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Sign for August 31, 2022: What is strictly prohibited on this day

And in the folk tradition, this day received a more interesting name for horse celebration or Dosevki. After reading our material, you will find out why August 31 has such a name and what you can and what you can do today.

Sign August 31st

  • Nightingals and cuckoo cannot be heard – at the end of August they fly into warmer areas.
  • The air is fresh and transparent – soon bad weather.
  • Moderate warm and damp air without rain day and night – right up to bad weather.
  • When the air over the forest becomes blue, it gets warm.
  • Clouds crawl deeply – too bad weather.
  • Cow milk becomes angry shortly after milking – in front of a thunderstorm.
  • The sun disk has a strongly distorted shape – to a moist cloudy day.
  • Goats willingly go on the lawn and nibble grass – to the bucket.
  • The sun behind the clouds on a hot day – to the rain.
  • The scarlet stars in the sky sparkle vigorously – to windy and rainy weather.
  • If the root of the dermation picked on this day is thick and wide, a rich harvest will be expected next year.
  • Working on a horse on this day means immediately impending death.
  • On the last day of August, picked wormwood protects against devils and demons. And to drive away evil spirits out of the house, you have to light a fire in the courtyard of dry wormwood.
  • If a wreath of wormwood is braided on this day, hung over the front door and falls down in the evening, the house and its owners have been damaged.

August 31 – What is not to be done on the day of Frol and Laurus

According to general opinion, the most important thing is what you cannot do on August 31 on the day of Frol and Lavr to swear by relatives.

Old beliefs warn that today’s dispute can develop into a long blood feud. On August 31, you should not only create order in the family, but also remember old grievances.

It is necessary to spend the day of Frol and Lavr with a “pure soul”, then all mistakes and problems will pass and there will be peace, calm and harmony in the family.

– It is impossible to insult and exploit horses on August 31. Today they have to be honored, valued and valued. Pamper them with delicacies – sugar, apples, cakes, and you can also give them some beer.

– It is not allowed to stomp on the grass on the day of Frol and Lavr, as it has the ability to “send” today.

To hear your predictions, you have to sit in a park or in a forest on August 31 and listen to the noise of the grass. Anyone who begins to trample on it only recognizes negative prophecies.

– On the day of Frol and LAVR, it is recommended to collect wormwood with signs, but this should only be done with a white towel. After that, the canvas is placed next to the underwear of an unmarried girl so that she marries as soon as possible, or the things of the spouses so that they live in peace and harmony.

The wormwood collected must be dried and processed into a broom that is hidden in a remote corner as a talisman against evil spirits.

For the same purpose, our ancestors on the day of Frol and Lavr wreaths from dry grass, which were hung over the entrance doors.

They watched the wreaths: they will fall during the day – a sign that someone damages the house or one of the household members.

– On August 31, women are not allowed to go out in the evening. They prefer to stay at home, take care of children, cook or sew.

Anyone who disregarded the ban brings evil spirits into the house. With such “guests” in the family, discord, money problems and misunderstandings with the younger generation begin.

Day of the flora and the laurel

At the end of August, the Orthodox worshiped the martyrs Florus and Laurus, who suffered martyrdom in the city of Illarica in the 2nd century. They were brothers, from childhood they were believers and worshiped Christ.

  • Donation of merit to the poor. Both were good builders and bricklayers, they were estimated that the ruler of the city of Illarica sent them to a neighboring city to build a huge pagan complex. They donated all the wages that the brothers earned for this, they donated the poor to whom the Word of God was preached and told by Christ.
  • Miracles accomplished by brothers. Together they worked miracles, the story brought a case into our time when the brothers healed the son of a pagan, and before that, all healers have only licked their shoulders. After the son was healed, the father became Christian.
  • Arrest. In the newly built temple, which had no pagan idol, Flor and Laurus prayed together with other parishioners. Then they all burned and destroyed the idols that were to be brought into the temple. All participants of these events were arrested, tortured and executed publicly – burned at the stake. The brothers were sent back to their hometown, where they publicly confirmed their ruler that they were Christians.
  • Execution. After the negotiation, they were thrown into a deep fountain and covered with earth.
  • Expiration of the relics of the martyrs Florus and Laurus. Many years later, the relics of Laurus and Florus were found incorruptibly and later transferred to Constantinople. Immediately afterwards, the plague and the loss of cattle stopped, which raged for a long time in these places.

