Transmission Champion LM5127BS. Review, instructions, reviews

Champion LM5127BS

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Strengths: The quality of workmanship, the electricity.

Comment: Grips in Kohl’s, no bag, but the edition on the side. On the territory of more than 10 acres feels normal, because less I would not take, the scythe is enough. No damages during the year, but we’ll see later.

Advantages: Maneuverability is good, the grass is not thrown, mowing is qualitative

Comments: Before this mower I had an electric system (worked one season and basically all plastic parts broke), it is certainly easier but the wires were bothersome, so the petrol one is much nicer to use.

Advantages: Design – action on one side without pockets, price, performance, low noise and vibration. Low fuel consumption.

Disadvantages: I would make a steel one for my beloved.

Comment: Dr. She was a great mighty master. In year 10 it fell apart in the literal sense of the word – deck broke, wheels fell off, etc. Stocked on 20 acres, so decided to change the mowing concept – instead of a big mower for a lightweight, small, maneuverable one and buy a trimmer for weeds. This is my third mower, so it’s a conscious choice. I’ve never bagged grass, the side discharge saves time. A few years ago there were several similar models on the market (not self-propelled, no bags with side discharge). Now this one is just a champ. Okay, decided to get one. First impression when carrying it in the car is not so light, second when I opened the box – it is not so small. There is no sense of cheap materials or flimsiness, everything is decent. The metal on the handles, the plastic, the wheels are all fine. While working with the Chinese decided to lengthen all the screws. Didn’t help, everything is closed as it should be. Deck steel is a little thin for my taste. Probably doesn’t mean that other manufacturers have thicker ones. It means that for myself, I would take a thicker one.) In the attachment points of the wheels, from the inside, to reinforce the thick metal. Plates. Hood. Surprised not Chinese, but Briggs & Stratton. A lot of plastic, you know – like the Öler set – to replace it, you have to turn the moto on its side and fill through the same neck. It’s hard to get to the spark plug. But there is no alternative to B&S engines yet. The first mowing went well. It takes more time to mow than the mighty masters, but I get less tired because of the weight and size of the mower. Before buying it I had doubts whether 2.8 hp would be enough, because the previous 5 hp mower was enough. Actually, the reasonable grass mixes well, and the weeds are more convenient to mow with a trimmer. Easy to push without drives, maneuverability and reliability is higher. The exhaust emitter was getting clogged with grass on a regular basis. I had to throw it away (as well as my two previous mowers). Mowing speed increased from space. It is for the aesthetics only. I am satisfied with my purchase. For fast mowing of the relatively flat and not-too-straight, average-sized country plots it is the best thing.

Conifers - how to plant and before them?

Advantages: easy start, low weight. Maneuverability.

Comment: compactness and weight were, of course, the main criteria for reliability (I hope that the praise of the BS engine will be justified). Case was assembled, poured and tested (start is very easy, kid will finish with it).

I never thought cutting grass could be enjoyable quickly and smoothly! 4 toms per hour + trimming all types of corners. Weeds took off on the lawn, turned to mush and the grass cut itself. Washes very easily – turned to the side, 5 minutes from the hose and you’re done. My first lawn mower. So far happy as a walk)! If it lasts at least a few years for its money, it will be just super. P.S.- The dog usually rolls around in the grass to mow) not this time. Thank goodness it was washed)

Advantages: lightness, sideways ejection, quick and easy start. Of course, the main advantage is BS engine.

Disadvantages: height adjustment – each wheel separately.

Comment: a great network. For those who do not want to get out of the basket every 5 minutes and want to shake the grass out of the basket.

Pros: made sturdy. Fine mulching, grass clippings are invisible. The motor works clearly without notice.

Disadvantages: the folding is not well thought out. To fold the handle, you have to unscrew the screws and use it back. When folded, the throttle is in the way. But this is a trifle.

The commentary: No self-delivery and no price.

Pros: The motor is great, 4 and quiet, powerful.

Disadvantages: bikes without stock, but with the ability to install. Already done;)


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Transmission Champion LM5127BS. Review, instructions, reviews

Gasoline lawnmower champion LM5127Bs can work in two modes: grass ejection and mulching, as this model does not have a grass collector.

