Tractor MTZ 80 – description and properties

Universal Tractor MTZ 80 Technical descriptions

MTZ-80 is a compact tractor of the MINSK tractor system that has been manufactured for decades. The machine was very popular in the Soviet Union and was still popular in the pos t-sovjet room. The machine takes a leading position on the market of small tractor cars with a cycling gear. MTZ-80 is a legendary tractor that has received many modifications and support for a variety of attachments. So far, equipment in the state and private economic sector is required, and this only confirms the popularity and demand for the MTZ-80 tractor. This article offers the main advantages of the machine as well as the skills and properties of the tractor.

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Description and purpose

MTZ-80 joined production in the 1970s. The car successfully passed the tests in 1972. The developers praised the potential of the tractor, which proved to be suitable for all agricultural operations. We speak of Hilling, cultivation, more shaken earth. In addition, with the help of the necessary devices, the machine was able to loosen solid, virgin soil and take part in plants and harvest – cereals, legumes and vegetable plants. In addition, the tractor in the supply companies was distributed in operations in connection with the shop, unloading and towing heavy trailers. In search and rescue operations, the machine has established itself as an effective work transport for male shops and in particular heavy concrete structures. The MTZ-80 has thus become an excellent addition to the special equipment of the Ministry for Emergency. The number of naval equipment for the MTZ-80 tractor exceeds 230 parts, which became an absolute recording in the small class. The latest, most modern versions of the MTZ-80 could develop 35 km/h. The MINSK tractor system is currently generating the MTZ-80.1 tractor, which is the latest modification of the legendary machine.

Checking the technical features of the MTZ-80 tractor

  • Traction category – 1.4 T
  • Motor type diesel, D-240
  • Power – 80 PS
  • Gear – mechanical, with 18 front and 4 rear gears
  • The dimensions of the tractor, mm: length – 3815, width – 1970, height – 2470
  • Tractor mass – 3160 kg
  • Transport speed – 35 km/h
  • Street freedom – 470 mm
  • The rotation radius is 4100 mm.


  1. MTZ-80 is equipped with a four-stroke four-cylinder diesel engine D-240. This unit is economical and environmentally friendly. It has a work volume of 4.7 liters and the strength is 80 hp. Despite the modest indicators, the engine is equipped with worthy traction properties because it was able to significantly increase the skills of the tractor on the street. In addition, the diesel was not only compact, but not too difficult – only 430 kg. Thanks to this, the MTZ-80 tractor was one of the easiest among competitors. In addition, the PZHB-200B in advance was installed with some modifications, which improved the endurance of the engine during the start or for many hours, especially in winter. In addition, the heating contributed to the immediate start of the engine under conditions with a low temperature. The same function was assigned to an electric starter who could be replaced as an alternative by a star t-carot gasoline engine. Practice has shown that the engine is quite reliable and strong, and this made it possible to adapt the tractor to the inaccessible conditions under which not a single passenger SUV will pass. We draw attention to the fact that the manufacturer has presented the regulations that all owners of MTZ-80 tractors have to follow. According to the factory recommendations, the car is retained at least three times – after 60 mothers, then after 240 mothers and after 960 motorized hours. A complete list of technical work in connection with the exchange of parts and consumables is specified in the user manual.
  2. The MTZ-80 tractor is equipped with a mechanical box with 18 front and 4 rear gears, which function clearly and smoothly and do not make vibrations and noise when switching to low or increased speed. Optionally, you can use a driver if this requires the load level. Of course, you can do without if the machine is not exposed to large loads. In addition, after 1985 of the model year, updated machines received a hydraulic control gear, the main feature of which is the change of speeds under load. In other words, such a gearbox had the ability to change four gear in one of the four areas. At the same time, the clutch coupling remained unaffected. The rear wheels received a blocked differential, which significantly increased the ability of the geometric transverse countries. Later versions of the MTZ-80 were given a hydraulic control differential with the possibility of setting up on the dashboard.
  3. The chassis of the MTZ-80 tractor is shown by a compensation bridge and a semi-wiring suspension. The balancer bridge is necessary to repeat the irregularities of the street and a more comfortable increase in a help coating. A hard suspension is used in the rear. Cycling attachments are reinforced with clamp compounds on the leading axes. This function made it possible to change the width of the route in a relatively wide range of 1400-2100 mm. The front lane can also be set. The machine received disc brakes that are considered more effective than drum. As far as steering mechanism is concerned, this constructive element was equipped with a hydraulic steering wheel, which, according to the standards of the 1980s, was seen as an innovative performance in the small budget class. The amplifier received the standard principle of the company and did not differ from this view from the automotive steering wheel amplifier. The principle of action is as follows: The oil pump is responsible for the generation of oil pressure in the system, and the hydraulic distributor in turn receives a signal from the steering wheel (through Cardan waves) and directs oil to the hydraulic cylinder. For this reason, an effort is provided and the steering wheel is much easier.
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MTZ-80 received a cabin with high-strength alloy. Small steel is reinforced by welding points, which supplies the body additional rigidity. Special noise and thermal insulation materials are used in the international housing of the cabin to reduce the penetration of noise and designs into the salon. It was possible to soften vibrations and shake with four rubber shock absorbers on which the cabin itself is defined. To ensure a good overview, the cabin has a wide glazing area and anterior windscreen wipers. The ventilation of the cabin is guaranteed by opening the side windows and glass ventilation in the roof. There are two steps and a handrail on both external sides of the cabin. The steering column and the driver’s seat can be set in such a way that the driver feels spacious based on his size and body. Of course, the MTZ-80 tractor was already equipped with autonomous heating systems in the basic version in order to adapt the machine to heavy frosty conditions for operation in the northern parts of the country. The ergonomic control panel is located in front of the driver’s seat. As in other tractors of the MTZ of these years, all levers and devices are available. This applies to accelerator pedals, clutch and separate brakes as well as to set up the hydraulic system and the power box. Now the machine is equipped with a more comfortable seating with air suspension.

