Tractor MT Z-952 – Description and properties

MTZ-952: Technical features

MTZ-952 technical properties

Belarus MTZ-952 is a universal tractor 1.4 traction class all-wheel drive, which is equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 84.3 to 89 hp. It is a supplementary and improved version of the common classic model of the MINSK tractor system with a 4K4 wheels formula and Belarus MTZ-82.1 tractor. Like its predecessor, “MTZ-952” is a multifunctional machine that can find its application both in agriculture and in other industries.

Design, area of ​​application, distinction between characteristics “MTZ-952”

The structural basis of the Belarus MTZ-952 tractor is traditional for most models of the MINSK tractor system, a half-grade frame on which a diesel power plant with a transmission module is installed. The cabin of the machine operator; The chassis and the hydraulic system, which provides all manipulations with weakened and excluded devices.

The MTZ-952 tractor is intended to carry out a wide range of mechanized agricultural work in plant production, gardening and cattle with weakened, semi-bound and demanded agricultural and weapons. And also for the transport of different goods, the loading/unloading to carry out current tasks in the municipal area.

Compared to its related predecessor “MTZ-82”, the distinction features of this tractor model are: the leading front bridge with planetary cylindrical gears, an extended folding device, an updated interior of the cabin, disguised with an improved design.

The MTZ-952 tractor is installed with the Danfoss pump, a more modern diesel engine from turbocharger, an improved rear selection shaft and hydraulic steering with the Danfoss pump. Otherwise we can say that this is the same all-wheel drive Belarus MTZ-82. This model is also characterized by reliability and simplicity of the modern transmission system – with a synchronized gear with a multiplier. It delivers light and clear gear change on the tractor without the need to stop.

Modifications and engine of the Belarus MTZ-952 tractor

The MTZ-952 tractor is equipped with a four-cylinder four-stroke engine with a diesel with a turbocharger system. The injection into the combustion chamber of the diesel fuel is direct, cooling system – fluid type.

The most important electricity unit used to equip the MTZ-952 model is the D-245.5 engine of the MINSK engine system. Its characteristic features are the 15 percent coefficient of the reserve of a rotating moment and a high level of economy.

The engine shows stable and stable operation for all workloads (including a significant surplus of nominal values) and temperature conditions.

Technical parameters of the D-245.5 diesel engine:

  • Power – 89 hp or 66 kW with a nominal rotation frequency of 1800 revolutions per minute;
  • The working volume of four cylinders is 4.75 liters;
  • The diameter of the cylinder is 110 mm, the piston stroke is 125 mm.
  • The maximum torque at 1400 rpm per minute – 386 Nm or 39 kgf;
  • The specific consumption of diesel fuel is 162 g/l. H. or 217 g/kWh;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 130 liters;
  • Speed: Forward 2.1-30.0km/h; Back-4.4-10.0 km/h.
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Modifications and engine of the Belarus MTZ-952 tractor

Modifications MTZ-952.2, MTZ-952.3 and MTZ-952.4 differ from the base not only in the design of the cabin and plumage, but also in engines: they are turbocharged with MMZ D-245.43 S3A diesel engines (84.3 HP) and Deutz TCD20122L04 -. 2V C3UT63” (86.3 hp). These are also four-cylinder in-line four-stroke diesel engines with turbochargers and an air-cooled cooling system with a volumetric shape of the formation.

D-245.43 S3A Diesel Engine Technical Parameters:

  • Power – 84.3 hp or 62 kW with a nominal rotation frequency of 1800 rpm;
  • The working volume of four cylinders is 4.75 liters;
  • cylinder diameter – 110 mm, piston stroke – 125 mm;
  • Maximum torque at 1400 revolutions per minute – 411 nm;
  • The specific consumption of diesel fuel is 220 g/kWh;
  • The torque coefficient is 25%;

Technical parameters of Deutz TCD20122L04-2V C3UT63 diesel engine:

  • Power – 86.3 hp or 63.5 kW with a nominal rotation frequency of 1800 revolutions per minute;
  • Working volume of four cylinders – 4 liters;
  • Maximum torque at 1400 revolutions per minute – 350 nm;
  • The specific consumption of diesel fuel is 259 g/kWh;
  • The torque coefficient is 35%.

