Weima WM900 Motoblock. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Weima WM900 Motoblock. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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Weimera WM900 Motoblock

Chinese factory Chongqing Weimama Power Machine Co. Ltd offers two modifications of the WeiMan WM 900: Weimer WM 900m and Weimer WM 900M3 NEW.

Weimera WM900 Motoblock


Way motor blocks are used in connection with attachments. They carry out a wide range of work and can help with plowing and grinding the floor, planting and trenching potatoes, snow removal and freight transport. With the power selection wave you can set the number of revolutions.

Features of the Weiman WM900 Motoblock:
  • The standard configuration with the machine itself ensures a series of milling systems. This is the basic bond that not only mixes the upper layer of the earth and increases productivity, but also breaks the stack of the large stack of the floor.
  • A telescopic floor is installed at the front. You can light the engine blocks of the WM900M3 new and WM900M when resting, heating the engine or the repair work.
  • The Motobobes Weima WM900M and WM900M3 have a universal coupling that enables the use of most roofs.
  • The wheels of these devices are 4.0-8. This is sufficient to transport the transport to a Güterberg up to 350 kg.
  • In order to protect the owner from dirt and dust, protective wings are installed via the ripe. The position of the handle can be set in height under the growth of the motor operator.

When carrying out work with heavy soils, it is recommended to give the device additional weight. This happens with the help of the weight. There are factory options in the form of pancakes that are hung on a wheel axle, or you can use any heavy object you have on hand.

Weimera WM900M3 NEW

This device is equipped with a fou r-stitch engine with a capacity of 7 hp. The engine is cooled with the cyclone air cooling.

Weimera WM900M3 motorized car

Features of the WM900M3 New Motoblock:
  • Weimera WM900M3 New Gearteges is equipped with a reliable control point with a cast gear and 4 positions: 3 for forward and 1 back.
  • The model has an underestimated release. Thanks to this there is a smaller vibration and the natural wear of parts decreases.
  • The Weima WM900M3 New motor is driven with a hand cable.
  • Reduced equipment enables more thorough land growing at low speed.
  • Weimera WM900M3 News Motobobes are used to process locations with an area of ​​50 to 80 acres.
Why is grapes fall
Technical characteristics
meal petrol
perfomance 5.1 KW
Engine power 7.0 (p.)
Manufacturer Weima
Type of Motoblock
Maximum processing width 120.0 (cm)
The maximum processing depth 30.0 (cm)
Number of programs 3 forward/before 1 before
Warranty period 12 months)
Engine volume 210.0 (cubic meter)
The volume of the fuel tank 5.5 (L)
gear Motoblock; Mill; Transport wheels 4.00-8 (40 cm); Manual
The number of mills 2
engine WM170FS new, 4 bar
The number of knives with every grind 24
Country of Manufacture China
coupling Mult i-Disc in the oil bathroom
cooling Air
Drive unit Belt (2 PCs)
Start the engine Manual
Pto There is
The weight 100.0 (kg)

Weima WM900M

This model is a simpler modification of Weiman WM900M3 New. The manufacturer recommends using it on agricultural land with a total area of ​​1 to 2 hectares.

Weimera WM900M Wal k-Dilked tractor

Features of the WM900M engine block:
  • The Weima WM900M walk bridge tractor is also equipped with a 7 horsepower petrol engine, but its air filter is in an air bath.
  • This machine has minimal fuel consumption. In one hour, the Weimer WM900M hiking tractor consumes an average of 0.8 liters of petrol.
  • The design of the cutter allows you to configure the work with 3 or 4 knives according to your needs.
  • The Weima Wm900m Walk bridge tractor has one more equipment – only 3.
Technical characteristics
meal petrol
perfomance 5.1 KW
Engine power 7.0 (p.)
Manufacturer Weima
Type of Motoblock
Maximum processing width 105.0 (cm)
The maximum processing depth 30.0 (cm)
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Warranty period 12 months)
Engine volume 210.0 (cubic meter)
The volume of the fuel tank 5.0 (l)
gear motoblock; mills; transport wheels; Manual
The number of mills 2
engine WM170FS new, 4 bar
The number of knives with every grind 24
Country of Manufacture China
Drive unit Belt (2 PCs)
The weight 70.0 (kg)

User Guide

Before starting any machinery, read the operator’s manual. It describes the basic nuances of working with the Weim WM900m and WM900M3 engine blocks, the principle of assembly and start-up, the conditions of technical work.

Overview of the motor Motobes MB-900. Operating instructions, photos, videos, reviews

You can examine the instructions for more details by clicking on the link: Weim’s operating instructions

Studying the instruction manual will prevent a large number of breakdowns that occur due to improper handling of the device.

Weima Wal k-Block scheme

Weiman WM900m and WM900 M3 engine blocks are Chinese, but qualitatively collected. In order to extend their life as much as possible, it is necessary to carry out regular preventive work.

Basic rules for maintaining a walk tractor:
  • Replacing the engine oil should be carried out according to the recommendations of the operating instructions. This must be done every 25 hours of equipment. After this time, mechanical impurities are formed in the oil and there is a chance of damaging the parts of the walk, and repairs will cost much more than buying new oil. For Weim engine blocks it is recommended to use the 10W-30 series oil.
  • Don’t forget the transfer. In it, the oil needs to be changed less often – every 100 mothers. It is recommended to use Soviet TAD-17i or TAP-15V.
  • Control levers should also be lubricated regularly with Solidol or Lithol.
  • Weimera WM900M and WM900M3 News Motobobes work on AI-92 gasoline. You can’t use old or dirty fuel, it just evaluates the system and the machine fails.
  • Also, it is necessary to periodically check the gap of spark plugs, the condition of fuel and air filters, the tuning of the fuel mixture in the carburetor.

video ratings

Checking the dug-up potatoes through the Weim’s WM900M engine block

Review of the configuration and components of the Weiman WM900 Walk behavior tractor

Reviews of the owners

This is what the owners of the Weim’s WM900m and WM900m3 motoblocks are saying on the forums.


