Trimmer Maxcut MS 158. Review, characteristics, reviews

Reviews Maxcut MC 158

He worked for thirty minutes, sailed the swing and died. He crossed the whole thing, changed the candle, no sense. It was my place in the dump.

I bought this trimmer in the country and immediately flowed the tank (two or three times too much petrol). Everything held on the snot, handed over all screws, the carburetor was not absolutely adjusted (I had to study). As a result of two seasons through a blunt of a deck and a complete Kirdyk. It looks like an engine.

I trained two seasons. For May 2019, the engine went twice and changed the tip for the factory (I don’t know how I am right). As a result, the trimmer is located on May 28, 2019 and is waiting for the next engine repair. Spare parts in accessibility are standard. Piston Group 750 p. Piston 450 p. Line 400 p. Candle 150 p. The remaining prices are still unknown. I think about the opportunity to acquire a new trimmer.

I bought this Miracle Trimmer in the online shop order. No wonder it is sold with an enormous discount. It seems that some of the elements have been replaced by a faulty junk!

Collected, set up, petrol poured into a mixture with butter: everything according to the instructions. I drove into half a gas. I have a higher education of an auto engineer, if so. I no longer hit garbage in my life! I thought he would work for at least half a year (finally China).

The coil with a fishing line was scattered into pieces after a second blow on the floor. The sem i-automatic supply of the fishing line ended. I had to put a knife and cut a little thick grass out of half a gas. I have had an original coil on the old electrical spit for so many years. I ran down in some places, but it works!

I have to say immediately that Novya’s trimmer was badly started. I had to sweat to get. I worked as a day (three hours). He didn’t try to overheat, took breaks, had no hurry. On the second day, a tank worked, began to mrotten, sailed, began to overheat and stalled. According to the fact that the starter is now painfully famous, there is no compression (the CPG has died).

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As a pleasant little thing: a soft pen that dresses at the bar. The metal of the bracket under the gas tank burst near the fastening screws! What kind of metal is there? As if from the entire dop, he seemed against the ground.

In short, I don’t know what to do with this miracle of technology. This is also bad for China. Take back with all these cracks? Will you take it? Guarantee is a year.

Add: It turned out that the point lies in the candle. The candle with this miracle of technology is also the garbage: the central electrode is poorly isolated, which is why a soot has reached a little there, the candle begins too short and the spark disappears. Measured ohmmeter. It is treated with the cleaning of a needle, but not for 5 minutes enough. It clogged and gets up again. We will buy another candle.

I don’t advise anyone to buy it. It is better to pay for an additional 500 rubles as such hemorrhoids.

I use the second summer, it starts well, the petrol consumes little, powerful, but all screws were constantly turning, especially the carburetor fortifications. Spare parts and is easy to repair.

I spent two fuel tanks, mowing 20 acres after I didn’t want to start hot after the next. Apparently overheated and broke.

I advise you to replace the complete belt and buy a good fishing line. I will probably update my rating after I have fixed it.

And now okay. When I bought and checked in after the jam, I immediately didn’t like the slightly clattering noise. Well, I think who knows, maybe it should be. I brought it home, mowed about 30 minutes, everything in order, after a while I needed a trimmer, started mowing, after about five minutes I feel that it gets very hot and the noise is during work Somehow not, I took it off my shoulder, and it died and he was like boiling water (((, tried to start, it was not there.) I disassembled it, came to the flywheel, an ambush, the knee was With a stuffed key, i.e. the headquarters of the key, I think the knee is in the trash, because you can’t put it back in it breaks at this point, after that I have expanded the cylinder, there is no scraping, the piston is also normal me Think why this happened and I come to the end, but when I checked it, I didn’t immediately like this sound when the trimmer turns off, it means that the flywheel was badly attached to a mother and therefore loosened up And done this Has things have candle says st ala ash color. Because of the repair time, I didn’t go to the shop where I bought the trimmer and you could have sent it with such a defect. I ordered spare parts in an online shop, they came quickly. By the way, do not believe that this trimmer has 54.7 cubes, it is only 52 because the piston is 44 mm tall. Here is the manufacturer’s lie. I received the parts at the post, started assembling, but I felt, I ordered a cylinder with a piston and wrestling. After a detailed assessment, the rings have hiked in the garbage, they are sooo thin and not made of steel as if they were made of wire ((I put the bought in, they are twice as thick. Another way has the sound of the work changed, even if it is subdued, there is no such incomprehensible lasgan. Non, here is my story about this miracle of Chinese technology. And by the way, the details have become a little more than 2TR, But this is with a replacement cylinder and a starter.

