Viking ME 235 compact electric shovel. Overview of the model, video of operation, dependencies

Viking M235 lawnmower. Operational characteristics, maintenance

The Wikinger M235 lawnmower is an electric model with a 1.2 kW motor. It is the most compact of the 2015 model range. With a low weight of only 13 kg. Offers neat mowing of small areas up to 300 square meters near flower beds, small lawns, in greenhouses with a working width of 33 cm.

Viking M235 lawn mower

Technical Data

Lawn area m² up to 300
working width 33
Nominal power di 1,200
pit height mm 25-65
Grass box capacity l 30
Unit weight kg 13
Guaranteed sound power level LWA DB (a) 93
Measured sound pressure level LPA DB (a) 80
Corpopter error rate KPA DB (A) 2
Vibration level AHW m/s² 1,4
Vibration, error coefficient m/s² 0,7

Model M235 Viking mode description

Due to its unique features, Wikinger lawnmower differs from other similar models in a number of advantages:

  • The ergonomic handle quickly adjusts to the operator’s height if necessary and simply folds up for storage.
  • Due to the aerodynamic effect created in the housing by the movement of the blade, the grass is lifted before mowing and blown into the grass box.
  • The Viking M235 lawnmower is equipped with durable wheels with an embossed step on double bearings.
  • The mowing height is adjusted centrally with a key in the range from 25 to 65 cm.
  • The top cover of the Thirty Line Weed Collector swings out 180°. A fill-level indicator keeps the container full in time.
  • Thanks to the integrated device, the extension cord is secured against sudden unplugging.

operational features

The Lawnmower is essentially made up of the housing, motor, grass catcher box, handle and wheels. Viking lawnmower body is made of highest-strength polymer that is resistant to corrosion under the influence of environment and different deformations.

Viking M235 lawn mower

Compared with gasoline lawmakers, electric models are much easier to maintain – there are no problems with engine oil, gasoline and candles.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Viking Me 235 lawn mower

The electric lawnmower is reliably characterized by high-quality assembly. It is characterized by low noise level, environmental friendliness and efficiency in operation. Viking lawnmower has high maneuverability, durability and low weight.

The cost of the unit is in the range of 10.0 thousand rubles, which is available for an exceptional order at the dacha in the homestead.

Viking M235 lawn mower

The disadvantages include the dependence of the current strength on the length of the cable. The motor of small power allows you to use the lawnmower only on small plots. In addition, it is recommended to clean the territory from stones, foreign objects that can get into the mowing zone, and during the work with caution approach the curbs, paving tiles.

To get acquainted with the features of operation and maintenance of the Wikinger M235 lawnmower, please refer to the factory instruction manual:

Video evaluation of the work

Owners reviews


“Handy model with small dimensions, which I do not regret that I bought. Viking mowers in general had to deal with other models, so I will say directly – the equipment is reliable. The lawn is even, good, the grass catcher box is quite capacious. There is little noise. “

Viking ME 235 compact electric shovel. Overview of the model, video of operation, dependencies

Viking hay shovel is the smallest among the electric models. Its characteristic feature is a small weight, which is only 13 kg, and a small width of the working area – 33 cm.

Therefore, the lawnmower is an excellent solution for the treatment of small areas. The 1.2 kW engine is almost silent, which ensures comfortable operation of the device.

The model has taken care of the mowing height adjustment, which is carried out with a key. A special tank with a capacity of 30 liters stops at the set to collect the grass to the device.

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For more convenient disposal of the tank, the lid can be tilted 180 degrees. So that the operator can know when it is necessary to empty the tank from the mowed vegetation, Wikinger M235 lawnmower is equipped with a fill indicator.

To control the truss, there is an adjustable handle, which can be adjusted to the operator’s height if necessary.

Durable plastic chassis withstands minor impacts, and wide wheels on double ball bearings ensure stability and passability.

Built-in cable strain relief wheels with double bearings are extremely reliable and durable.

Technical Data

Lawn area m² up to 300
working width 33
Nominal power di 1,200
pit height mm 25-65
Grass box capacity l 30
Unit weight kg 13

standard equipment

  • Built-in cable strain relief;
  • Double bearing wheels;
  • Spacious grass catcher box;
  • fuel sensor;
  • Blade with flaps.

The flap blade in the aerodynamic housing creates a powerful airflow that lifts the grass before mowing and blows it down through the built-in channels. Innovative grass catcher box

Features of use

The Viking lawnmower is electric powered and therefore requires no additional maintenance.

To extend the life of the lawnmower, regular preventive maintenance is essential. To do this, place the mower on a level surface, remove the grass clippings and wash the underside.

To do this, it is enough to clean the device with water using a rag or brush. If the dirt is excessive or does not wash off well, you can use a special Stihl cleaner.

Do not direct the water jet at the motor and switches.

Before each operation, check the blades for damage. If cracks appear or the blade does not sharpen, it must be replaced.

They can perform up to 5 sharpening operations. It is important that the sharpening is uniform, as failure to do so will cause the machine to become unbalanced.

Winter storage

If a long downtime of the equipment is planned, it is necessary to properly prepare it:

  • Thoroughly clean the lawnmower of dirt and grass.
  • Lubricate all moving parts with oil or appropriate grease.
  • Store in a dry, ventilated area.
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benefits of

  1. The use of an electric motor that is virtually silent;
  2. Low weight;
  3. Large collection tank for grass clippings;
  4. The possibility of adjusting the height of the cut grass.

Video review

Here is a video review of the Viking ME235 electric lawnmower

The following video is not only a review, but also a demonstration of the work

Owners reviews

In their evaluations, owners note the ease and simplicity of operation of the Wikinger M235 lawnmower.

Mikhail: “This mower has become our best helper. We used to use trimmers before, but we had to pull them on ourselves, and it was hard. It’s the best way to mow large areas with this mower. Calm, reliable, does not require much attention for the working animal. It’s important to have outlets or lots of extension cords around the perimeter. “

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