“I bought this motblock a week ago. So far the impressions are only positive. They poured gasoline and oil, drove and in a couple of days fully prepared the garden to the country. Before, I probably wouldn’t have had enough for that and a month. Pros: A large number of hitch and mounting quality. Cons: Haven’t found it yet. “

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“I’ve been using my tractor with the walk for 2 years. The power of this model is enough with the head. There was no breakdown of the engine. It works quietly and clearly. The start of the engine is light and smooth. During the transport to Minivan, it bursts without any problems. Advantages: The position of the steering wheel is configured in every direction, especially conveniently with plowing when it is necessary to go from the side of the walking tractor. Disadvantages: Due to small weight, you cannot plow the virgin floor and also have to press or install weight. “

Weima WM-900M Walk-Hinge tractor. Description of the model, functions of application and video reviews

VM900M petro l-Burning tractor with a fou r-stedic engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp. It is intended for a wide range of agricultural work in large areas of up to 80 acres. Thanks to the affordable aggregation with a variety of assembly devices, the device can become an indispensable assistant in a small farm on a personal property.

Weimera WM900M engine block

Technical features of the WM900M model

Motoblock type: petrol
Motor mark: Loncin
Engine: Loncin WM168FB (installed on modern BMW Motorcycles models!)
Engine power: 6.5 hp
Motor type: Fou r-Stroke
Engine volume: 196 cm3
Oil tank volume: 0.6 l
The number of speeds back: 1
The volume of the fuel tank: 3.6 L
The number of speeds forward: 2
Rnovation (vice versa): European summer time
Processing width: 60-90 cm
Processing depth: 15-35 cm
Coupling: Belt
Reducer: Chain
Fuel: Petrol AI 92
Basic setting: cutter
The dimensions of the packaging: 84×37.5×85.5 cm
The weight: 70 kg
Weight in the package: 106 kg
Country of Manufacture: United States of America
Warranty: 2 years (or 24 months) from our company!

Description of the model

  • Thanks to the installation of a special cleaning system, the toxicity of the exhaust gases of the modernized engine Loncin WM 168FB-2 is significantly reduced.
  • The belt drive of the extended women protects the engine from overload. The traction force from the engine to the gearbox is transmitted with the belt transmission. In order to install active problems, the operator removes one of the belts and the necessary devices, such as the Rotary Hayfield, is installed on the free current of the pulley.
  • The presence of two speed speeds – 5 and 11 km/h, a speed back – 3 km/h, enables us to operate Weimer WM900M in configuration with an adapter and a trailer as an effective vehicle.
  • A gear at four speeds has high efficiency.
  • The Weimera engine is characterized by economic benzinkonsum.
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Weimera WM900M3-New

The modernized version of the version of the WMA WM900M3-News version is a new development of the Chinese company Weimaa Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. The WeiMan WM900M3 new model is characterized by excellent performance:

  • The Loncin WM 170FB engine is a licensed copy of the Honda GX 210 engine, its power is 7 hp.
  • Thanks to the fou r-speed gear, the load of the engine is significantly reduced and the drive power is also distributed into several couples at the same time.
  • The Weist WM900M3-New Motor is equipped with an effective air purification system, which consists of a two-stage air filter in an oil bath.
  • A fixed width of recording the processed area is 80-120 cm. Allows you to cultivate the soil quickly and qualitatively.
  • Weimera WM900M3 news increased the volume of the fuel tank by 5.5 liters.

The modification of Weimera WM900M3-New differs from the basic presence of an extended gear 3 speed/1 speed. With reduced equipment, you can effectively work in hard places, maneuver and carry out transport work on complex soil. Thanks to the underestimated placement of the engine, the Weima WM900M3-News Motorized Car is as balanced as possible. The steering wheel can be easily adjusted depending on the growth of the operator.

Weimera WM900M3 NEW

Characteristics of application, maintenance

In Addition to the main function of the cultivation of the Soil, the Weim’s Wal k-behind Tractor is Perfectly aggregated with a variety of Equipment and Successfully Performs Various Agricultural and Economic Work: Hilling, Plowing, Preparing The Beds for Souven and Planting Seedling, Mow the grass, dig potatoes, transport goods.

The fuel for WEIM is unhealthy gasoline AI-72. Motor oil of the 10W-30 or 10W-40 brand should be changed every 25 hours of operation. TAD-17 oil is used for the transmission. Standard of waterproof lubricant are used as lubricants.

The study of the Weima n-Walk tractor Each owner should begin with the factory instructions of the factory, since each equipment is characterized by its details and features in the work.

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Video review

Comparison of WeiM WM900M and Weimaa WM900M3 NEW

Characteristics of the WM900M3 WM900M3

Reviews of the owners


“I tried Weim’s Walk Control Tractor WM900M in the virgin countries, it turned over twice and it turned out perfectly. The car is quite powerful. And on a flat cultivation, cultivated without any problems without idiots. I plan next year. To plant and dig potatoes. So far he has only put cutters and a cigarette. The multifunctionality of Weimer WM900M is a big plus. ”

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