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Kadvi Ugra NMB-1N9

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Reviews on Kadvi Ugra NMB-1N9

Advantages: 1. Full shore equipment;

2. Japanese brand four-stroke engine that is always easy to start, except in low temperatures. In three years the engine has never failed;

3. relatively low weight;

4. After training, you will be very comfortable to work the soil with a regular tiller;

5. Large selection of attachments (not always necessary and of high quality).

I wrote this review for those who are thinking about buying a hand tractor for the country or garden. Myself faced the choice in 2013, what to choose. This is my first power tiller. I had never worked with such equipment before. At that time, one-axle tractor Agro was already announced (I wanted to buy it), and Chinese models raised doubts about service (availability of spare parts). Of the models with coasting gears, only Ugra was sold in Saransk. As I said, the engine can be, except for the cheapest, which has a higher noise level, and uses gasoline AI 76 to work. I say the good thing about the hand tractor is that in three years it hasn’t broken down once, although I’ve repeatedly tried to plow new ground and mill heavy soil in the July heat. That’s right, I didn’t work every day either. I worked on weekends, mostly in the spring and fall. In the summer, the hand-powered tractor was usually parked on the ground.

The UGRA power tiller is mainly suitable for tillage of previously tilled soil in the summer house or in the garden with cutting devices (conventional cutting devices are good for this purpose).

Disadvantages: 1. The mechanism of fixing the wheels to the gearbox axle with metal pencils: when working on heavy soil, the handles, holes on the blades or lugs (purchased separately) and gearbox waves are deformed;

2. Inconvenient gas control button: it moves with difficulty, which is inconvenient when driving a tractor with manual control;

3. inadequately expensive attachments and relatively expensive spare parts. Parts;

4. The depth of plowing the floor leaves much to be desired (a plow is bought separately);

5. If you work with a two-wheel cutter (purchased separately), they either bury small potatoes or damage large potatoes, as the height of the hand tractor is insufficient for potato peaks to pass through it;

6. When working instead of bicycles with filling lines (purchased separately) even faster bend the metal fixing handles, as well as deform the holes on the eyelets and on the toothed shafts.

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7. It takes dexterity to switch quickly.

8. Price: It’s worth thinking hard about whether it’s worth the price you spend about 40,000 (without attachments).

Plowing ugol, especially virgin land, is difficult and possible only in several steps.

Dov. The plow already plows evenly (15-20 cm), and in virgin land the depth is even less (10-15 cm). If you try to deepen the plow, even primers slip. But for me it is quite difficult – processing I dig with a shovel, shovel with my foot on the bayonet and sometimes shake the shovel several times. In short, if you do not want to give the motor serious fees, but unnecessarily messing with it is not worth it. You can do the soil, especially light, plowing, but, I repeat, the depth of cultivation is not more than 25 cm. In addition, the plough for 1-2 thousand will have to buy separately, which will be the best, after the purchase will probably have to reweld, so as not to collapse. It is up to you to decide if you can work the soil with regular clothes.

Comment: Using the plow to cut furrows for planting potatoes is also impractical, as it is difficult to drive straight and parallel, but in principle it is possible. You can do without the rear tiller (bought separately), if you do not plan, plow yourself, dip, etc., about the two-disc shed (bought separately) I have already written in the disadvantages. Calm them down in principle, too: big potatoes grow, small they can dig out with their hands). I do not use them with the plumb barnacles (bought separately), because they are almost twice the usual, and so I’m afraid that they will ruin the holes on the gear in the waves of the pinion. I do not use other attachments, but I believe that buying a car to drive around the village and carry manure, if for these purposes, I do not see the reason for the big expense: it is easier to buy a trimmer, too Buy, plant 10 hectares by hand and remove snow with a Chinese snow blower, which costs almost as much as an attachment to a walking tractor. At the same time, I doubt the performance and practicality of these products. The general conclusion: Under the beds to plow Yugra, convenient, fast, pleasant. A cultivator will also cope with this task. As a walk – I usually only slightly imagine a machine that costs about 13,000 rubles. Of course, you can try to work the plow, dip potatoes. But to go back, I would consider buying a cultivator, which is cheaper than a walking tractor. The “versatility” of the UGRA as a walking tractor has nothing to do with me. The other thing is, I don’t know what the price is between the UGRA and a similar cultivator. In 2013, the difference was about 10,000.

A review of the Walk line of modifications on the UGRA. Advantages and features of power tillers

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Motoblocs “Ugra” – is the idea of the Kaluga plant (“Kadvi”) to produce engines (gas turbine), power units, spare parts for tractors, cylinder blocks, as well as functional, dependent and chopping devices for motorized machinery. Over a long period of its existence, the “Ugra” power tillers have established themselves as reliable, time-tested highly functional machines, which allows their owners to cultivate medium and small-sized persons, including working in the open field and in the greenhouses.

The UGRA motorcycle

Due to the functional equipment, two-wheel tractors “Ugra” can be used all year round. In winter – as a snowplow, transport vehicle (using tracked attachments); in autumn – for harvesting, preparing soil for winter, cleaning areas from leaves and debris; in spring-summer – sowing, planting, mowing the lawn, etc.

