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Sign from October

Folk sign of October

Yellow leaves and rain that have already flown out of a bucket of trees – with the advent of autumn, the mood in the shower changes. People are called differently October. But mostly you can hear the “dirt”. Due to frequent rains, slush forms, dirt and large puddles on the streets everywhere. Nowhere in October and without strong winds, the month was also referred to as the “whirlwind”.

October signs on day

The day of the Windmühle or the Astafyev winch in Russia were celebrated in relation to the millers and those who work on the mills.

On this day, the wind was given special attention: its direction meant a lot. When the wind blew from the south, they waited for the heat. If from the east, he has clear days. The west wind pointed to the rains and South spoke of a good harvest.

On the day of the windmill it was not necessary to start disputes or disputes, especially with relatives. If exactly 13 people gathered in the house that day, a few more people had to call – otherwise they will not be in misfortune. And before the meetings, the windows and mirrors had to wash with a solution with sacred water.

On October 4th

The fourth October day was regarded as agriculture and fertility. Everyone worked in the fields and fertilized the ground so that the harvest was as richer as possible next year.

People saw the weather: what was it that day, so it will take a month. The farmers went into the forest to collect berries and nuts. If the harvest were good, the winter would be sno w-covered and cold. It was assumed that it was necessary to work as much as possible on October 4. It was assumed that those who spend the working day are rewarded with wells and happiness.

5th October

This day in Russia was referred to as a leaf stop or leaves: Already yellowed leaves behind strong winds flew from the trees and circled in a beautiful dance. When our ancestors looked at the leaves, they predicted what winter will be this year. When the leaves put the back of the back, violent frosts waited in winter. And if inside – there was little snow.

On October 5th it was impossible to eat and fish fish. Treat the wind carefully. Our ancestors thought he brings evil spirits and drove him away with prayers.

October 6th

The main sign of this day is the Fortune parts. But it was possible to guess only those who have problems with money.

On this day everyone was lucky and tried to complain less about problems and difficulties. It was assumed that so many problems you list will happen to you in the future.

If they went into the forest on October 6 and only a few mushrooms and many nuts, it was expected that winter was serious. They carefully watched the birds in the sky: the loud screams of flying geese were lengthy frosts.

October 7th

According to the folk calendar, the day of feces is celebrated. Women traditionally sat on spinning wheels this morning and went into the forest this year to harvest. It was common to believe that they could attract happiness and happiness after the threads that stretched in the rotating spins.

The girls that day not only turned, they also wondered: they did it with the help of food. The beauties put delicious dishes in the window: if nobody touches them, it won’t get married so soon. A warm note meant a rich husband, a cold hand affected food from poverty in a future family.

The ancestors believed that it was impossible on October 7th to borrow and borrow. And the thunder noises for them were the harbing of the warm and sno w-covered winter.

8th October

The people on October 8 were called Sergeyev in honor of the asceta of the earth of the Russian Sergius of Radonezh. It was believed that the winter on November 21 on the day of Mikhailov falls on that day when the first snow falls that day. Special attention was paid to the weather and the snow cover. When the snow fell onto the wet earth, they believed – the early winter came. And it falls dry, it was not worth waiting for strong frosts in the near future.

9th October

9th October

The day of Johannes, the theologian, was considered suitable for the temple and the reversal. The believers asked the saint for healing, prosperity, love, family well.

The field work ended on October 9: This is the last day on which the farmers harvested. After work you could eat deliciously. It was only so that it was impossible to add dishes and onions: it was assumed that they were pushing bad dreams. You didn’t cut vegetables from the garden with a knife – you believed that the harvested harvest could be rotted in this case.

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After the weather that day, it was found what the summer will be next year. If the sun shone and there were no clouds, you can wait for the cold beginning of summer.

October 10th

On October 2, the beehives began to cook for the winter, and on the 10th they finished them. The ancestors asked to be honey sweet and tasty and also pray for their prosperity.

We looked at this day in the direction of the wind. Severnoye blew, so it is worth waiting for a hard winter, the southern wind spoke of a late and warm winter. It was assumed that the first winter should begin after 40 days if the first snow fell on October 10th.

