Trimmer – a practical helper for perfect lawn mowing

Every gardener has his own trimmer: what to look for when choosing

Today, it is difficult to imagine a dacha without a lawn. Do not rent a golf course, but even on tiny plots there is a small green meadow. And lawns, regardless of size, need mowing from time to time. We’re not going to list all the devices that can give a lawn a desirable well-groomed look, but let’s talk about trimmers. In fact, the trimmer is a godsend for the dacha owner: convenient, practical, maneuverable, lightweight, takes up little space, and the price is much lower than that of wheeled lawnmowers. True, under one condition – the equipment must be chosen correctly. And what does it mean – right?

Trimmer - A find for the dacha owner

Trimmer – a godsend for the gardener.

You know, in any case there are two important components, without which success is simply impossible: Theory and practice. They are both important, and it would be a good idea to get acquainted with them in the order in which we mentioned them. So, you need to buy a trimmer. What to pay attention to, so that the choice was correct, the lawn is trimmed evenly, and the mower did not twist sciatica even at the first hesitant sweeps of the new one?

Let me remind you that all the advantages of modern lawn mowers are described in detail in the article 7. Useful features of lawn mowers that will greatly facilitate your life, so we will not repeat them. Technical characteristics of trimmers are also not given here – you can find them in the passport of the product. Here are tips that can only be given on the basis of practical experience. I hope they will help you to make the right choice.

Every gardener has his own trimmer

The ideal situation – when a particular model is selected for a particular person. It is important to remember: 1. Age: no matter how the veterans of dacha business assure you that they can still move mountains, you still need to be guided by common sense: age is not depreciated, you can not discount it. Sure, out of stubbornness you can load up a heavy gasoline trimmer and mow the lawn and then collapse from a seizure, but is it worth it?

Even if dacha veterans assure you that you can shoot mountains, you should still choose a lightweight battery

Even if Dutch veterans claim they can move mountains, they should still opt for lightweight trimmers

Lightweight electric and cordless trimmers are just what the older generation needs. Their weight starts at 3-4 kg, for example, Denzel TE-550 electric trimmer weighs just over 4 kg. With him cope gardener of any age;

2. Physical strength: The same trimmers I would give to the younger generation – teenagers who are full of energy, want to work, but physically (due to their young age) are not yet ready to seriously handle the equipment.

Kamaz 44108: model changes, equipment, technical characteristics

cordless trimmer

One of the most important advantages is the quiet noise of the motor.

Cordless ones are much quieter than electric and gasoline ones

Cordless trimmers are much quieter than electric or gasoline trimmers.

This trimmer is ideal for gardeners with small children. When babies fall asleep, parents try to breathe a sigh of relief and try to have time to do something before their beloved child requires absolute parental attention. Especially difficult for the parents of restless, perpetually whining children who are afraid to breathe while the sullen baby sleeps. But the noise of a battery-powered trimmer probably won’t wake the baby, unless you’re mowing right under their ear (well, then don’t put it on the lawn!). There are also pets that go into extreme fear of loud noises: we had a decorative rabbit that would burst into its cage even at a loud voice (not a scream – no!). It’s scary to imagine what would happen to him at the sound of a tightly running lawnmower. A farmer I know told me that he switched to cordless trimmers to cut the grass around his small poultry farm: the loud noise of the lawnmower made the chickens chase much worse.

The only thing to watch out for is the continuous battery life. Well, and how many minutes (hours), of course, it will take to charge it.

An electric trimmer

A lightweight electric trimmer is a salvation for dacha owners who have to mow the lawn.

Even with a lightweight electric trimmer, you have to be careful. It's best to work in pants and boots to avoid injury

Care should also be taken with the lightweight electric trimmer. It is best to work in pants and closed shoes to avoid injury.

I know many men don’t even consider its technology and have found many drawbacks, but it works for me! Weak electricity? Yes, it is not thought to touch deadwood and wild growth, but with sensitive lawn grass it may well get along. After all, when selecting a device, the main thing is the intended use! Is the mowing surface limited by the length of the cable? Yes, but I don’t mow the whole area, and if I suddenly feel like it, I take an extension cable on a roll with a tag, and that’s it! Can’t you mow in the rain? Well, I don’t know what to say… it’s not a problem for me to wait for the right weather. And for those who visit Datsha, there is no reason to get discouraged: the grass will grow a little before the next visit, no big deal. Only you will have to mow a little longer (the higher the load, the more the engine heats up, and you have to stop more often to cool it down).

