Ways to get rid of moles from the garden

10 ways to remove moles from the dacha


Every year, dacha farmers and gardeners encounter the problem of expelling moles from their plots. Moles damage beds, spoil plant roots and disturb the stability of the topsoil. There is a silver lining from these animals – they destroy wintering pests. However, this does not negate the problem of control. Various techniques are used to destroy pests: unpleasant smells, harsh sounds, the invention of traps and fighting with folk and professional methods.

In order to destroy pests, it is important to approach this issue competently. After all, there are many methods that will help you get your plot on the dacha into fertile soil without “uninvited guests”.

harm or benefit? Which feature of the moles has more?

For moles more attractive areas are exactly garden and dacha plots. Ordinary sandy soils do not particularly attract them. And in the suburban areas for them live a lot of critters, which they do not mind to eat.

Why do all dacha owners and gardeners want to get rid of these pests? What harm do they do?

  1. They harm plants, especially the roots.
  2. They eat earthworms that recycle the soil.
  3. Substrate with low fructification is brought to the surface, which negatively affects the soil.
  4. They pave “pathways” for other pests (rats and mice).
  5. They undermine the roots of trees (resulting in the death of the tree).

If you find moles in your dacha, they will not only stop at your property, but also continue to go to your neighbors.


Moles are not only harmful to your property, but also beneficial to the soil:

  • They make “tunnels” under the ground and loosen the soil, thereby oxygenating it, which gives your plants rapid growth.
  • “Tunnels” increase the nitrogen content of the soil.
  • They eat all larvae and other underground dwellers that damage the soil.

Pests prefer to build their “homes” in the sun. About 20 can be “built” in one place.

Important point! Moles cause irreparable damage to crops, so all landowners are ready to make every effort to defeat the “pests”.

What methods of mole control exist

If you start fighting pests, the method of filling in their holes is not the elimination of the problem. Also, catching and destroying moles on the surface will not be the right option.

Gardeners who have been encountering this problem for several years get rid of the “pests” in the high season, as moles destroy other pests from your plot in the spring, thereby helping you.

You can get into the fight at the time of planting the crop. Effective methods of control are a combination of folk methods with technologies that were invented later.

Repelling moles

If you want to get rid of “pests” for good, then you need to know that you need to be afraid of these animals and strike them with these “weapons”.

Most dacha owners and gardeners know that a home-made repellent is the best option along with all aromatic means.

electronic means

Repeller SWEENEYS.

This is a well-known method of controlling moles. There are two types of remedies:

  • Stationary.
  • Portable.

SWEENEY are in demand.

These models look like villains that are rated in the ground with 25 centimeters, and there is a “bad” ultrasound that leaves me no choice and leaves your site.

Stake and Bank.

This is a pretty quick and easy way to scare moles.

What do you need to do?

  • Find a thicker rod and embed it in the ground.
  • Place a metal can on this handle.

Mole Repeller

The wind will spin the can in different directions and make “Crooked Sounds” that their “guests” don’t like. After a while, the animals will leave their site.

Large plastic bottles

To construct such a device, you must have a piece of plastic pipe.

Then put a plastic bottle on the part of the tube, and the repellent is ready. The wind also rotates around the bottle, which makes noise both on and off the surface. Soon the “pets” leave the garden.

This type of repellent is in demand among gardeners. If you have a plot area of no more than 8 acres, then 5-6 of these devices will cope with their task and give a positive effect.

Mole Repeller

DIY propeller. Buy propeller

This type of rasterizer is good because “uninvited guests” leave their site for life. No one likes to kill animals, not even pests. The principle of such a propeller is simple: in each jar sleeps small pebbles. This jar is placed on the propeller and when the wind gusts, the pebbles rub, which irritates the moles. You are horrified to give up your plot.

Mole Repeller

You can make these repeats yourself or buy a ready-made version in a store. When you are ready – you will take notes, you will find instructions that come with the device.

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D o-i t-yourlfe electronic repeller

Farmers, cottagers and gardeners don’t like to spend money to buy one and prefer to make one themselves. Below you will find the work algorithm for making an electronic repeller. These devices are powered by electricity.

  • Look up on the website how to make an electronic one that makes creepy noises.
  • Adapt it to run on batteries.
  • Place the part in a metal tube.
  • Stick the device in the ground and cover it to keep it away from rain and other weather conditions.

These devices are often placed near greenhouses, either in the greenhouses themselves or near large flower beds.