Application of Ugra power tillers

  1. The Ugra power tillers are in demand both in the domestic market and abroad. The reasons for such popularity are:
  2. A more reliable system of torque transmission – now only through a reduction gearbox, belts are not provided in the design.
  3. Presence of not one but two PTO shafts which allows attaching various mounted and towed equipment to the Ugra walking tractor.
  4. The low weight of the product (not more than 91 kg).
  5. Availability of several forward and reverse gears, which increases the maneuverability of the walking tractor.
  6. Wide choice of attachments and trailed equipment, both active and passive.
  7. Aggregation of the two-wheeled tractor “Ugra” with devices of other manufacturers (with an appropriate coupling mechanism).
  8. Handles adjustable in two levels.
  9. Lowered center of gravity, which increases the stability of the two-wheeled tractor, especially on slopes.
  10. Availability of emergency engine stop button, complying with European standards and approvals.
  11. Availability of a large number of service centers, where, according to the warranty, the two-wheeled tractor is inspected free of charge.
  12. Free access to spare parts and consumables.

Equipment with power units of the well-known brands, proven by time.

Engine block Yugra NMB-1H7

Attachments for the “Ugra” power tiller

  • Another important advantage of the two-wheeled tractor “Ugra” is a large number of different attachments. Today for sale is available original attachments:
  • potato planter;
  • plow;
  • weights;
  • clutch devices;
  • power tiller brush;
  • milling cultivator;
  • cultivator;
  • cultivator;
  • harrow;
  • heavy single-axle truck;
  • shovel;
  • drift;
  • Differential;
  • excavators;
  • rotary snow blower;

cutting cultivator.

All of the above equipment can be installed on the tractor going to the rear with minimal time expenditure. After all, it is not necessary to make structural changes to the equipment of the two-wheeled tractor itself. The attached equipment is initially equipped with everything necessary for installation on the two-wheeled tractor “Ugra”. That is why it is best to buy the original attachments and then use them.

Motobloc “Ugra” from “KaDvi”

  1. The manufacturer “KaDvi” has developed a whole line of power tillers “Ugra” with various engines of world brands. By studying the information about the units listed below, you will know the current prices for them, real reviews of owners and will be able to determine for yourself which of the listed power tillers is more suitable for you and why:
  2. “Yugra” NMB 1H2.
  3. NMB1H7.
  4. NMB1H9.
  5. “Yugra” NMB 1H10.
  6. NMB1H10A.
  7. NMB 1H14.
  8. “Yugra” NMB 1H15.
  9. “Yugra” NMB 1H16 (diesel).
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NMB 1H17.

Let us briefly list the characteristics and features of each of the listed modifications.

“Yugra” NMB-1H2.

This modification is equipped with the Japanese four-stroke power-unit HONDA GP 200 with the power of 6,5 h.p. The engine cooling is air, forced. The engine is started by the manual starter. Type of the fuel used – gasoline AI-92. Manual gearbox with switching on/off, 3 forward and reverse gears. Angular gear (brake caliper).

Engine block Ugra NMB-1H2.

Clutch is mechanical disc type. There are two VOM (master and LED) to connect various attachments to the engine note. The steering wheel is adjustable horizontally and vertically. The Yugra power tiller is equipped with floor tillers (4 pcs.), coulter and pneumatic wheels.

The tillage depth with Malen cutters is up to 30 cm. There is an engine emergency stop button on the steering wheel, which complies with European safety standards.

Today this model can be purchased at a price of 47,000 rubles and more.
Characteristics of Yugra NMB-1H2: Power:
6.5 hp. Engine:
Honda GP 200 Number of speeds:
3 forward/forward 1 forward Type of power tiller according to justice:
Medium (according to GOST 28523-90) Plowing width:
102.5/73.5 cm (6/4 tines) plowing depth:
30 cm hitch:
Mechanical, disk gearbox:
Mechanical, angular output (caliper) Reduction oil volume:
1.7 L – transmission fill volume Gearbox:
Mothball, 4 cutters for loosening the ground, pneumatic fire, coulter
Engine, parameters :: Model:
GX 200 Manufacturer:
Honda (Japan) Engine type:
Gasoline, carburetor, 4-stroke cylinder volume:
196 cc. Fuel tank capacity:
3.1L oil volume:
0.6L Forward speed:
I – 2.70; II – 4.42; III – 6.40 km/h (3600 rpm) Rearward travel speed:
1.70 km/h (3,600 rpm) Angle of transverse static stability:
At least 20 degrees OT:
Two – drive and slave transmission shafts Chassis:
Single axle, 2×2 wheel arrangement ground clearance:
17 cm wheel size:
47.5 cm (pneumatic) track:
Adjustable pitch travel width:
Normal-405 mm; with extensions-695 mm turning radius:
1.5m steering:
optional Grinding cultivator diameter:
31 cm Number of cutters:
4 (can be increased to 6) 4
Number of blades per cutter: FREEDE speed:
35-85 rpm Overall dimensions, GKHV:
1600x600x1235 mm, in working position no Weight:
61/68 kg with cultivator 4 wheels Mills/s Country of production:
Russia Warranty:

1,5 year

“Yugra” nmb-1n7

This is a gasoline power tiller of the medium technological class. The manufacturer equips the machine with a power plant (LIFAN 168F-2A).

