VIKING MV 248-T lawn mower at a glance. Model description, technical specifications, videos and reviews of work

The VIKING MV 248-T lawnmower. Features of operation, maintenance

Viking MV 248T gasoline mower is the second series model with a rugged metal housing, belongs to the lightweight group and is designed for mowing grass on small and medium-sized plots up to 12 acres.

VIKING MB 248-T lawn mower

A 55 liter grass bag is fitted as standard. The optional mulching system is available.

Technical features

engine type petrol
rated power 2.1 kW / 2.86 hp
engine Loncin VIKING EVC 200, 139cc, 4-stroke
start Manual
coverage 46 cm
cutting height 25-75 mm
frame metal
Recommended lawn area Up to 1 200 m2
drive no
basket volume 55L
Additional Features Central height adjustment, double bearing wheels, rigid frame construction
mulching no
weight 25 kg
warranty 12 months
country of origin Austria
transmission Plastic grass box

Description Viking MV 248-T

Two versions of the VIKING MB 248.3T are available: VIKING MB 248.3T is a single-speed self-propelled model with a Briggs & Stratton E-Series OHV engine, 2.5 HP with reduced exhaust emission. The second version, VIKING MB 248.4, is a non-self-propelled model with a Loncin VIKING EVC 200 engine rated at 2.8 hp.

VIKING MB 248-T lawn mower

Both versions have similar basic parameters. Version 248.3T is more advanced, so the cost is 30% higher than the standard model and is about 27,000 rubles.

The Viking MV 248.3T self-propelled model has a rear drive, one speed and a plastic body for collecting the mowed grass (the MV 248.4 model has a fabric bag). Of all the Viking mower models, only this version has eight levels of lawn height adjustment.

The features of Viking MV 248T mower:
  • Powerful gasoline engine provides good traction and reliable operation.
  • The powerful air flow of aerodynamic steel blades with flaps lifts even lying grass, cuts it and efficiently blows it into the grass box.
  • Grass cutting is provided by a 46 cm wide rotating system with a cutting height range of 25-75 mm.
  • The VIKING lawnmower can also be used on uneven terrain thanks to its large twin-tyred wheels and freewheel-drive system that digs perfectly into the ground.
  • The high manoeuvrability makes it ideal for working in hard-to-reach areas.
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VIKING MB 248-T lawn mower

working functions

VIKING MB 248-T is very ergonomic, easy to transport and can be quickly put in an upright position for cleaning up after use. The VIKING petrol lawnmower’s operating rules are specified in the manufacturer’s instructions, following them will contribute to the unit’s efficient operation and a long service life without repairs:

  • For optimum fuel expansion, the tank should be filled to a height of 4 cm below the edge of the filler neck. The mower uses original unleaded petrol with an octane rating of more than 77 and VIKING HD 10 W-30 engine oil.
  • Before working, the area must be thoroughly inspected and foreign objects that may enter the cutting area must be removed. Invisible obstacles – tree roots, protrusions, covered fences that cannot be removed from the area – must be seen first.
  • The lawnmower must not be used on slopes with an angle of more than 25°.
  • After use, the unit should be thoroughly cleaned of grass residue, debris and dirt by waiting for the hot parts to cool down.
  • It is recommended that your Viking mower be serviced by a qualified service center.
  • The grass catcher box, the wedge-cutting belt and the blades should be replaced with new ones in good time.

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Learn about the features of the company, the maintenance of the Viking MV 248-T lawnmower can be found in the manual (Russian version pages 213-232):

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The maneuverable, reliable MV 248-T gasoline lawnmower will appeal to beginners and experienced users alike. The model is sturdy and durable thanks to the metal housing, a powerful engine. Of the defects, owners sometimes note poor starting, the possibility of corrosion of the body.

Video rating of Viking MV 248-T mower

Gasoline mower Viking MV 248 T

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Reviews of owners


“Simple design, reliable. The engine is good, powerful, easy to start. The first time I mowed on a rough patch, it turned out to be very maneuverable. It is the optimal model for a small area. It has a robust steel body and the mower is adjusted centrally. The price is affordable. I recommend it.

VIKING MV 248-T lawn mower at a glance. Model description, technical specifications, videos and reviews of work

BAS des Viking MB 248T lawn mower is designed to mow grass on an average area of up to 1 hectare. You can use it in a private household and in a wooded area.

For the highest quality results, it is recommended to use the mower on flat lawns without tubercles. Lightweight and maneuverable of self-powered mowers, it handles even dense plantings.

The unit is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 450E Series engine, which is powerful and efficient. With an engine capacity of 2.5 hp, the fuel tank capacity is 0.9 liters, which allows you to work for long periods without refueling.

To increase operating comfort, the VIKING buildup company MB248T is equipped with a 55 litre fuel tank.

A fuel gauge tells the user when the tank is full. The unit weighs only 27 kg. Therefore, it is easy to transport.

The peculiarity of the model is the possibility to regulate the amount of mowed grass.

The wheels with double bearings are very reliable and durable. The height-adjustable handle can be quickly folded without tools.

Standard equipment

  • The frame is rigid;
  • Built-in tank fill indicator;
  • Dual storage wheels;
  • Blade with flaps;
  • Hopper;
  • Handles for transportation;
  • Motorized bikes.

The frame consists of three sturdy metal parts. The steering forces generated are very precisely transmitted to the body – the mower reacts quickly, so it’s very easy to steer. Innovative grass catcher box

Technical features

Lawn area m² up to 1200
Working width 46
engine type B&S 450 E Series OHV
Array height mm 25-75
Grass box volume L 55
tool weight kg 27
Tool (L/H/H) cm 155x52x106
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The housing has two handles for carrying. VIKING lawnmowers and blowers are made of high-quality, impact-resistant, heat- and UV-resistant polymer.

operation and storage

The Viking lawnmower requires the use of unleaded AI gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 77.

The machine is sold without oil, so be sure to fill the engine with the correct amount of lubricant before first use.

VIKING HD 10 W-30 engine oil is recommended. We recommend the use of genuine VIKING consumables as the use of pure SAE 30 oil at temperatures below 4 °C may result in difficult starting and subsequent damage to the engine.

Built-in level indicator The blade with flaps creates a powerful flow of air in the aerodynamic housing that lifts the grass before cutting and blows the cut grass through the built-in air duct system into the grass box.

If you are planning a long downtime, you need to prepare the equipment properly:

  • Thoroughly clean the mower of dirt and grass.
  • Lubricate all moving parts with oil or suitable grease.
  • Completely drain the fuel.


  1. Gasoline engine provides freedom of movement;
  2. Lightweight;
  3. Large grass tank
  4. The ability to set the desired height of the grass to be cut.

Video review

Here is a video review of the VIKING MB248T

You can see how the VIKING lawnmower works in the following video

Reviews of owners

Maria: “My husband chose this mower and eventually I had to mow. And judging by the online reviews, it was not only us who liked it. It’s easy to mow, and most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the cord, as with an electric mower. I didn’t read the instructions, but I knew right away how to get started. We have 10 acres of lawn, so it takes about an hour to mow, but the noise isn’t bothersome, especially if you listen to music with headphones on. One liter of gasoline is enough for two mowing sessions.

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Andrew: “A very important point is regular sharpening of the blades, because when the blade is blunt, the grass breaks, bends, crumples, but does not mow. There have been no failures. I just keep a close eye on the tank’s content and fuel and that’s it!

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