Electronic Mole Repeller To Do It Yourself

Inexpensive and effective method of pest control.

Poisoning agent.

If you have a large number of pests on your plot, and improvised means do not cope, it is time to fight them with means. When using such means, safety precautions should be taken into account (a protective suit, gloves and mask are required)).

Poison for Moles

  • Aluminum phosphide. Detia tablets containing this substance are poked directly into the pests. They affect both human health and the animals themselves. The tablets should only be stored with gloves on.
  • Carbide compound. This substance is also pushed into the holes and filled with water. The reaction shown by animals from underground apartments.
  • Bromadialone. These tablets are also scattered along the holes. They are a danger to moles, but are not harmful to all living creatures.
  • Brodifacoum. This drug saves not only from moles, but also from other pests (rats, mice). It is also placed in the caves of moles.

Recommendations. Before taking such measures, try to fill all the caves with water. Lie down until the water is gone from the burrow.


Sometimes traps made with your own hands do not provide an advantage when moles quickly realize where they are and try to avoid those areas.

For a trap to be effective, you must do the following:

  • The width of the trap should be identical to the width of the burrow itself in which the mole lives.
  • The inside of the enclosure must have an earthen covering so that moles will climb into it and think it is their move.
  • The locking mechanism should be reliable and durable.

Recommendations. It is better to spend the money and buy an effective trapping tool than to invent an ineffective trap.

Mole Trap


Gardeners need such tools to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

Trap work:

  1. Open an underground tunnel and adjust the size of the shaft to the length of the stroke.
  2. Place the device in the sleeve and lightly throw earth into the sleeve until it is lined.

Mole Trap


Act on the special technology is also necessary with the help of cats and dogs. Only it is not necessary to leave them on the site and wait until you find the “victim”.

  • Only adult animals that have an idea of what is required of them should be included in such work.
  • During the hunt hold the animal’s attention and wait for its movements.
  • Chemicals should not be applied to the animal.

This method may not be very effective, but it is environmentally friendly.

Cat catch a mole

Plants – repellents

Gardeners and horticulturists often use odorless plants in the hope of defeating “uninvited guests”. This method is similar to other methods.

This method is time consuming, but less costly and effort consuming. It is also ineffective compared to chemicals. But it will not harm the ecosystem.

Which plants will help in pest control

Hazelhun (imperial) from moles

The genus hazelnut (imperial) moles

  • Figure.
  • Ryabchik (imperial).
  • Onion.
  • Ringed flower.
  • Wicked caper.
  • Pincushion.

Plants should be planted where the moles live.

As you see, the current “apartments” or moles long ago left their “home”?

In the evening, you go out to the mound where you think the mole house is, and memorize the simple shape.

The next day, see if the shape has changed, if it has risen. If so, this is the current “mole house” and you can, of course, plant plants next to it.

Before you start exterminating moles, you need to understand whether you are doing this harm to your soil. Moles are often replaced by rats and mice, which also cause irreparable damage to your site.


These traps are designed to kill pests. Electric mole traps are in demand. They differ from conventional traps in that electric mole traps have motion sensors that are responsible for the entire process of killing pests.

Mole Destroyer


Folk methods

Quite an effective way to combat “uninvited guests” are plants that have an unpleasant smell that scares away moles.

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Such plants as: mint, lavender, marigold, narcissus, melissa are planted around the plot.

Squares of these plants do not cause any discomfort, but are good for moles. Zhenya tries to move her caves away from unpleasant smells.

Herring heads.

Summer residents use this method quite often. They find that this method is simple and effective for dealing with moles. What do you need to do for this method?

  1. Scoop up the fish and wrap the herring heads in some cloth or paper.
  2. Place this roll next to the animal’s burrow.

After a while, the fish begins to rot and an unpleasant smell appears, which scares away the pests. They try to leave their dwelling immediately.

rotten food

This method is identical to the Hering method. The only disadvantage of this method is that gardeners will have to tolerate the unpleasant smell for some time, and after 10-12 days, when the moles leave the shelter, the food can be removed.

tear gas

Some gardeners don’t bother with this and solve the problem radically. If I may say so, they “smoke out” the pests with a saber “FAS”.

What should you do to “uninvited guests” finally leave your territory?

  • Break down the burrow a little.
  • Place a rock in it.
  • Light it on fire and cover it with a plastic bucket that is no longer useful in your household.

