Trimmer – how to use it correctly?

How to mow grass with a trimmer?

In the middle of the summer season, people who have their own plots have a problem. This is due to the fact that on such plots after the winter and spring, grass and other vegetation grows very quickly. Today we will look at options for mowing grass. For example, it is better to disassemble the usual trimmers, as the direct motion with this technique gives a person more freedom of action and costs relatively inexpensive.

Terms and conditions

General rules of use are obligatory to remember those who first think about how to clean the grass with a trimmer, and do not yet know how to use it. It is these basics that will help you to qualitatively clean your site.

Among dacha owners, trimmers have become increasingly common, because unlike lawnmowers, they allow you to clean the grass in hard-to-reach places, and professional models can even help treat branches. Another advantage of trimmers is the ability to work at heights and cut branches, which can also be very useful when cleaning up.

Remove foreign objects from the grass. Make sure there are no rocks, ropes, steel or other hard materials in the grass before you start. If you get caught in these, the cutting element may be damaged and must be repaired or replaced.

Another important consideration is safety. Since lawn mowers have a high rotation speed (it reaches several thousand revolutions per minute), even a small stone can fly out at high speed and injure the person working.

Check and inspect all parts of the trimmer before operation. Start the trimmer. Since they come in electric and gas, you need to organize their operation depending on the type of equipment. The electric one should be plugged in and charged when it is not charging, while the gasoline one should be charged when necessary.

Let the trimmer “run-in” when you first start it up. If you bought a new unit, you should run it without load for a few minutes to get the engine, blades, line, and rotating elements running. This can be called a kind of warm-up of the tool, in addition, it will help to avoid some problems before starting work, because the assembly and quality of garden tools vary.

The engine of the trimmer should be run-in beforehand. Running-in of the gasoline engine is as follows: turn on the trimmer at idle, but at first at low revolutions, and then increase their number.

Running-in of the electric trimmer includes several stages.

  1. First, start the trimmer and let it work for a short time, literally 5 minutes.
  2. Then you can increase the working time up to 10 minutes, but you need to monitor the engine, so it does not overheat.
  3. After a few test runs of the electric trimmer, you can work with it all the time. Don’t forget about the engine cooling system, which on some models comes as an optional feature.
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If you don’t know what type of mowing to start with, try mowing a low lawn with a fishing line. This will allow the engine to start smoothly. You won’t have to put a lot of work on it right away.

How to carry and hold?

The quality of your work also depends on which technology you use. For the right technology, you need to be able to hold the device and correct it for ease. The fact is that not all trimmers are equipped with a shoulder strap. If they do, you should put it on so that you are comfortable. There are models of devices whose straps can be uncomfortable, so try to make the trimmer as comfortable as possible.

Back and muscle pain happens to occur when you work for long periods of time, so wearing the tool as comfortable as possible can reduce these problems.

Another feature is the belt adjustment. In the higher quality models, comfort has been given a special role, special positions have been created that allow the sensory manager no discomfort. You can adjust the height of the belt and choose the right one for you.

Now let’s talk about how to hold the device properly. Different types of trimmers have different handles. Some have it in the form of a cyclist (which guarantees the distribution of the load on both hands). In some devices, you can see the handle in the form of the letter D. The bicycle version needs to be held with both hands and firmly.

Despite the rubberized handles, it is better to rely on yourself and not to hope that you will not slip. Hold the D-shaped handle with one hand and the palm of your hand to get a larger grip area. This gives you full control of the grip, which has a positive effect on steering.


To mow your lawn efficiently and quickly, you need to follow the technology and know some features that will save you time and effort. You can work faster, now we will tell you how.

Divide your site into zones. This will help you understand the amount of work you have to do. You’ll also be under no illusions about what you’ve already worked here and whether you’re going through a second time. In the first few seasons, mow your lawn at 4-5 cm and gradually reduce it to 3-4 cm. Set your own mowing standards. You can leave more or less. It all depends only on you.

The disadvantage of an electric trimmer is that water can get into the motor of your device when the plants are being mowed when the water dews.

When the motor is down, the chance of moisture getting in is even higher. For the same reasons, it is not recommended to operate your trimmer when it is raining. Water ingress can cause a short circuit, which can later escalate into a device malfunction. Therefore, it is better to wait with the work for calmer weather.

