Viking in 340 review of electric shore mower. Description, features, video and reviews

Viking me 340 lawn mowers

lawnmower Catherine Gazon Pilzer:”Мы купили газонокосилку Viking MI 340 для нашего небольшого участка. В целом она мне нравится, но есть и недостатки. Главный – отсутствие шнура в комплекте, его пришлось докупать. Когда покупали электрический агрегат, знали, к чему приступали, но мало знали, что носить и ходить за шнуром так неудобно, как не натыкайся. Наша косилка иногда стоит на месте. Может быть, нам не везет? “” width=”” />

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Manufacturer Viking
engine electric
Battery operation no
Number of bikes Four-wheeled

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Technical features of the Viking Me 340

General features
Additional information

For complete product, manufacturer, configuration, specifications and functions, please refer to the technical documentation.


3 reviews of Viking Me 340 lawnmower

Experience: Less than a month

Advantages: Lightweight, the entire lawn between 3 skyscrapers mowed among my managers from 8 to 12 years. Not cranky. At 4 points – quite decent, coped with the task, despite the old blades and not flat surface of the lawn.

The disadvantages of setting the height of mowing. For this you need to unscrew all the wheels and turn in the neighboring holes, it took about 5 minutes.

Comment used by neighbors (you don’t need it) as a gift to improve the lawns in the house. Let’s take note that “you don’t look a giving horse in the teeth”. Note that we have been using this remedy for several years now and it works quite well. Let’s be honest, we have nothing to compare it with, but: In the past, you have brought a homemade tractor with an attachment to the market several times – it certainly cleaned the cuts thoroughly and perhaps did not leave independent sounds. However, the price of such devices varies considerably, and the lawn has not been mowed for a long time, and the knives can hardly be called sharp (they can be easily corrected with a file). However, due to its compact size, the Viking Me 340 climbed in almost all places inaccessible to the tractor, and I did not have to work the edges with a trimmer. My conclusion is that it is a worthy machine.

Time for your first mowing! Will your mower stand the test?

Overall experience: more than one year

Advantages: unbreakable. I’ve had it for over a decade now, I don’t remember when I bought it, I think it was at least 12 years ago. I spent a few seasons in the snow in the garden, standing in the rain, went out without using, with my carelessness and indifferent attitude to things, I’m very glad that it ploughed on so many years! Now I want to buy a new one, it will just be a Viking. I’m thinking IU 360 or the next model iu 339.

No drawbacks at all! Well, maybe I want the grass catcher box to cling if you hang it on the machine again. Yeah, that’s right. The only thing I can complain about.

Comment A three year old son’s favorite line to mow with this mower! Standing by herself – pulls the grass catcher and shakes the grass into the wheelbarrow. Certainly supervised, but no more.

Overall experience: more than one year

Advantages: Has been working for about 8-9 years!

Nothing to compare with, this is our first lawn mower. I think there are no flaws.

Recently, the commentary has been cleaned more often, apparently with weekly use, the plastic has become covered with microriscs and the grass has stopped sliding. It is advisable to clean it after each use without damaging the plastic surface. This year the motor burned out! The grass is very thick after the rain, couldn’t take it. Such a great device. We bought the same one again. I recommend it.

Number of reviews: 3.

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Viking in 340 review of electric shore mower. Description, features, video and reviews

The Viking lawn blade mushroom is powered by electricity and is environmentally friendly.

August work in the garden.

The motor power is 900 watts, and the weight of the entire device is only 12 kg. This is enough to shake out the grass on a small plot of up to 600 m². A positive point is that the lawnmower works quietly. There is also protection against overheating.

The added advantage is the adjustable cutting height of 25 to 57 mm. The width of the mowing area in the lawnmower’s passage is 33 cm.

Due to its size, the device is canoe controlled and easy to use. The grass catcher box has a capacity of 26 liters. It is equipped with an abundance indicator, with which the owner will know from experience that it is time to clean the tank.

Additional comfort is provided by the adjustable handle with all the necessary controls.

Technical Data

Lawn area m² up to 300
Terrain width 33
Rated power IR 900
Array height mm 25-57
Grass box volume L 26
Unit weight KG 12

Standard equipment

  • Integrated cable protection in front of voltage;
  • Wheels with double bearings;
  • Grass catcher box;
  • Indicator of filling of the tank;
  • Cutting knife.

Operational Features

Viking lawn mowers are AC powered and therefore require no special maintenance. It is also maintenance-free.

Preventive measures should be taken to prevent premature breakdowns. Place the mower on a level surface and remove the grass tank.

Clean the working part of the device with water using a single rag or brush. If the dirt does not wash off well, you can use an adapted steel cleaner for lawn mowers.

Before working, check the blades for integrity and sharpness. Do not sharpen knives more than 5-6 times. In case of cracks, the knife must not be sharpened, it must be replaced with a new one.

The cut part must be sharpened evenly, otherwise the units may be unbalanced.

Owner’s Manual

Подробную инструкция по проведению технического обслуживания газонокосилки можно скачать по ссылке—>

KAMAZ 65201: Modifications Dres Model, application, functions. Technical features of the vehicle

Winter storage

If the equipment is planned for long periods of downtime, it must be properly prepared:

  1. Remove all sticks of grass and plant the mower.
  2. Lubricate all functioning elements with oil or special grease.
  3. Store in a dry, ventilated room.

Model advantages

  • Low-speed electric motor;
  • Light weight and compact dimensions;
  • Rigid tanks for the cuttings;
  • The height of the cuttings is adjustable.

Video review

Sorry, at the moment there is no video review of Viking ME340 lawnmower.

Owners reviews

Catherine: “We bought the Viking Lawk MI 340 for our small plot. On the whole I like it, but there are some disadvantages. The main one is the lack of a cord, I had to buy it. When we bought an electric unit, we knew what we were getting at, but little did we know that it is so inconvenient to carry and for the cord, no matter how you bump into it. Our mower sometimes stands still. Maybe we’re out of luck. “

Anton: “We bought a yard mower. It turned out that the grass catcher box is not enough for us, and we often have to destroy it. In general, a good unit – not heavy, comfortable, not noisy. Our model came without a battery, so we agonize with the cord, but it’s not such a big minus. “

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