Trimmer and lawnmower Interskol: Review of the electric and gasoline motor block, reviews of owners

Benzotrimmer Interskol K B-25/43V – Rating

Belarus assembly – a guarantee of quality or a problem?

This is now with the gas equipment on a short leg, but before I was very distrustful of technique, working on gasoline. The first trimmer I had an electric Bosch was simple, but still not comfortable (I had to bend over easily). For achievement of desirable result I had to mow only with “star” of 2,4 mm diameter, instead of 1,6 mm allowable according to the passport. Naturally, being connected to the electric socket was very frustrating. Accordingly, mowing was very time-consuming and tangled in the wires.

And in mid-summer, it was decided to buy a gasoline trimmer, because almost all the budget models are rated (up to 7000 rubles), which are either good or absolutely disgusting. As luck would have it, we decided to buy a Patrio t-Benzer, but the appropriate model was not in stock, and a young consultant advised me to respect the company Interskol. Arguments: Belarusian assembly, two-year warranty. There were almost no reviews on trimmers, but we still decided to take the risk.

Now we have a Bunzer Interskol KB-25/43V at home.

The same night after I bought it, I decided to do some collecting. It’s so great to collect anything new, but. The assembly instructions are not clear, it was very difficult to repair the motor post (as if they were planted with a shift)

It turned out that the “caring” Belarusians forgot to install the screw for the Prothupey hook attachment. And even when assembled without a load, the screwdriver broke. Maybe this is all, of course, a trifle, but, you see, very inconvenient.

The manual says nothing about the first start, and the manual itself is very confusing, the sections are somehow militantly arranged. I read on the Internet the instruction to the Patriot that for long life before the first start it is necessary to carry out the following actions: Unscrew the spark plug, pour 2-3 ml of oil into the cylinder for 2 lines, crank it 10 times u-15 times with the starter, put everything back together.

That’s how I did it. Started on the first time, though with thick smoke (apparently the oil burned out). At first I tried to mow the line (round line was included), comparing with the electric characteristics. However, the “semi-automatic fish line” does not work somehow – too much effort has to be applied to press the spool, the rod bends as it is.

Knife work.

For some reason, the website and instructions state that the knife is 3 chunk, but in fact 4 loop, which is also not bad, the sharp knife is packed in a separate package. Installing the knife on the trimmer was not difficult, but at first it was hard to get it out and some odd little thing was going through.

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At the moment the bar is at the end of the boom, the reducer means that when committed and stopped, the flexible wave (which is always problematic, what can be found) does not break on the curved pole. However, a trimmer with a straight boom is difficult to assemble yourself, and mowing on a sloping hill is more difficult.

The knife is made of good material to hide more than one hundred good weeds, ordinary grass “eats” only with a whimper. As soon as the weed gets bored – you can turn to another one and continue mowing. And after mowing it is possible to sharpen the knife again. This knife is very convenient for mowing grass in the hayfield.

It is not very demanding towards fuel (a little or little oil – does not matter). The disadvantage of engine is rather strong vibration. Constantly turns the cable nut, protective plastic screw and two screws from the carburetors, which were turned (the result – the lack of idle speed). During self-repair saw that the Belarusians only assemble the engine with seals with Chinese characters, but it worked much later.

The protective shield is made of thick plastic, but when working with Buryan it did not hold and cracked – I had to improvise with metal plates and rivets.

Due to the rather high performance and speed, safety precautions must be observed during work. Despite the heat, pants and closed shoes are a must (I use baskets). I protect my face with a one-piece transparent mask. Headphones are not necessary in principle, but with a long mowing in ordinary headphones listening to music is even more pleasant than the roar of the engine. In order to put on the gasoline trimmer, the manufacturer puts a cross – a broken harness, but one of the straps (left in the hand) constantly pops out of the fastening element, which sometimes bothers, but not critically.

There have been a lot of words, but I’ll try to summarize. The basket KB-25/43V is quite a powerful and functional machine, which, if handled properly, should last a long time. However, it has a lot of flaws in the assembly and, perhaps, in the selection of the zipper. On the other hand, taking into account all the shortcomings, a better assembly, the cost for the trimmer is not 5,190 rubles.

Review of lawnmowers, trimmers and power block interskol. reviews

Interskol – the leading Russian manufacturer of small tools and various power tools, while he is one of the top 10 companies in the world in his field.

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Technique Interskol

The company began its activities in the 2000s. Since then, the range has increased, and to date has sold more than 40 million products.

In the production of “Interskol” machinery uses European and world-class quality parts.

Many Russian manufacturers contract with Chinese companies to produce their products. Interskol produces its tools directly in the Russian Federation at the high-tech factory “Interskol-Alabuga”.

The best models of Interskol

As you can see, the range of Interskol brand units is very large, and everyone can choose what is closer to his soul and body, but based on consumer reviews and demand, the most successful for home use are models KRB-25/ based on 33V. It’s lightweight, has plenty of power, is quiet and has minimal vibration. The Interskol KRB-25/33V can do the job without stopping for an hour.