Smoke out the mole

The gas will envelop the entire area of the burrow, leaving the moles no choice, and they will be forced to leave the shelter for years to come.

household chemicals

Gloves are essential for pest control. You will have to work with chemicals, and there is a good chance that if you do not take precautions, you will not only harm the pests, but also your health.

What substances should be used?

  • Kerosene. 10 liters of water to 100 ml of kerosene. Move. Find a rag, moisten it with the mixture and place it in the mink.
  • Naphthalene. Throw away pieces of rag poured into the mink. The smell of naphthalene gives off a pungent scent that affects moles to leave their hiding places.
  • Castor oil. Pour the product into test tubes and spread around the perimeter of the stain. The bad breath will take its toll.
  • Tobacco. Spread the cloth according to the norm. If you want the effect faster, moisten the rag with gasoline.
  • Chlorine. You should also sprinkle the powder in the holes. You can mix it with lime.
  • Vinegar essence. Dampen a rag with the product and place it in the tunnel.
  • chlorine bleach. Find fresh “minks” and fill them with bleach.

In doing so, about 10 pieces should be filled with “fresh” bleach.

Sometimes underground pests don’t respond to all your methods of controlling them. They are not deterred by smells, and they continue to live quietly on your plot, causing great harm to the entire crop. Gardeners in this situation resort to the “all at once” method, but in most cases it also does not work.

“Experienced” dacha owners are advised to start with simpler methods of control. If there is no result, gradually complicate the methods and resort to physical action on pests.

Appeal to professionals. When the moment arrives

Sometimes dacha owners and gardeners have nothing else to do than to call a professional pest control team. By the way, this pleasure is not cheap, but the result will be visible immediately.

You sign a contract with a team that comes to your aid. They give you a guarantee for the period that you discuss and write in the contract.

What pest control methods do professionals use?

Professional treatment

  • Gasification with sulfur caps.
  • Chemicalization of underground mazes.
  • Intimidating “extra-quality” traps.

A favorite tool of professionals in pest control is fumigation (treatment of “residential buildings” with an insecticide cloud). Large areas of the site are cleared of pests with a poisonous gas.

pest prevention

Experienced landowners are sure that getting rid of invaders is much more difficult than simply preventing their appearance.

So how can you do it?

  • Protect your plot with a metal fence. The height of the fence should be at least 1/2 meter.
  • Plant onions and legumes all over the property.

You don’t have to kill pests to get rid of them. There are more humane methods of control, which have been listed along the way.

First try all methods and only then think about ruthless methods of control.

Do not wait for the pests to come to you. Carry out the prevention of your site, and then there will be no reason to worry about having to meet “uninvited guests”.

How to get rid of moles on the site in the most effective way?

Many dacha owners, who encounter moles for the first time, do not pay attention to the problem they face. It seems that a small number of perfectly cute animals on the construction site is a temporary phenomenon and not particularly dangerous. However, people with experience immediately assess the threat correctly: you do not even have to wait until you have moles breeding in your flowerbeds, beds and lawn. You begin to think about how to get rid of moles on the plot and what is the most effective way? Maybe you are even ready to get rid of moles in advance? Then this article will be of interest to you.

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What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

We will not detail the inconveniences and move on to the most important ways to get rid of moles on the site. Here the structure of the article is based on the principle of increasing efficiency: it corresponds to such a gradation, that we will go from amateur methods of getting rid of moles to professional ones.

Note that those animals that have already appeared in the dacha must be eliminated. In order to prevent the appearance of moles on the site, it is necessary to install bumpers around the perimeter or special fences that moles will not be able to overcome.

Fall or first methods

The first thing that almost every dacha owner can find is the creation of special devices for catching moles. Let’s analyze the two most common and effective (in the context of comparison with the “analogue”) options. Note that this site is not about how to get rid of moles, but only about how you can reduce their number. Ways:

  • “The Pit. If you dig a mole hole, you will find a kind of “hole”, in which you need to place a prepared pot, glass, bucket or even a plastic bottle of five liters. It is important that the edges of this “trap” should be just below the price level and be masked by rolls of earth. In addition, the entire area of the DUG must be covered with a light material (you can use a dense cloth or an ordinary panel: the options are endless). Accordingly, during the next “exam” the mole will be caught, from which later he will not be able to get out on his own.