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It is recommended to work in a clockwise direction. With this direction, the grass clippings remain completely mowed on the outside. Do not hold the reel deeper than 5 cm while working. This is a safe mowing option, which is good for those who are new to using such devices. If you are working near a fence or in other areas where only a small portion needs to be mowed, use the edge of the thread. This ensures that the motor won’t get overloaded and wear out.

Under the hay.

Use a shear as a cutting element because meadow vegetation is tougher than usual. It’s better than a hay line because it cuts through dry grass better. That way, the grass doesn’t get stuck on the fishing line, which can lead to poor engine power. The hay doesn’t need to be cut shallow, it needs to be pretty tall, so try to cut the hay at the root.

Smooth lawn

To create an even patch of lawn, try to work the greens with gardening equipment as low as possible. This way, all the grass will be the same height, which will even make the cover look nice. Don’t forget about the slope. For best results, tilt the unit at a minimum angle of 30 degrees to the grass surface. This will allow the grass to be cut as low as possible. All other irregularities can be removed with garden shears if necessary.

High grass spiders.

This is where special attention is required. Tall grass requires more care than light grass. The fact is that there is an impact on the packaging of vegetation on the coil. In this case, the grass remains on it and does not allow the mechanism to rotate at full power. This noticeably slows down the process and reduces the number of revolutions.

To prevent this, go through the path in several stages. Gradually cut a certain height at the height and lower the stem lower and lower.

Generally, the base of the stem becomes much thicker and stronger. In addition to the change, you can damage the cutting element with stiff stems.

You should also consider the fact that if your technique is recent, it can be even more difficult later on. Therefore, do not work long so as not to give the engine a particularly heavy load. It ranges from 15 to 20 minutes with a break of 15 minutes. As it is better to mow the grass in several stages, do not forget about the grass catcher box. It gets clogged very quickly, this leads to tools with tools. Clean it completely, so that there is not too little time before the next cleaning.

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Before using the equipment, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s manual and become familiar with the general functions and construction of the trimmer. The functions should be indicated on the control handle. Understanding the assemblies and components is helpful in the sense that they know how and what to work with. Choosing a charger for the motor, working on cutting the elements will all come in handy when you’re working.

How to use a body and face trimmer

A trimmer is an electric razor that can be used to cut or trim hair.

The device helps keep your beard, mustache, eyebrows, and bikini hair in order. Remove unsightly hair from the nose or ears. In our article, we will tell you how to properly use the trimmer on different parts of the body, so that the process was painless and the result was happy.

General trimmer usage rules

General rules for trimmers

General trimmer usage rules

The trimmer is necessary for trimming or shortening hair, but it can also serve as a shaver if you have a special attachment.

You should trim your body or take a shower before using a female or male trimmer to remove any grease. Then the haircut will be smooth. In addition, each device comes with an instruction manual, from which you will definitely learn whether you need to lubricate the trimmer, whether it can be washed under water and so on.

Also, before the procedure:

  • Lubricate the trimmer’s head and blade, if indicated in the instructions.
  • Run the unit for a few seconds to make sure it works and the oil is spread evenly over all the blades.
  • Turn it off and wipe the knives with a paper towel to keep hair from sticking to the plates during the treatment.

General rules for using the trimmer:

  • For the first time, it is better to take the longest nozzle. That way you’ll understand how the trimmer works faster, and a bad haircut is easier to fix.
  • Use burrs from 0.5 to 20 mm for trimming.
  • Trimmer attachments can only be used when the device is turned off.
  • If you want hair shorter than 0.5 mm, you don’t need any attachments.
  • Always move the trimmer against the hairline.
  • A smooth cut is obtained by holding the trimmer firmly against your body and moving gently.

How to care for your trimmer

How do I take care of my trimmer?

How to take care of the device:

  • Do not clean it with abrasives. The blades are blunt, the body can be scratched, so a good haircut is not possible.
  • Note that there are usually special brushes included that are easy to take care of.
  • Some models need to be cleaned and oiled.
  • It is better to store them in the box in which the device was sold, it has boxes for everything. Trimmer for ears and eyebrows should be in a case.
  • You should not store the device in the bathroom, as it is humid there, and this negatively affects the parts of the trimmer.
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How to shave with a trimmer?

