Volvo 460 Excavator – description and characteristics

Crawler excavator Volvo EC 460 technical characteristics and description

The manufacturer Volvo began mass production of special equipment in 1927. Environmental protection, high quality, as well as reliability and safety – these are the main principles of the company. That is why all products have long been leaders in the markets. Also, the great popularity of all devices contributed to the continuous improvement of the design elements and power plant. The flagship of this manufacturer is the Volvo EC460 crawler excavator, which is often used to perform rather heavy works. This excavator has been specifically designed to work in harsh conditions, as evidenced by the numerous reinforcements on some elements of the equipment.

Description and Specifications

No task is too big for the Volvo 460. The unit plunges into the ground with maximum efficiency and removes materials very easily. The model’s reliability in active use is ensured not only by an extremely reliable arm and boom, but also by a powerful, self-developed power unit. In addition to these qualities, this excavator is characterized by its cost-effectiveness, and it is worth noting that according to this indicator the machine ranked among the best models in its segment. High efficiency allows the owner to significantly reduce the cost of equipment maintenance, which is undoubtedly a huge plus.

The entire construction of the excavator, including the driver’s cabin, is made only of high quality materials, which resulted in increased reliability and extended service life. Nowadays, this particular machine is considered to be the standard of quality and reliability for most operators.

This model is characterized by increased reliability due:

  1. The turntable has additional reinforcements and a double welded seam that has been subjected to various types of treatment during the production phase of the machine.
  2. The center frame of the crawler platform has also been significantly strengthened, which has a positive impact not only on reliability but also on the stability of the structure.
  3. The chain links have improved joints for longer service life. It should be noted that this element does not require periodic lubrication.
  4. The working parts of the excavator, namely the arm and boom have also received additional reinforcement, which allows the equipment to withstand very high loads.

The reliability of the excavator has been achieved by:

  1. Simplified control.
  2. Centralized lubrication points.
  3. Full access to all important and regularly checked hydraulic and power system components.
  4. Simplified maintenance and inspection of equipment.
  5. Easy access to maintenance points.

The Volvo 460 crawler excavator can be called an indispensable helper that allows you to perform almost any work, regardless of the level of complexity.

The main element of this model is the strong x-shaped frame made of high-strength steel in a classic shape. The frame includes the chassis and crawler belts, which are equipped with special seals and lubricants. Each crawler belt contains 52 wide tracks, allowing for a high level of continuity and stability on any type of ground.

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The excavator is organized thanks to the IWMC (Integrated Operation Mode Control) hydraulic system. The manufacturer has developed this hydraulics to convey high performance to the machinery, to ensure precision of any manipulation, impressive performance and at the same time increased engine efficiency. As in most other machines, the hydraulic rivers have a summation function that provides excellent performance due to the priority of the boom, grapple and swing mechanism. This is also facilitated by special valves that are designed for energy recovery.

The manufacturer has equipped this hydraulic system with several features that provide the excavator with high performance and efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  1. When boom priority is turned on, the time required for buoyancy is greatly reduced, allowing a large amount of work to be done in a fairly short amount of time.
  2. When the swivel priority is turned on, the rotation of the entire structure is much faster, which also affects the amount of work.
  3. When priority is turned on, the time it takes to complete a full cycle of work within a layout is reduced.
  4. Thanks to the summation of currents, the manufacturer was able to significantly increase the productivity of the excavator with a full work cycle.
  5. Thanks to the energy recovery system, it was also possible to increase the productivity of the machinery, because the system directs the flow of hydraulic fluid to another device if several processes are performed simultaneously, and this prevents cavitation.
  6. When the drive mode is activated, the operating parameters of the hydraulic system are temporarily increased, enabling them to cope with the most demanding tasks.

In addition, the hydraulic system is supplemented with special valves, which can be used to block the boom and process it in one position, and thus exclude its arbitrary movement when transporting equipment or when idle.

Compared with similar models, this excavator has a significantly improved cabin. It is equipped with a fairly large door, allowing the operator to easily get in and out of the cabin. The cabin is mounted on hydraulic shock absorbers, which helps reduce vibration during operation. High-quality materials help to reduce the level of extraneous noise in the cabin. The operator can perform all processes with maximum precision, not only because of the advanced hydraulics, but also because of the large windows that provide an excellent view of the working area.

In the Volvo Cabin 460, the manufacturer has used a unique heating and air conditioning system that directs clean, filtered air into the cabin. This ensures that the operator is kept as comfortable as possible, regardless of the weather conditions. All this also prevents dust and other small particles from entering the cabin when working in rather dusty conditions, as the air conditioning system creates excessive pressure inside the cabin.

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The operator’s workplace includes a comfortable, adjustable seat. It can be set in a total of nine different positions, both simultaneously with the controls and separately from them, which allows you to choose the most comfortable position for the operator of any build and weight.