Interesting. Saints Flora and Laurus were particularly worshiped in Russia, their icons were not only in churches and chapels, but also in the houses of ordinary farmers. Small pictures were hung in the stables above the crib.

Rites, rituals, traditions, conspiracies on August 31 at the horse festival, the day of Frol and Lavr

In Russia, the farmers always treated the horse with respect and honor because it was the main assistant of its owner. Therefore, this animal was hugged and maintained on the horse festival.

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They did not work today because there were signs that the horses could otherwise become sick with overexertion and die. They were washed in the rivers, then their mane and weld were combed, into which colorful ligaments were woven. They were fed with hay and oats and were allowed to romp around in the wild.

According to a long tradition, horses had to be sprinkled with holy water after swimming. This was done by an invited priest.

On the day of Frol and Lavr, women baked biscuits who called Frols. They had the shape of a horse hoof. Horses were fed with this pastry and they also ate it. They treated guests who came into the house with such cookies. The pastries were served with herbal tea and milk.

In some villages it was common on August 31 to have the horses drink from a fur hat. So that the horses are not afraid of evil spirits, a silver coin was thrown in. After the ritual ended, the coin was hidden under the crib and covered with straw.

Races without horses were held on the horse festival. The men pretended to sit on a horse on which they laughed out of the village or around the church. After the races, everyone sat on the tables, drank barley beer and ate Frolov’s Horseshoe Pie.

On August 31, baked bread was even decorated with horseshoe symbols. They also baked special bread for their nanny. The horses were fed with all kinds of delicacies – pies, gingerbread and cookies as well as beer.

From the day of Frol and Lavr, the “si t-ins” of women began: in the evening all women gathered and went to the house of a widow where they did handicrafts – they spanned, knitted, embroidered.

On the day of the horse, amulets of family happiness were made from horseshoes. They took a horseshoe, put it in water where they had previously dissolved a few tablespoons of salt, and left it for a few hours. Then washed under running water, wiped off and placed in the sun. The horseshoe should be operated with solar energy. She was hung up over the front door with the horns. Salt water was worn in front of the gates of the house and poured out. If there were disputes or any problems in the house, the horseshoe was removed and washed again with saltlake and then hung up in its original place.

Carried out today and various rituals, rituals with conspiracies for a horseshoe and horses.

A conspiracy so that the horse does not get sick, the horse was practically considered a family member, so you were just as worried about it as relatives and friends. So that no trouble happens to her, she spoke over water on August 31, which was collected from three sources, with these words: “Voditsa, you are not easy, charged with the power of nature, full of power. You share it with my nurse so that you are all worried. Complaints will disappear, the evil predator will disappear. My horse will live long enough to carry the load with it. Amen “. With this water, water was given to the horse, and the animal was also wiped off all sides.

A rite for the coming happiness on August 31st it is necessary to buy three church candles and put them on the table in the form of a triangle. Ignite. Place a horseshoe in the middle, over which you first have to read “Father our” seven times. While the flame is burning, they have to say such confusion words: “Light of the candles, they are transformed into happiness for me. Detect your strength into a horseshoe, add happiness to my fate. Happiness is with me, the problems are over! Wait until the candles go out. The remaining slag must be rubbed with a horseshoe, which is then put under your bed.

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Prophecy methods on August 31 at the horse festival

On the horse festival on August 31, young girls mostly gathered in the evening in a clearing, where they first danced songs and dreaded. Boys often join them.

In the fiancee, the girls ran around the stables and looked through the keyhole. We looked at the color of the horse and it is narrowed. White is a quiet guy with a pure soul. Raven is handsome and a lover of the beautiful sex. Gray is a pessimist and grumbler. Red is a fraudster and a hypocrite. Nightingale is an inventor and a happy guy. Brown – determined and assertive. Bay – angry and caustic on the tongue. Roan – indifferent and boring. Bulany – moody and uncompromising. Pied – friendly and gentle. Gray – with power and rank.

At a request, wish you a wish and ask the horseshoe whether he will come true or not. Throw it up and see how it is towards the fortune teller. If the open side is, the answer is positive, closed – negative.

For the wedding if a girl wanted to know whether she would marry this year, she went to the horse, scratched it and then asked her her question. When the horse shook its head back and forth, it came out, but if it turned from one side to the other, then no, it was still like a girl.

Rite. On this day, our ancestors checked whether the house and its owners were added to the evil look or damage. For this purpose, a wreath was hung over the threshold from wormwood. In the event that the wreath fell before the next day, this means that one of the residents has been damaged.

