Volksbenzingrubber California-2 Patriot. Model parameters, video work, reviews

Volksbenzingrubber California-2 Patriot. Model parameters, video work, reviews

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Model description

Patriot California belongs to the class of mediu m-heavy han d-led tractors and is used for the processing of new territory and other types of land surfaces.

With this cultivation model, the manufacturer took into account the wishes of the customers, so this model can be confidently referred to as “folk”.

Despite the average weight compared to heavy hand-led tractors, the Patriot California has manifold and function for connecting attachments and a powerful four-stroke petrol engine ex works.

In the Patriot line, the California-2 is a modification of the T 6.5/800fB pg.

In addition, the model range also includes the Motoblocks T 6.5 / 800F PG and T 6.5 / 800FB BS.

These modifications are identical in terms of technical parameters and engine power of 6.5 hp.

The engine torque is 10.5 nm. The capacity of the gas tank is 3.6 liters.

Fuel consumption per hour – 0.75 liters.

The coupling for all modifications of the Patriot California is a strap, the diameter of the knife is 31 cm, the cultivation width 80 cm.

For the work with attachments, the singl e-axis Patriot California is already equipped with a universal coupling.

This element makes it easy to connect a potato roll, a hacker, a plow to the device.

On request, you can convert the han d-led tractor for goods transport with a small cart.

Technical characteristics

Engine power 6.5 hp
Recording width 60-80cm
Reducer Chain
speed 1 forward / 1 back
Milling diameter 30 cm
The weight 67kg


  1. Passport products;
  2. Grubber in packaged form;
  3. Candle key;
  4. Couple wheels;
  5. Transport bike (for assembly in front of the device);
  6. Protective sheets for assembly over pneumatic bikes;
  7. Instructions for the operator in Russian.

Motoblock functions

Patriot California has the following properties:

  • Electronic ignition that simplifies the work of the operator and the start of the handled tractor;
  • Oil sensor for timely refueling the engine;
  • Collaborative chain reducers;
  • Protection of the engine before starting without the required oil level in the crankcase;
  • the presence of a backward speed (only 2 gears, forward and backward) for the possibility of a quick rotation or change of direction;
  • Maneuverability and simple control due to the average weight;
  • Working width adjustable up to 80 cm;
  • special milling shape for better soil processing;
  • Crowd to deeper the work parts of the singl e-axle tractor in the ground;
  • Factory guarantee 24 months for a new product.
October in the garden: calendar of works

Maintenance and first start

For the correct operation of the single-axis tractor Patriot California-2, it is initially necessary to carefully unpack and assemble the device in accordance with the operating instructions.

When working with attachments, the position of the transport bike is in the working state and lowered.

In order to work with attachments, this wheel is installed in parallel to the floor.

The crowd is set manually with a wrench.

Before the first run:

  1. Pour in the oil (select the oil on the canister after marking, the name should be – API SF or SG, SH etc. The higher the oil class, the better for the engine.
  2. Select oils only for four petrol engines and for the gearboxes of a patriot or another manufacturer with a similar API indicator.
  3. Make sure that the cutters are collected and fixed correctly.
  4. Pour petrol into the tank (consider that petrol and oil are not mixed and poured into different containers);
  5. Check the presence of oil in the crankcase, without it the engine does not start;
  6. The period of the wal k-in engineer should not exceed 20 hours. Then replace the oil in all tanks and you can operate the walking tractor with full power.

After 50 mothers follows:

  • Replace oil in the gear;
  • Check the condition of the air filter.

After 100 motorized hours:

  • Replace the engine oil;
  • Clean or replace the spark plug;
  • Check or replace the drive belt;
  • Clean the sparkling.

Every year or after 300 mothers:

  • Clean the fuel sump, the fuel filter, the fuel pipe (replaced if necessary);
  • Change the belt and the light of the ignition.

Video evaluation of the work

Customer reviews

There are many reviews of these motifs in the network, they are mostly positive.