Trimmer Interskol KB-25-33V Trimmer Interskol KB-25-43V

If you work dense areas or work with a power tiller in the professional sphere, the Interskol KRB-25/43V is a more suitable option.

Gasoline trimmer

This garden tool is used to care for lawns near the house or on small parking lots. Interskol petrol trimmers have engines with a chrome cylinder, which greatly increases the service life of the device.

The device of the Maxcut gasoline trimmer

To reduce outgoing vibration, an anti-vibration clutch is installed on Interskol power tillers.

The starting process is made as easy as possible by the additional spring in the starter.

The spindle bush is fully enclosed, making it impossible to damage it from the outside. A comfortable strap provides an even load on both shoulders, while at the same time being closed at the front with a carabiner.

Interskol MKB-43/26

This model is equipped with a gasoline engine rated at 0.95 hp The ignition type of zokos Interskol MKB-43/26-electronics.

Trimmer Interskol MKB-43-26

Semi-automatic trimmer head provides work with a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 4 m. The weight of the Interskol MKB-43/26 power tiller is 5.6 kg.

The Interskol MKB-43/33

This reel is powered by a 1.2 HP motor.

Trimmer Interskol MKB-43-33

The Interscol MKB-43/33 gas fishing line reel is 43 cm wide. The fuel tank holds 0.9 liters of fuel mixture, which is enough for 40 minutes of autonomous work.

Interskol KRB-25/33B

This power tiller features a 1.2 hp engine. The width of the spindle with a fishing line in the neighboring Interskol KRB-25/33 V is 43 cm, and the pass knife can process 25 cm of the surface.

Trimmer Interskol KB-25-33B

This trimmer weighs 6.4 kg. Thanks to the folding boom, the Interskol KRB-25/33 V chain saw can be compactly stored and transported.

Interskol KRB-25/43 V

This is a more professional model of trimmer, which has a power of 2.3 hp and is designed mainly for cutting bushes and branches of trees with a knife with a diameter of 25.5 cm.

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Trimmer Interskol KB-25-43V

The diameter of the line used with the Bush rose KRB-25/43V is 3 mm. A 3, 6-M line can be placed on the semi-automatic spool. Thanks to the high performance, the weight of the trimmer KRB-25/43 V increased to 8 kg.

Interskol KRB-25/52 V.

This is the most powerful and reliable representative of trimmers in the Interskol brand line. The KRB-25/52 trimmer is equipped with a 3.1 hp gasoline engine.

Trimmer Interskol KB-25-52V

The engine is powered by a manual starter, and its operating temperature is maintained through air cooling. Kastorer Interskol KRB-25/52B can work with a thick fishing line with a diameter of 3.6 mm.

Electric trimmer

Interskol MKE-20/300

This is the most common model of electric lawnmower, which will help to put in order a small lawn near the country house. Its output is only 0.3 kW.

Trimmer Interskol MKE-20-300

The diameter of the trimmer Interskol MKE-20/300 is 26 cm, and the thickness of the line used is 1.6 mm.

Interskol MKE-30/500

This trimmer has a 0.5 kW collector motor. The cutting width of these electric mowers has increased to 30 cm, and the diameter of the line used remained 1.6 mm.

Trimmer Interskol MKE-30-500

The weight of the Interskol MKE-30/50 electric trimmer is only 2.5 kg.

Interskol MKE-25/370H

This trimmer model is ideal for mowing small lawns or final treatment after vegetation treatment with a lawnmower. The power of the electric motor MKE-25/370N is only 0.37 kW.

Trimmer Interskol MKE-25-370H

The largest thickness of line used is no more than 1.4 mm. The D-shaped handle of the electric mower MKE-25/370H facilitates work with minimal physical effort.

Interskol KRE-23/1000

This model of electric trimmer is designed mainly for intensive mowing of bushes and discs. The engine power of the KRE-23/1000 is 1 kW.

Trimmer Interskol CRE-23-1000

The cutting width with a fishing line is 43 cm, and with a knife – 23 cm.

Petrol mower

If you have to edit large areas, it is advisable to use a lawn mower instead of a trimmer. Working with it is physically much easier. The Interskol lawnmower engine is able to work for a long time without interruption and overheating.

Interskol GKB-44/150S

This is a self-propelled lawnmower with rear-wheel drive. The Interskol GKB-44/150S has a 2 horsepower gasoline engine. This model has only two operating modes: collection of vegetation in the grass catcher box and mulching (chopping grass for further fertilization).

Lawn mower Interskol GKB-44-150S

The volume of the grass-collector of lawnmower Interskol GKB-44/150S is 55 liters. The cutting height is individually adjustable in one of five positions from 30 to 67 mm on each wheel. The weight of the Interskol GKB-44/150S lawnmower is 24 kg.