Today’s sayings

“A vacation for Flora and Lavra for the nursing horse.”

“Feed the horse on Flora and Lavra with flower prosphere.”

People born on August 31st

According to our ancestors, people who were born on this day and can sometimes understand their language.

  • Advantages: Very nice, often on a voluntary basis, spend the last money to save animals.
  • Disadvantages: forget yourself, your needs and your personal life.
  • Talisman: Koralle is best suited as a talisman and amulet for those born today.

If you want everything you have planned to come true without having to make excessive efforts, get a small Maneki-Neko figure (Netsuke in the form of a cat with a raised right paw). Not only will it help to cope with all kinds of difficulties, it will also bring you good luck and wealth.

Calendar of the signs for August for every day

August still delights with warmth and delighted with colors. At the end of the summer, minut e-long su n-filled days slowly turn into starry nights. And every moment counts. After all, the storage chambers of nature are still generously opened in front of a person, which allows you to prepare for a long winter. And wherever you look, everything screams for soon the cold, despite the midday heat and lack of damp autumn rain. It is not for nothing that signs tell for every day in August of the upcoming winter, and the holidays glorify work and harvest.

Sign for August 1st

August begins with one of the most rainy days.

August rain

The name Mokridin and Macridin Day can be found in the popular calendar. Makrida literally means “dry” from the Greek. But the signs associated with rain and thunderstorm became the reason for changing the common name.

If macridu is wet, then the suffering is unbearable

Rain on macridu promises stormy misery

After the weather that day, they not only assessed the upcoming suffering, but all autumn.

View “Autumn from Makrida”

Bucket to Makridu – dry autumn

Makrida is wet – and autumn is wet

August 1st shows autumn, and autumn work begins from that day.

Folk festivals and signs on August 2nd

On August 2, the signs of the day are largely connected to the festival of the Prophet Elia. In the calendar, it is simply full of proverbs, rituals and rituals who say that the weather is handled to autumn.

Ilya always ends the summer

In Ilya it is summer before lunch and in the afternoon autumn

The nights not only get longer, but also colder.

The night has always been long

On Ilya and the stone will vegetate

The weather determines what the exaltation will look like.

In was ilya, in it and increase

Many proverbs and characters on August 2nd on Ilyin’s day are associated with heavy rainfalls, which normally pass with thunder and lightning. Which often led to fires. The farmers, on the other hand, found the fires on Ilya as a punishment.

Ilya will come – he will bring putess

Before Ilya, the clouds go with the wind and after that everything is against the wind

Before Ilyin’s day, it dries under the bush and after Ilyin’s day it doesn’t dry on the bush either.

There was no work on this day, especially in the fields. And to calm Ilya, food was placed on the veranda that was thrown into the reservoirs in the evening. The day ended the bathing season.

The water has been freezing since Ilyin’s day

A man bathes in front of Ilya and he says goodbye to the water from Ilya

Sign August 3rd

The day was mentioned in honor of the hermit monk onufry of the caves Onufry The Silent.

Therefore, they tried to carry out all the work in silence. And the day was devoted to the furnishings of barns and garbage cans. They were ventilated and dried so that the bread was not lost. In some places the rite of the “starting of cats” was held. House mice were allowed to catch the barns to catch all mice.

August 3th thunderstorms for a long autumn

Sign for August 4th

The day is dedicated to the memory of Maria Magdalena. All signs of August 4 from the population are rather contradictory and can be perceived in two ways.


Great importance was attached to ropes. But on the one hand, it was used for washing, so the girl was beautiful and young. On the other hand, the dew on Magdalena promised a bad harvest of flax.

Strong dew on Maria – linen will be sulfur and braids

In some areas Maria Magdalene protects against a thunderstorm. And in others they don’t go to the fields as lightning can kill.

Also the day was the name of Maria Berry, sweet since he devoted himself to gathering berries in the woods.

People’s signs on August 5th

On the day of the Trofim-Bessonics it should not sleep for a long time. The suffering is in full swing and farmers with sunrise in the fields in the fields.

Sleeping for a long time – get up with a duty

Harvest – don’t unbutton

The collection of berries continues. Hence you will find the name Kalinniki-Malinniki. It is these berries that are harvested for the future. They were valued for therapeutic properties and nutritional value. By the way, they collected not only the berry, but also the bark, the leaves.