What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

The pipe trap

  • A pipe trap. It is possible to create a more complex design. Take, of course, a plastic bottle, cut off its bottom and neck, and instead use valves from the necks of other bottles. It is necessary to direct it to the center of the main part. The neck should be cut lengthwise about one centimeter. Then bend slightly under the weight of the animal and let it go inside, then immediately return to the starting position. Accordingly, the animal will no longer be able to come out. Such traps can be made not only from plastic bottles, but also from steel pipes. Then it is necessary to make an analog of a “door” out of the armature, which opens only in one side. It is necessary to install the trap in the mole hole. It is also important to cover it with a lighter material.

What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

The trap should be checked regularly: at least once a day (preferably more often). If you find a mole in the trap, you can remove it and let it out. However, it must be taken out carefully: it is advisable to use special construction gloves.

An interesting point: sometimes even experienced gardeners, who do not want to think about how to get rid of moles on the plot and are looking for the most effective method, use an ordinary shovel. However, we do not recommend such a method, which involves a long “waiting” for the appearance of the animal, due to its complexity and low efficiency.

On the hook

It is worth noting that another simple alternative solution has a “deadly” downside for some: It is quite cruel. We are talking about catching animals on fishing hooks. To do this, you need to use a fishing line with several hooks (or use a fishing jersey), bring the end to the surface and fasten to the bottom with a pin or spot (they must be stable). To improve the effect, you can put a worm on the hook, and as a “signaling device” use bells and hang them on the pin. Accordingly, the mole will move along the hook, literally “tearing apart”.

Popular amateur methods of scaring away moles

Immediately note that the effectiveness of using the “folk” method of combating moles – and with fear in particular – is under great question. Such methods, which serve as an answer to the question of how to get rid of moles on the plot, are often carried out by ordinary visitors to the dacha. However, if we try to cover the topic as broadly as possible, we will describe the most common and rational ways to scare away moles from the plot without the use of professional means. We will do this in the form of a list:

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What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

  • “TWO.” The most classic way involves the creation of so-called CO “TWES” – special “devices” that can be made from ordinary bottles or cans. All you need to do is to bend the blades and install a homemade wind turbine on a stuck metal spoke. Accordingly, at the slightest wind design begins to rotate and make sounds that can scare away not very brave moles. Of course, the number of “spinners” should be very important, in addition, they can cause acoustic discomfort not only to animals, but also to humans.
  • Cane. Reeds and stems can be poked into the molecule, as it is believed that such a sound scares away animals. However, the effectiveness of such a technique is minimal, but it is easy to implement.
  • bottles. Another extremely simple folk method is the use of ordinary glass bottles. The latter are dug into the ground at an angle of forty so that their neck sticks out at a height of 7-8 centimeters. The wind blowing into the bottle is “transferred” to the ground. However, in reality, this method very rarely “works.

Get rid of odors.

What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

  • You can cover lazy fish or meat and pour gasoline or kerosene on the honeycomb in motion. Stacking lazy fish heads is the most common option. However, there are two disadvantages to consider when doing this. First, the unpleasant smell in the area can spread on its own and not only cause moths, but also cause trouble. Secondly, the “reaction” of moles to such ammunition is often not migration, but on the contrary, creating even more movement.
  • For this purpose, you can use a small container with ammonia. The latter is placed in the “hole”, after which it explodes with the usual slits. Accordingly, the smell spreads quite far because of the pressure caused by the explosion. Especially “human” (if that word can be applied to moles) such a technology is difficult to call, because the spreading gas can affect negatively. Another disadvantage of the method is that ammonia, which is a transient compound, is quickly eliminated.
  • It is possible to lie down in the passages of leguminous plants or hemp tops, but experience suggests that this method is too rarely of interest.
  • “Tricky” method is to lie in carbide passages when interacting with the liquid, which can isolate acetylene with a certain amount of phosphine. The latter method of scaring away moles can be harmful not only to animals, but also to humans: Here you need to be extremely careful.

What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

How to get rid of moles: semi-professional methods

Of course, much more effective – compared to folk methods – will be semi-professional methods of control. As a “minimum”, you can specify special tools and traps, which are purchased in appropriate stores. However, it is worth noting that the professional destruction of moles is much more effective and has a long-term effect.

We recommend contacting our professional service for guaranteed extermination of moles on the site. We will save them with a guarantee until the moles appear.


One of the classic options is the use of smoke bombs that can destroy moles. It is quite obvious that this type of control can hardly be called “human”: the animals are killed by special breeds. Special harmful substances made on the basis of calcined cyanide and aluminum phosphide are very effective. Especially if used in sufficient quantities.

What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?