Modifications of the MTZ-80 tractor

Consider the following modifications to the MTZ-80 tractor:

  • MTZ-80-BASIC rear drive tractor with a reduced cabin
  • MTZ-80.1-A. Improved rear wheel drive tractor with an enlarged cabin
  • MTZ-82/82.1-a all-wheel drive tractor with an enlarged or small cabin (depending on the version)
  • MTZ-80X/80XM-A Dreifener tractor, which was developed to cultivate cotton. Such a modification is marked by an increased distance of 650 mm and a more powerful D-240T engine with 100 hp
  • MTZ-80L modification for forestry for garbage and work in connection with the restoration of forest, fire. The car received a 60 hp engine that was slightly moved forward
  • MTZ-82K-a all-wheel drive dract with a hydraulic alignment and stabilization of the skeleton. Such a machine was used to work on slopes with a slope of more than 20 degrees.
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High maintainability and reliable design, as well as support for a wide list of options and a large number of modifications made the MTZ-80 tractor the most popular small tractor in the post-Soviet space. And thanks to good maintainability, the car could even be repaired in the field.

Universal Tractor MTZ 80 Technical descriptions Universal Tractor MTZ 80 Technical descriptions

Video review of MTZ-80 Belarus

The price of the new MTZ 80

The average cost of the MTZ-80 tractor on the Russian market is 1.2 million rubles. The price is for a copy in new condition.

MTZ-80: Technical properties

MTZ-80: Technical properties

Products manufactured by the Minsk Tractor Plant on the territory of the former Soviet Union have been leaders in the market of various agricultural machines for decades. But the undisputed flagship and locomotive for many years remains the universally built, legendary MTZ-80 tractor and its numerous modifications.

Why did this car deserve such popularity? The answer is simple – it’s versatility, low cost, ease of maintenance and serviceability. It is the combination of these factors that makes this tractor so attractive for both large and small farms.

1. The history of the creation of MTZ-80

The decree on the construction of the Minsk Tractor Plant was issued by IV Stalin in 1946. At the initial stage, it was supposed to become an enterprise capable of producing 50 tracked vehicles per day with 37-horsepower diesel engines. The start of production was planned for 1948.

The caterpillar KD-35 was produced at MTZ for only 9 months, since already in the same 1948 Minsk designers worked on their first universal wheeled tractor for row crops. And on July 18, 1949, the first fully factory-designed test wheeled tractor left the factory gates in a festive atmosphere. In the same year, several more samples were released, which underwent lengthy tests.

But the date of October 14, 1953 was decisive for the plant, after tests and improvements, the first MTZ-1 and MTZ-2 “Belarus” left the main conveyor. This event determined the future fate and main specialization of the plant. Years passed, the plant improved existing models and developed new ones. In the 1950s he carried out a government contract to develop and produce crawler tractors. But work on wheeled tractors did not stop there.

MTZ has moved with the times, and when the need arose for a new one: stronger, more maneuverable, better adapted to certain conditions, the factory responded immediately. This is how an extensive line of universal row crop tractors came about:


MTZ-5, MTZ-7 in the late 50s.

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Tractor MTZ-50

In the 60s, the modernization of production facilities and the production of MTZ-50, MTZ-52.