For more freedom of action, I recommend buying an extension cord

For more freedom of action I advise to buy an extension cord

  • Motor position. If it’s up, you can mow with a rope – if it’s absolutely unbearable to bring the lawn into a decent shape, or for some reason you need to get a handle on it faster;
  • The configuration of shoulder straps (there’s no point in enumerating all the systems you’ve seen, sometimes manufacturers delight you with such a complex network of straps that it’s hard to guess how you can attach them to yourself). So, to the straps: they should be wide and (if possible) distribute the weight of the scythe evenly on both shoulders;
  • If the grass clippings are intended for animals, choose a model in which you can use a twist knife (I will not say for all pets, but cows and geese categorically reject grass clippings with a fishing line!)
Kamaz 4310: Dimensions and payload, transmission, electrical equipment and other properties

Gasoline trimmer (Motokosa).

In the triad of trimmers it is the most powerful, but also the loudest, which can only be seen as a disadvantage, as the roar of the engine sometimes becomes a pedagogical tool!

The gasoline trimmer is the most powerful, but also the loudest

The gasoline trimmer is the most powerful but also the loudest

The famous summer residents (Cernsioner) lived peacefully in their cottage and enjoyed the almost complete absence of civilization and absolute silence. The idyll ended when a young Formeld bought the house next door: regular parties ended well past midnight. Young people responded to the warnings of the elderly – we have the rights to their site! The retiree did not complain to the precinct officer – he suddenly loved the grass along the morning spike of dew.

The trimmer is practical for mowing difficult areas that are inaccessible to lawn mowers.

It is expedient to give the legislator difficult plots for the legislator for the legislator

The grandfather would leisurely work and carefully mow the most difficult areas, give the mower 10-20 minutes and then mow again. All in all, the daily torture of the power tiller lasted 3-4 hours. Of course, the youth immediately appeared. What do you want to say? Yes, yes, you have heard about the rights on your site, only now there was something not very happy for you. In the end, grandpa won: the youth died. So if you have troubled neighbors, buy the most powerful chainsaw for the occasion, maybe you can get them back on their feet. Well, now a little personal experience, what I would advise those who have decided to buy a Motokosa:

  • Get Started. The manual describes the process so optimistically that one involuntarily thinks that the case is rusty, that it is not worth concentrating on it. And in life, everything is far from so rosy: for many, it is the inability to find a motorcycle that becomes a stumbling block to purchase. Well, really, what will his purchase, if you yourself are exhausted at start-up and no longer have the strength to rummage? You should not pre-determine who can start a power tiller, and if you do not succeed, you can only find out by experimenting, logic is powerless here. I know fragile young women and retirees with experience who easily check the gasoline harvester, and young men who were forced to rescue an impregnable starter.
The janitor in the leading role, it's time to clean up the garden!

This means that physical strength is not the most important trump card here, without some skill it may even be a disadvantage. Recently a neighbor’s son retired and decided to help Mamenka dig up the grass in the garden. The guy is young, healthy – a feat of strength in the shoulders, but gasoline cutter, apparently, for the first time in his life took in the hands. When he pulled the rope to start the engine… he stood with it in his hands, carried away by Motokos, and lay lifelessly at his feet. It’s impossible to describe my mother’s joy of such help, and how glad the grass in the garden was! Conclusion: Learn to start the engine of the gasoline trimmer until you buy your own. Otherwise, it can grow in the shed and not see grass in your life, if you suddenly do not master this science.

  • Lighting System. Do not hurry to beat your hands with joy: the manufacturer’s assurances that the engine now starts almost by force of thought are only words, not supported by practical experience. The same concerns the models with the antivibration system. To understand whether you need these options, you need to compare yourself with something, that is to try, whether you have an ordinary chainsaw without “bells and primer”. After all, for all the extra features the manufacturer does not provide to add a price, or you do not need them at all!
  • A shoulder strap or vest (corset) with a carabiner. If possible, give preference to the model with a vest. Why? The weight of the mower is about 4-8 kg, which seems to be not so much on one shoulder, right? Believe me, after 10-15 minutes of work your opinion on the matter will change significantly, and even then, provided that you are a confident user, and not a novice.
  • folding stick. If the trimmer lives out of town, it’s not worth paying extra for this feature. And if it needs to be transported (especially in public transport), it will definitely come in handy. Denzel TE-1400 electric trimmer has a folding handle, so all the movements from the city to the countryside with it will not be difficult.

The last step in mowing the lawn is combing out the cuttings

The final stage of mowing the lawn – combing out the grass from the mowed grass

It seems to me that every trimmer is good (and sometimes just indispensable!) in its place. And if you don’t demand the impossible from it (not overheating, proper storage), it will faithfully mow your lawn for years to come.

