Universal lawn mower Husqvarna 135R. Description, features, photos, video, reviews

Husqvarna 135R

Before you buy the Husqvarna 135R at the lowest price, check out the specifications, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, and customer reviews.

Husqvarna 135R video reviews

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Husqvarna 135R Specifications

General features *
noise level 95 dB
Type trimmer
blade speed up to 8400 rpm
mulching no
Engine *
engine location Top, above
fuel tank for 0,6 l
performance 1.90 hp
engine brake there is
engine type gasoline, two-stroke
working capacity 35 cc
engine speed 8400
design *
handle height adjustable
dumbbell simply
Wheels no
handle shape T-shape (bike)
More info *
equipment Shoulder strap, line reel, disk/knife
Dimensions *
Weight 6,8 kg

* For exact specifications, please contact your dealer.

“Neither fish nor meat”, too expensive for dacha, not enough for prof. kraftarbeit.

In general, the mower works clearly in a large mixed grass, small shrubs, thick burdock, mowed half the summer. Bottom line: two warranty cases on the same unit. “Chinese” for all time worked 5 seasons twice, was in repair and is now functional, but of course “capricious”. As a result, for the price for which I bought Husqvarna, you can get three good Chinese ones.

I bought a Husqvarna 135R lawn mower for 20,990 rubles at a “specialized store Gasoline Technology Center”. When choosing a mower the salespeople indicated that it is a professional device, suitable for large loads and large areas of mowing. After about a month of use the starter cord stopped turning the engine. I went to the salesman for a free warranty repair in the service center of this store, the recipient replied that this is not a warranty case, the repair cost 995 rubles. Allegedly during operation, the scythe pulled the starter cord handle too tight, which caused it to break. Calls and letters to the office did not bring any results. The call went unanswered and the letter came back marked “undeliverable. Think before you buy Husqvarna products.

Kamaz 53215 - description and properties

Bought it as a trimmer for heavy jobs, brush, tough grass, underbrush. I chose it for the performance and quality of workmanship that immediately catches my eye. On the package it says that the assembly is Swedish. Most of the parts are Swedish. The price has proven itself and is similar on most marketplaces.

Universal lawn mower Husqvarna 135R. Description, features, photos, video, reviews

This is a representative of the universal lawnmower, designed for private use.

Smart Start System with optional integrated fuel pump ensures easy starting.

The engine is equipped with the patented X-torg system. This provides increased torque, reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption.

basic configuration

The factory-installed instruction manual, belt accessory, trimmer head and grass knife are included.

Engine with X-Torq® technology reduces emissions by 75% and saves 20% fuel. Fuel priming pump makes it easy to start.


Cylinder displacement, cc 34.6 cc
fuel capacity 0.6L
power output 1.4 kW
Sound pressure to the operator’s ear 98 dB(A)
weight 6,8 kg


  • The Husqvarna 135R is suspended from the operator’s shoulders during operation.
  • The handle length can be adjusted according to a person’s height.
  • The protective body of the device gives the possibility to work with both a grass knife and a trimmer.
  • The mowing head is positioned at an optimum angle, allowing the grass to be cut parallel to the ground.

The adjustable, ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort. The stop button automatically returns to the start position when the unit is switched off, allowing for easy restarting.

features of use

Make sure the machine is in good condition and the fuel mixture is present before starting.

Care must be taken when mowing grass with the Husqvarna 135r lawnmower, as the blades rotate at high speed and there is a high chance of stones and other hard objects getting caught.


The Husqvarna 135r gasoline trimmer does not run on pure fuel, but on a mixture. You need to use gasoline and the manufacturer’s proprietary oil for preparation.

DZ-42 Bulldozer - description and properties

It has been specially developed for garden tools and helps prevent the formation of deposits on the pistons, which greatly increases their service life.

Oil and gasoline should be mixed in a 1:50 ratio.

Optimized shaft length and high torque transmission make it easier to work and keep the cutting equipment parallel to the ground The combined protective cover can be used with a grass trimmer or a trimmer head.

Owner’s Manual

This document is intended to familiarize new owners with the features and proper operation of the machine.

Электронная версия руководства пользователя представлена здесь—>

advantages and disadvantages

This Husqvarna 135r gasoline lawnmower model is in demand due to a number of advantages:

  1. low fuel consumption;
  2. low vibration;
  3. lightness;
  4. Simple design and easy repair and maintenance

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  1. High strain on the spine;
  2. The length of the belt is adjustable in a small range.

Video overview of work

An example of working with the Husqvarna 135r lawnmower is presented in the video review below:

owners’ reviews

Here is what the owners of lawn mowers Husqvarna 135r write on special forums:

Vladimir :

“Bought the trimmer last year. My impressions are not the best. The first month worked fine. Then the engine failed, but the sellers assured me that it is a professional and reliable equipment for long-term use. I was refused warranty repair, as I was told that the cord was too tight. They asked for 1000 rubles for the repair. I had to pay. Pros: Awesome. Cons: Not practical.


“I am not the owner of a large private utility company. Bought these brushcutters for the business. For working shrubs and tough grass. I wanted durability and practicality. Been running for over 2 months, never had a breakdown. Pros: Quality and great power reserve Cons: Mast is not removable

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