From the raspberry berries are sweet, and basts are small

You can’t put the berries in your mouth from the kalinnik, but you will put the bast

People’s signs on August 6th

Saints Boris and Gleb who were venerated on this day, popularly Palii, Palicopes. This accurately characterizes the weather on August 6th. It rains with thunderstorms and lightning threatened with fires in the fields. Lightning sparkles – that and look they will burn the piles.

They don’t take Boris and Boris for bread

And they did not go into the fields, fearing for their lives. And that is in suffering.

Boris and Gleb – bread ripened in the fields

The day was devoted to the collection of bird cherries and currants, from which they cooked jam, compotes.

If there was no rain on August 6, they said it would be dry by the end of the month.

People’s signs on August 7th

St. Anna’s Day, which received the name of the cold man. Already with cold, not only nights, but also matinees.


August 7 portends winter, and many signs also portend winter weather.

Hook will fall on Anna – to be cold winter

Before lunch – December, after lunch – January

Rain on August 7th through snow and warm winter

Anna is dry – winter hard

Animals and animals on August 7 propose.

Storks gathered in flocks – to be early and hard in winter

Before frosty winter many cool anthills grew

People’s signs on August 8th

Ermolai Day from which the collection of apples began. It was the early varieties that were collected but she did not eat as they were sinning for apple rescue.

They also began digging young potatoes. On this day, many dishes were prepared from potatoes.

People’s signs on August 9th

The day of St. Panteleimon is popularly called Kochanik. Late cabbage begins to knit forks. Mistresses get last year’s cabbage reserves, from which pies are prepared. They must be distributed to children and the poor so that the cabbage is well preserved in the winter.

The healers went to the woods for herbs when the season of gathering autumn plants opened. Grass was collected with sentences, lamentations and prayers.

Panteleimon Kisser will give herbs a special power

And Panteleimon was also called Pali, since thunderstorms could be burned.

People’s signs on August 10th

On the day of Prokhor and Parmen, neither trade nor exchanges are started. Otherwise, there will be no success throughout the year.


Praise the forge. And not only because the blacksmith was able to forge the instrument necessary for the work, but also because of his ability to “calm down” the fire. So fed up with the threats of fires and disrupting crops, peasants are ready to bow to the forge.

The cleaned fields began to plow and gather pears.

People’s signs on August 11th

At Christmas, on August 11, Nikolai Wonderworker is not ordered to work in order not to make it.

The day was called Tumannik and Kalinnik among the people. It was often foggy in the morning. But the farmers feared the early morning frost.

Wear, Lord, Kalinnik Nebel, not frost

And the morning cold promised an early sharp cold slump in early September.

Sign August 12th

The sowing of the winter rye began on the day of Siluyan.

Saint power, let the farmers gain strength

The power of bread is strong

Faith told witches who died after they had drunk cow’s milk.

Clarified weather that day did not indicate rain. But stuffing and evil insects clearly signaled the upcoming rain.

Sign August 13th

A conspiracy takes place on Evdokimov’s day. This is the last day on which fast food is allowed.


Finally, the Ascension Fasting begins the next day, which people consider not hungry.

A network flew – too warm weather

Morning fog promise warmth

Sign for August 14th

The dormitio fasting begins with the honey letters. These are the first shows of the summer work. You can taste honey, but apples and nuts are not yet on the table.

Not only honey, but also poppy heads are sacred in churches. The day was also called Wet Spas because they went to the reservoirs in a procession, Holy Fountain.

Sign August 15th

After the weather of Stepan Senoval, they determined what September would look like.

On this day, the work started in connection with the autumn hynia – they mowed the overgrown grass.

And an increase in hay

The saint was considered a patron saint of the horses. Therefore, many rituals are devoted to care for these animals.

Sign August 16

After the weather of August 16, they predicted what October would look like. The weather conditions in winter were also determined.

South wind to snowy winter

It is strictly forbidden to clean the house. Otherwise there is no money in the house. So many went into the forest to get berries. They also started harvesting hazelnuts.

Sign August 17th

Day of Evdokia Senognoyka, Borage. The weather on August 17th determines November.


It usually rains what disturbs drying the heus and rotting it. The last cucumbers are harvested that are harvested in winter. Since the nights are quite cold, cucumbers stop growing.

Sign August 18

On the day of Yevstigney Zhitnik, they tried to find a “Vita uterus” in the fields – a stem with several ears. It must be stored up to sowing so that the grains are first thrown into the ground.

The weather determined what December would look.

Young people went on the field and called out loud. A good echo announced nice weather for a long time.