October 11th

This day was considered unfriendly from antiquity: it was better not to leave the house, to move all things so as not to face the evil eye. It was considered to be correct to listen to the little things carefully and to look closely. Too strong the creaking of the planks in the house meant close problems, a bad harvest also showed problems in the near future.

On October 11, people refused to eat berries. There is belief that Satan spit on all berries 3 days in front of the lid, and if they eat at least one meal, illnesses and symptoms are waiting for.

In Russia, the bride and groom came to the village leader and treated them to appease them. This was necessary for a strong and long marriage.

October 12th

The day is wrapped in sadness and melancholy: the ancestors believed that dark clouds in the sky and strong fog sadness and longing, which was difficult to manage. At night everyone went to look at the stars: If they were clearly visible, they waited for a dry and moderately warm second half of the autumn.

October 13th

On this day they prepared for the big Orthodox holiday – the cover of the blessed virgin Mary. Women followed the old rite: they burned old straw beds in the stoves so that they were not mocked. After that, they made new beds, which were assumed that they lend a lot of energy and strength.

When the first snow fell that day, they were certain: it was still far from the real winter. But the cranes fly south, on the contrary, formed an ambulance and a cold winter.

October 14th

Orthodox Orthodox On October 14th celebrate the vacation of the protection of the blessed virgin Mary. This day is considered the most important Christian vacation of autumn. According to Legend, Jungfrau Mary extended her cover in 910 in Konstantinople and protected the believers from her enemies. She saved that.

There is a faith: who used to put a candle in a great vacation in the girl’s temple, he will get married earlier. Many weddings were celebrated on October 14: it was assumed that the marriage concluded that day would be strong.

On the day of the intercession, it was forbidden to do housework, borrow money and end eager disputes. In the evening the family gathered, the women baked pancakes. The more delicious food in the house, the more comfortable it would be in heavy frosts in winter.

15th October

On this day it was common to defend themselves from evil spirits and the evil eye. If a person has not read a conspiracy, she was not safe. Evil perfumes chose sinners, drunkers and films.

It was considered wrong to move on October 15: this could be a failure for work or money issues. Financial difficulties can occur if you stay at home at night. And it was also not common to transplant flowers, to work in the garden: they believed that it was possible to cause problems.

October, 16th

The rampant evil spirits continued on October 16. The people were named the name by Denis Possimnu. There is a conviction that “fever” goes to earth on this day – this is the name of bad ghosts that bring mortal diseases. People were afraid of the evil eye and spent time in the walls of their house.

They paid attention to dreams: if the dreams were heavy, our ancestors were not worried about it. Everything that was in a dream remains in a dream. In the night of October 17th, something dreamed that would never happen in her life.

October 17th

October 17th

On this day they were afraid to go into the forest and to collect berries, mushrooms, nuts. It was assumed that Leshy was brewing in the forest that day. In addition to the whistle, strong wind, noise, he was able to physically harm a person.

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They only tried to leave the house in an emergency. You can do household work, but carefully. They believed that everything should be careful in everything, should not drink alcohol and occupy colors.

October 18th

In tradition, women sat on spinning wheels that day and began to weave canvas. After work, they gathered for the evening and continued to embroider. The boys joined the girls: together they sang songs and waited for the next day.

The lack of wind meant that winter would be cold. We followed on October 18 and the behavior of birds in the sky. If you gathered in herds in sunny weather – that is raining. And if you circled and don’t fly away, you can wait for snowfall in the coming days.

October 19

The day of memory of Thomas, a student of Christ, was the day on which the results of the year were summarized. People counted their reserves and decided whether they were enough for the whole winter. When the harvest was in abundance, they thanked Thomas. If not, they waited for the next year for full cellars and asked the saint.

All bad health was fed with a bread hump on this day. This fulfilled this by force and made it possible to recover.

October 20th

The snow, which fell in the afternoon of October 20, did not stay and melted quickly. When he failed at night, he covered the earth and variety a cold winter. People are called Sergius of winter in honor of the two Saints Sergius: Pechora and Vologda.

It was strictly forbidden to work with the test. Those who violated the ban came up with poverty and hurt very much. It was not common to accept gifts that day and to complain about difficulties in life. This can be glued to problems.

The real winter began on October 20 after the beliefs. But if the weather was sunny that day, they believed that three more weeks were waiting for the heat.

