Viking Lawnmower. Instruction for Viking trimmer and gasoline mower, reviews, video

Wikinger lawn care equipment: lawn mower, trimmer, robot and tractors. Overview of the list

The Viking brand has Austrian roots and specializes in the production of garden equipment. The company was founded in 1981 and has been popular with consumers ever since.

The successful development occurred due to the correctly chosen strategy, which was aimed at the production of devices adapted to the demands.

With the help of innovative technology, the company tried not only functional, but also convenient and reliable units.

Since 1992, Viking shares were bought by German concern Stihl. The cooperation between them has a positive impact on the manufactured products. The equipment is still the most popular among a variety of consumers, both amateurs and professionals.

It is said about the equipment produced by the company that it takes care of the garden. A wide range of products includes lawnmowers, electric and gasoline engines, mini-tractors, cultivators, helicopters and other accessories.

A large number of self-propelled mini-tractors have high functionality.


A wide range of lawn mowers produced under the Viking brand allows the consumer to choose the device best suited for specific purposes.

On the market there are gasoline and electric models, which differ in many technical characteristics. For large areas and industrial work it is better to choose lawnmowers with powerful engines.

If you own a small plot, a small and compact lawnmower will be a faithful assistant in the fight against vegetation.

Cordless models

The use of batteries gives certain advantages over other technologies, namely complete freedom of action.

There is no electric cable to carry back, make sure that the device does not work from it and the blade does not tear.

You don’t have to breathe the exhaust fumes that gasoline models create.

Below are the battery-powered mower models

  • Viking MA 235
  • Lawn mower Viking MA 239
  • Viking MA 243

These lawnmowers have a solid body that reliably protects the electrical box from damage.

The battery charge is sufficient for an area of up to 3 acres and the cutting height can be adjusted.

Return grass collectors, which the models are equipped with, collect all the mowed grass, eliminating the need for the owner to store it around the site.


Using electric Viking lawnmowers with a self-contained drive is advisable if there is access to AC power.

Due to the quiet operation of the motor, it is better to use electric mowers, which, for example, increases the noise level requirements near schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other similar institutions.

Below are models that will quietly and quickly help turn a place with grass into a properly mowed lawn:

  • Viking Me 235 lawn mower
  • Lawn mower viking me 339
  • Viking me 443
  • Viking Me 545

The main advantage of these models is that there is no need to breathe exhaust fumes. There is no need to perform regular engine maintenance and monitor the oil level.

Unlike batteries, the duration of operation depends on the size of your site or your desire, as power is constant.

The technical characteristics of the models are varied. Thus, you can choose the device that best suits your needs.

Gasoline lawnmower or electric lawnmower - which model is better for you?

The volume of the grass catcher varies from 30 liters to 60 liters, and the weight is from 13 to 31 kg. The body is made of durable plastic that can withstand small collisions with obstacles.

Gasoline models

The entire range of gasoline units is designed to handle large areas.

At the same time, the owner has complete freedom of movement, as the absence of a wire limiting the working area allows you to fully devote yourself to the end of the treatment of the lawn.

The amount of fuel poured into the fuel tank is sufficient for a longer period of time than the battery charge.

Different flow classes allow you to choose the model most suitable for the available site. If desired, you can purchase an additional device for mulching.

Below are the most popular chain saws:

  • Wikinge r-Backellar MV 248
  • Wikinger MV 253 filling station
  • Wikinger MV 443 gas station
  • Wikinge r-Backellar MV 448
  • Wikinger MV 545 filling station

A roomy grass catcher box eliminates the need to sharpen grass clippings. Depending on the unit, areas of varying widths are handled. The owner can also easily adjust the height of the mowed grass, which varies from 25 to 75 mm.

For larger lawns, there are models with even more powerful engines and a large grass catcher box:

  • Benzocosyllak Viking MV 650
  • Benzocosyllak Viking MV 655.

These machines have a large cutting width and a grass catcher box up to 70 liters. The engine power is enough to cut up to 2.5 ha.

