mills, crop protection disks
warranty period 24 (month)
Characteristics of the internal combustion engine
engine power 7.0 (p.)
engine volume 212.0 (cubic meters)
motor devices Fou r-Stroke
The number of cylinders 1
engine cooling system Air
The number of engine speeds 3600.0 (speed)
The volume of the fuel tank 5.5 (l)
length 1380.0 (mm)
Broad 650.0 (mm)
Height 970.0 (mm)
The weight 70.0 (kg)
Grape processing in early spring

Description of the Weim model WM500

  • The Weima WM-500 walk behind tractor is equipped with ergonomic, steerable handles, it is extremely easy to use when maneuvering and driving through hard-to-reach areas. Handles – rubberized, vertically and horizontally adjustable.
  • The transmission of the walk-behind tractor is a chain reduction gear, a belt clutch with two belts.
  • The optimal speed range of 2 forward/1 reverse allows you to choose the right working pace.
  • Depending on the soil conditions, the depth can be adjusted to 15-30 cm and the cultivation width to 60-100 cm.
  • With an oil-bathed Double Cleaner air filter, the engine runs quietly.
  • The basic model is completed with 4 mills.
  • Due to the high ground clearance, the device moves optimally on different floors.
  • Protective shields fitted over the wheels protect the worker from flying clods of earth and stones.

Motoblock Weimar WM-500

Currently, the Weima WM-500 walk-behind tractor has been discontinued, an improved modification Weima WM-500 NEW is being produced, which is characterized by a more powerful WEIMA 170F engine, a gear chain reduction gear.

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Conversion WEIMA WM-500 DeLuxe KM

Multifunctional modification of the Veima WM-500 DeLuxe KM walk-behind tractor consists of high-quality components, belongs to the premium segment, is distinguished by modern design and quality equipment:

  • The DeLuxe engine, manufactured under license from Honda, is characterized by economical fuel consumption and high environmental friendliness.
  • The device has an increased fuel tank volume of 5.5 liters, a cyclonic air filter is installed.
  • The steering wheel is longer and mounted closer to the engine, which makes controlling attachments much more comfortable.
  • Thanks to the improved design, the machine has an optimal balance.
  • Vibration levels are significantly reduced, reducing operator stress.
  • Thanks to special KM handles and axle release, the walk-behind tractor is comfortable to manoeuvre, it turns easily and with high accuracy.
Grape varieties from America


Application functions, maintenance

The main advantages of the model are ease of management and operation, as well as undemanding maintenance:

  • The Veym WM-500 hand-held tractor consumes AI-92 petrol.
  • It is recommended to use all-weather 10W-40 motor oil, it must be changed every 25 hours.
  • In the transmission, TAD-17 oil must be changed after 100 hours of operation.
  • Movable friction units and mechanisms of the Weim WM-500 walk behind tractor are lubricated with universal waterproof sliding greases Solidol, Litol-24.

In addition to tillers, the Veym WM-500 walk-behind tractor can easily be aggregated with various attachments: a rotary mower, a plow, a potato digger, a potato planter, a hill wagon, an adapter, a wagon.

Before starting work, the owner should carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction manual for the Veym WM500 walk-behind tractor, which is located at the link:

Video review

Features of the Veima WM-500 walk behind tractor

Motoblock Veima WM500 NEW in operation

Reviews from Weim owners


“Weima VM500 Motoblock is my fifth season. I work with cutters, a hiller, sometimes with an adapter and a trolley. A nimble car but a bit heavy but the wheels are small despite having a high profile. But overall I’m happy with the device.

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