The standard equipment includes the following devices:

  1. door locks.
  2. drink holder.
  3. Ashtray.
  4. A cigarette lighter.
  5. Foot mats.
  6. Inertia straps.
  7. tinted glass
  8. audible alarm.
  9. windshield wipers with intermittent operation mode.
  10. Universal ignition key.
  11. Removable lower front window.

Optionally, the cab is equipped with enhanced joysticks. stereo radio; air conditioning with manual controls; special protection for the operator against various falling loads; Front visor to prevent visibility from being impaired by rain and to protect the operator from the sun’s rays.

scheduled pickup

The Volvo EC460 excavator is a particularly in-demand machine in construction, various industries, mining companies, quarries, road repair services and coal companies.

This excavator performs the following list of works: Digging trenches and pits: excavation of soil and other materials; Laying pipelines; Digging frozen ground and rocks; Stripping asphalt and concrete pavement; Cleaning work areas from industrial waste; Leveling work areas; Loading and unloading of loose and lumpy materials; Destruction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures; Drilling various wells and much more.


The manufacturer offers several modifications, which differ by platform Raupillar and mounted attachments. Machines with index abbreviation LC (Long Carriage) are ideal for work on floors with low passability, because this platform is very stable in comparison with the standard one.


Bucket Features:

  • The type of bucket installed is an earthen bucket.
  • The smallest volume of the installed bucket is 1.8 cubic meters.
  • Highest bucket volume installed is 3.73 cubic meters.
  • The number of teeth on the lower cutting edge is at least 5.
  • The maximum depth of the trench is 6570 millimeters.
  • Maximum height of bucket discharge – 7890 millimeters.
  • Maximum floor radius – 12100 millimeters.
  • Maximum bucket hydraulic cylinder force is 246.1 kilonewtons.

Engine features:

  • Type of engine installed – in-line, diesel.
  • Engine brand – D12CEAE2.
  • Engine manufacturer is Volvo.
  • Number of cylinders – 6.
  • Total working volume of all cylinders – 12100 cubic meters.
  • Maximum power output – 235 kW/315 hp (at 1800 rpm).
  • Maximum crankshaft revolutions – 1800 rpm.
  • Maximum torque – 1720 Newtons per meter (at 1350 rpm).
  • Type of turbosphere – gas turbine followed by curved air cooling.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid cooling system.
  • Type of injection system – direct fuel injection.
  • Least hourly fuel consumption – 14.5 liters.
  • Highest hourly fuel consumption – 16.9 liters.
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  • The full length of the excavator is 11560 millimeters.
  • The full width of the Caterpillar platform is 3,340 millimeters.
  • Full height in cabs is 3,250 millimeters.
  • Horizontal flight is 10580 millimeters.
  • Release from counterweight to ground – 1,385 millimeters.
  • Track (longitudinal section) – 4370 millimeters.
  • The smallest release from the road – 500 millimeters.
  • Track width of the track platform – 2750 millimeters.
  • Length of the rear of the turntable is 3,800 millimeters.
  • Track shoes used (option 1) – 610 millimeters.
  • Track shoes used (option 2) – 710 millimeters.
  • Track shoes used (option 3) – 810 millimeters.
  • Track shoes used (option 4) – 910 millimeters.

The Volvo EC460 Caterpillar excavator is available at prices ranging from 7 million to 9 million Russian rubles, depending on the year of manufacture, configuration and modified version.

Models of 2008-2009 production years have a price of 2.6 million rubles to 3.8 million Russian rubles, taking into account the full technical condition.

The cost per hour ranges from 1,800 to 2,200 Russian rubles. An additional fee is usually charged for the transportation of equipment to the site.

Volvo 460 crawler excavator

Volvo released its first model in the early 20th century. Since then, the main principles of all its models have been: the safety of nature and people and product quality. Thanks to them, the brand has received recognition not only in Sweden but throughout the world. As for excavators, the demand for Volvo models is much higher than other manufacturers’ models. The manufacturer does not stop on the achieved results and therefore still develops all the basic elements of the produced models.

Volvo EU 460 BLC excavator

Volvo EU 460 VC Excavator

One of Volvo’s flagship models is the Volvo EU 460 VLC excavator. It is used for quality work of high complexity or in difficult conditions. This model can easily cope with the excavation of artificial reservoirs, transportation of rocks and street works in considerable volumes. The Volvo 460 excavator is often used in construction work and quarries.

At the same time, the EC460BLC is highly efficient when working in such conditions: it easily sinks to the bottom and retrieves material regardless of the depth of the pit. In addition, the excavator has high fuel efficiency (world championship on this indicator). This model can be used every day because the manufacturer has taken care of the comfortable handle, the reliability of the boom and the high performance of the Swedish engine.

Volvo 460 Excavator

Volvo 460 Excavator

Features and benefits

To see the technical merits of the machine, you need to open the operational hatches. Behind them there are reinforcements and frames of considerable thickness. With these features, Volvo excavators have won worldwide recognition and popularity.