All diesel engines presented in the Belarus MTZ-952 models meet the current requirements of Tier III-A.

Gearbox, leading bridges, power selector shaft “MTZ-952”

Belarus MTZ-952 tractors are equipped with mechanical synchronization, with an increased gearbox, gearboxes that provide 14 gears when moving forward and 4 speed ranges when moving backwards. (The gear multiplier, available on the MTZ-952 tractor gearbox module, doubles the number of gears). Clutch installed on this tractor model is a-disk, dry, constantly closed.

The leading bridges “MTZ-952” -with on-board gearbox (portal). The front leading bridge of the tractor (the type of this bridge is full beam) is with a differential friction lock ); Forced on and off.

As already mentioned, the tractors of this model are equipped with a processed and improved type of power selection shaft (VOM). It has accurate, affordable and convenient external compliance with the planetary mechanism brake bands. The power of power selection is in the rear of the tractor; It is independent, two-speed, with a hydromechanical control system. The first speed is 596 rpm; The second speed is 1076 revolutions per minute.

Steering and brake control, hydraulic system

Another striking detail of “Belarus MTZ-952”-the steering here has been changed compared to the classic tractor “MTZ-82.1”-it is made hydrostatic, an imported Danfoss dosing pump, a cylinder in the steering trapezoz and a continuous steering rod is used . The main and parking brakes of the tractor Belarus MTZ-952 are disc brakes, dry.

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The trailer brake drive is pneumatic and locked with the tractor brake control (also tw o-caddy on request). The brakes are hydrostatic separately.

Steering and brake control, hydraulic system

Tractor “Belarus Mtz-952.3”.

The hydraulic system “Belarus MTZ-952” is also manufactured according to the traditional scheme for this class by Minsk Radtractors. It is a universal, separate aggregate with position and performance setting of the depth of tillage. As an additional option, a mixed (combined) control can be installed on request.

The capacity of the oil tank of the steering and hydraulic system is 25 liters. The loa d-bearing capacity on the axis of the hinges of the lower poles is 3700 kgf; The maximum pressure is 20 MPa or 200 kgf / cm2. The hydraulic system pump MTZ-852 has a capacity of 45 liters per minute.

Compared to MTZ-82.1, the hydraulics of the MTZ-952 tractor was also significantly improved. The performance controller controls the tailgate cylinder. The thre e-part distributor enables the control of cylinders (remote) of various aggregates and agricultural machinery.

Electrical system and tractor equipment

“Belarus MTZ-952” is equipped with a 0.7 kW generator, and 14 V is the voltage of the internal power supply. The engine is started by a 6 kW electrical starter. There is a motor heating of the type of an electric torch. And if desired, you can purchase a starting system with a 12 V starter and a special starting device with a combustible aerosol fluid as an additional option.

Electrical system and devices of the tractor

The standard equipment of the tractor Belarus MTZ-952 includes the following devices: powerful worklights; Outputs from the hydraulic system (6 pieces, additionally); Exposure for unpressible processes; Rad i-weights at the back; Cross carrier for drawn units; Mechanical fastening of the rear power lift; drawn unit from the pendulum type; hydraulic hook; Equipment to double the rear wheels (special spacers); Haster for front load ballast; Towing device; Drive strap.

