Verification of beauty removal equipment for RECKS

An engine block as a snowball player. working principle. Operational Advice

It’s no secret that an eye’s motblock can be used as a snowmaker in winter. To do this, the owner of the device must connect the appropriate nozzle to the Wanderloss tractor, which is presented by the manufacturer of Kadwa in the following versions:

  • Schocorotor Snowpock unit;
  • dump (shovel);
  • community brush.

We will analyze each option in more detail.

Rotor Snowpock Nozzle

This snow removal nozzle on the eye is a complex articulated structure attached to a motorized device:

  • VOM, by cuneiform transmission;
  • Transmission.

The Kadwi facility creates rotary snowpock consoles linked using cuneiform transmission. Analogues from other manufacturers use a gear reducer for this purpose.

The design of the rotary snowpock machine to the eye of the eye

The main elements of a screw core for cleaning snow are as follows:

  1. A screw with toothed blades that cut even a very solid crust of snow.
  2. The impeller supplies snow masses to the nozzle.
  3. A screen that regulates the direction and angle (height) of snow runoff.
  4. The corps where the screw is hidden.
  5. governing bodies.

The parameters of the lathe

The rotating snowpock nozzle to the eye has the following properties:

  • the range of snow masses from 3 to 5 m;
  • The width of the surround of the screw shot is 70 cm;
  • The height of capture of snow masses is up to 25 cm;
  • The cleaning work speed is 1 m/s.


Clean the areas next to the snow masses of the following types:

  • freshly obtained;
  • lying;
  • dense infusion;
  • melted and icy snow.

Dump (shovel) for the eye engine

A shovel for an eye can be used for a year – in winter – for snow removal, the rest of the time – for leveling the soil or harvesting areas from garbage. In shape, the dump resembles a large bucket with a knife along the bottom edge of the nozzle. The knife can be made of:

  • Rubber – For cleaning snow (soft rubber will not damage paving slabs or in contact with asphalt, just gently scraping snow from its surface);
  • Metal – used to align the bottom (a sharp metal edge cuts the spine ground).

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Motoblock Kutaisi. Properties, attachments, ratings

The principle of operation of the dump shovel

  1. Depending on the proposed work, the appropriate knife will be installed on the dump.
  2. The dump is attached to the tractor of the Walk behavior through the clutch mechanism.
  3. The necessary angle of attack is determined immediately.
  4. The nozzle falls to the bottom position.
  5. The tractor for the walk moves along the path, catches masses of snow with a shovel and transports them to the last shipment point. In this case, a small amount of snow is shifted to the side, freeing the passage.

Elements of dumped snowman design

The dashboard nozzle for a wal k-tractor for cleaning snow has the following structure:

  • durable frame;
  • steel sheet hung on the frame;
  • stiffening rib;
  • Knife;
  • heels.

Many craftsmen who own an eye motoblock prefer to make a dump yourself using drawings on the Internet. Everything you need including the tools and consumables – this is not hard to do at all.

We offer to get acquainted with the drawing of a home-made dump for the RECKing motorist:

Do-it-yourself blade for a handheld tractor drawing

The dimensions of the dump may vary depending on the owner’s wishes. Basically, the capture width is from 70 to 100 cm, the capture height is from 25 to 40 cm. The weight of the welded structure should not exceed 13 kg.

The garbage copies for the tractor for the walk can be of several types:

  1. Turn.
  2. unregulated.

The rotating consoles, in turn, are divided into:

  • just;
  • levonaklone;
  • Trigger.

An unregulated nozzle is rigidly attached to the headloss tractor in a specific position.

Snowma n-Nozzle to wal k-Behaviou r-Tracto r-Community brush

This attachment gear helps the owner of the AURT of the OKA keep his site clean and orderly all year round. In winter, the brush gently cleans the territory next to the house from freshly fallen snow, and in the spring-autumn period it helps to cope with garbage.