Champion LM5127BS lawn mower

When mulching, the grass is shredded and ejected in the form of small particles for other floor fertilizer. The shredding height is adjusted by a separate wheel on each wheel and can be set between 25 and 75 mm.

Advantages of the Gampion LM5127Bs
  • Low noise level;
  • Minimal vibration;
  • Business;
  • Low price.
Disadvantages of Hampion LM5127Bs lawn mower
  • Low power;
  • Deck is reliable, but thin;
  • Not its own.

Overview of modifications.

Champion offers two variants of the 5127 model, which differ in the installed engine.

Champion LM5127.

This model is equipped with the factory G142VK 3.5 hp gasoline engine. It has a vibration rate of 2.49 m/s 2.

Champion LM5127 lawn mower

Champion LM5127BS

Based on the name, it is clear that this mower is equipped with a 2.8 hp Briggs & Stratton 450 engine. The vibration level here is slightly higher and is 6.36 m/s 2.

Champion LM5127BS lawn mower


This is not a self-propelled model where you have to constantly push the mower in the right direction. The rear and front wheels in the Champion LM5127BS lawnmower have the same diameter – 7 inches. This ensures that the grass doesn’t step on your feet and stays flat after it’s cut.

Grass cutting height adjustment

The large diameter of the grass catcher also allows it to handle weeds perfectly, while it can get clogged without a hole. It is compact to operate and saves a lot of space in storage and transportation. The Gampion LM5127 has a petrol engine consumption of 0,5 to 0,8 l/h.


Type of power petrol
Power, kW / hp 2.1
Engine volume, cm3 125
Fuel tank volume, L 0,8
Spring height, mm 25-75
Mowing width, mm 500
Mulch да
Weight (kg 22.5
Husqvarna LC 353V dependent air-assisted lawn mower. Advantages of the model, its features, videos and reviews

Owner’s Manual

This document contains detailed information on all aspects of the operation of the Champion LM5127B MoCo. An electronic version of the owner’s manual is available at this link Your browser does not support frames downloading the Gampion LM5127, LM5127BS Lawn Mower Operation Manual.

When working on sloped surfaces, you must work from the bottom up. This will help keep the Gampion LM5127 lawnmower under control and prevent overspeeding when driving down a hill.

When operating the Gampion LM5127BS gasoline lawnmower, you must wear protective clothing: goggles, gloves, closed shoes and coveralls.

Protective gloves when working with plastic Protective goggles when working with a lawn mower

If you own a new Champion LM5127 lawnmower, you must add oil and fuel to the appropriate compartments before full operation and then start the engine. This process involves gentle operation for 4 hours so that the parts are thoroughly lubricated and do not fail under heavy loads.


The main working element of the Champion LM5127 gasoline lawnmower is the cutting deck. It is made of strong and hardened steel, can withstand heavy loads and cuts grass up to 40 cm high.

Lawn mowing device

It does not require constant sharpening, and when working near the blade it should be wrapped in a cloth to avoid injury to the operator.

After finishing working with the Champion LM5127BS lawnmower, it must be cleaned of dirt, dust and leaves. It is recommended to do this with a damp cloth.

The Champion LM5127 gasoline lawnmower runs on high-octane Ai-92 or Ai-95 fuel. The crankcase of the LM5127 holds 0.6 liters of oil, the LM5127BS models only 0.46 liters.

SAE 30 Engine Oil SAE 10W30

The owner’s manual recommends SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 lubricants.

Video review

Overview of Champion LM5126BS junior model

owner reviews


“First impression – this is not a lightweight or small model, while carrying it to the car my arms are pretty tired. The parts are quality and heavy. I understand that it’s made in China, I decided to tighten the screws, but they were already tightened to the limit. Filling the oil is another circus, the Americans have invented the location of the neck on the side. And to pour the oil, you have to put it on one side. During the work it performed well, drove smoothly, did not get tired, mowed the grass everywhere without any failures. For weeds I use the trimmer separately, as the lawnmower is not a priori re-profiled for such tasks. Pros: High-quality equipment at a reasonable price. Cons: Nothing bad to say.

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