Mowers and trimmers

Together with lawnmowers, lawn trimmers from Viking are very popular, which are of quality, reliability and small size, and allow the owner to mow where the lawnmower can not get around. For example, trimmers are convenient to mow around trees, on the edges of the lawn or near bushes.

One popular model is the Viking Electric Coat 410 electric mower with a 410-watt motor. Thanks to the adjustable handle and the low weight of only 2.5 kg, it is very convenient to use this device.

The mower also emphasizes the functionality of 28 cm, which allows you to quickly mow a small lawn. Another electric model has proven itself in the best way – 540W electric charcoal.

The motor power and the weight of the device, which is 3.9 kg, is significantly increased. The width of the working area is about 35 cm. The device is equipped with a wire voltage regulator, which prevents splitting.

The fishing line nozzle can be replaced by plastic knives, which contributes to the fact that even with thick shrub discs.

One of the largest models is the trimmer viking of 700 with an electric motor power of 600 watts. The weight of the unit is increased to 4 kg, but it is not at all difficult and not heavy, as there is an opportunity to attach it to the shoulder strap.

Robotic lawnmowers

Technology does not stand still, and in order to minimize human intervention in the process of mowing the lawn, Viking brand has developed fully automatic models of robots that mow the lawn.

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All you have to do is program the device and you can go about your business. The smart system notifies owners if there is an attempt to steal the device.

If it starts to rain or the battery drops to low levels, the robot returns home on its own. The MI 632 is equipped with a 194-watt battery, allowing it to successfully cultivate up to 0.4 hectares.

lawn tractors.

If none of the above are suitable for you, VIKING garden tool manufacturers recommend looking at tractors and mini-tractors that are suitable for working on large plots.

These self-propelled vehicles are excellent off-road, easy to operate and essentially do all the work themselves.

  • VIKING MT 4097 SX lawn tractor
  • VIKING MT 5097 C lawn tractor
  • VIKING MT 6127 ZL lawn tractor

The cutter bar is height-adjustable from 30 to 100 mm. The area to be worked ranges from 0.6 ha to 1 ha. Therefore, when purchasing these machines, consider the feasibility of the investment.

What models are the best?

Therefore, there is no rating of the best models. It is difficult to determine the degree of spread of lawn mowers, as each farmer adapts to his needs and the size of the plot.

However, if you do a small review, the MV 248 and MV 253 gasoline lawn mowers are very popular due to their excellent technical characteristics.

Among the electric mowers the most popular are the ME 235 and ME 443.

One of the factors in choosing a model is the price of VIKING brand mowers. Thus, lawnmowers of different models can cost from 2.5 to 80 thousand rubles.

The cost depends on the power and functionality of the device. The cost of mini-tractors from the manufacturer ranges from 39 to 89 thousand rubles.

Features of electric models

The engine of the Viking lawnmower works from the AC network, so it does not require special maintenance. The wheel bearings also do not require maintenance.

But the machine itself as a whole should be regularly inspected and preventive measures, which are the following measures:

  1. Place the machine on a level surface and remove the grass box.
  2. Clean the underside of the unit only with water, a cloth, or a brush.
  3. Use a special STIHL cleaner for tough dirt or soiling that is difficult to remove.
  4. Do not direct the water jet at the motor or the switch.
  5. Check that the blades are intact and sharp before every use. Brand-name blades can be sharpened 5 to 6 times. Their effectiveness decreases over time. If cracks are visible or the knife cannot be sharpened, it must be replaced with a new one. When sharpening, keep an eye on the uniformity of treatment, as failure to do so will result in imbalance of the unit.

winter storage

If you are planning a long period of downtime, the equipment must be properly prepared:

  • Thoroughly clean the mower of dirt and grass.
  • Lubricate all moving parts with oil or suitable grease.
  • Store it in a dry, ventilated place.
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Features of gasoline models

Viking lawnmowers run on gasoline. Any clean, fresh, unleaded AI gasoline with an octane rating of at least 77 will do.

It is recommended to buy gasoline for one month’s storage, otherwise condensation will form in the canister and the quality will deteriorate.

