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Advantages: folding handle and adjustable length; Does not get warm in company.

Comment: When I bought a trimmer, the main criterion was the price and that it works on gasoline, not electricity. This model has an average price, I did not overpay for the brand. I have been mowing the grass for 2 years, I did not change the accessories, the knives are different for different needs, and sometimes I change them. It mows great.

Weaknesses: Poor quality of mowing.

Comment: I bought the trimmer at the beginning of summer for the whole dacha, mowed regularly, collected the air filter and covers from it, solved the problem. A month later, came to mow the grass again, but Rabotol senses barely got it to work, I adjusted the engine and replaced the candle and back to the cabin, replaced the line at 3 mm, as I went to mow the grass and then the roll broke and the knife broke to cut the line with a place of attachment was ripped from the body. Bought a new roll, will make another knife. But I really didn’t like it, when I started stretching the handle fasteners, I ripped the threads on the fasteners, I had to put nuts on them.

Advantages: accurate performance, minimal noise development, spool + knife.

Disadvantages: needs pulling, fuel mixing tanks are small and mislabeled

Comment: The first thing to do after purchase is to tighten all screws. Second thing is to buy a proper liter fuel mixing tank. And most importantly – with the correct markings. Well, the 50th part can not be twice as big as the 25th! In principle, I am satisfied with the device. The price-quality ratio is excellent. Somewhere I read here a review of the GGT-1300S or GGT-1300T, which, as they say, broke for the second time. It broke apparently from putting the wrong ratio of fuel in the wrong cup, which was used to lubricate the spark plug. This is due to the fact that this cup has a rating of 4.

Pros: powerful, well balanced, easy to use

Disadvantages: does not seem to be

Comments: Nice to hold, I got used to the handles almost immediately, it’s not difficult, the weight is balanced and even if you work long hours, you almost never get tired. The performance is very decent, cuts both dense grass and weeds and small branches. Always starts on the first try, no breakages have ever happened.

Advantages: folding handle, good engine, does the job well.

Weaknesses: I haven’t found any.

Comment: The output is Intelcy to connect Thakmepa similar to Otzopami and Inventory. I first peeked somewhere, boldly got that there are positive reviews of Texnik Huter on Bolshinzte. Ate buntsynoval that you can not get the same, the same, and the same, but it happens, and sometimes impossible. BYBOP Pugh – what Pughs is not obsolete, which is the same and not complicated, so I have a tail for it. Easy is the same as with lek or cy x-codney in high volume. I have a kispik and milestone con for easy.

Pros: Hangs well on my shoulder, the weight is not directly heavy, I can handle it.

Comments: Poster is great, sometimes it’s true it gets winded on the disk, but that’s easy to remove. I am satisfied.

Pros: Good durability and affordable price.

Comment: We use it to cut the grass near the house. The trimmer is easy to start and easy to work with. The cut grass folds up nicely and neatly. The folding handle makes it fit in the trunk of the car.

How to combat drought - basic tips

Pros: The pin is like a wheel on a bicycle – easy to hold. There is a protective cover, the grass doesn’t fly at me while I’m working, protecting me from injury. Quick electronic ignition. And most importantly, a motor with good performance.

Comment: Thanks to the transparent tank you can see the fuel level. The engine is on top, so we can mow even wet grass. I would mark as the positive moment – its “longevity” – during the third year of its presence at my country house there has not been a single breakage. I have changed the cord only a few times, and I mow often and a lot.

Pros: Folding, low price.

Comment: The trimmer has electronic ignition, which makes my work easier, I freely conquer it without the help of my husband. The tank is 0.7 liters, but that is enough for a large amount of work. Convenient bicycle handle, and there is no difficulty in transportation. With a collapsible beam, it can be done in 10 minutes. With the line fixed on the spool, there is a knife, necessary for old, rough grass in the fall.

Pros: compact, budget-friendly, quiet, powerful

Cons: Plastic could be better, but for such a price it is not critical

Comment: It works on a 15 acres plot with no problems. In the beginning of use, checked all the bolts – all tightened and tightened. Left the engine running, at first the floating idle became even. Then it was simple – seduced by the oil and gasoline poured on the road.

Pros: Not expensive, not heavy, trendy, comfortable

Comments: I bought it on sale, so to speak, the price and the need for grass. Mows very well, used a fishing line, it not only mows grass but also weeds with a thick handle. I am satisfied with the purchase.

Advantages: easy to operate, compact.

Comments: Has been working at home for three years now. It is easy to lift it on my shoulder and mow until the tank is empty (about an hour). Starts up immediately, easily mows grass and thin shrubs, knife included.

Pros: it is bright, handy, collapsible.

Comments: Great for house and garden maintenance, and for flower beds. With it will not be the slightest difficulty to get into the grass along the fences walls and corners. In addition, everything is disassembled, so that the occupation is not only convenient to carry, but also does not take up space in the car.