Sign August 19

Apple Spas is celebrated. From that day you can already eat apples. These fruits that are consecrated in churches today are eaten with honey and prepared various dishes.

Autumn – meet autumn

In fact, the nights in autumn are already cold and the wind brings coolness.

The second rescuer came – prepare feasts as a reserve

According to the weather on Apple Spas, they predict what January will be.

Signs August 20th

After Marina’s day you can no longer find raspberries in the forest. Therefore, housewives bake the last cakes with this berry.


Sow winter cereals and end the summer. This is the last warm summer day.

And the weather looks like February.

Signs August 21st

Myron The wind runner brings the winds with it.

Calm wind on August 21st to the warm autumn

The wind could be strong enough. And if it is blown out, it will storm until Old women. They go into the forest to get blackberries and blackberry leaves. The mushroom season has started. Today they collect mushrooms.

Sign August 22nd

The season of cold rains begins with Matthew.

Summer rain argues with autumn rain

During the day you can already feel the cold and the approach of the real autumn.

Matthew allows bad weather

There was a sign that snakes clung to the udders of cows in the pastures that day. That’s why they weren’t kicked out of the house. And even mistresses milked cows without the eyes of others.

Since Matthew was considered the patron saint of a merchant, preparations for fairs began on this day.

Folk sign August 23

According to the weather conditions on Lavrentiya, they predicted what autumn and winter would be like.


The heat and the sun promised a long, warm autumn and a snowless winter. But the rain promised precipitation in autumn and snowy winters.

They also paid attention to the condition of the water in the reservoir. Calm waters indicated that autumn would be calm, with no inclement weather.

Folk sign August 24

The day is filled with superstitions associated with ghosts, wandering lights in swamps and cemeteries. The peasants were afraid of the ghost of a horse that roamed at night in search of a lost rider.

The day was dedicated to shearing sheep and preparing winter clothes.

According to signs, on August 24 it was impossible to drink alcoholic beverages, lest the deceased be punished for drunkenness.

Folk sign August 25

On Photius the Povetenny they began to prepare poveti – places for storing summer tools.

A leaf begins to fall from the maple. And aspen mushrooms are collected in the forest.

The weather is looking how long the Indian summer will last.

Rain on August 25 – to a short Indian summer

Heat promises a good porcini mushroom harvest.

Folk sign August 26

Traditionally, the day was dedicated to preparing basements and sheds for the winter. They were not only swept, smoked, but also spoke of evil spirits.


The oat harvest began in the fields. According to signs, the first sheaf will be carried home and placed in a corner where it will stand for at least a day.

Wind August 26 – to rainy September

The gentle wind will not calm down and will continue to blow for several days in a row.

Folk sign August 27

From August 27, according to folk signs, autumn leaf fall begins. If the cranes flew away that day, they expected frost as early as mid-October.

The wind on Mikheev’s day can tell a lot.

Michatag together with the Indian summer winds

Storm August 27 to rainy September

Tihovei on Mikheya through a quiet September

The day ends the drowsy fast and the wedding season begins.

Folk sign August 28

The Indian summer begins with the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos. On this day, festivals are celebrated together, rams are slaughtered and sumptuous tables are set. A festival is held in honor of the end of the harvest and the fall gathering.

Say goodbye to Ascension, meet Autumn

They begin harvesting cabbage in the winter, which is fermented in whole casks to keep until next August.


The rainbow on the Assumption promises a long and warm autumn. If a lot of cobwebs fly, they expect a cold but clear winter.

Folk sign August 29

The Bread Spas is celebrated, where bread is inevitably baked from the flour of the new harvest.

The Third Redeemer kept bread

The day was dedicated to bypassing wells, reservoirs and springs, as if the summer season was over.

When the cranes began to fly away, they expected frost on October 14th. Most of the time, the swallows have already flown away completely by this point.

Clear weather promises a short winter

Folk sign August 30

Up to this day they tried to finish all the sowing work in the fields.

You will not leave Miron – next year you will be left without a crop and with flowers

The latest date for leaf fall to begin.

The day is called Widow Help. So they tried to help women who were left without husbands.

At least one chip and toss in the widow’s yard

Sign August 31st

The horse festival is celebrated. That is why the horses were not only not led out onto the field, but also not saddled. They were cared for, washed and even spoiled with cake.


The work in the fields is completely finished and the day is dedicated to celebrations to mark the occasion.

Everything is turning red and yellow all around, and in the mornings there are real autumn matinees.

The time of the “women’s meetings” begins – the time of common winter work.

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