Tractor T-25. Review, technical features, reviews of the owners

Reviews of T-25 (tractor)

On this page you will find a list of the last (new) reviews of the owners of the T-25 (tractors) as well as the opinions and comments of visitors to people who are not indifferent to this technology.

I believe that this is one of the best tractors in its category. You can surely process a diagram of up to 5 hectares of large size. And it is indispensable on Heufldern. The same. I supported it in 1995.

The device is incomparable – I work on it in the early spring until late autumn. In the garden I use a cutter, a plow with two parts and a potato.

The tractor is very easy to maintain. Its engine is not so powerful, but quite economical, which is also important in the current realities (the times when diesel fuel cost a penny). Of course there are breakdowns. For example, you have to repair fuel equipment once a year. And everything because there is still a beam. I revised every five years. But I don’t pull the crankshaft (I change the cylinder piston group, seals).

Last year I changed the clutch disc for the first time. Yes, even then it regretted. It doesn’t take more than two hours to replace the pressed camp without a crane beam. As far as the rubber is concerned, it is sufficient for about three to four years, whereupon I put a new one.

Technology is technology – it always requires attention. Nevertheless, the tractor is 100 %.

I had T-25 (Kharkov, 1971). I bought it in early 2011. I worked perfectly for two seasons. Yes, and the apparatus itself is worthy-I would continue now, but it was urgent money, so I had to sell at the end of February.

I got the tractor in good condition. And despite the fact that he turned 40 at the time of the purchase. There were almost no changes if they did not take the rear bikes into account-the previous owners instead of relatives from the 131st zil.

She plowed a diagram of just more than 2.5 hectares. With a tw o-body plow (capture width – 25 cm each), is normal. The furrow does not trampled. The only thing he drove near the fence was a strip of about 1 meter wide.

Novaliyki in winter - a mini garden on the windowsill

There were no complaints about the engine. He did not particularly work with him for two years. He worked for himself and worked. Started without problems. I also have completely suitable with regard to the expenses. In order to say the truth, I initially thought he was more insatiable.

I was satisfied with the tractor. The fact that he was my age, but he still did his job, speaks a lot about it. My neighbor took the Chinese two years ago, so he constantly suffers with him – then one will break, then the other. So I think that the new is not always better than the old.

T-25 appeared in me in 2006. During this time, the tractor helps me well for housework. I don’t argue, sometimes breakdowns happen, but luckily only on little things.

I heard that many complain about the crankshaft – they often say. I have no problem with him. If you refer to the tractor and do not overload it, it works properly. And with spare parts everything is in perfect order. Getting them is completely easy. In principle, a lot is suitable from a different technique.

The only thing is that the tractor is afraid of Morozov. When the temperature is belo w-20 degrees, the engine begins with great difficulty. That’s why I practically do not use it in winter (sometimes I clean the snow in the yard and that’s all).

Well, with the advent of spring, I start working on working without bowing. I process a diagram of 1.5 hectares for you. The device has a milling cutter, a double plow, a tranchehol, a potato tape, wheel swelling and a mower. If you have to bring something with you, I catch a car.

By the way, he has no same thing on the Hayfield. In my opinion, it is no worse in this regard than the same T-40 and MTZ-80. And the consumption of diesel fuel is small, which is also a plus.

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In general, the impressions over 8 years are only positive. I don’t even know what I would do without my assistant now!

Great tractor! I got it in 1991. – An indispensable assistant on the auxiliary farm.

The legendary tractor! Maneuverable, compact, beautiful, economical! It can do what other newer tractors!

Better MTZ! Better Chinese synta, donfgen and other tractors!

I just don’t understand why you don’t use it to sow sunflowers? Or just not created?

Despite the fact that this tractor occurred in the 1960s, it is excellent and spare parts for this are not a problem.

Tractor T-25. Review, characteristics, features of application and operation

Recommend: 100%


The history of appearance

The T-25 tractor is a well-known bike device that is now made by the Vladimir engine tractor factory. An analogue of the Russian model is also generated in the Kharkov tractor plant.

The publication of T-25 has been created since 1966. Due to the first place of production, the 25th model received the unspoken “Second Name” Vladimir. The popularity of this model is associated with its small dimensions, maneuverability, lightness and simplicity of control as well as a comfortable design of the cabin and the tractor as a whole.

The advantage is, among other things, the costs for this model. In Russia, for example, you can buy a T-25 tractor in good condition at a price of 110 to 350 thousand rubles (depending on the configuration, the concept of the previous operation, the availability of attachments, the condition of the spare parts and the general technical condition ). In Ukraine you can buy the T-25 at a price of 78 to 150,000 hryvnia.

The purpose of the T-25 tractor

The main purpose of the T-25 tractor is the processing of small and medium-sized land, summer houses, greenhouse areas and households. The device easily processes floors that are previously exposed to cultivation for arable meat and can work with the connection of a mow and a whole spectrum of other hinge tools.

When can I cut trees in the garden?