Up to –

Disadvantages: 1. Noisy 2. Large vibration 3. Often have to fill the tank 4. Can I use 0.7 liter tank and 0.5 liter bowl for mixing oil? Why can’t I use 0 or 7? 5. 5. Smells like a steam engine 6. Often have to struggle with the layout.

Comment: I already regret that I bought a gasoline trimmer, it would probably be better to take an electric – would not be this smoke, would not have to deal with the dilution of the solution, etc., only trouble with the wire.

Pros: does not overheat, two nozzles

The commentary: I bought it for my country house. I am completely satisfied with the power ratio. My tank is semi-transparent in order to control the fuel consumption. I liked the cooling system – can work for an hour without stopping. The small brush cutter nozzle was very helpful – it easily handles small bushes.

Pros: Convenient design – easy to transport in my car, mowing is noisy.

Cons: No strap for backpack.

Comments: I have two gardens, so I needed a trimmer with a collapsible boom, otherwise it would not fit in the car. After reading the reviews, I decided on the brand keeper. I am very satisfied with the device, the features are great. Of course, I would have taken a more powerful model, but this was the only one available. Easy to maintain. Only thing I had to buy was a backpack strap for my back.

Husqvarna LC 356awd with full drive

Pluses: powerful, lightweight, with a collapsible pole and a good protective cover.

Comments: I took it for mowing grass on the property. I liked the comfortable grip, like a bicycle handlebar, good ergonomics. When it’s warm, always starts on the first try, when it’s cold it starts with 1-2 tries, then stably. I use about 0,5 liter of gasoline per an hour of work. I even mow big shoots with it, the power is more than enough. My weight is light, I can mow for half a day and won’t get tired. I am pleased with it, basically.

Pluses: price, collapsible rod.

Disadvantages: So. First working hours: Changed the marks on the carburetor throttle lever! This is annoying, but I discovered it. Carburetor body screw unscrewed and lost, God bless him, traded from the breeder for a utility screw. The second working hour: The protection of the cutting part (body) came off – on closer inspection – the plastic is brittle, like a Chinese toy! It’s no big deal, he has a protective suit and mask like a welder’s, only transparent. The scythe does not fold the hay into sheaves (in the furrow), and all around as it is – tolerable, the grass flies to all parts of his body too! – Shrek has become similar, but also tolerable. If the knife hits the floor in a passive place (a thin mound, a furrow), one part rolls relative to the other! This changes the angle of attack of the sheet relative to the horizon! Correct the angle manually difficult, the handles are not adjustable relative to the axis of rotation of the bar, only to rotate the bar on the hinge. Dressing did not help, saved by the presence of insulation tape and tightening this unfortunate connection. Fourth hour of work: left hand deformed at the place of attachment at the rod, after 10 minutes began to roll in the clip (put on fine, without excessive zeal, but firmly) and after another half an hour again on Broke the connection between the handle and the rod – on closer examination the conclusion – damn thin aluminum in this handle, clearly saved unnecessarily. Went over the handle without the broken tip. – So far so tolerable, that’s what the money is for :) Moving on. Hour 12-13: Speed dropped hard, braid stopped, won’t start! Took it to the service, at least the warranty. Turned out warranty = nothing. No spare part available at the official repair shop, waiting about a month. Did not say what hit, maybe he would have done quickly and cheaply:( What to do. But weed doesn’t want to wait? It does not matter.

Comment: 40 days later it was sent back from repair, bounces fine, buzzes like new. In honor of this, decided to do a lap around the site (nettles and knee-high grass, sometimes burdock and in some places small shoots of young birches). I just wanted to be happy, but then the rpm started to float and in a minute the Vert died with horrible sounds from the guts of the engine! Fenita la comedy! So I saved it (((( I will never buy anything from this manufacturer again and will stay away from products of this brand! Waiting for repairs is not an option, of course I gave it back under warranty, but then I went to Load and bought a Husqvarna. A miser pays twice. While this Husqvarna will be repaired, you can have time to mow icicles!!!)) I almost forgot a few words about convenience!) The shoulder strap is an absolute nightmare! It turns into a whip and bites with terrible force! 2-3 hours of work and the shoulder just falls off! And bonus – terrible vibration on the knobs! (the disc was brand new) – after an hour of work, my hands were almost numb, and my palms and fingers felt tingly from touching them! In the morning, the joints in my hands hurt like unloading a tungsten stick wagon! (far from mushy, airy safety). Here are the user’s impressions. PS. Took it back under warranty – result: piston replacement! Finger stopper flew out and tore the pistons and cylinders! And it worked for about 20-25 hours.

Kamaz-53215. Description of the vehicle, technical and operational features

Advantages: folding rod, very convenient for transportation.