If we talk about pure commutation, we can distinguish special repellents and ultrasonic generators. The latter, negatively affecting the ear, allow them to pass as far as possible. This technology is especially effective if you want to anticipate a problem. For example, when moles appear in one of the neighboring areas.

What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

The most radical technology is the destruction of the moles’ main food: if you treat the area with substances that make snails, bugs, larvae, worms and spiders disappear, the moles will simply lose interest in the place. However, it seems to us that such control belongs to the so-called “last fund”, because it requires serious expenses.

Is it worth spending your money and nerves?

Getting rid of moles on the property or in the parking area is a difficult, unpleasant and tedious task. Using a variety of baits, even set maulkurffallen, is often ineffective. Time is wasted and the damage caused by these animals is multiplied. A more effective way to deal with moles that have appeared on the property is to contact the professionals.

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What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

If measures to get rid of these moles are not taken when the first signs of mole activity are identified in the spring, significant damage to the design and construction of the site can be done in a relatively short time. Timely eradication of moles on the site is an important task because these animals rapidly increase their population. The number of dug mole mounds with a characteristic accumulation of fresh soil will gradually increase.

What is the most effective way to get rid of moles on a website?

The most effective method


Since these rodents lead an underground lifestyle, the independent extermination of moles is an inefficient and complicated process that often gives the owner of a suburban plot a headache. In order to solve the problem of unwanted underground guests, usually resort to the help of professional experts in this matter.

Specialists in pest control thoroughly inspect the countryside and install special mechanical traps at various points, which are usually checked every three days until the parasites are completely removed from the cultural site.

Using magnesium and aluminum-based fuels

GuSos are special chemical compounds that kill pests by the gas emitted. For the control of moles, experts often use guSos, as they are very effective in the fight against underground rodents. In most cases, the fuel for moles is a special pill that should be placed in the burrows in accordance with the official instructions for the preparation of chemical preparations. The most important anti-mole preparations today are magtoxin, phostoxin and some others that are less popular. They belong to the pesticides of the 1st class of danger!

Fake phosphine.

WARNING. According to Sanpin 1.2.2584-10 “Hygienic requirements for the testing, storage, transportation, shipping, sales, use, disposal and utilization of pesticides and agrochemicals. Paragraph: 2.8. All works with pesticides of Hazard Classes 1 and 2, as well as the use of pesticides of limited use are carried out only by persons with special technical training. Participation of people not trained in safe handling of pesticides is not allowed.

Why fencing is the best method

Consider the use of fencing by the example of phostoxin and magtoxin from moles:

  • When exposed to moisture, the toxic tablets of phosphine begin to decompose, and after a while the active ingredient reacts with water. This produces a gas that is extremely poisonous to moles.
  • If this gas is inhaled, the animal is severely poisoned, resulting in the immediate death of the mole.
  • Precautions must be taken when using the chemical, as this product can be dangerous not only to moles, but also to humans when used.

GuSos based on aluminum and magnesium have excellent activity. They quickly and easily penetrate into the ground. The active ingredient of such preparations effectively destroys adult moles and their offspring. The effectiveness of such preparations has been proven many times. This is the best way to get rid of moles on the plot.

It is worth noting that magnesium-based moles act much faster than preparations containing aluminum phosphide. The maximum concentration of the isolated active ingredient in chemical preparations with magnesium is reached after 24-36 hours. In comparison, products based on aluminum phosphide during the same period and under the same conditions (temperature 20 ° C and humidity 60%) related about 72% of hydrogen phosphide, while magnesium phosphide is allocated almost completely.

Contacting the specialists of our company has a number of advantages:

  • Specialists work every day of the week, travel to your facility upon request;
  • For work use environmentally friendly drugs and proven methods of catching moles
  • Guarantee of high quality work and no moles in the near future;
  • Maximum level of safety for trees and plants growing on the site, pets and people.


In conclusion, we would like to say that sometimes it is simply impossible to cope with moles alone. The failure is far from always the fault of the dacha owner himself, because some of them have to literally cope with the invasion of entire “hordes” of seemingly cute and harmless animals. In this case, it is quite pointless to wonder how to get rid of moles in the dacha (in the garden, in the vegetable garden).

 How to get rid of moles in the garden

Therefore, in case you want to save time or have already failed in the fight, we recommend turning to qualified specialists. The preferred strategy of fighting moles can always be formed individually: serious companies always take into account the wishes of clients. The cost of such services is not as high as it may seem at first glance. In addition, with a small financial loss, you save a huge amount of effort, time and nerves.

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