Motoblock brush ShchM-0.9

This nozzle is designed to clean fresh snow but not deal with the icy nasties. The masses of snow flying under the brush under the brush are scattered on both sides of the moving trail, clearing the trail 1 meter wide (brush width). The diameter of the community brush is about 40 cm.

Overview of the petrol Snowman Patriot Pro 777 S. Description, advantages, videos, owner reviews.

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Snow gear tips for snow gear

Depending on the level of precipitation, a tractor for a walk along with the snow cheese nozzle, they are worn:

  • pneumatic wheels with a powerful profile;
  • floors;
  • caterpillars.

Pneumatic wheels Grontzacepups Raupillar prefix lynx

In the case of strong notes, it is generally recommended to install a caterpillar console on the tractor of the walk and turn this agricultural device into a real snowmobile. Such a device not only makes it possible to better produce snow packs, but also allows the use of a walking tractor as an all-terrain vehicle.

Caterpillar Snowmobile consoles are sold in specialized stores or made with their own hands using the recommendations and drawings of craftsmen from the forums.

To create a snowmobile machine, skis or sleds or a special pig may be required.

We recommend watching a video showing different options for self-propelled units on a caterpillar course from an engine block:

You may also be interested in the programs and drawings of a self-proclaimed snowmobile from the Wanderloss tractor:

Scheme of the steering rack of a snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor

  • Front crossbar of the frame (1);
  • steel tube (2);
  • from the corner of 25×25 rudder support (3);
  • from the steel tube of the steering shaft (4);
  • The crossbar from a steel tube 28×28 (5);
  • bipod (6); bronze puck (7);
  • case with a corner (8);
  • Haye, Type M10 (9).

Video assessment of work

Motoblock Oka – snow cleaning:

Reviews of the owners

Rostislav, 34 years:

I prefer to make my own OKS with your own hands. My Oka is just over six years old. The dump was made in the second year of operation. This is a simple theme that is engrossed, easy to manage and maintain. All possible glitches are minimized. Cleans the tracks, parking, you can use them as a cleaner. One condition is a flat cleaning surface.

Alexey, 29 years old:

My walk tractor is 4 years old. In the first 2 years he only used it for agricultural work and then drew attention to the possibility of winter use as a snow removal machine. I regretted the money for the rotary nozzle, decided to buy a brush – and in summer it fits in winter. The brush buys and cleans the courtyard gently by small garbage and freshly conquered snow.

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Special fastening equipment

In winter, engine block owners often use their equipment as a unit to clean the territory from the snow. Special attachments are used as an auxiliary inventory to create an “Oka” motor block: a Rotary snowball player, a shovel.

Snowman Rotary Shovel-Off

In addition, we will take into account in more detail in the review of how different attachments are different, how to use them and how to work with a tractor with a walk when you install them.

Rotor snowman

Rotor snowpresses for motor blocks differ in the type of drive: it can be carried out either by the cuneiform transmission from the power shaft or by a gear gear.

For the MB-1 OKO Motorborns and all of your modifications, the manufacturer recommends using a rotary unit with a drive type on the Cunelar gear.

Rotating snowblower for Oka

The parameters of such a snowman are as follows:

  • can throw snow away by a maximum of 5 meters;
  • able to remove the cover to 25 cm high;
  • The width of fear made of packed snow is 70 cm;
  • Speed: 1 m/s.

The work principle of the snowman

The basis of the design is a tooth screw. The cleaner is equipped with a nozzle to which the snow mass is delivered on both sides while rotating the screw. The trajectory of its release can be set by turning the device screen. The larger the inclination of the Trump card and faster the speed of the OKA engine, the further the snow is rejected by the operator of the tractor of the walk behavior.

You can set the height of the thrown layer with special runners on the side of the lower parts of the device.

Attachments for snow removal

Models of snow wrapping in recent years contain a new fortified screw – it is produced by processing metal with a laser.