The equipment comes to the pre-sale network without oil. Therefore, it is important not to forget to put the necessary amount of lubricant in the engine before first use.

After a period of time the oil is replaced with a new one. Refer to the manual for more details on the conditions of replacement. Proprietary Viking HD 10W-30 engine oil is used.

It is desirable to use special consumables, poor quality leads to difficulties in starting and subsequent failure.


Devices that run on gasoline engines must be started. These actions will not take much time and effort, but will have a positive impact on the life of the engine in the future.

Events during the running-in period:

  1. Fill the fuel mixture;
  2. Lubricate the transmission;
  3. Take the engine and let it run for 5 minutes and then do a camber;
  4. Turn off the engine and rest for 20 minutes.
  5. You can mow for 5 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes. Perform 4 sets.

If there are no problems, you may consider refueling for work.

To avoid overheating the engine, you should follow a rotation rule where the work and rest mode is a ratio of 15 x 15 minutes. If the temperature outside is high, you will have to work less and rest more.

For more information, see the engine manual.

The following are the major malfunctions

The following malfunctions may occur in a gasoline engine:

The engine will not start. Check the spark plug, fuel or carburetor fuel supply.
Engine does not idle properly Adjust carburetor, check crankshaft gasket.
Loss of power Clean air filter, replace spark plug, adjust carburetor, check for earth on muffler
Engine overheating Change mixture to quality mixture. Replace spark plug, adjust carburetor

Owner reviews

The owners in their reviews on forums note the reliability and ease of operation of the Viking equipment.

Martyn: Before buying this model, we used trimmers. Now we only use them near the fence, bushes and trees. The Viking Me 235 mowers pump the rest of the plot. The only concern is the wire. But you just have to be careful here. “

Maxim: “The Viking 545 lawnmower is a workhorse with a powerful engine that can handle a large area overgrown with grass. I didn’t want to write a review, but I liked the mower so much that I want to recommend it to you and others. Great roomy tank. Thanks to the low fuel consumption, there is enough fuel for 2 mowed tanks. Mows even on our rough terrain. Starts up without any problems. “

Viking gasoline lawn mowers: characteristics, models, instructions for use

Lawn mower – an indispensable machine for cleaning the garden or dacha. The most famous technique is the Viking brand, which includes amateur and professional models of lawn mowers. The advantages of petrol lawn mowers Viking and the range of models are given in our article.

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The Austrian company Viking appeared on the market recently, in 1981. Initially, the founder Henry Lehner was engaged in the production of garden hoes, and in 1984 the first lawn mower from Viking brand appeared. After the 90s, the range of products expanded, and the equipment became popular around the world. Austrian Viking Maw offers customers petrol and electronic devices, as well as those that have become popular recently – battery-powered.

In addition, models are divided into self-propelled and non-self-propelled, different in front and rear wheel travel. Today Viking is one of the leaders among petrol lawnmowers – first of all, thanks to the high power and endurance of the units. It is also worth noting that the sturdy body is made of high-quality materials.

No less important factor, noted by users, is the design of the devices – the models are presented in the brightest shades.

Let’s consider the main advantages of Viking gasoline mowers:

  • Thanks to the robust design of the frame, you will be able to use the device for a long time.
  • Large grooved iron wheels improve traction, and also reduce the degree of damage to the grass cover during processing.
  • Low noise level – only 96 dB;
  • Low vibration;
  • Blades are made of durable steel that can withstand hard work;
  • The lawn will not yellow from the special blade sharpening technique;
  • Availability of ergonomic folding handle;
  • Effective work on uneven areas;
  • A wide range of amateur and professional equipment.

Of the disadvantages of this type of devices it is worth noting:

  • The lack of devices that reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • a large mass of mowing;
  • high price.

Despite the above-mentioned negative features, Viking gasoline lawnmowers are still used for cleaning lawns. In particular, buyers note the performance of the unit, which allows you to perform long work without interruptions and overheating.

Review of models

Next, let’s consider the modern models of Viking brand chain saws.