October 21

From that day on, the approach of winter can be felt more and more: people prepare warm clothes and check whether repair or replacement is required by a new one.

At night everyone went to look at the stars. Their large crowds spoke of a clear weather, and in the weeks to come offered a poor view of inclement weather. It was believed that on October 21 a woman should not sit in front of the mirror for a long time: this could bring troubles in her life.

October 22nd

October 22nd

Harvesting firewood for the winter was important for every family – on October 22, everyone from small to large was engaged in this matter. And women traditionally baked cakes to treat relatives and friends. This brought every house to be good.

People took root that on October 22 it is impossible to remember the past. On the contrary, it is worth it in a bright future. If you regret unfulfilled dreams or missed happiness, a big problem may arise.

They also paid attention to the weather: a large number of icicles planned a protracted autumn, and the falling and immediately melting snow spoke of a bad harvest next year.

23rd October

On that day they followed the month: its horns showed in which direction the wind would blow. If headed north, it was worth expecting a harsh winter. The horns indicating the south showed no frost and heavy snowfall.

October 23 collected old things and burned them. It was believed that this will help get rid of everything bad. And they also jumped over the fire, forgetting about adversity and attracting luck.

It was impossible to make purchases that day, like a wedding. The marriage, played on October 23, was doomed to fragility. A silly sign that day was seen as plans and starting new things.

October 24th

By tradition, they guess money: snow and ice come to the rescue. If the snow fell on the wet ground, and at the same time it does not melt immediately, you can wait for a good income. Fat and stable ice on the river also promised wealth.

Particular attention was paid to the weather that day. Early morning snow spoke of a protracted winter, severe leaf fall, about a long autumn, and not quick fruit. We looked at the moon: if it was difficult to see it, then in the coming days you can wait for a dense snow cover.

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October 25th

On the day of the wise Andron star, all signs are associated with observing the stars. Bright stars foreshadow severe frosts, slightly visible – they spoke about the approaching warming. When the stars are light blue, expect plenty of snowfall. And the starfall promised a strong wind.

Our ancestors carefully chose words during conversations that day: it was not worth fouling and swearing.

October 26th

October 26th

On October 26, 1648, the icon of the Mother of God was transferred to Moscow. It shows the Virgin Mary and the baby.

In Russia, this day was called the bath animal: according to the customs, people brought decoctions of herbs to the bathhouse, dry roots that helped fight evil fights.

According to signs, good dreams should be realized for three days on the night of October 27th. If a person saw something bad in a dream, do not be upset: it will not come true.

October 27th

The day of the memory of the Monk Paraskeva Serbian was considered inappropriate for initiating affairs: it was better to postpone them to good times. Paraskeva patronize women’s work, and especially spinning. But that day it was possible to start from the next day. If you sit for a spinning wheel on October 27, you can lose your sight, they believed so much for centuries.

In addition to the spinning of Praskev, the patroness of women in labor. According to beliefs, pregnant women cannot comb their hair on this day.

28th of October

People celebrated the Efimiy autumn day: there were very few before the first frosts. The ancestors believed that the dark force began to float that day. Evil perfumes disturb the homework, spoiling home utensils.

It was believed that it was better on October 28 to leave the garden and the house. It was not worth the abusion and the conflict. In contrast to the 25th that day, it was impossible to look at the starry sky: When a person saw a falling star, he was waiting for a great deal.

October 29th

Longin Sotnik, the patron saint of that day, defended the world from evil spirits. People believed that he stood at the gate and did not let evil spirits get into the house. Therefore, they put a candle in them and hanged an icon with the image of the patron saint.

Interior matters that required the ultimate attention remained prohibited. It was not necessary to weave a muesli, embroider, to choose a muesli. Followed the weather carefully. When you saw the sun in the fog, they waited for trouble. And only fog without bright sun spoke of a narrow thaw. The clear sky in the night of October 30th was a good harvest next year.

30th of October

30th of October

In the church on October 30, the prophet is honored on the axis, the first of 12 smaller trucks. He had a strong gift of faith that helped people turn to God. He was also called Kolesnik: On that day, they started preparing the carts for work and checking them for the lack of breakdowns. If the bikes did not creak when traveling, it was possible next year to wait for a good harvest.