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The reliability of the model is guaranteed because:

  • The structure is reinforced in the area of the corners by double welding;
  • The boom and arm are reinforced in comparison with other models;
  • Increased chassis undercarriage has a positive impact on reliability in regular operation.
  • The track joints are securely connected and do not require lubrication, and the service life is extended.

Increased service life of the unit without repair has become a gratitude:

  • Ease of operation;
  • Easy and accessible servicing of a functioning machine component;
  • Easy maintenance.

This model is designed in such a way that you do complexity under all conditions. In addition, it generates significant profits.


The model is characterized by the following main dimensions:

main characteristics
length 11.56 m
width 3.34 m
height 3.25 m
Horizontal Arrow Shot 10.58 m
Track width 0.7 m
Operating weight 45.1 T
Operating parameters
Travel speed 2,9-4,6 km/h
Shovel power 246.1 PR
Carrying capacity 13.6 T
Trench depth 6.57 m
Max. trench depth 7.7 m
Trench border radius 12.1 m
Bucket volume 2.9 m 3
Maximum tractive effort 324 PR

Fuel consumption

Fuel tank capacity of 685 l, fuel consumption of about 16 l/h.


Power units are designed individually for each model. They differ in volume, but all run on diesel fuel.

Working parts of the Volvo 460 excavator

Volvo 460 excavator work unit

The Volvo 460 excavator uses the D12CEAE2 low-emission six-cylinder engine, which is economical and fuel-efficient. It is equipped with the following elements:

  • Air pre-cooler;
  • Turbocharger;
  • Electronic controls;
  • High pressure injectors;
  • Direct injection.

The exhaust of this model meets EU Tier 2 and EPA Tier 2 standards.

The engine is equipped with electronics with which the operating mode can be controlled with a lever and a controller built into the control system. Fuel consumption is automatically reduced when the lever and pedals are released as the machine idles.

With the Ayilily piston pumps, the working equipment, together with the ASWM hydraulics, can be independent and perform movements at the same time.

Some unit models can include a pre-filter (with oil bath), cylinder block heater and self-contained coolant heater.

Volvo D12Ceae2 Engine Specifications

The 12-litre engine has a power output of 315 hp (235 kW) and peak torque of 1720 Nm. At the same time, the rotational speed is 1800 rpm and the cylinder diameter is 131 mm.


Passability of the excavator is provided by crawler tracks (52 tracks each). Seals and lubrication of the tracks are located on the cross-bearing frame of the classical type. The frame itself is located on the undercarriage, which is the most important part of the machine.

The IWMC hydraulic system is designed to make the Volvo 460 excavator maneuverable, productive, efficient and fuel efficient. Valves and energy recovery are crucial to achieving the best possible performance. By connecting and correctly redistributing operating currents, high operating parameters are achieved. The latter occurs, depending on the priority, which is determined by the parameters of the swing circuit, handle and arrow.

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The integrated hydraulic control system itself has the following functions:

  • The ability to engage the boost mode – allows you to direct the soil, increasing productivity.
  • Possibility to increase productivity by connecting streams;
  • Avoids cavitation due to proper distribution of hydraulic fluid to all working mechanisms. Affects the performance of the excavator cheaply;
  • The advantage of the arm leads to shorter planning cycle times and increased speed when filling the bucket during excavation work.
  • The advantage of the turntable provides high speed rotation of the equipment during operation;
  • The advantage of the boom allows you to reduce the speed when digging the excavation of considerable depth.

The absence of displacement is guaranteed by the installation of valves, which allow to keep the handle in the cabin and, accordingly, the boom itself in the same position.

Driver’s cab

Work comfort depends on parameters such as the comfort of the cab, soundproofing, quality of air filters and viewing angles. All of these parameters have been taken into account in the design of the machine, allowing the operator to spend his working time without compromising his health. When air enters the cab it is thoroughly cleaned and the absence of dust is due to the overpressure inside the machine. The operator’s ability to rotate 360 degrees and view the entire construction site ensures safe operation. The oversized door makes getting into the cab quick and easy, and the enhanced soundproofing protects the operator from stress, thereby increasing his concentration on the job.

In addition, the seat itself has nine positions that can be adapted to suit the individual. Standard interior equipment includes: door locks, drink holders, ashtray, cigarette lighter, rubber foot mat, seat belts, tinted glass, windshield wipers, large glove box, removable windshield (below), horn and universal ignition key.

For operator comfort, the developers provided practical joysticks, a radio, air conditioning, fall protection and a sun and rain visor.

Price of new and used Volvo EC460BLC

You can rent an excavator for 1800 rubles per hour – buy from 2.6 to 3.6 million rubles. (production year 2008-2009).


The model that reproduces all the parameters and properties of the corresponding excavator has not yet been invented. But if you look at some parameters with your fingers, the Doosan DX190W can serve as a kind of analogue of the Volvo 460.

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