Users notice the functionality and performance of the device, the simple control and low fuel consumption. The minus – just one speed.

Cubota mini tractors. Series overview, properties

Oleg, Saratov: “After reviews on the Internet, I didn’t understand anything, but I completely increased the budget and bought a patriot. I leaned to buy the fact that this is our Russian apparatus, so I liked it, similar to spare parts, if that is faster. Especially at work: a small depth of plowing, okay, I reconciled. The fuel consumes economically, at the time of buying I cost a little about 27,000 rubles, now in some places where I see cheaper. The middle farmer is so stable without twisting. If you want a reliable motblock, take it, you can reach the heavy workers in almost the level of strength. “

Motoblock Patriot California 2. Characteristics of the application, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Patriot California 2 belongs to the class of light units because it only has 67 kg weight. and engine power 6.5 hp. Manufacturers suggest their use in small areas, gardens, greenhouses and roofs. The main purpose is the cultivation, but the design ensures the connection of various attachments that expand the skills of the Motorroblock Patriot California 2.

Motoblock Patriot California 2

The engine is four stroke with air cooling. Petrol is used as fuel. The modern engine offers small fuel consumption (0.75 l/h), which makes the model very popular. The gearbox has 2 speeds – one in advance and back.

Attractive appearance fits well with improved technical properties. It is simple and does not require an effort. An additional frame protects the electricity unit from damage and serves as support during transport.

It is also easy to move the Motoblock Patriot California 2, since 2 pneumatic bikes in size 4.00-8 and an additional wheel are included in the kit that is attached to the front block.

Patriot California is presented in several modifications that differ slightly from each other:

  • T 6.5/800FB PG;
  • T 6.5/800F PG;
  • T 6.5/800fB BS.

Technical characteristics

Engine type petrol
Type of the ice 4-X Stact
Engine model Patriot Garden
Engine volume 198 cm3
Engine power 6.5 L.S.
Engine power 4800 watts
Type of start Manual
Fuel consumption 0.75 l/h
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6 L
Engine cooling Air
The weight 67 kg
Earth cultivation
The width of processing 80 cm / 60/80 cm /
processing depth 30 cm
Number of cutters 6 pcs
design features
draft Transport wheels Reversible crop protection Handlebar height adjustment
number of gears 1 forward / 1 back
Moss writing - a new way of decorating walls

usage characteristics

A detailed description of the features of using the Patriot California 2 walk-behind tractor is provided in the instruction manual

Before using it for the first time, it is advisable to let the two-wheel tractor run so that all parts can run in. The whole process takes about 8-10 hours of operation at reduced power with a gradual increase. After the break-in period is complete, the oil and fuel must be changed.

An important point when using the device is regular maintenance. It is recommended that the unit be inspected for fuel leaks and loose bolts after each shift. Major maintenance is done after 50, 100, etc. hrs. The execution plan is described in the instruction manual.

Patriot Supreme HD SAE 30 4T HYPOID 80W85 Expert SAE 10W-40

AI gasoline with an octane rating of 92 is used as fuel, hypoid oil should be used for the gearbox, and oils Supreme HD SAE30, Expert SAE 10W-40, Specific SAE 5W-30 for the engine.

If you plan not to use the Patriot walk-behind tractor for a long time, you need to clean it, lubricate all parts with grease to prevent corrosion, drain the fuel, cover and store in a dry place.

Video review

Below is a video review of the Patriot California model and a visual demonstration of plowing.

The following review reflects the upgrade the owner has made to his Patriot California 2 walk behind tractor.

owner reviews

Owners in their reviews consider low weight and the presence of only 1 speed as disadvantages. However, fuel economy is seen as a significant benefit.


The engine block of the Russian assembly – this one bribed me, since I hoped to quickly find the necessary spare parts in case of breakdown. But the device turned out to be reliable and, apart from replacing consumables, does not yet need anything. Low plowing depth, but this disadvantage is most likely due to the low weight.

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