They also paid attention to the weather, animals. A strongly sleeping cat spoke of the clear last October days, and when chicken and geese waved their wings in the courtyard, everyone prepared for lengthy rains.

On October 30th, you cannot go to the bath house after customs and record new things.

October 31st

On the last day in October, the great martyr Luke in Russia was worshiped. This day was called Lukov among the people. It was assumed that the saint protects against severe diseases, patronized artists, fishermen and married couples.

The arches followed the trees that day: if the leaves are not yet burned, the snow will soon melt. The lack of snow that day said that winter would not come soon.

Popular questions and answers

On which days in October is it worth creating a family?

The first half of October is called Golden Autumn: Those who marry and marry will create a strong and loving family by October 15. The best days are after the beliefs on October 7th and 12th. If you create a seventh family, it will be strong, and if 12, the marriage can be called happily, our ancestors thought.

From October 16 to the end of the month, autumn already occurs its legal rights: a strong wind rises, the leaves catch from the trees. In Russia it was assumed that the marriage on October 21 and 23 would be friendly and happy. Those who counted on cash assets married and married on October 25th. And the data from October 29 to October seemed ideal for the boys who wanted to overcome all difficulties together.

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What characteristics are inherent with children born in October?

October is usually a dark and rainy month. But children who were born in October are bright, sociable and friendly. It is believed that the girls are very tied to friends, a little undecided in their youth, but go to the end in adulthood. They are characterized by accuracy and judgment, they are balanced and stable.

Boys are pretty versatile personalities. In Russia it was assumed that the boys who were born in the future in October will love their family in their family. Through character, they are careful, economical and calm.

What days in October 2022 can you guess on the maps?

Convenient for the fortune days that you need to look at the lunar calendar. In October 2022 there are 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 29, 30, 31 numbers.

Folk signs: October 25 – October 31

On this day, the Orthodox Church venerates the memory of the martyrs of Priva, Andronika and Tarah, who suffered at the hands of the pagans because of their Christian religion. They were confiscated and led to the emperor ordering Jesus to be renounced, but they refused and were tortured. Then they were thrown into a cage with wild animals, but they did not touch them, but did not lie down far away. Martyr was beheaded.

Our ancestors believed that on this day you cannot laugh out loud because you can have problems. They also tried to refrain without rudeness and not to offend anyone. The ancestors looked at the stars and tried to determine their fate. The falling star predicted someone’s death. People believed that Comet causes misfortune, crop failure, death, and war. Since the cereals were associated with the stars, on that day they tried to eat only such food. People were named Andrei as a spaceship, since the stars determined the next year’s yield. When the stars were dull, the heat still lasts, and when they burned brightly, it was necessary to wait for quick frosts.

Birthdays: Fan, Andrey, Miroslava, Fedor.

October 26th

Worshiped the icon of Ivero n-Mother of God, who, they believed, protects from fire and other troubles. That day they tried for a long time in the bathhouse to strengthen and purify their health. So the day gradually began to designate – bath. Aussies were necessarily used, and dry-smelling branches of trees were thrown into the fire, and infusions of medicinal herbs were added to the jar. The ancestors believed that in the bath a spirit that heals life, so old and sick, surely rose.

The Orthodox Church venerates the Iveron icon of the Blessed Mother of God, who was called the Gatekeeper or Gatekeeper. Miraculous qualities are ascribed to her because she was written by the hand of the evangelist Luke. Now she is in Greece at the Iversky Monastery. There is a legend according to which the icon was saved from enemies at the bottom of the sea, where it was kept for 2 centuries. And then she was found by the monk Gabriel Svyatorets and transferred it to the temple. But in the morning the icon was found above the gates of the temple. This was repeated several times and as a result she was dubbed the Gatekeeper and left hanging there. According to popular signs, the weather will be vague when the sun comes out in the morning due to clouds.

Birthdays: Zakhar, Quasimir, Oleg, Daniil, Martha.