Disadvantages: There are cheaper brands with the same properties, but not brave about the quality) do not take risks, huter bought on the advice of the seller

Comment: I have a stock of 15 hectares. The performance of 1300 VATT is fully enough, no more is needed) I use the 3rd year to failure. Chip with folding bar – test! Threw it in the trunk and pop)

Advantages: does not crumple, adjustable handle, including for fishing line and knife.

Comment: Can not only mow grass, but also shoot through bushes. The tank is translucent, so you can see the fuel level. Mows wet grass. Starts up from the first time. A boom and a gas trigger lock.

Advantages: I haven’t yet evaluated the features.

Disadvantages: Only three times it breaks the connection in the middle of the boom. Poor quality of these components. Find this application. Can not. Service center in Novokuznetsk in this matter and did not think to provide any help, excellent quality components

Advantages: + trimmer does not vibrate strongly, hands do not get tired + Handle can be adjusted in height

Disadvantages: – have not found yet

Comment: I bought the trimmer to lay the grass and weeds, but it coped well with the load and the thickness of the weeds on the fence. The boom on the trimmer breaks, it is functional to carry it in the trunk of the car. It does not weigh much, I use it to run around the construction site without any effort. When I get tired, I threw over my shoulder strap, it takes the load off my hands.

Advantages: plain, budget option. I bought it for 4250 p. Summary: Fishing line + line and a loaded mill. Works at 100%. Mills up to 1.5 cm. Runs with the first time.

Disadvantages: 1. Very fragile plastic coil. (The latch and one of the stoppers broke after 10 minutes. Used with 4 self-tapping screws that are screwed symmetrically into the lid + changing the fishing line to a more resilient one). 2. The fixing screw of the air filter housing and cover, which regularly turns from vibration, was replaced with a “Soviet” swell-Dener. 3. Narrow, twisting shoulder strap is not crucial.

Comment: Before each use I have to break all the brackets with enough force. Pressing the screws with a ratchet screwdriver that “chops” the lug of the housing;) Buy a normal “disease” of fishing. The knife on the hull breaks only 3 mm when fishing on a hard floor. Although the hull is flimsy at first glance. Build a lubricant for the driveline. Capacity to measure the drainage is not used yu-u gift 3-liter + syringe for 20 ml in the presence of its own protected plastic canister. Immediately prepare the mixture for the trimmer and saw.

Advantages: Safe, reliable, lightweight and easy to use, removable shaft, which is very convenient for transportation.

Comments: I have purchased this trimmer at the beginning of the summer, and it has been a good helper all summer and autumn. All controls are on the handle. There is also a possibility to adjust the handle on your own. The trimmer is equipped with a shoulder strap. The petrol engine has 7500 rpm and weighs 7 kg. With proper use and the selection of good oil and gasoline, it can run for a long time. The poster is perfect.

Pros: comfortable, lightweight, reliable.

Comment: for my six hundred parts it is quite enough. The main thing is that we don’t have electricity here, and so it’s gasoline-powered. Yes, and do not let yourself get tangled in the wires. The scythe is powerful, blows grass thick. Fuel lasts 30-35 minutes. Works for me.

Electric jigsaw Karcher CS 330 bp: description, characteristics and rules of use

Advantages: not expensive (for 4000 and a penny, also free)))), powerful, comfortable.

The downside: I haven’t noticed it yet.

Comment: Bought grass on 6 acres of details for the mower, did not want to take my favorites, as I will not use them often. I am quite happy with this one! Powerful, mows well, quickly and adjusted, so that the grass is bumpy in the row, as it is when mowing with an ordinary mower (who has seen). I didn’t have any problems with assembly, it’s easy to assemble. Assembled, poured the gas, and then rolls as directed. And after that, I no longer mess with the gasoline. The 0.5 liter of gas was enough for me for 30 minutes, then I had a break for a smoke break and then mowing. Will I say I’m bored? No, I won’t, I mowed with pleasure. Next weekend I’m going to the countryside again, I hope the grass grows! Good luck everyone. It’s been 3 years, and it works as before. ))) The device is the same.

Advantages: inexpensive. Performance. Starts at the first time. Easy to transport.

Disadvantages: Price is insignificant. Weak plastic guard has improved the attack panels of more durable plastic. Engine plastic is okay. Impractical location of the filling station.

Comment: Two years, 4-5 times a month from spring to fall. No problems. The biggest plus for me – it starts with a “half a jump”, before that was a trimmer, drank all the blood, never started the first time. So far, nothing broke. Accessories (blades, fishing line) chose myself, which I do not fit into the set, although they can also mow. If to mow not every day – it is a good variant. My advice.

The commentary: I have been working for myself for almost two years, I bought it for my house and the area behind it. Grass needs it well, even after rain, the maximum mower is about 80 centimeters in height. Copes with weeds too. Nettles takes on hurrah, with weeds and small bushes no problems. Always starts with the first time, there is not enough gasoline in the tank to work until the break. The trimmer is easy to store and carry, disassemble and assemble, it’s not difficult and doesn’t bother me.

