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The best garden helicopter of 2022

The best garden shredders of 2022

The summer season can already be considered open for Russians, Fazenda in 2022 has become one of the rare flavors in the midst of a turbulent environment. And every garden owner will tell you that it is not only in peace and harvest, but also in getting rid of branches, tops and other nuisances. Komsomolskaya Pravda got acquainted with the best garden loops from 2022, which will definitely help you deal with plant debris on your plot.

Top 10 ranking according to “KP

1. Caliber ESI-2400N 2.4 kW.

Kalibr ESI-2400n

A great buy for owners in suburban areas at an unpretentious price. This garden chopper is used to quickly deal with organic debris. Wipe leaves, branches, fallen flowers, plant stems – this and more can be charged. The mass that comes out can be used as fertilizer. Manufacturers assure that the model has reliable and sharp knives, good speed. Take into account the diameter of the branches, with which the device will work – it should not be more than 40 mm.

main characteristics

Bosch Axt 25d

The next reliable helper in our rating. It noticeably differs from the first with a high price, but perhaps someone is looking for exactly in this area. Bosch Axt 25d Garden Mühle is used to process cut branches, old twigs, bushes and grasses into materials useful for the garden plot – the basis for compost and mulch. There is a powerful motor with a capacity of up to 175 kg per hour. For safety reasons, it only starts when the grass catcher box is connected.

main characteristics

MTD-Rover 464Q

An expensive but high quality garden shredder. It has an impressive loading judge (46×46 cm). Three ways to contaminate debris – a metal bowl for thick branches, small branches can be loaded from above, small debris can be collected with a rake and put into the hopper, which is lowered to the floor – make the model versatile. Among other things, a transport device can be installed. At once a large degree of shredding 10: 1.

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main characteristics

Viking GE 150

According to users, this beauty does its job very decently. With the help of a powerful motor and a special knife mechanism GE 150 processes thick branches and turns them into small chips, which reduces the volume. The short, sloping funnel and the patented four-leaf-shaped opening make it easy to reach the branches. The model runs on electricity. Electricity costs are standard.

main characteristics

Makita UD2500

We continue. The list in the rating of the best shredders in 2021 should take Shredder garden Makita UD2500. In front of us is a modern high-performance device, which is characterized by increased productivity and convenience in use. Modern design and thoughtful construction make it an important helper for a variety of tasks: shredding autumn leaves, cut twigs, small vegetable waste, etc.

main characteristics

ZUBR Zi-40-2500

Decent price, impressive name – a great machine for the gardener! It is used for processing various plant wastes. You can turn them into a single mass for disposal or subsequent production of compost. Manufacturers attribute it to good electricity. Immediately high cutting speed and high productivity. It comes with a handle. This allows you to send the waste to the cutting system without disturbance. The garden shredder is also equipped with wheels, they facilitate subsequent movement.

main characteristics

Tazz K32

Powerful machine powered by a gasoline engine. Thanks to the use of the ice breaker, the device can be used absolutely everywhere, including parks, squares, forest parks, not to mention summer houses. The model is very popular among municipal employees. The manufacturers claim that the helicopter has a low displacement and economical engine. The construction here is predominantly metal, which provides durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The device is well suited for shredding branches, bushes and other street garbage.

main characteristics

Hammer GS2500

Classic, relatively inexpensive electric version. Hammer Flex Garden Mühle is equipped with the appropriate condition of trees, shrubs and wood waste from private households, which is suitable for compost. According to user reviews, the machine shreds both dry and wet branches well. In addition, it has a beautiful, harmonious appearance and light coloring.

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main characteristics

Stiga Bio Silent 2500

Reliable and quiet machine to keep your garden tidy. This garden hackle has a cutting drum with 8 teeth, which can cut branches up to 40 mm in diameter. Shredding functions can be set. The recycled material can be easily disposed of or reused for mulching beds. The model is easy to transport due to its size.

main characteristics

Al-Ko Easy Crush MH 2800

The final product in our ranking of the best garden shredders. The manufacturer’s description is promoted. Knife blade, equipped with a powerful cutting mechanism, has a stable body with XL wheels. The large, integrated ABS plastic grass catcher is highly stable and ideal for transporting compost. Thanks to the installed contact, it guarantees maximum safety. The price of the machine is average – there are both higher and lower.