October 27th

Colds do their job, gradually closing down all the leaves from the trees. Increasingly, snow and roads completely lost their appearance and made it difficult to move across them. October 27 was often referred to as Praskovya-Troyaznitsa or Dirt. The rains are almost constant, and the air temperature gradually decreases. The main work of women was sewing and turning, and men do something in the cottage. They were in no hurry and were not gathered, and at home they warm up in warmth.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Serbian Praskovya, which lived in the 11th century. Her parents died early and she distributed her inheritance to her arms and went to Constantinople to stay in a monastery and take a tonsure. After 2 years of death, she returned to her hometown as if her soul would take her home. People believed that the relics of Praskovya had miraculous powers and prayed to them. On this day, the tradition was drowned and cried by flax. It was assumed that Praskovya protects pregnant women, so it was common to comb their hair and pray for help.

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Signs said that the harvest will be good next year when the sky is starry and bright. Windy and dry weather predicted a bad harvest.

Birthdays: Matvey, Stepan, Claudia, Matryona, Praskovya.

28th of October

For Jefim the pious you could work, but not sew or wash. They mainly dealt with the processing of flax. They also honored the memory of Euthymius von Thessaloniki, who was called Nikita before baptism and received a second name after the tonsur. Together with comrade Joseph he went to Athos, where he stayed to live. After a while, Euthymius organized the community and laid the foundation for the construction of the temple.

It was assumed that the advent of cold weather activates an impure force that either ruins the spinning wheel or breaks the tools. The hosts immediately prayed to Euphemia, which they regarded as their advocate. Those who wanted to get married sat down to spin a thread amulet. It was believed that the thread spun that day would protect not only from diseases, but also from the evil eye.

If large circles around the moon are visible and the sky is clear, according to general opinion, there will soon be frost. When clouds can be seen at sunrise, bad weather will soon come.

Birthdays: Andrey, Mitrofan, Kirill, Agapon.

October 29th

They celebrated the memory of Longinus Sotnik, who was a protector from the evil eye and evil conspiracies. Longinus served in the Roman army and held the rank of a captain. Known because he was under the guards that guard the location of the crucifixion of Jesus. When Christ was crucified, his blood got into Longinus’ eyes and he was healed by gray star, on which he had suffered for a long time. Then he experienced the resurrection of Christ and accepted the Christian faith. But he and his friends were captured and beheaded. Her bodies were found by a blind old woman who buried her and then began to see. Therefore, Longinus is called a wonderful healer.

For our ancestors, the gate was considered a border between evil and good. And it was they who prevented them from entering the courtyard. People prayed to Longinus and asked him to protect them from difficulty. And the picture of a advocate or a wedding candle was considered a talisman. When the day was cloudy and the setting sun is shining bright, the bad weather will last long.

Birthdays: Avdotya, Maria, Ivan, Kazimir, Sergey.

30th of October

The people called this October 30th the day of the Prophet Hosea, who actively fought idolatry and called on the Jews to convert to Christian faith. It was rumored that Hosea’s wife was a walking woman and cheated on him and then left him completely. Since then, Hosea prayed without ceasing and tried to convince as many Jews as possible to change their faith.

The second name Hosea was given Kolesnik and it was common to repair the bikes. The carts were placed in scales and repaired there. Instead of carts, they took sledges and prepared themselves to drive with it in winter. An interesting sign was to judge the upcoming harvest on the creak of the bikes. If it creaks strongly, the harvest will be bad.

Birthdays: Seraphim, Mikhail, Alexander, Irina.

October 31st

Leaves fell from oaks and aspens, and people prayed to St. Luke to protect him and instruct him to let the truth be. Artists especially believed in him, who looked to him as their advocate. The church considers Luke a co-author of the gospel. According to tradition, Luke was present at Jesus’ first sermon. Then Luke traveled with Paul on all his campaigns. Historical information confirms that Luke was the first icon painter and also wrote the Acts of the Apostles. Unfortunately, his death was a martyr.

People called this day Onion and there was always an onion on the table. It was believed that if you bite off even a little, your health will be enough for the whole next year. Although it wasn’t entirely profitable to trade in onions, farmers invariably traded them to encourage good luck and commercial success. In the morning they prayed to Luka for well-being in the house and in the shop. It was believed that fishing would be especially successful that day, so after prayer they took fishing rods and went to the river.

According to folk signs, a person born on this day will become a capable artist. When the moon is pale and cloudy, it will rain or even snow.

Birthdays: Svyatoslav, Nikolai, Ignat, Kazimir, Iraida, Valentina.

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