Information in numbers

Technical properties in numbers

  • Structural weight – 3,850 tons.
  • Operating weight – 4,100 tons.
  • The maximum permissible weight is 7 tons.
  • Total dimensions – length: 3.97 m; Width: 1.97 m; Height: 2.85 m.
  • Wheel stand – 2,450 m.
  • Front wheel track – 1.455-1.955 m; Rear wheel track – 1,800-2.100 m.
  • Tires-11.2-20 or 13.6-20 (front wheels); 15.5R38, 18.4R34 or 16.9R38 (rear wheels).
  • Floor clearance – under the front axle: 645 mm; Under the rear axle: 465 mm.
  • The smallest Wenderadius is 4.1 m.

Cabin of the “Belarus Mtz-952” tractor

The machine guide’s workplace in the cabin of the MTZ-952 tractor is characterized by a large glazing area and an excellent view in all directions. This cab also meets the requirements of the European Union and the OECD for the necessary level of security and comfort.

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The side and rear windows in the cabin are carried out. If everything is closed, the ventilation system is successful with the cleanliness of the air in the cabin, with filtration and heating the atmospheric air penetrates into the salon. The “MTZ-952” cabin is equipped with a glass cleaner and a washing machine. There is a hatch in the roof of the cabin.

The seat of the machine operator is equipped with a complete set of necessary settings and is quite comfortable. The placement of the additional seat is possible in the MTZ-952 cabin as an additional option.

Reviews of the owners “MTZ-952”

Reviews on the work of tractors of the Belarus MTZ-952 model are largely positive. This is so reliable and durable to use the technology like MTZ-82. There is an opinion that the 80th and 82nd series of the MTZ and “Variations of your topic” should already be removed as outdated from production. Ke5rodnako for the moment and in the foreseeable future, also alternatives (and above all at a price) for 80 … 82nd series in small and mediu m-sized farms of the CIS. As you say – cheap and angry! And it will be possible to only remove from production and go to the archive when consumers start to win more modern and expensive models of tractors that MTZ also has a lot.

Of the possible problems with which the owners of these tractors were confronted during their operation:

  • An improvement requires an engine cooling system, “otherwise it is like a Samovar” (the cooler would not affect a larger size than is currently affected).
  • If the gang shift changes, the characteristic crunch manifests itself in the first and back gear (where there are no synchronizers);
  • The fuel pump pipes can be tried;
  • The silencer is not too strong in itself and is not recorded 100 percent reliably.
  • The tension of the steering fingers occurs too quickly. The leakage of seals is a fairly common event.

But in general all owners characterize the Belarus MTZ-952 tractor as “very good”, with a powerful and productive engine that starts perfectly in every winter weather and always has a decent torque.

The costs of the Belarus MTZ-952 tractor

The price of the new tractor “Belarus MTZ-952” among the regional dealers of the MINSK tractor system begins at 1 million 270 thousand rubles. I have to say that the new tractors of this model are still available, but they are displayed by the MTZ range.

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In the official price of the system you can see the more modern and improved analogue of the Belarus tractor MTZ-1025, which replaces you, in several versions and with two types of engines.

The costs of the Belarus MTZ-952 tractor

There are only a few announcements for the sale of MTZ-952 tractors on the secondary market for agricultural machines. About a million rubles are asked about tractors of this brand from 2014-2015.

Belarus MTZ-952: Purpose, characteristic, description of the structure


The Wheel Universal Propashny tractor MTZ-952 is indeed a renaming the old proven model of the 82 series. The new car received a more painful engine, a comfortable cabin, reinforced and rear bridges.

The activity field of the apparatus remained the same. It will be involved in agricultural work with agricultural breeds in order to solve engineering and transport problems.

Planned appointment

First, the MTZ-952 is designed for agricultural measures in agriculture. It is made available for work on site:

  • Adjustable width of the rod of the front rear wheels, the opportunity to avoid them;
  • befor e-installed hydraulic system;
  • Madoor.

The device is combined with active and passive agricultural implements that plow, cultivate, harrow or sow, plant or harvest the land. Together with mowers, the machine is used for mowing grass.