RM-2.0 R – a mower equipped with a collection recycling function. The wheels allow you to maneuver around obstacles, which facilitates the work process as a whole. The model is designed for a working area of up to 1,500 “squares”. Due to the lack of a grass catcher box, the shredded grass is returned to the lawn as a fertilizer.


  • Body – rugged sheet steel;
  • Availability of mulching nozzle;
  • Engine OHV power of 2,1 kW;
  • The total weight of the device – 22 kg;
  • Grasp width – 46 cm, the height varies from 28 to 85 mm.

Cost – 26 900 rubles (2019).

RM-248 – comfortable model with 7-step adjustable grass mowing height (from 25 to 75 mm). The capacious grass catcher box (55 l) is designed for long-term work. Compact equipment allows you to perform the most complex tasks.

Technical characteristics:

  • The area of the cultivated surface – 1200 sq. Meterage;
  • Engine power – 2,1 kW;
  • motor type – EVC 200.1;
  • Special width – 46 cm;
  • Weight of the unit – 26 kg;
  • Noise level – 96 dB.
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Cost – 23,900 rubles (2019).

MB-650.3 VS is a powerful unit designed for the treatment of areas up to 2000 “squares”. The aluminum housing increases the reliability of the device and protects it from mechanical damage during operation. This model is supplemented by a brake system with a brake/clutch.


  • Cutting width – 48 cm;
  • Adjustable cutting height of 25-85 mm;
  • Weight – 50 kg.

Cost – 69 900 rubles (2019).

RM-655 V – multifunctional gasoline mower with a super-powerful engine (2.6 kW). The manufacturer has equipped this model with an easy start system and Vario all-wheel drive for unfavorable driving speeds. With a cutting width of 53 cm and a 70-liter grass bin, you will be able to handle large lawns.


  • Includes multi-knife and wedge;
  • Total weight is 46 kg;
  • Sound level – 98 dB;
  • XT800 OHV SC series engine type.

Cost – 78 500 rubles (2019).

MB-3.2 RT – three-wheeled version of the gasoline lawnmower. It differs in the type of engine – ready to start and the presence of wheel drive. The technique is well maneuverable for bushes and trees, ideal for creating shaped sections of the lawn. In addition, the model is considered versatile because it is used as a mower with side discharge and mulching device.


  • Harvesting area is 2,000 sq. ft;
  • Weight – 32 kg;
  • Mowing height varies from 25 to 8 mm;
  • Mowing width – 48 cm.

Cost – 42 000 rubles (2019).

How to choose?

Before buying garden equipment, it is necessary to consider the technical and functional components of the lawnmower. With all this, the choice takes into account the type, area and possible irregularities.

Criteria for choosing a gasoline lawnmower Viking:

  • Type of engine and electricity;
  • The size of the mowing strip (from 30 to 120 cm);
  • The height of mowing and the possibility of their adaptation;
  • Grass ejection system – availability of tank, mulching system or ejection (front/rear);
  • Type and volume of grass catcher box (if any);
  • Grass catcher function.

User manual

The Viking gasoline mower package is supplemented by an operating manual with important sections for working with the device. Thus, it includes:

  • How the equipment works (with diagrams, descriptions, assembly controls);
  • Technical characteristics;;
  • safety requirements;
  • How to prepare for work (start of work, season);
  • Maintenance (replacement of oil, valves, other parts);
  • The list of possible malfunctions.

Before starting work, the lawnmower must be recharged. The unit of gasoline type requires a special fuel mixture. For a non-two-stroke engine, a mixture of gasoline and engine oil (1: 2) is suitable. For a four-stroke, it is recommended to pour pure gasoline.

In order not to damage the newly purchased device, it is better to read the manual, which often specifies the type of fuel for a particular model.

Technical liquid is purchased in special stores of garden equipment. Austrian gasoline mowers Viking – are reliable, durable and strong helpers for owners of garden or household plots. A wide range of self-powered/non-powered lawn mowers allows the buyer to choose the optimal equipment for many years.

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