Trimmers and lawnmowers – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

18 best petrol trimmers

Test of the best lawn mowers – according to expert and customer reviews

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  6. Best gasoline trimmers for working on the farm
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Which brand of gasoline trimmer is best?

The leading manufacturers of professional garden tools include Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi and Stihl, whose gasoline trimmers are characterized by reliability, high functionality and good technical characteristics. It is also worth emphasizing the attractive and ergonomic design of modern products. The mentioned manufacturers also produce amateur and semi-professional gas trimmers at affordable prices.

All kinds of Chinese brands with varying degrees of “honesty” mimicking that “under Germany” (yes, hello Huter and the like), or “under Russia” (and at best we will talk about the local assembly of the Chinese “constructor” under brands like “Zubr”), confidently occupy the budget segment of the market and are already well established in the average. Here you need to understand that the low price is not taken out of thin air: you should choose between popular and widespread models, because they have already gained experience in operation (and inevitable breakdowns), and spare parts for them in this case should be easier.

Choosing the best gas trimmer: the most important aspects

When choosing a gas trimmer, such indicators as power and performance are crucial, which should correspond to the volume and intensity of the work to be done. When caring for a garden plot and the planned use of the tool 1-2 times a month, it is advisable to buy a low-power lawn trimmer, which will cope with weeds and mowing the lawn and will last more than one season. Although the service life depends on the manufacturer, with light loads this aspect is not so important – low-power device is usually inexpensive, and the price difference between the models of famous brands and Chinese companies is small.

Minitor Kentavr T 224. Review, characteristics, instructions

With frequent use and work for 6-8 hours a day it is better to buy a powerful and high-quality gasoline trimmer from a reputable manufacturer of professional tools (Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, etc.). Long service life and trouble-free operation justify the high price of such devices.

It is also necessary to take into account who will be the operator – a man or a woman, and his build. The weight of lawnmowers varies greatly, and a girl or a teenager will be difficult to work with a heavy tool.

Many gas trimmers have a backpack attachment – this point is very important when choosing a device for long-term constant use. For infrequent work will suit the device with a classic belt.

The performance of the lawnmower directly depends on the type of attachment – in models with a curved attachment, the movement of the cutting tool is dictated by a steel cable, which is not designed for heavy loads. But the metal shaft in straight-boom models allows you to work with more power due to its strength.

The type of cutting tool determines the ability of the gasoline trimmer to work in certain conditions. The cutting line is for mowing grass and weeds. If the kit includes a metal knife, you can use it to pluck tough shrubs and young trees.

Trimmers and lawnmowers – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

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