In addition to farmers, the tractor is used by construction companies and public utilities to solve their problems.

MTZ 952

operating parameters

MTZ-952 does not belong to the class of energy-saturated devices, but it will perfectly cope with work on a private farm.

Drive reinforced front axle, dual-mode PTO, economical turbo engine – a short list of changes compared to the previous model.

Table No. 1. Specifications

parameter meaning
engine D-245.5
Power, hp (kW) 88.4 (65.0)
traction capacity, transverse 1,4
speed, km/h forward – 2.04-29.8; back – 4.4-9.8
Ground clearance, mm 465
The smallest turning radius, m 3,9

Hydrostatic power steering (HSU) was installed on the 952 series to turn the front wheels and reduce steering effort.


A liquid-cooled four-cylinder in-line diesel engine manufactured by the Minsk Motor-Building Plant was installed on the basic MTZ-952 model. Its design provides for turbocharging and direct injection.

On other modifications of the series, an intercooler for cooling the intake air and an upgraded propulsion system were installed.

Table No. 2. Engine characteristics

Surname meaning
Crankshaft speed, rpm 1800
Fuel consumption, g/kWh 226-229
The working volume of the cylinders, cm 3 4750
Cylinder diameter (piston stroke), mm 110 (125)
Torque at rated speed 1400 rpm, Nm 396
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structure and appearance

The layout of the tractor of the new series has not changed.

  • The basis of the construction is a skeleton consisting of the gearbox housing, clutch, rear axle and half-frame.
  • The engine and front axle rest on the latter.
  • Located behind the diesel engine, the cab is attached to the frame with anti-vibration spacers.

Table No. 3. Dimensions and weight

Surname meaning
Dimensions (L×W×H), mm 3970×1970×2860
wheelbase, cm 245
Adjustable track, mm Before 1420-1970, back 1500-2100
operating weight, t 4,2

Belarus MTZ-952: Purpose, characteristic, description of the structure

power transmission

A synchronized gearbox with a mechanical gear shift was installed on the tractor, giving out 14 gears for forward travel and 4 for reverse travel.

  • MTZ-952 is equipped with a dry single-disc clutch (optionally with ceramic-metal pads).
  • The rear axle has a differential with hydromechanical control.
  • The torque is transmitted to the drive wheels via a planetary spur gear.

hydraulic system

The rear power lift is traditionally manufactured according to the separating unit principle. The system oil pump with a volume flow of 45 l / min creates a working liquid pressure of 20 MPa. The load capacity of the hinge is 3200 kg, but can be increased up to 3800 kg on request. The processing depth can be set in 3 ways:

  • Energy;
  • Skyscraper;
  • positional.

Further information! As an additional option, an improved combination control can be installed at the factory.


The base model MTZ-952 has modifications that differ from the main design. Versions with indexes from 2 to 6 were equipped with the same engines, but according to more stringent environmental requirements. Your design includes:

  • intermediate air heat exchanger;
  • electronic (independent) injection system;
  • Catalyst.

advantages and disadvantages

The machine operators distinguish a comfortable cabin from the positive aspects with good warmth, sound insulation, ergonomic control and productive heating. This also includes a good review, the reliability of the components. The following nuances can be displayed from the defects.

  1. The rapid destruction of hydraulic system hoses.
  2. Low quality tires.
  3. Clogging the lower tube of the engine cooling system.
  4. The lack of synchronizers on the first front, rear speed.

Price and analogue

When buying a new MTZ-952 apparatus, the customer must pay 1.65 million rubles. The price depends on both the dealer and on the configuration of the tractor.

On the secondary market, the models cost 50-70% of the factory price. Similar machines MTZ-950, MTZ-1025 can be assigned to analogues.

Operating manuals


Belarus MTZ-952 in relation to the basic features corresponds to the current standards. The machine operators find that they have taken into account all defects in the previous series. The apparatus proved to be painful, reliable, economical.

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