Minogue series and modifications T-25

During the existence of the T-25 tractor, the manufacturer not only developed and established the basic model, but also its modifications. The known modifications of the T-25 are:

  • T-25A1 (basic machine with diesel engine D21a);
  • T25A2 (model with a awning and diesel engine);
  • T25-A3 (model with a safety frame and a diesel engine);
  • T-30A80 (a more advanced model with a D120 engine, all-wheel drive and a comfortable operating cabin). The basis for the development was the same basic model T25.

Some modifications were equipped with two cylinder fou r-stroke engines with an air cooling type. Models with two cylinders Two stroke engines were also made. As new modifications and improved versions of the T-25, the manufacturers improved the heating system for a more comfortable location of the operator in winter.

Tractor T-25

Technical characteristics

The tractor with rear wheel drive T-25 is a universal tool for cultivating any kind of land. The plowing of virgin land is allowed, subject to proper operation and attachments. Technical breaks must be taken during work so that the engine can cool down.

In order to improve the continuity on any type of soil, the T-25 tractor is equipped with reduced front wheels, which facilitates maneuvering in rows with planted plants, in row distances and on small areas, for example in garden parcels.

Weight and dimensions of the device
Type of the engine
Chassis and gearbox
Oil and fuel
Drive type and overview of the attachments with which the T-25 tractor can work

Tractor control

The brakes of the T-25 are band brakes. The turn is carried out by moving the front wheels (hydraulic power steering). Rigid suspension, balancer front axle. The tractor is controlled in accordance with the user’s instructions.

The basic rules for the management of devices of this type:

  • Do not exceed the load capacity of the tractor (maximum 850 kg);
  • Monitor the optimal level of diesel fuel and oil;
  • The use of diesel fuel is prohibited (since diesel fuel and diesel fuel have different viscosities, the use of diesel fuel can lead to engine damage and quick wear of spare parts);
  • Start working with the tractor after you have made sure that all moving parts are in good condition and the screw connections are fixed;
  • Check tire pressure;
  • Check the operating instructions, do not repair the tractor yourself if you have doubts about the technical competence, carry out all complex repairs to the engine, gearbox or other key components of the tractor in specialized service centers.
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  • Muldenkipper;
  • capacitive atomizer (capacity 300 l);
  • grown redotiller (2.1 m);
  • Plow with two gumps or four gulls;

Installed four-fold plow PLN 4-35 attached redotillier potato rotoder DTZ-2T roundabout mower Cultivator for continuous soil processing KSO-2.1 Drill 1W-30

  • Potato rotor DTZ-1TM, 2T;
  • Cultivator for continuous soil processing (e.g. KSO-2.1);
  • Rotation mower for T-25 tractors;
  • Dislocks;
  • Sick mower;
  • Drill the garden tractor;
  • Schneehalde;
  • Segment mower.

T-25 with a sprayer

Characteristics of operation and maintenance of the T-25

Rules for operating the T-25 tractor:

  • The start of the engine when the fuel supply is switched on can only be carried out in the direction of rotation of the crankshaft;
  • Monitor the measured values ​​of fuel sensors and a thermometer, stop the device when the temperature standards are violated or the oil level is below the normal value.
  • The quality of fuel and oil must be high and GOST and the description in the instructions;
  • If the engine power has decreased, check the function of the injection nozzles and the fuel injection pressure.
  • Connect attachments to the device according to the traction class of the machine;
  • Put the engine before inspecting the tractor, carry out maintenance work, make sure that the tap wave is coupled and the brake is locked;
  • Fill the fuel tank 80% of the maximum in the hot season – the fuel increases in volume in the heat. When fuel runs out, wipe the stain immediately and leave the liquid normally.
  • Do not smoke if you fill the fuel tank or work with the most important parts of the tractor, follow the safety rules when working with the machine – work in closed clothing, wear overall when repairing the tractor;
  • Switch all the levers smoothly;
  • If you work on a dense country (virgin land), take breaks from time to time.

Maintenance conditions T-25

  • Maintaining the tractor is divided into everyday life, first (every 50 hours) and second class (every 500 hours).
  • With everyday life, the oil and fuel level is carried out for leakage, the surface of the engine is cleaned by fuel spots.
  • During the maintenance of the first class, the fuel filter is cleaned, the belt slices of the strap disk, anchor screws are defined;
  • During the second class service, the tractor’s nodes are also checked: fuel nozzles, intake and fuel release valve, oil shaft oil seal, cylinder head nuts, flywheel and piston rings.
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The main disorders and their elimination

The table of the main deformation of the T-25 tractor and the methods for their elimination.

Table 1.

Solution: cleaning nozzles, bubbles of the fuel crane, the use of diesel fuel with high quality


Ivan, Ryazan:

Plowing and plowing the tractor. In the 25th neighbor, plows wears a trailer, Huddles, like a horse. He himself helped spraying potatoes, the plot is large and the car is a fairly working car, although it is already 20 years old, nothing less. If the memory does not fail, the neighbor only has hectare potatoes that judge according to his words, there are no problems, works without failure, his grandfather does not even remember whether he had seriously repaired it. And it decides minor malfunctions. If you buy a tractor, only this one!

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