Advantages: The boom is detachable. The durability is good. The handle is height-adjustable.

Comment: The tool is easy to use. Made a load when the 20 acre chart was completely traced with weeds. Mowed with few interruptions. The large weed trimmer handled easily. Took 4 liters of gasoline, which I consider normal.

Advantages: Inexpensive model lasted 4680r. Franmer plastic. Started to check the screws on it and then found the threads on the last manifold completely stripped off. Did not try in the work.

Huter GGT-1300S.

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Properties of Huter GGT-1300SS

General properties *
Special width 26 cm
Noise 96 dB
Type Trimmer
Mulch no
Engine *
Engine speed 7500
Working volume 43 cubic meters
Engine type Gasoline, two-stroke
output 1.70 hp
Fuel tank 0,7 л
Engine location Top, above
Handle shape T-shaped (bike)
dumbbell simply
Handle Folding
Wheels no
Anti-vibration system available
More info *
gear Coat with fishing line, disk/knife
Dimensions *
Weight 7 kg

* Check the exact specifications with the seller.

With the trimmer I maintain the appearance of the lawn in front of the house, mow lightly the grass and along the fence. For convenience, I use a shoulder strap, so it is much easier to cut the grass. I always check the gasoline in the tank, it is almost transparent. Controlling the trimmer’s handle. When the grass is soft, I use an angled line, and for tough ones I use a knife.

I bought it four years ago. I have 20 acres of land and mow it once in ten days. Still working. First year it worked fine. Then gas started pouring out of carburetor, something if not inclined. Then lost the choke and cold start on the creative process. Then the stop button stopped working. That is, first start hell, then stop hell. Well, nothing, ruled out with the finger. Then that problem disappeared to the left. That means it let the gas out. Cozy. In doing so, it magnifies itself and removes the momentum. Catch the clutch with the gas. And I don’t want to repair it at all. I’ll completely disappear, throw it away. Oh yeah, I forgot. Sometimes it’s pretty tangible for the current. Suspension is the most primitive, more than 10-15 minutes of work is not reasonable. Here they say quietly, well only at idle. The revs squeak a lot. Vibration is also very noticeable. To cut a long story short, 40 minutes and my ears are buzzing and my hands are shaking. For comparison, I have a hundred and working in the office. In short, not for women’s technology. As for features, with hollow with the thickness of a woman’s little finger and anything less in the way. Raspberry, of course, is out of the question. The knife it contains has never been useful. I doubt that the thin shaft of the disk would survive a knife with a branch of the same raspberry. Thanks for the heads up, I have everything.

Electric chainsaw "Makita" UC4030A: description, characteristics and rules of use

It’s comfortable to work with, the bike handle strap helps a lot. Starts in a moment, the engine power is enough to make a plot of 6 acres without a particularly annoying diagram. I use the knife for weeds near the fence.

With it you can not only mow the grass, but also shoots bushes. The tank is translucent, so I can see the fuel level. Mows wet grass. Starts up from the first time. Has a bar and throttle trigger lock.

Two years, 4-5 times a month from spring to fall. No problems. The most important plus for me – it starts with a “half a jump”, before that was a trimmer, drank all the blood, never started the first time. So far, nothing broke. Accessories (blades, fishing line) chose myself, which I do not fit into the set, although they can also mow. If to mow not every day – it is a good variant. I recommend it.

It is convenient to hold, I got used to handles almost at once, it is not heavy, the weight is balanced, and even if I work long hours, I become practically not tired. Force is very good, cuts both dense grass and weeds, and small twigs with knife. Always starts on the first try, no errors yet.

It is a great thing to keep in order and the house, cottages and flower beds. It will not be the slightest difficulty to thin the grass along the wall fences and corners. In addition, everything is laid out so that the occupation is not only conveniently carried, but also does not take up space in the car.

In the village in my third year, everything worked properly. It is convenient to put it on my shoulder and mow until the fuel in the tank runs out (it’s about an hour of work). It starts up at once, mows a little grass and thin bushes, the knife is included.

At once I estimated the convenience of silent running without being connected to electricity. In one hour of mowing I spent about one liter of gasoline. The effort is excellent, the hard grass on the plot without any problems, and in general all the dry raspberries were mowed in 10 minutes. The mower is not complicated.

For mowing, we use the grass near the house. The trimmer can be started and work comfortably. The cut grass is nice and folded. Thanks to the folding handle fits in the trunk of the car.

Huter SGC 4000E [70/7/14]< 6,5л.с, скорости 4 вперед 2- назад, ширина 56, высата 42. Электростартер от сети 220В, фара -нет, Подогрев ру

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