Best Grass Trimmers 2022

Best lawn trimmer 2022

During the summer, every owner of a garden plot is faced with the need to cut excess grass. While a wheeled lawn mower is best for large flat areas, a lawn trimmer is great for small or variable areas.

Hyundai Bagger R260L C-9s - description and specifications

However, this is not an either/or solution – a trimmer can be useful at the same time as a lawn mower, as it is needed to cut grass in hard-to-reach corners and on uneven surfaces. While a lawn mower is a heavy tool on wheels, a trimmer is a small tool to carry around. Therefore, when choosing, it is important not to make a mistake with the weight, shape and power, as well as take into account a number of other nuances.

expert’s choice

Ryobi ONE+ cordless trimmer OLT1825M

Ryobi One+ Olt1825m cordless trimmer

Maxim Sokolov, expert of the online hypermarket, chose this model as the most optimal. First, the trimmer runs on battery power and belongs to the Ryobi ONE+ line, in which one universal battery (included) is enough for hundreds of tools. You can also purchase an additional, higher-capacity battery. It runs for 21 minutes with a 2 Ah battery and 33 minutes with a 4 Ah battery. The trimmer works with a 1.6 mm line. The cutting width is 25 cm. The trimmer is suitable for regular trimming of lawns in areas with little vegetation. It is also often used to supplement lawn care in places where a lawn mower cannot reach.


Makita Dur181rf cordless trimmer

The Makita DUR181RF cordless lawn trimmer is a great example of a handy portable trimmer that can be used on its own to mow a small lawn or in combination with a large lawn mower to trim grass in hard-to-reach areas. This is an excellent model from a reputable manufacturer. The battery is included, but you can buy another one if you want and swap it out for non-stop use. Charging takes an average of 20-25 minutes.


Electric trimmer Bosch Easygrasscut 26

Inexpensive trimmer from a well-known German manufacturer turns out to be a reliable assistant in the fight against the grass. This is an electric model, which means that its work requires a constant connection to the network. But thanks to this, it is much lighter than other models and does not require additional maintenance and charging. The cutting width of this model is 26 cm, the motor power is 280 watts. It can cope with long grass, as long as the engine does not overheat.


Patriot pt 553 (1+1)

The gasoline trimmer is ideal for short work on any area. It is quite powerful, so you will be able to finish even with dense grass. For a gasoline trimmer, this is easy to do without any problems. Not only does it come with an angled line, but it also comes with a metal blade, which makes it easier to deal with old thickets. It is heavy, weighing about 7 kg, but at the same time comes with a shoulder strap, which helps to better distribute the load.

Makita PLM 4110 and Elm 4110 lawn mower. Review, features, reviews

Electric trimmer Denzel Te-1400

A trimmer with a good value for money. It is powerful, you can even finish your lawn with it. Electric trimmer is easy to wait, does not require additional skills when working and does not emit harmful gases.

It comes with a fishing line and a metal blade. The fishing line can be replaced in ascending order, and then the quality of mowing improves. Nevertheless, the device is quite weighty, so we recommend buying a strap to distribute the weight.


Gasoline trimmer husqvarna 128r

Another gasoline model in our rating. This is a powerful trimmer that copes with grass of any thickness. We recommend its use especially in remote areas where there is no access to electricity and do not need a long mowing. This model is not tied to the mains and does not require charging the battery, which makes it easy to work. When working with this trimmer, it’s best to get extra headphones, as it’s quite loud. It is large, so it is not practical to transport, and it is not suitable for seniors or people who can no longer carry complicated things.


The lightweight cordless trimmer is suitable for regular lawn care. It will not be able to help mow old dense grass, but it will be a good helper in regular maintenance. Due to its light weight, it can be used even by young people. Battery lasts for 40 minutes.


Electric trimmer Huter Get-400

Handy electric trimmer that can handle even old grass. It is lightweight, so it is quite comfortable to mow the grass in hard-to-reach places. The main disadvantage of this model is its rather short handle, which may be impractical for large people.


Electric trimmer StAVR TE-1400R

A very powerful version of the electric trimmer. It can be used to mow old grass and even handle thick stems. When using it, it is important to make sure that the motor does not overheat, as this may cause damage.


Gasoline trimmer is the most powerful, but the loudest.” width=”600″ height=”540″ />

Lightweight and handy trimmer suitable for regular mowing, but can’t be finished with old grass. Ideal for retirees and girls. It lies comfortably in the hand and has a good handle. Requires constant plugging in and is good for small areas.


One of the cheapest models with a gasoline engine. Makes a good job of mowing the grass, but at the same time it is heavy and noisy. These models have reliable engines, but the body is made of cheap materials that are easy to damage. It is easy to start, although the instructions are not very clear on how to start.

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