Volvo 480 Excavator – Description and Features

Volvo EC480DL Properties

The Volvo EC480DL excavator is a machine that performs demanding work in demanding environments. With the performance of the machine and the power of a crawler excavator, you can increase your productivity many times over and save resources, in some ways, time and fuel. Volvo companies use innovative solutions and modern technologies for the production of excavators, so each new model of special equipment is better and more perfect than the previous ones.

Technical Specifications

The main characteristics of the Volvo EC480DL excavator:

Volvo EC480DL


Engine capacity

Engine model

Service weight

Engine speed

Fuel capacity

Piston stroke


Piston diameter

Number of cylinders


Voltage of current

Rechargeable batteries

Battery capacity


main features

The Volvo EC features a low-emission, fuel-efficient diesel engine. Fuel injectors, turbochargers, coolers and electronic controls are integrated into the electrical unit. Thanks to this, the engineers have been able to optimize the excavator’s performance. The automatic no-load system operates with the levers and pedals in neutral position to reduce engine speed, which saves fuel and minimizes noise in the operator’s cabin.

Volvo EC480DL Excavator

Dimensions and Dimensions

Volvo EC480DL Excavator dimensions:






The Volvo excavator hydraulic system must deliver high performance, powerful excavation and precise maneuvering. A reliable and powerful electrical system is integrated into the Volvo machine. All connections are double-locked and protected against the effects of moisture. The main switching devices and solenoid valves are protected against damage. The electrical system is equipped with a battery switch. The system is constantly monitored by means of disputes that eliminate and transmit important indicators.

Volvo EC480DL Excavator


The EC480DL has a number of advantages, which is why the demand for it is constantly growing:

Volvo EC480DL Excavator

Thanks to its tracks, the Volvo excavator can work in difficult terrain with loose soil, off and swampy terrain.

The excavator can easily turn on the terrain with difficult terrain, and the turning system allows you to do the work qualitatively, without making unnecessary movements. The equipment is capable of climbing steep slopes without the risk of derailment.

Huter BS-52 gasoline saw. Specifications. Assembly, first run-in and start-up

Almost all malfunctions associated with wear and tear can be repaired by contacting a service center or an experienced mechanic. The manufacturer has provided access to the main components of the machine so that routine repair work can be easily performed.

The excavator is characterized by fuel efficiency with high performance, which has been achieved through a new engine, modern hydraulics and built-in ECO mode.

One of the best!

In order to increase productivity and versatility of the excavator it is possible to use special attachments, including buckets:

  • General purpose.
  • For heavy-duty work.
  • For hard rock.
  • Stationary, for making trenches.

The cutting part of the bucket has self-replacing hardened steel teeth that are robust and resistant to wear. The tines can be easily removed, if necessary, thanks to a special adapter. Given the technical features of the machine, you can use it in difficult conditions for tedious work.

The cab has been designed to provide the operator with maximum comfort and an improved view of the accuracy of the articulated tool manipulation. There is an ergonomic seat and climate control inside the cab. To suppress noise and vibration, the cab is equipped with hydraulic supports and sound-absorbing cladding.

The EC 480 has reliable, wear-resistant components and assemblies in the EC 480’s steering mechanism to ensure smooth operation of the EC480DL steering system. Each Volvo 480 crawler starts automatically by shifting the operating hydraulic engine. Caterpillar brakes are triggered by springs and published hydraulics. All components of the undercarriage are securely enclosed by a robust frame.

Volvo EC480D Large Crawler Excavator

Volvo ec480d t2 excavator

Together with the Volvo EC480D excavator, Caterpillar produces. These machines have higher cutting power and shorter work cycles, as well as increased engine power and improved hydraulics. Tune in for optimal Volvo performance and productivity day in and day out.

Technical features for the EC480D

Here are the most important technical specifications for this model. Want to know more? Download the brochure or contact us.

Phytophthora of berries, strawberries and other berries
Service weight 47 300 – 53 100 kg
total effort 0 kW / 0 hp.
. In case of engine speed 1 700 rpm
Bucket volume 1.77 – 3.8 m³
Lifting capacity, boom lengthwise 15 670 kg
. At flight/high lift height of the boom 6/1.5 m
Max. Boom reach 13 260 mm
Max. Breaking depth 9 170 mm
Bucket bucket, sae j1179 (normal) 230 PR
Bucket eduction, sae j1179 (angry) 251 PR
Grip cutting capacity, Sae J1179 (normal) 160 PR
Total width of customs 3 440 mm
Cutting capacity of handle, Sae J1179 (angry) 174 PR
Rear platform radius 3 800 mm

For machine configuration: solid chassis, 7.0 m boom; 4.8 m grip; 600 mm shoe; 9,050 kg counterweight

The figure is just an illustration. Machines produced may have a different appearance. The functions of your design depend on the markets and models.

Features and benefits

Volvo ec480d t2 excavator

Fuel consumption

The Volvo D13 engine, advanced hydraulic system and carefully matched components increase fuel efficiency by *8-11%. *Compared to B-Series models.

Volvo ec480d t2 excavator

Easy Maintenance

Great serviceability thanks to wide doors and grouping of filters with service access from the floor.

Volvo ec480d t2 excavator

Efficient operation

A new level of work with long breaks and fast workers in a cycle inevitably increases productivity.

Volvo ec480d t2 excavator

Volvo cab.

Feel the pleasure of working in Volvo’s best spacious cab with adjustable seat.

Volvo ec480d t2 excavator

Reliable rides

Use Genuine Parts for your vehicle!

Only Volvo attachments allow you to get the most out of your Volvo – above all, maximum performance and uptime. Volvo designs and offers a wide range of attachments that offer unsurpassed versatility, making it easy for you to develop work options and increase productivity. The attachments shown may not be available in all markets. Please contact your local dealer for availability of the equipment you are interested in.

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