Tradition against innovation or how to reduce a tree

Folk wisdom: why the owner of the garden should not cut the apple tree alone

Apple trees can decorate every garden. These trees can be planted near the house because they only carry positive energy. However, there are signs with which the owner should not cut or uproot an apple tree independently.

Why you cannot cut the apple tree in your garden

Esoteric experts regard a tree as a tree with a very strong positive energy. It gives people an indictment of strength, good mood. It is a great pleasure to be in the apple garden. In the old days it was assumed that the person who had planted this tree near the house would find luck.

Unfortunately, apple trees are not forever. Old, sick trees stop wearing fruits, they don’t look very attractive, so the question arises to cut them off. But there is a sign that the owner should not remove the tree alone. The neglect of this rule can lead to a disease of a person or members of his family, difficulties or even death.

Happiness leaves the house, uprooted or cut, you can only cut the apple tree after drying. If the tree has become less fruitful, damaged by pests or lost a decorative appearance, this is no reason to get rid of it. You can cut the drying apple tree, but an outsider should do this. You can invite a neighbor or relative and hire a worker. The main thing is that those who live in a house or work in a summer house should not cut out a tree.

The old apple tree passed

It has long been assumed that it is impossible to chop the tip of the apple tree because this could lead to health loss. Cut out living branches – lose luck in family life. People believed that deliberate damage to young apple trees could lead to blindness.

All old signs of the modern world have lost their relevance. Such beliefs came from the Slavs, and at that time it was common to combine their life with the life of the trees. When a person was born, relatives were planted in honor of a newborn tree. Perhaps for this reason it was considered a bad sign to cut apple trees in your own garden.

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Other signs and traditions

There are many other signs of traditions in terms of sawing trees. For example, fruit trees cannot be uprooted and sawn into the new moon. These signs have a rational explanation. In certain phases of the moon, the movement of juice in the trees is intensified. After cutting the apple tree into the new moon, it has to be dried later for a very long time to use it with firewood.

In Germany, the young forwounds not only beat the dishes for the wedding, but also have to cut the tree trunk. This tradition has a deep meaning. Bride and groom have to understand that building a strong family is great work. In order for everything to work, they have to support each other and act together. You can start training at the wedding. It will only turn out that the protocol cuts off when the youngwits combine the efforts.

Sawing protocol

Drink apple trees in the garden: reviews

There is such a sign that in addition to the apple tree, there are several other trees that also cannot be cut down. The same goes for willows. If someone grows it, it is better to invite someone to cut and pay for felling, since it is believed that this person will soon go to the ancestors, and this has not been confirmed by a single case.


In general, felling apple trees is a bad omen. Apple trees have been growing for decades, you won’t give them back in a couple of years, and gradual pruning allows you to get the desired result.


Cutting down an apple tree in your own backyard is a bad omen. This ancient belief has already lost its relevance, but many people still take it into service. According to tradition, only a dried up tree may be uprooted and cut down and not one that has become less fruitful.

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What a Wonderful Stump: Why Do Trees Disfigure the Crown?

For several years, residents of different regions of Russia have been outraged by the ugly pruning of trees, which literally leaves pillars from the plantations. Often, simple municipal service providers are taken to work, for whom it is easier to cut down a crown than to pull out a tree. However, the roots of the problem go much deeper. Izvestia has dealt with the situation.

Cut off or crowned?

For the umpteenth time, all that remained of Omsk poplars were tall stumps. Some trees have been completely felled. Local activists, fed up with regular “haircuts,” created a petition calling for a total ban on bookings. In addition to pruning, Omsk plans to destroy 470 trees over the year. Citizens also have complaints about the Commission that made this decision: it used to authorize the felling of elm trees, calling them poplars.

Plantations near one of the schools were damaged in Izhevsk. The contractor had already felled three poplars and wanted to tend to other trees, but locals stopped the workers. It turned out that the townspeople themselves ordered the pruning of branches, but did not expect that the process would lead to felling.

The situation is similar in Pskov, where, according to local residents, “a rare morning does not begin with the squeak of a chainsaw.” Here, however, the subject was approached creatively. Yulia Nikiforova, a Pskovite, collects stories about city trees and then organizes field trips for public figures and MPs, where she shares the touching memories municipal services tear from residents’ minds.

The crown of the tree passed

In Moscow, as in other regions, there are also disabled trees. In the capital, the trimming procedure is provided for by Decree of the Government of Moscow No. 743-PP.According to the document, several booking types are distinguished. Sanitary pruning removes old, diseased and dead branches. Another type is topiary, which is required to maintain the height and shape of the crown.