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Detailed specifications

General properties



Petrol engine, tw o-stroke power 3.20 hp engine space above displacement 55 CC motor brake yes fuel tank 1.2 l


Height adjustable handle cover material plastic body material plastic straight rod handle shape T-shaped (bike) without wheels

Trimmer Maxcut MS 158. Review, characteristics, reviews

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Lawn trimmer Maxcut MS 158

The Trimmer Maxcut MC 158 is a petro l-powered freenser to singl e-up grass on lawns, for editing bushes and trimming lawn edges. Purpose: is used in suburbs and adjacent areas and can serve as a replacement for a lawn mower in small and mediu m-sized areas. This trimmer can handle small bushes, bushes and other plant species.

Lawn trimmer Maxcut MS 158

The power of the Maxcut MC 158 trimmer is 3.2 hp (2.35 kW). Motor type: tw o-stroke, gasoline. The Maxcut MC 158 trimmer can edit up to 800 sqm.

Properties Trimmer Maxcut MC 158:
  • Two cutting elements, the ability to work with both bushes and grass;
  • The fuel tank is transparent, you can see how much fuel is left;
  • Trimmer handle is adjustable;
  • The operator can easily replace the spark plug and clean the oil filter – access to these elements is open.
  • There is a simple start option;
  • balanced focus;
  • Light weight, pleasant shape for holding;
  • The shoulder strap and more comfortable operation.
Grundschneider Maxcut MS 158

Belt for lawnmower tool set 3-leaf knife

No tool is required to change the fuel filter or spark plug. The control handle contains all levers to control the operation of the device.

Advantages of the Maxcut MS 158 petrol trimmer
  • Simple start,
  • Easy,
  • to keep and handle comfortably,
  • You can see how much fuel is still in the tank.
Disadvantages of the Maxcut MS 158 petrol trimmer
  • average performance,
  • exclusively domestic purposes,
  • Occasionally there is a marriage of parts.

Reviews about the trimmer of this model are different. Some owners are very satisfied with the purchase, others believe that the trimmer is a “lottery”.

Easter in the garden


Motor volume 54.7 cm3
Type of the cutting device Knife and cord
Capacity of the fuel tank, L 1,2
Stroking strength, mm 2,4
Cut width, cm 42-25
Anti-vibration system There is
Dimensions, mm 350*155*300
Weight (KG 7,3

User Guide

The device of the Maxcut MC 158 trimmer is classic: the appearance does not differ from most similar models – the tax arm, the belt, the fuel tank in the upper part of the structure, the cutting element is below.

Safety rules when using the Maxcut M 158 trimmer:
  • do not use in the rain;
  • Fill the device with a fuel mixture in good time;
  • Before the work begins, check that there are no stones, branches, glass and other deposits on the lawn as parts flying around can violate the operator.
  • When working with similar garden equipment, use plastic protection glasses and ear protectionists or earplugs.
  • Go carefully with the trimmer, keep your feet away from the cutting parts of the device;
  • Follow the recommendations for the time of work (no more than an hour without switching off);
  • Store the trimmer in a dry place, far from sources of fire, gas and other flammable objects.

Maxcut gasoline trimmer

Maxcut MC 158 trimmer maintenance rules:
  • Assemble the trimmer according to the instructions;
  • After a short drive (idle) you can start mowing the lawn;
  • Check the trimmer once a day after the work has been completed, inspect external parts;
  • Do not repair the device yourself during the guarantee period – contact the specialists in your region.
  • Keep the trimmer with an empty fuel tank.

Video review

Overview of the Trimmer Maxcut MS 158

Owner reviews

Ivan, Rostow:

“I bought for the construction site, exclusively to mow the grass. Why a trimmer because a mower is cheaper. Of course I can’t say that it works perfectly, but it does his job. My rating is 3 out of 5, these are also Chinese parts and assembly campaigns. Later I had to buy a few parts for smaller repairs.

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