How to choose a garden helicopter

After the pruning of trees and shrubs at the dacha, a lot of garbage remains. It is expensive to remove it, it is difficult to burn. According to the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, garden waste can be burned in a metal barrel or in a pit at least 30 cm deep. In this case, the “place of open flame” must be 50 meters from the buildings. And from the scaffolding – 100 m. It must be separated by a firebreak, remove all dead wood and take care of a fire extinguisher.

It is difficult to meet all the requirements at the site in an ordinary SNT. If there is no possibility to burn a fire, and you do not want to save the branches, it is better to buy a cutter.


Types of loops

Processing of bio-waste into mulch or wood chips. Some units process only grass and leaves, others – branches up to 45 mm in diameter. Performance depends on the type of cutting system.

The string mechanism works by fishing. Suitable only for grass, tops and leaves. Bark or bark cannot be avoided.

No wires and no exhaust. Lawn care with batteries

The knife block shreds small diameter branches (up to 25 mm) of shrubs and trees. Some tools can work with dry branches, but their permissible diameter is even smaller than that of freshly cut: hard wood is more difficult to handle. If the knives are double-sided, they last longer: when the blade gets blunt, the working side can be rearranged. Debris is pushed into a special tool.

Fräshäcksler for garden waste has a toothed gear. They do not cut, but break the wood. Suitable for dry branches: they are shredded into a fine chip, while freshly cut branches are only shredded and shot. Debris does not need to be pushed in: the mechanism grabs it and pulls it inside.

Turbine units get along well with dry and freshly cut wood. According to the principle of operation, they are similar to milling models, but instead of teeth, they have more effective hard metal blades.

Types of motors

Electric files cope with occasional loads in the countryside. Models up to 1500 watts are suitable for fresh young wood up to 25 mm in diameter. Devices with motors up to 3000 watts overcome the branches of old trees with a diameter of up to 40 mm. Electric chippers usually do not have a power cable, so they have to be connected to the power grid with a “socket” extension cord of suitable capacity.

Gasoline models are more productive, noisy and expensive. They are suitable for work in forestry and agricultural farms, industrial enterprises, supply companies. They are designed for long work cycles and can handle thick branches with a diameter of 60-80 mm.

Features and characteristics

The shape and size of the loading sleeve usually corresponds to the permissible diameter of branches. In some models, the opening is shaped like a cloverleaf, which is a practical, branchy tree.

The container is indirectly responsible for accessibility. The bigger it is, the less often you have to unload the chips. It is usually made of plastic – transparent or not. The first option is more convenient: it is easier to monitor the speed and level of filling.

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Some electromachines with low capacity work without containers. To mulch is not scattered on the construction site, bags are attached to it. They are not very dense – they can be pierced by sharp chips flying out at high speed.

There are shredders without bags. They dump the mulch directly onto the floor. A restrictor gate cover prevents the dirt from being thrown far away.

Chip size adaptations can be found in milling and turbine shredders. Smaller chips are suitable as fertilizer or for heating beds. Larger ones are for sprinkling garden paths.

Reverse changes the direction of rotation of the wave. This helps solve the problem of a fixed branch or wounded trunk. Protects the motor from overloading. Occurs on milling and turbine shredders. Not required for blades – they are easy to clean even by hand.

Wheels and handle make it easy to transport. Usually files are quite heavy – 20-40 kg. Moving them by hand will be problematic, it is better to make the work easier for yourself.

Video: “The right choice of a garden shredder”.

Do you still have questions? Check out the Right Choice video!

A 220 volt specialist will test your garden shredder and help you understand their operation, purpose and functions with simple examples.

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