The clutch adjustment handle is on the steering wheel of the device, so working with the snowman has become even safer.

The characteristic features of the new snow writers for the “Oka” also include:

  • A circuit from the work area, closed with a metal housing and slightly replaced if necessary;
  • a more precise and distant emission based on a new exhaust gas structure;
  • the regime of compliance with the alignment of the belt slices (prevents the fast abrasion of belts);
  • Easier case.

This fastening equipment is supplied with the instructions for sale, according to which it is necessary to configure and adapt the work of the snow penalty.

Light-off shovel

How is it used and is it possible to do it yourself?

Overview of the range of trimmers and lawn mowers from the Varyag brand

Light-off or walk block shovel is another kind of adhesion that is designed for cleaning snow from snow from different areas. For the “OKA”, the mass of such a unit may not be more than 13 kg, and the total dimensions of the factory product are 1000 x 280 x 370 mm.

Airfoil LM-100

Such a shovel is not only used for cleaning snow, but also for leveling the soil and harvesting garbage from the location.

Gagarin, a shovel of the “Mobile K” production, is summarized with the Oka Motor note. At the same time, the manufacturer recommends wide pneumatic wheels in combination with a shovel or metal primer on a mini drive so that the machine will run even more evenly and remains stability.

By default, the blade is equipped with knife nozzles – rubber and metal. A metal knife is used when there is a need to level the soil layer, and a rubber knife is used to clean the area from debris and snow, so as not to violate the integrity of paving slabs or asphalt.

There is enough information on the Internet about how some farmers make their own dump buckets from available improvised materials. The following is an approximate diagram and approximate dimensions of the blade for home production.

The appearance of a single blade walk behind tractor.

The best method of manufacture would be the following: study the instructions in the factory product (the exact dimensions of all components of the attachment are indicated there), and then, according to the finished dimensions, make the required component yourself.

The fasteners must correspond to the diameter specified in the factory instructions, otherwise self-made equipment will be difficult to properly fasten, and the walk-behind tractor may break.

Making a homemade landfill out of sheet metal and pipes.

cleaning brush

Alternative ways to swap out the shovel and snow thrower

Small farms can be cleared of snow and debris not only with the equipment described above. An alternative to a blade or rotary cleaner is a sweeping brush.

Sosnowsky's borscht - a plant that can kill

There is only one minus of such devices – the snow does not fly forward at an angle on purpose, but to the sides of the walking operator of the walk-behind tractor.

On sale are cleaning brushes with a standard width of 1000 mm (corresponds to the width of the rotary snow blower for the Oka), their diameter can be different, for example 400 mm.

Homemade snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor – myth or reality?

An example of a homemade snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor:

As you can see, making a homemade snowmobile from a walk-behind tractor is quite possible. However, this requires some time and materials that are not cheap. The most expensive extras include:

  • caterpillar mechanisms;
  • large diameter wheels;
  • skis for better gliding (attached to the trailer, making the snowmobile’s engine block heavier);
  • Fittings and tubes for the frame on which the driver’s seat is held.

video ratings

Overview of the snow blower for the OKA two-wheel tractor:

A winter ride on the Motoblock Oka:

Reviews of the owners

Yaroslav, Perm:

“The snow blower is very productive. It cleans perfectly: I used it to clean paths in the garden and parking lots for several cars in winter. The only downside is that it is difficult to operate such equipment, since Oka itself weighs 90 kg, plus a snow cleaner, more than a hundred kg in total.

The advantage: no slipping. Also, when working with heavy snow, I put cleats, as the seller recommended when buying a walk-behind tractor.

Dmitry, Kaluga region:

“I liked the blade more on my Oka than the snowblower. The thing is that wet and dense snow with a light frost is still better to rake with a blade than throw it through a rotary cleaner. The motor makes more noise and the knife weighs less, it’s easier to handle. However, the ejector can also be switched on in heavy frost and dry snow. I chose the blade because of the lower cost and lighter weight.”

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