And in 1972, the tests of the MTZ-80 were completed, this tractor was developed through a deep modernization of the “fifties” and, in fact, became a completely new machine. The tractor received a new 80 hp diesel engine. with., as well as a host of other design changes and improvements. The number of trailers and attachments on the tractor has increased to 230 pieces, the transport speed has increased to 35 km/h. In its modern version, the MTZ-80.1 tractor is produced at the same Minsk Tractor Plant to this day, four decades later!

2. Technical characteristics of the MTZ-80 tractor:

    • Engine model – D-240
    • Traction class – 1.4 tons.
    • Power (diesel) – 59 (80) kW / l. With.
    • Number of forward/reverse gears – 18/4
    • Tractor dimensions length / width / height – 3815/1970/2470 mm.
    • The track width on the front / rear wheels is 1200–1800 / 1350–2100 mm.
    • Weight – 3160 kg.
    • Speed ​​range – from 1.3 to 35 km / h.
    • Agrotechnical clearance – 470 mm.
    • Turning radius – 4.1 m.

    2.1 Tractor engine MTZ-80


    Diesel engine D-240, water-cooled, four-stroke, four-cylinder engine, manufactured by the Minsk Tractor Plant. The working volume of the cylinders was 4.75 liters. At a rated speed of 2200 rpm. Minimum. this engine produces 80 hp. Semi-separate combustion chamber.

    The weight of the diesel is 430 kg. Some modifications provide for the installation of a preheater PZHB-200B.

    There are two ways to start the engine: electric starters or starters with a carburetor engine. There is a start interlock in case the tractor has a speed.

    To keep this reliable engine running like clockwork, it requires a technical inspection and maintenance every: 60, 240 and 960 hours. A complete list of the work of each maintenance is described in the operator’s manual.

    2.2 Gear tractor MTZ-80

    The gearbox on “Belarus” is installed mechanically, nine gears with a reduction gear, this, together with reduced speeds, gives us 18 forward and 4 reverse gears. A creeper is installed as an option, if the conditions of the work carried out so require.

    If, during operation of the box, knocks are heard that disappear in other gears, this is a direct indication of tooth breakage or fatigue failure of individual gears.

    Some pre-1985 tractors were equipped with a hydraulically controlled transmission that could shift under power. On tractors with such a transmission, you can engage any of the four gears within one of the 4 ranges without releasing the clutch. The rear axle is equipped with a differential lock function. On older model tractors, differential control is mechanical via a pedal. Hydraulic on newer versions, with a mode switch on the dashboard.

    Extraneous noise in the gearbox and heating of the housing in some areas indicate a malfunction of the shaft bearings.

    2.3 Instructions for operation and maintenance of the tractor MTZ-80

    To learn more about the technical characteristics, functions of operation and the. You can service the tractor MTZ-80 here: Tractors “Belarus” MTZ-80, MTZ-82 and their modifications. Use and maintenance manual

    3. Chassis and tractor control

    The front axle is balanced, has a semi-rigid suspension, thanks to the equalizer it can repeat surface irregularities regardless of the position of the rear axle and the tractor frame. The rear suspension is rigid, the wheels are attached to the drive axles with clamps, thanks to which you can continuously change the track width in the range of 1400–2100 mm. The front track is adjustable in steps, the step is 100 mm. disc brakes.

    “Belarus” is equipped with hydraulic power steering to assist the driver. The principle of operation is roughly the same as the power steering in a car. The oil pump creates pressure in the system, and the hydraulic distributor, receiving a signal from the steering wheel through cardan shafts, directs oil into one of the cavities of the hydraulic cylinder

    4. Tractor cab MTZ-80: overview


    The cabin of the MTZ-80 is welded and made of sheet steel. The interior lining with special materials insulates and insulates the tractor driver’s workplace. The cab is attached to the tractor frame with four rubber shock absorbers that significantly reduce shock and vibration.

    Visibility is good, wipers are installed to clean the front and rear windows in bad weather. For natural airflow, the roof and rear window can be opened and locked in the open position.

    For convenience, there is a handrail and two steps on either side of the cabin. The steering column is adjustable in two levels. The presence of a heater makes the cabin suitable for year-round operation. Air conditioning can be installed as an option on modern models.

    In front of the seat are the dashboard and controls. The location of the controls is not fundamentally different from other tractors. The classic layout of the pedals with a separate brake, hydraulic control levers to the right of the steering column, to the right of the PTO engagement lever seat.

    A comfortable soft seat with hydraulic shock absorber or torsion bar suspension is available to the tractor driver. The seat is adjustable in the vertical and horizontal plane, and you can also change the inclination of the backrest and the rigidity of the shock absorbers.

    Currently, more comfortable air-suspended seats of a modern design are installed in the tractors of this model.