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The Yugra 6.5 hp power tiller. Lifan (NMB-1N7)

Reviews on Kadvi Ugra NMB-1N9

Advantages: 1. Full shore equipment;

2. Japanese brand four-stroke engine that is always easy to start, except in low temperatures. In three years the engine has never failed;

3. relatively low weight;

4. After training, you will be very comfortable to work the soil with a regular tiller;

5. Large selection of attachments (not always necessary and of high quality).

5. Large selection of attachments (not always necessary and of high quality).

This review I wrote for those who are thinking about buying a walker for the cottage or garden. In 2013 myself, I was faced with which one to choose. This is my first power walker. Before that, I had never worked with one of these devices. By that time the Agrro power tiller was already discontinued (I was going to buy it), and about the Chinese models there were doubts about their repairability (availability of spare parts). Of the models with a high-speed gearbox, only a few were sold in Saransk. The engine, as they said, you can take, except for the cheapest, which has a higher noise level, and to use gasoline AI-76. I say that the tiller is good, because in three years it has never once broken down, although I have repeatedly tried to plow virgin land with it and catch heavy soil in the July heat. I didn’t work for them every day either. I worked on weekends, mostly in the spring and fall. In the summer the power tiller was mostly idle.

Advantages of “Ugra” power tillers

  1. Let us list the advantages of the line of power tillers “Yugra”:
  2. Improved angular caliper (transmission).
  3. Presence of two power take-off waves (leading and driven).
  4. Emergency power unit shutdown switch.
  5. Engines from proven brands.
  6. Coupling with articulated implements of domestic factory and other manufacturers.
  7. Steering rods are height and horizontally adjustable.
  8. Numerous speeds.
  9. Possibility to adjust track width.
  10. Excellent tractor stability, due to specially lowered center of gravity by the manufacturer.
  11. Affordable prices on the market.

Availability of service centers and spare parts.

Owners reviews

In the network you can find many reviews about these power tillers. Owners note their high functionality and endurance. Basically, the reviews are positive.

Ilya, 29 years old:

Good afternoon. I have a diesel engine (1N16) with Lifan. It has already been used for two years, I haven’t had any problems with the engine. Why a diesel? The system is simpler, more reliable, I read on the forums of reviews of gasoline models, decided to trust the good old diesel. And I have no regrets. The grind is excellent, the engine runs like clockwork. Survived the walk with no problems. After preservation it started fine, started up. Have not yet operated in the winter – nowhere, I do not go out of town in winter.

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Nicholay, 44 years:

Bought my brother’s model 17, we work the garden for the fourth season. Lack of belts had a better effect on the endurance of the walking tractor (I had a sad experience before, only had time to change the belts). The car is productive, and follows the wheel well. Emergency start button saves both the car from flashing more than once, and my brother from injury. What hinges have been bought and what hinges have been made for free (pads for example). Now looking for a suitable drawing of a toboggan module, we want to make one ourselves and buy a lot more expensive.


Comments 23

There is a four wheel drive for it, looked it up on youtube, just like a tractor, but the box is not reliable, how about you?

You bought a power tiller.

Is that a question or a statement.

You will answer yourself after working with it ((((((((

You are a very interesting interlocutor.

I was unlucky to get a full blowout, but it has been running for 10 years without any problems.

Aparata checking myself for 10 years, working on a boxed thing. Sluggish thing, really doesn’t hang anywhere.

But my opinion should have asked before buying this attachment and not after and now there is no difference what the problem is now your hemorrhoids so it’s better not to buy

Hanging … without the hinge is a motor with wheels. Interesting, but useless. Either make it yourself or buy it.

Personally, I was put off by the gearbox and the multi-disc clutch. The belt is IMHO easier to change. But all liked it.

Well I do not think that the box will often break)))), but to say a little for the clutch.

Personally, I was put off by the gearbox and the multi-disc clutch. The belt is IMHO easier to change. But all liked it.

Well, I do not think that the box will often break)))), but for the clutch will say a little.

Father’s a-zakon has had it for 6 years. Drives it in chaos and mane. And the car and the plowing. Even the Kalymchiks do that. Replaced only the wheel drive wave. Broken finger holes.

There would be more photos and properties… at least the number of ponies))) I have T100 9LS technology, it turned out that there was a very weak Shellis mount…. Had to improve it completely.

Ugra 1 N7 DV Lifan 6.5 hp Three forward gears are the same.

31140 at 20% discount.

First install the fuel filter on the carburetor. Work strictly according to the instructions and then change all the oil to synthetic. Unscrew the fasteners without fanaticism. If you get on the plow, you need to install additional pancakes in the biceps. Otherwise, the weight of the cultivator will not be enough to keep it on the ground, and it will slide. It is better to plow on standard rubber wheels.

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