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А There is a tapered pruning that allows the tree to be trimmed before a living crown begins. This includes the technique of “landing on a tree stump”. Sometimes antiaging pruning is really important. It is carried out when dry branches interfere with transportation, electrical wiring, pedestrians or darken apartments.

In theory, tall snags on city streets should be accurately called a rejuvenating pruning. But in this case, you’ll have to look for another term, says Vyacheslav Borisov, an arborist who is part of the Doctor Les team.

Anti-aging cut is not a procedure that we see in practice. It often contradicts the technology specified in the resolution. In addition, mass rejuvenation is rather doubtful.The concept of topping is more suitable here – says the tree carer (topping is understood as a radical form of pruning, in which the majority of the crown is removed by large branches).

Vasily Popkov threatens up to 4 years in prison for the evacuation of the school yard, the damage to the state was estimated at 66,000 rubles

Forest pests

False cropping is very traumatic for trees, especially for adults. In a few years there may be more problems than before booking, Notes Vyacheslav Borisov.

– First, the tree is under stress due to the simultaneous loss of the majority of the vegetative mass. Secondly, when we cut the crown radically, the tree remains a task – to survive to which all its adaptation skills are directed. We see the rapid growth of a large number of competing industries. The wood of young shoots is less durable, which means that it is potentially needy. Such branches break off over time and fall down. In addition, competing shoots cannot optimally develop the structure of the crown, ”said Vyacheslav Borisov about the risks.

Pine grove

The existing subsidies for wood burning do not always work, and those that you need most are usually not supported.

Rules of vine protection for the winter in Siberia

Egor Elizarov, dendrologist and head of the Forest Doctor organization, agrees with his colleague. He notices thatRemoving more than 30 % of the crown harms the tree.

– Take a pine where the crown mainly focuses on the top. If his crown is cut deeply, it is unlikely that the tree will survive and recover, ”clarifies Elizarov.

Some other species, such as birch and chestnuts, are also difficult with the surface. Linden, poplars, maple, pastures are considered more resistant and from conifers – spiky spruce.

Chop off

Topping is widespread for several reasons. In some cases, the need for such work is really ripe., says Moscow City Duma, a member of the Commission for Urban Economics and Housing Policy, extraordinary professor of the Moscow State University of Magomet Yandiev.

Vladimir Putin indicated the export of unprocessed needle and valuable hardwood materials from the Russian Federation

– Tree cuts have always been in the sense of service structures – both in the 1990s and in zero. In those years, however, he was not paid the due attention. It was either the last one in the row or was carried out formally. Trees that were not felled at the time have now grown, of course, high poplars with fragile branches, says the MP.

Another problem is the lack of trained staff.. Many housing and municipal service organizations have no tree care specialists.

The dendrologist Yegor Elizarov confirms that the inclusion of specialists will cause astronomical costs. Therefore, the workers meet their minimum task – the guarantee of security.

Proven employees cut trees

It turns out,You have to book everything in a row to insure yourself against possible problems. Suddenly a large branch falls on the head in strong wind – municipal utilities are punished for negligence.

Cut orders are distributed according to the minimum price principle. For example, the authorities in Tjumen were ready to pay 13.7 million rubles. However, the order was received by a single entrepreneur, which reduced the costs to 8.1 million.

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The guidelines for cutting that I sometimes see are very bad and not very informative. Sometimes there is a vague concept of “Kronirovanie” in the contract, which everyone interprets in their own way, – emphasized tree nurse Vyacheslaw Borisov.

In the meantimeIn Russia, administrative and criminal liability is granted for illegal reduction in trees. Legal persons are exposed to up to 350 thousand rubles for every crippled tree with a fine. The punishment of 3,000 rubles begins for private individuals.

The usual passerby can set the illegal work. If you notice a suspicious cut “too zero”, you will ask the contractor to have a barrel ticket. If this is not the case, you can call the police. Cutting from that moment should stop.

The better, the better

Nevertheless, there is still an alternative to “rejuvenation”.It is sufficient for alley trees to operate regular formsCreating the “skeleton of the crown” with the correct position of the branches. This must be done from the early years of the life of the plant.

Even better – to rationally plan the landscape design, in other words, to plant “correct trees in the right place”.

– The absolute madness will plant ordinary pines on the dividing stripes. The poplar will be much more appropriate, ”says Arborist Vyacheslav Borisov.

The expert notes that in Moscow despite the formal diversity of rocks in Moscow. But you shouldn’t leave the trees. In the urban environment, this is a good breed that should only find its place.

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