If you use an electric trimmer with a shaving head, proceed as follows:

  • Move from the adam’s apple in slow motion.
  • Remove the hair below the Adam’s apple with a regular razor.
  • Shave your neck faster. The more revolutions the knives make per minute, the better the results.
  • The nozzle should sit well on the skin.
  • If the hair has become long, first remove it with a comb and then use the razor.

How do I shave my beard and mustache with a trimmer?

How to trim beard and whiskers

How do I shave my beard and mustache with a trimmer?

To begin with, it can be shown that only a professional can use a beard trimmer. The device is really not easy, but if you stick to the rules, practice and get used to it, you will even like it.

With the trimmer and its attachments, you can wear a daily or three-day stoop, a beautiful beard.

Before using the trimmer, you need to wash, dry, comb and thoroughly separate the vegetation with shampoo. Then consider what length and shape your beard is. If you have to trim a lot, do it with scissors first.

When working, start cutting to the right and move slowly to the left. This means that the cut should go from ear to ear.

If you are using trimmer attachments:

  • You want to get an even cut along the entire length.
  • Move from right to left and make a contour where the middle of the pointed part of the beard is an excursion.
  • Don’t forget to tidy up the temples.
  • Hold the trimmer obliquely when cutting chains or curves.
  • Work gently with the mouthpiece when shaping the upper lip beard and shaping the upper contour. You can work with either a trimmer or a regular machine.
  • Pay attention to the neck, pull the line out, but up to the adam’s apple. All hair below the Adam’s apple is best removed.

If you’re using a beard trimmer that doesn’t grip the hair, wrap yourself in a towel or wrap yourself up to keep fine hair from getting on your clothes.

How do I shave my eyebrows with a trimmer?

How to trim eyebrows with a trimmer

How do I shave my eyebrows with a trimmer?

An eyebrow trimmer is like a pen with blades. With its help, you can not only shape the eyebrows, but also make sideburns, create the contour of the hair or remove unwanted hair on the skin. When working, clarity and smoothness of movements are important.

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When using the eyebrow trimmer for the first time it is better to try it out on another area, get used to it and only then move on to the face.

It is important to hold the trimmer carefully, so as not to hurt your eyes.

How to use the female eyebrow trimmer:

  • First, brush your eyebrows in an upward motion toward your forehead.
  • Remove any loose or excessively long hairs with a comb.
  • Use a trimmer to create a contour. Tidy the hair on either side of the hairline.

How do I use a bikini trimmer?

How to use a trimmer in a bikini zone

How do I use a bikini trimmer?

The skin in the bikini area is very sensitive. To avoid damaging it with the trimmer, you need to use it carefully:

  • Moisten your skin with cream.
  • Remove hair against its growth, pulling the skin slightly to lift the hair.
  • If this is your first time using a bikini trimmer, choose the slowest speed and gradually increase it to find your own.
  • Finally, soothe your skin with lotion.

How do I shave my nose and ears with a trimmer?

How to trim your nose and ears

How to shave your nose and ears

You should also use a nose and ear trimmer, if there are capillaries running close by, they may be affected.

The nose trimmer resembles a battery pen with blades that have increased protection. There are no special rules, it is important not to remove the hair at all, but to make it shorter. And do not enter the trimmer deep into the nose. A few mm is enough, but no more than 6 mm. For the care of the ears, the same rules apply.

How to use a nose and ear trimmer:

  • Clean the nasal cavities or ears.
  • Point the device itself.
  • Turn to face yourself in a well-lit mirror.
  • When you insert the trimmer into your nose, but no deeper than 6 mm, turn it and move forward.
  • It’s best to limit your movements with your other hand. So as not to accidentally overdrive and not to move the trimmer deep into the nose. When you get used to using it, the need for the used hand will disappear.

It is important not to use the trimmer when you have a runny nose or other ENT diseases.

Now you know how to properly use a trimmer at home, and you can always stay groomed and beautiful without a master. We recommend buying models with good blades – titanium, the ability to charge from the battery and the socket, the minimum step and adjust the hair length. Of the additional options, users note such as nozzles, vacuum cleaning and the ability to wash with water with the trimmer.


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