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Electric lawnmower

If there are only 1 petrol models of Interskol lawn mowers, then there are 2 electric ones: GKE-33/1000 and GKE-32/1200.

Interskol GKE-33/1000.

The power of this model is 1 kW. The number of positions of the chamber height is 3 from 25 to 55 mm. The grass catcher box is made of plastic and has a volume of 27 liters.

Lawn mower Interskol GKE-33-1000

The body of the electric lawnmower GKE-33/1000 consists of polypropylene.

Interskol GKE-32/1200

This electric lawnmower is equipped with a 1.2 kW motor. The grass box consists of a plastic frame and film, so it is easy to clean and wash. Its volume is 30 liters.

Lawn mower Interskol GKE-32-1200

The GKE-32/1200 also has a weight of 8.4 kg. The grass catcher box height can be set between 20 and 60 mm, with 5 corresponding steps.

User manual


Interskol mowers and lawnmowers are made in Russia and are designed for use in harsh conditions. High-quality parts have been used in their production.

Oil level in the trimmer

To keep the Interskol trimmer and lawnmower in a ready-to-use condition, regular maintenance should be performed in accordance with the operating instructions. After completing work, it is necessary to wash off the remains of grass, dirt and leaves.

Gasoline Interskol trimmers and lawnmowers can be washed with water, while electric models are best wiped down with a damp cloth.

Lawn mower and trimmer brand “Interskol” differ not only in appearance, but also in engines. The lawnmower has a 4-stroke engine, and the trimmer has a 2-stroke engine. Accordingly, the oil used also differs. Interscol recommends 2T oil for two-stroke models and SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 for four-stroke engines.

10W-30 SAE 30 oil

Lawnmowers have a separate fuel and oil supply, and Interskol trimmers operate with a 1:40 or 1:25 mixture of gasoline and lubricant according to the instruction manual.

Only lead-free gasoline AI-92 or AI-95 may be used as fuel.

Regulations for electric models

Trimmers and lawnmowers “Interskol” have recently become increasingly popular. They have a lower level of air emissions, vibrations and noise. At the same time, the price for a technically identical gasoline model will be twice as high.

Electric trimmer scheme

The main disadvantage is the connection to the power grid. Therefore, they are mainly used to maintain order in small areas of the house.

But electric models have their own nuances:

  • They are always tied to a power source;
  • Work on wet soil after rain, watering, etc. is not possible.

First start

Before starting work with Interskol trimmers and lawn mowers, it is necessary to read the operating instructions to understand the principle of safe operation of these machines.

Before the first start, you must fill the appropriate compartments with gasoline and oil (or prepare a fuel mixture).

The operating instructions do not recommend that you immediately start working on Interskol machines. It is necessary to thoroughly oil the machine and work as a whole. Let it work for the first 2-3 hours without load.

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Main malfunctions and their elimination

Lawn mowers and lawn mowers “Interskol” are made in Russia from domestic parts. Therefore, there are no problems with the search for spare parts. They are available at any car market, and every owner of this equipment should know how to fix the most common problems.

Gasoline trimmer components

If the gasoline engine does not start or stalls during operation:

  • The ignition switch is in the “O” position (set it to the “I” position);
  • Incorrect starting procedure (follow operating instructions);
  • Dirty spark plug or improper air gap (check spark plug);
  • Lack of fuel in carburetor (fill several times);
  • Clogged air filter (clean);
  • Empty fuel tank (refill mixture);
  • Too long cutting filament (shorten manually).

If there is excessive vibration during operation:

  • The balance of the blade is out of balance;
  • Augers not dressed.

Video review

Review of the trimmer Interskol KRB-23 / 33V

Review of the grass trimmer Interskol KRB-23 / 33V

Lawn mower GKE-32/1200 review

Owners reviews

Below are reviews from topical forums about experiences with Interscol lawnmowers and mowers:


“I’m a gardener who does a lot of lawn care. I have an electric lawnmower, which easily mows the grass 40 cm high at a time, and the speed is quite high and the work is of high quality. The volume of the grass catcher box is 35 liters, I can not say that it is much, but not a little, for continuous mowing it takes an hour and a half. At the minimum position I almost mow the grass under 0. I have only positive impressions. Advantages: It is a high-quality, cheaper mower. Disadvantages: There is considerable vibration with increased load “


“I was considering this model from a country neighbor. I liked it, so I decided to take it for myself. I’ve been using it for the second month to mow the lawn on the weekends. It cuts everything in its path, of all thicknesses and heights. I cut about a half meter of grass in one trip. I wanted a gasoline-powered one because I needed power and didn’t have to chase “tail”. One filling is enough for the whole weekend. The trimmer is not small, but when working a lot of weight is not noticeable. The truth will be for women just in case. It is fast and easy to operate. Pluses: weight, power, simple design, low price. Cons: I don’t want to write about the little things. “

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