    5. Fastening system

    “Belarus” is equipped with a three-point rear hitch system, classic layout, with two longitudinal and one central rod, struts and a power cylinder for raising and lowering the hitch with equipment.

    Tractor MTZ-80

    To control the hitch, as well as the hydraulics of attachments and attachments, the tractor is equipped with a separate unit hydraulic system, which consists of a transmission oil pump NSh-32 driven by an engine, a three-section hydraulic distributor and one or more hydraulic cylinders.

    There is a huge amount of various equipment for tractors of this model, listing them will take a lot of time, because in the 70-80s the number of items exceeded 200.

    6. Modifications of the MTZ-80 tractor:

    Over the years of modernization, “Belarus” was taught to work in a variety of fields with a variety of both mounted and towed units and devices. He became his board of directors for farmers, builders, road builders and public utilities.

    Consider some modifications:

    • MTZ-80 – the basic model with a small cab and rear-wheel drive.
    • MTZ-80.1 – rear-wheel drive and an increased cabin.
    • MTZ-82 / 82.1 – four-wheel drive model with a small / large cab.
    • MTZ-80X / 80XM – a three-wheeled model for cotton cultivation, had an increased ground clearance of 650 mm. and a D-240T diesel engine with a capacity of 100 hp.
    • MTZ-80L – forest modification, work on slingshots and forest rehabilitation, firefighting, characterized by a D-243L diesel engine with a capacity of 60 liters. With. slightly pushed forward.
    • MTZ-82K – all-wheel drive, hydraulic automatic system for leveling and stabilizing the tractor frame. Hydraulic cylinders have been added to the clutch system to stabilize the attachment. Able to work on steep slopes, the slope of which can reach 20 degrees.

    Tractor MTZ 82.1

    Tractor MTZ 80.1


    7. Operating experience of the tractor MTZ-80 “Belarus”

    Enormous experience was gained in the operation of the Belarusian tractor, almost all famous models of tractors of the Soviet era, such as the T-40, have long ceased to exist, although it can be found everywhere, in fact it lives. That’s life. And at the Minsk plant they managed not only to preserve, but also to further develop this wonderful tractor, thanks to which today it is even more alive than all the living.

    Consider the pros and cons of MTZ-80 tractors.

    Clear advantages are:

    • The maintenance and an extensive infrastructure network in the entire USSR and in places and beyond with dealers, brand shops of spare parts. It is therefore unlikely that you have problems with the availability of spare parts or guarantee service.
    • Absolutely all machine operators know this technology, which means that there are no problems with the staff.
    • A huge selection of strikes and moved devices.
    • An acceptable price compared to competitors.

    The disadvantages are taken into account:

    • Close the cabin on the basic model, but this problem is solved to MTZ-80.1
    • For most foreign analogues, it is inferior that the working conditions in Belarus are considered to be spartan, not as a Spartan. In this direction, however, the system has carried out intensive work in recent years.

    But everyone has their own views, different priorities and requirements. We read better what the tractor drivers themselves say about this tractor:

    “I had the opportunity to work out the season on the State Farm on this tractor. There was no necessary rights in the presence, in fact nobody asked. Beast unit does not work – rushing! Touched light from every gear. It is easily coordinated with the loader.

    The tractor was old, so that there was no question of comfort on the seat of the old style, sometimes threw it so that it almost flew into the windows that were completely absent. When we talk about “fragility”, the car survives a Mercedes and is repaired on the knee with the help of a hammer and the like and such a mother for one or two. Generally a real Soviet tractor!

    How much grief did not know is easy in management, maneuverable. At least in the field, at least in the forest, with dignity. In maintenance, it is economical and absolutely simple. It would not be possible to bring the prices into the spirit of the cabin and the air conditioning, and so was baked in the taxi in hot weather. Who worked. “

    “You literally collected your tractor with his father out of scrap! All about all, a little more than a month. The tractor is very universal and has shown itself well in a variety of works. After the small things it often breaks off what sin is, but spare parts are affordable and inexpensive. A pneumatic seat became her tractor, a starter for the 24th century. To turn happier in winter. Installed the radio. In general, the car is fire! “

    Operating experience of the MTZ-80 tractor

    8. Conclusion

    MTZ-80 and its modifications became the most massive tractor in the USSR and later in Russia and the CIS countries. In Russia, the proportion of the MTZ market was over 90% of the market in 2010-2013! I would like to thank Belarus and especially the MTZ system because they managed to save this wonderful car in difficult times!

    If you buy Belarus, both needed, will not be difficult, the advantage of offers is sufficient and the prices are pretty affordable.

    The tractor from 1985-1995 will cost around 200-500 TR depending on the condition.

    The fresh MTZ-82 2014–2015 in Rubel costs about 900,000-1,200,000.

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